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English Speech Competition2

English Speech Competition
T1: Jason, Grace T2: Francisco, Coco J: Good evening, ladies and Gentlemen~Today is the big day for everybody! G: Because, we are going to witness the conversation between the celebrities from all part of the world! F: Today, we have Martin Luther King, C: We have Franklin D. Roosevelt, and George Ⅶ. J: This is the collision of mind, and this is the impact between thoughts. G: So, with great honor, I announce: the Speech Competition Of Grade 10, now begin! (Applause)

J: Next, we’ll let you know the The Standard of Scoring, today’s Competition, takes 10 point as the full score. It requires the positive idea and, perfect way of expression. G:比赛采用 10 分制进行评判,要求正确的思想内容和完美的表达形 式相统一。

J: In final session, we deduct a highest score and, deduct a lowest score, and take the average of the rest of the score as the final score. G: 决赛时去掉一个最高分,去掉一个最低分,去其余的平均分为选 手的最后得分(保留到小数点后两位) 。 J: The expression of word, takes up 5 points. That requires good accent and pronunciation, and the language is well organized, logical, and fluency. G: 语言表达占 5 分。要求:语音语调准确,语言组织具有逻辑性, 严谨性和准确性,表达流畅。 J: The emotion: takes up 2 points. That requires full of emotion, and full of spirity and energy. And well toned. G: 感情姿态占 2 分。 要求感情丰富,精神饱满,姿态自然大方,声 调控制自如。 J: Dressing takes up 1 point. That requires the participant’s dressing is to be decent, and elegant. G: 仪表服装占 1 分。要求:决赛时可以不穿校服,但服饰需大方得 体,仪态端庄。 J: And the time of the speech is limited, that requires the participant to control the time in the period of 3-5 minutes, lesser or more, will also deduct 1 point. G: 演讲时限占 1 分。 要求:时间限制在 3-5 分钟,超过或者时间

不够,扣去 2 分。 J: Whether you can finish the speech with or without your draft, takes up 1 point. G: 是否脱稿占 1 分。要求: 脱稿加一分,看稿读减一分(可以把稿 子放在台上,或拿在手里, 忘记时可以看一眼) J: The first participant is Wang Yiwei from Class 1, the tittle of his speech is Depression. (show!!!!!) C: Once upon a time, when blacks just fled from the destiny of being slaved. Once upon a time, there was a man, who fought for the right of the black, at the cost of his own precious life. F: That man is Martin Luther King. Here comes the second participant, Li Yuhao, with his speech: ‘I Have A Dream’. (show!!!!!) G: The next participant is Huang Shan from Class 6, the topic of his speech is Everyone Can Help The Environment. (show) C: In the year of 1843, the father of the Elisabeth Ⅱ, finally overcome the difficulty of unable to speak under the public eye. F: Years after that he finally delivered the famous speech we call it the King’s Speech, let’s welcome Zhou Lu &Yang

Yidan, from class 4. (Show!!!!!) G: Let’s shift the time back to December 8th 1942, the day after the Attack on The Pearl Harbor, one of the greatest president of the USA, gave a famous speech, that marks the start of the Pacific War. J: And today, we are going to hear the voice of the united mind of the USA. G: Let’s welcome the next participant, Liu Shouzhi, from class 3, and the famous Pearl Harbor Speech. (show!!!!) F: Next, Kang Leda from class 6 will talk about Frustration And

(show!!!!!) G: And we have Zhou Yunfei from Class 3 to talk about her

Most Precious And Everlasting Thing. I hope you guys enjoy.
(show!!!!) F: One thousand readers, there ‘re one thousand Hamlet. And the same draft can have thousands of different way to express the same meaning. Let’s enjoy, I Have A Dream, delivered by Yao Peng, from Class 2. (show!!!!!)

J: The most distant way in the world, is not the way from birth to death, it’s when we are in Beijing, I’m holding your hand, but I can not see your face clearly. Just a joke. Let’s enjoy the speech The Farthest Distance In The World. Delivered by Zhang yichan, Lei Hong, and Hong Xiaoliu. (Show!!!!!!) C: Next participant, will talks about How To Speak Good

English. And that’s exactly what we are suppose to know.
Let’s welcome the next participant, She is Zhang Jiaxi, from Class 4. (Show!!!!!) G: And the eleventh participant, that is Wang Taoshui from Class 4, will deliver a Speech, tittled: Knowing The

Consequences Of Choices. Let’s enjoy.
(Show!!!!!) J: Qi Chen, from Class 4, has something to share with us about

Youth, let’s enjoy.
(Show!!!!!) F: Next participant is Xue Zhizhe from Class 6, his topic is The

American Dream.
(Show!!!!!!) C: Everybody is different from others, so does the world

around us, next participant is Yan Jianing from Class 5, his topic is The World Is Different From Me. (Show!!!!) J: Participant number fifteen, Li Yan from Class 5, his topic is

My Father.
(Show!!!!!) G: Everyone has their own potential, you will not seek out them without discovering yourself. J: So, let’s welcome Sun Weiyu from class 6. And her topic is

Discover Yourself.
(Show!!!!!) F: Next, Su Yu, from Class 2, will carry out a speech: Fight For

Liberty. Let’s enjoy.
(Show!!!) C: Next participant is a hot-blooded youngster, Wang jian, he will give us a speech tittled: I’m A Chinese. (Show!!!!!) G: Next, we will have Ye Tong on stage, to talk about her life. The name of her speech is: My Life. (Show!!!!!!) J: Let’s welcome our last participant on the stage, she is Liu Meng, from Class 6, She will talk about The Responsibility Of

The High School Student.
(Show!!!!!) J: We need a couple of minutes, to calculate the final score~ G: And, we may get one of our classmate to give us a short performance. F: Let’s welcome, feng Boyang, C: And she will give us: back to December. (颁奖) F: 现在进行最激动人心的环节,颁奖环节。 C: 是的,我们从三等奖开始, 获得三等奖的同学是:______________________________________ 恭喜他们! F:下面是获得 2 等奖的同学: _______________________________________ 恭喜他们! C:最后是获得本次比赛最高奖项,一等奖的同学: _______________________________________________________________ 恭喜他们! J:After all these participant’s speech, I‘ve learned alot. G: Yes, and the ability of speaking English in public is very important , which will really help us alot in the coming few years. F: And today, we found out what level are we, and what are we

supposed to do to increase our ability. C: We heard the voice of our classmate, and we heard the voice from the historical persons. That’s good enough. So, This is the end of today’s competition. T1,T2(SEE YOU NEXT TIME!)

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