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2014届高三英语大一轮复习 Book 7 Unit 1 Living well单元知识对点练(含解析) 新人教版

Book 7

Unit 1

Living well

1. Your house is always so neat—how do you________it with three children?(2010·山 东,31) A.manage 答案 A 解析 句意为:你的房子总是这么整洁——你是如何带着三个孩子做到这一点的? B.serve C.adapt D.construct

manage 设法做到;serve 服务;adapt 适应;construct 修建。 2.Rose is Mr. Smith’s secretary, so she has________to all his business e?mails. A.power 答案 D 解析 句意为: Rose 是史密斯先生的秘书, 所以她有权阅读他的商务邮件。 have access to 拥有??的机会或权力。power 权力;account 账号;way 方法。 3.I hope I will not be called on in class as I’m not yet________prepared. A.readily 答案 C 解析 考查副词词义辨析。adequately 充分地。句意为:我希望在课堂上别被叫起来 B.actively C.adequately D.attentively B.account C.way D.access

回答问题,因为我准备不充分。readily 乐意地;actively 积极地;attentively 注意 地,留意地。 4.—It’s really a surprise that the manager should have no idea about the plan. —Of course he doesn’t,for the plan was made in his________. A.shortage 答案 C 解析 句意为:——经理竟然不知道这个计划真让人吃惊。——他当然不知道,因为计 划是在他不在的时候制订的。shortage 不足;analysis 分析;absence 不在,缺席; presence 出席,到场。 5.China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals ________ all its citizens. (2012·福建,26) A.in charge of C.in honor of 答案 D




B.for the purpose of D.for the benefit of


in charge of 掌管,负责;for the purpose of 为了??目的;in honor of

为了纪念??;for the benefit of 为了??的利益。句意为:为了所有公民的利益, 中国一直在推动公立医院的改革。根据句意可知 D 项意思最符合。 6.No matter what difficulty you will________,carry out your plan. A.meet with C.agree with 答案 A 解析 句意为: 不管你遇到什么困难, 都要执行计划。 meet with 遇到, 经历。 across get 被理解;agree with 同意;set aside 将??放在一边,留出。 7 . The disaster is so serious that the people there really have a lot of difficulty________with their lives. A.with going C.going on 答案 C 解析 句意为:这一灾难如此严重,以致于那里的人们生存下去都有很大的困难。此题 考查 have difficulty (in) doing sth.结构。 8.When he hurried to the railway station,tired and ________,Mike found the train had just left. A.out of sight C.out of place 答案 D 解析 句意为: 当迈克上气不接下气地赶到火车站时, 他发现火车刚开走。 of breath out 上气不接下气。 9.I soon found that the work I was doing had been done by other people—________, I was wasting my time. A.in a word C.beyond words 答案 B 解析 句意为:我很快发现我在做的工作已被别人做了,换句话说,我在浪费时间。in other words 换句话说,符合题意。 10.—Mike,our team will play against the Rockets this weekend.I’m sure we will win.

B.get across D.set aside

B.to go on D.in going

B.out of reach D.out of breath

B.in other words D.get in a word

—________! A.Congratulations C.Best wishes 答案 D 解析 从对方的谈话中可知将要在周末进行比赛,因此应祝对方好运,用 Good luck! congratulations 用于向对方表示祝贺;cheer up 振作点,用于鼓励对方;best wishes 用于祝愿对方。 11.Many a student________bought the book,but only a few of them________read it through. A.have;have C.have;has 答案 D 解析 “many a +单数名词”作主语虽然表示复数意义,但是谓语动词用单数;a few of them 是复数形式,谓语动词应用复数。 12.The dog may be a good companion for the old.________, the need to take it for walks may be a disadvantage. 津,4) A.Besides 答案 B 解析 besides 除此之外; however 然而,但是;therefore 因此, 所以; instead 相反。 根据句意“狗或许能很好地陪伴老人。然而,需要带它散步(遛狗)或许是一个不足之 处”可知,答案为 B 项。前后两句对比狗的优点和缺点,所以构成转折关系。 13.More TV programs,according to government officials,will be produced ________ people’s concern over food safety. 庆,29) A.to raise C.to have raised 答案 A 解析 句意为:据政府官员所说,更多的电视节目将会被制作,以提高人们对食品安全 的关注。动词不定式表示目的,而且动作为将来,因此选 A 项。 14.“We can’t go out in this weather,” said Ted,________ out of the window. A.looking B.to look

