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Section Ⅱ


一、语法填空 1.The letters for the boss (put) on his desk but he didn’t read them until three days later. 答案:were put 2.All visitors to this vi

llage (treat) with kindness. 答案:are treated 3.Linda,make sure the tables (set) before the guests arrive. 答案:are set 4.It (say) that human beings are naturally equipped to speak. 答案:is said 5.In the near future,I hope more progress (make) in farming. 答案:will be made 6.The teacher as well as his students (expect) to come early to school. 答案:is expected 7.The teacher and doctor (speak) at the meeting now. 答案:is speaking 8.Listening to loud music (have) caused hearing loss in some teenagers. 答案:has 9.When the headmaster came in, the whole class (listen) to the teaching attentively. 答案:were listening 10.Not you but she (be) going to be in charge of the department. 答案:is 二、单句改错 1.Between the two rows of trees stand a teaching building. 答案:stand→stands 2.No one except my friends know anything about it. 答案:know→knows 3.Most of her clothes have washed. 答案:have 后加 been 4.At present more factories are set up in this city. 答案:are 后加 being 三、完成句子 1.在那个地区,五分之二的地面由绿树和草地覆盖。 of the land in that district grass.

covered with trees and


答案:Two fifths;is 2.我认为你的建议和他们的建议一样都值得考虑。 I think your suggestion besides theirs worth . 答案:is;considering 3.去年这所学校不止一个学生被派往国外。 More than one student in this school abroad last year. 答案:was sent 4.他们现在暂时和父母一起居住,因为他们自己的房子正在装修。 They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house (decorate). 答案:is being decorated 5.汤姆和他的同学们正在教室里准备即将到来的考试。 Tom along with his classmates (prepare) himself for the coming exam. 答案:is preparing 四、完形填空 A land free from destruction,in addition to wealth,natural resources,and labor supply—all these were important 1 in helping England to become the center for the Industrial Revolution. 2 they were not enough.Something 3 was needed to start the industrial process(进程).That “something special” was men— 4 individuals who could invent machines,find new 5 of power,and establish business organisations to reshape society. The men who 6 the machines of Industrial Revolution 7 from many backgrounds and many occupations.Many of them were 8 inventors than scientists.A man who is a 9 scientist is primarily interested in doing his research 10 .He is not necessarily working 11 that his findings can be used. An inventor or anyone interested in applied science is 12 trying to make something that has a concrete 13 .He may try to solve a problem by using the theories 14 science or by experimenting through trial and error.Regardless of his method,he is working to get a 15 result:the construction of a harvesting machine,the burning of a light bulb,or one of 16 other objectives. Most of the people who 17 the machines of the Industrial Revolution were inventors,not trained scientists.A few were both scientists and inventors.Even those who have 18 or no training in science might not have made their inventions 19 a groundwork(基础工作) had not been laid by scientists years 20 . 1.A.cases B.reasons C.factors D.situations 答案:C 解析:本句列举了英国成为工业革命中心的因素。A 项意为“情况;例子”;B 项意为“原因”;C 项 意为“因素”;D 项意为“形势”。 2.A.But B.And C.Besides D.Even 答案:A 解析:上文说“所有这些都是重要因素”,下文说“这些还不够”,显然用 but 表示转折。


3.A.else B.near C.extra D.similar 答案:A 解析:根据上文意思,既然不够(not enough),那么还需要别的因素,所以选 else 表示“其他的;别 的”。 4.A.possible B.effective C.necessary D.creative 答案:D 解析:后面定语从句说“可以发明机器的人”,那么一定是具有创造性的人,根据句意确定答案为 D 项。 5.A.production B.sources C.bases D.discoveries 答案:B 解析:短文第一句提到“自然资源”,此处又提及“新的”,根据句意可知此处指开发新能源,也为 下文的描述作铺垫。 6.A.employed B.created C.operated D.controlled 答案:B 解析:此空用 create 与上文的 invent machines 相呼应,指工业革命中的发明创造。 7.A.came B.arrived C.stopped D.appeared 答案:A 解析:指这些发明家的背景、职业不一样,他们来自各种背景、各行各业。 8.A.less B.better C.more D.worse 答案:C 解析:more 与后文的 than 相呼应, more...than...意为“是??而不是??;与其??不 如??”。句意:他们许多人与其说是科学家不如说是发明家。 9.A.real B.practical C.pure D.clever 答案:C 解析:根据句意及上下文可知该句讲述的是一心埋头于研究的“纯粹的”科学家。 10.A.happily B.occasionally C.unwillingly D.wholeheartedly 答案:D 解析:根据上下文,这种意义上的科学家一心一意地搞研究,不必关心其研究成果的应用。因此选 D 项。 11.A.now B.and C.all D.so 答案:D 解析:so that 引导目的状语从句,表示他工作的目的不一定是为了保证其成果能得到应用。 12.A.seldom B.sometimes C.usually D.never 答案:C


解析:四个选项均为频率副词,根据句意可知应选 C 项,表示发明者通常想制造成有用的东西。 13.A.plan B.use C.idea D.means 答案:B 解析:此处指发明制造有具体用途的东西,与上文的 applied science(应用科学)相呼应。 14.A.of B.with C.to D.as 答案:A 解析:不是“把科学与理论结合起来”,而是“用科学理论解决问题”,因此用 of。 15.A.single B.only C.limited D.particular 答案:D 解析:particular 表示“具体的;特定的”。发明家在进行发明创造时有其具体的目的或意图所 在。 16.A.few B.those C.many D.all 答案:C 解析:除了前面提到的两项之外,还有很多其他目的或意图。 17.A.suggested B.developed C.supplied D.offered 答案:B 解析:develop 在此处表示“研究,开发”,其他选项均不合文意。 18.A.little B.much C.some D.any 答案:A 解析:have little or no training 表示“很少甚至没有训练”。 19.A.as B.if C.because D.while 答案:B 解析:if 引导条件状语从句,表示“假设;如果”。 20.A.ago B.past C.ahead D.before 答案:D 解析:由句意可知科学家的“groundwork”在先,发明创造在后。 五、语法填空 Denali National Park(丹那利国家公园) A visit to the Last Frontier would not be complete without 1. (experience)Denali National Park.The park 2. (create) in 1917 as Mount McKinley National Park but was renamed and 3. (expand) to its current size in 1980.Featuring North America’s 4. (tall)mountain,Mount McKinley,the park 5. (cover) more than six million acres.But the park is about 6. (much)than the mountain.Denali National Park is well-known for its diversity of wildlife.A goal for many visitors to the park is 7. (see) moose(北美 麋),caribou(北美驯鹿),Dall sheep,wolves and bears on a bus tour on the Park Road.The


park hosts many visitors 8. enjoy wildlife viewing,mountaineering,hiking,and backpacking.Denali National Park offers unspoiled wilderness and shows why Alaska is known as one of the world’s last great frontiers.9. (locate)along Alaska Route 3,the George Parks Highway,the entrance 10. Denali National Park is about 240 miles north of Anchorage(安 克雷奇市) and 125 miles south of Fairbanks(费尔班克斯). 答案:1.experiencing 2.was created 3.expanded 