B.Cheer up D.Good luck

B.has;has D.has;have






B.raising D.having raised

C.looked 答案 A


解析 此处用 looking 短语作 said 的伴随状语。 15.The man owed us much money,but________ we met him,he pretended not to see us. A.at all times C.once in a while 答案 B 解析 句意为:那个人欠我们很多钱,但每次见到我们时他却假装没看见。every time 相当于连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“每次??”,符合句意。at all times 一直; once in a while 有时;time and again 一次又一次。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Even though it was only October,my students were already whispering about Christmas plans.With each passing day everyone became more__1__waiting for the final school bell.Upon its__2__everyone would run for their coats and go home,everyone except David. David was a small boy in ragged clothes.I had often__3__what kind of home life David had,and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so__4__for the cold winter months , without a coat , boots , or gloves.But something made David__5__.I can still remember he was always__6__a smile and willing to help.He always__7__after school to straighten chairs and mop the floor.We never talked much.He__8__just simply smile and ask what else he could do,then thank me for letting him stay and slowly__9__home. Weeks passed and the__10__over the coming Christmas grew into restlessness until the last day of__11__before the holiday break.I smiled in__12__as the last of them hurried out the door.Turning around I saw David__13__standing by my desk. “I have something for you,” he said and__14__from behind his back a small box,__15__it to me,he said anxiously,“Open it.” I took the box from him,thanked him and slowly unwrapped it.I lifted the lid and to my__16__saw nothing.I looked at David’s smiling face and back into the box and said,“The box is nice,David, but it’s__17__.” “Oh no it isn’t,”said David.“It’s full of love.My mum told me before she died that love is something you couldn’t see or touch unless you know it’s there.” Tears filled my eyes__18__I looked at the proud dirty face that I had rarely given__19__to.After that Christmas,David and I became good friends and I never

B.every time D.time and again

forgot the meaning__20__the little empty box set on my desk. 1.A.anxious 答案 A 解析 考查形容词。每过一天,学生们都更急切地等着放学铃声的响起。anxious 渴望 的,急切的,符合语境。courageous 勇敢的,无畏的;serious 严肃的;cautious 小心的, 谨慎的。 2.A.warning 答案 B 解析 上句提到等候放学铃响, 这里当然应是 ringing, bell 照应。 与 warn 警告; call 叫,喊,打电话;yell 叫喊,嚎叫。故答案为 B。 3.A.scolded 答案 B 解析 考查动词。 由语境可知作者在此表示自己的迷惑和不解, 即我经常想知道他过着 一种怎样的家庭生活,用 wonder 表示“对??感到疑惑,想知道” 。scold 指责,批评; realize 意识到;learn 学会,了解。故答案为 B。 4 . A.modestly D.inappropriately 答案 D 解析 考查副词。由空后的冬天没有大衣、靴子、手套可知,这里表示什么样的母亲能 让儿子穿得如此不恰当。inappropriately 不适当,不合适地,符合语境。modestly 谨慎 地,适当地;naturally 天然地,表现自然地;inaccurately 有错误地,不正确地。 5.A.popular 答案 C 解析 考查形容词。 由上下文的转折关系可知这里意为 “但是某些东西让 David 与众不 同” 。special 特殊的,符合语境;popular 受欢迎的;upset 难过的;funny 有趣的。 6.A.expressing 答案 C 解析 考查动词搭配。wear a smile 面带笑容,为固定搭配。express 表达;deliver 交付, 递送;share 分享。 7.A.practised 答案 D 解析 考查动词。由语境可知,他常常放学以后留在教室里整理椅子并用拖把拖地板,










B . naturally

C . inaccurately










故 D 项 stayed 符合语境。practise 练习;wander 漫游,徘徊;study 学习,都与语境 不 符。本段最后一句也有提示。 8.A.would 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词。would 可以表示过去经常发生的或反复做的动作,符合句意。他 常常只是笑笑,问还能做些什么。 9.A.aim at 答案 D 解析 考查动词短语。由语境可知他应是回家,故 D 项 head for 合适,意思是“朝?? 进发” 。aim at 瞄准;turn to(把注意力等)转向,求助于;put off 延期。 10.A.argument 答案 B 解析 考查名词。孩子们对即将到来的圣诞节的兴奋感一直持续到放假前的最后一天, excitement 兴奋,符合语境。argument 争论;movement 活动;judgment 判断。 11.A.school 答案 A 解析 考查语境。根据句意和上下文可知此处说的是学生们假期前在学校的最后一天, 故 A 合适。year 年;education 教育;program 程序,计划。 12.A.relief 答案 A 解析 考查名词和逻辑。当最后一个学生走出(教室)门时,作者放松地笑了。故选 A, in relief 放松;in return 作为回报;in vain 白费力气;in control 在控制之下。 13. A.weakly 答案 C 解析 考查副词和语境。转过头,作者发现 David 站在桌子旁,而作者之前并没意识到 David 的存在,所以 C 项最为合适,表示“静静地” 。weakly 软弱地,无力地;sadly 悲哀地,令人惋惜地;helplessly 无能为力地,无助地。 14.A.searched 答案 D 解析 考查动词。从句意可知,他从背后拿出了一个小盒子。search 搜查;find 找到; raise 提高,举起;pull 把??拉(过来),把??扯(过来)。显然只有 D 项符合句意。 15.A.holding 答案 B




B.turn to

C.put off

D.head for










B. sadly

C. quietly

D. helplessly







解析 由语境可知, 他应该是一边把盒子递给作者一边急切地说, 故选 B, hand...to... 把??递给??,符合语境。hold 拿着,抱住;send 送,寄,派;leave 留下,遗留, 都与所给语境不符。 16.A.delight 答案 D 解析 考查名词和语境。看到盒子里什么都没有,作者当然应该是惊讶了,故 D 项 surprise 合适。to one’s surprise 令人惊讶的是;delight 快乐,高兴;expectation 预料, 期望;appreciation 欣赏,赞赏。 17.A.cheap 答案 B 解析 考查形容词和语境。显然,作者说的是盒子很好,但它是空的,也与上文的 saw nothing 相照应,故答案为 B,empty 空的;cheap 便宜的;useless 无用的;improper 不 适当的。文章最后一句也有提示。 18.A.as 答案 A 解析 考查连词。句意为:当我看着那张??的小脸时,泪水充满了我的眼睛。此处 as 引导时间状语从句, “当??时” until 表示动作一直持续到某个时间; 表示 。 because 引导原因状语从句,though 引导让步状语从句,均与句意不符。 19.A.advice 答案 C 解析 考查名词和搭配。由句意可知,作者在说自己原来很少关注他。give attention to 注意??,留心??,符合语境。advice 建议;support 支持;command 命令,指挥。 20.A.from 答案 B 解析 考查介词。 作者永远忘不了放在自己桌子上的这个小空盒子背后的意思。 Behind 被??遮挡,隐藏在??后面;(喻)在??幕后,在??背后,符合语境。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 Cherries(樱桃), like many other fruits, help prevent cancer and heart disease may as well as slow the aging process.Perhaps you’ve heard about the controversy (争 论) between the FDA and the cherry industry. The controversy is over certain health claims made by the cherry industry and those who sell products containing or made from cherries,such as pills and juice,
















not the health benefits of cherries themselves.While many scientific studies have proved the health benefits of cherries , the FDA says that makers of products containing cherries cannot claim that their products prevent,treat or cure a specific disease such as cancer. For the general population however,there’s no reason not to eat cherries.There are two types of cherries:sweet and sour cherries.Sweet cherries are often sold fresh in the grocery store.Sour cherries are canned and used in pies,dried into fruit snacks and made into juice.Like most other fruits,cherries are fat?free, low in calories and high in certain minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C.They can be eaten raw,cooked or juiced.If you want year?round cherry enjoyment,they are also easy to be got and enjoyed at your convenience. Most of the scientific research has centered on the health benefits of sour cherries.Sour cherries are among the top fruits containing antioxidants(抗氧化 物).According to one study,eating 20 sour cherries a day could provide the same pain relief that aspirin do. Researchers in Texas recently discovered that sour cherries contain high levels of melatonin,something produced by the body that is thought to help slow the aging process as well as control sleep.Eating sour cherries can actually increase the levels of melatonin in the body. Cherries are a potential treatment for diabetes that may lower blood sugar levels.They may help significantly reduce pain due to muscle damage and provide relief from the pain of arthritis(关节炎). 1.We can learn from the passage that the FDA is an organization that ________. A.processes the raw cherries B.advises people not to eat cherries C.fights for people’s right for their education D.doesn’t think cherries have many functions 答案 D 解析 推理判断题。根据第二段最后一句可知,The FDA 质疑食品生产商所宣传的樱 桃的药用功能,故可推知,The FDA 不认为樱桃具有那么多功能。 2.The following benefits of cherries are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT ________. A.helping lower blood sugar levels B.helping slow the process of aging C.helping cure people of deadly cancer

D.helping reduce the pain of some diseases 答案 C 解析 细节理解题。 由第一段第一句和最后三段可知, 樱桃有很多益处, 可以缓解病痛, 延缓衰老,降低血糖,但是没有提及樱桃是否可以治疗癌症,故 C 项为正确答案。 3.We can learn from the third paragraph that ________. A.sour cherries cannot be eaten raw B.sour cherries are mainly used in pies C.people can eat cherries all the year round D.it is very hard for people to buy sweet cherries 答案 C 解析 细节理解题。由第三段可知,酸樱桃可以生吃,可制作出多种食品,不只用来做 馅饼,人们一年四季都可以吃上樱桃,故 C 项正确。文中没有提及甜樱桃是否很难买 到。 4.What would be the best title for this passage? A.Health benefits of cherries B.The producing process of cherries C.Scientific research of cherries D.Different opinions towards cherries 答案 A 解析 标题概括题。本文主要讲了樱桃对身体的多种益处,故选 A 项。


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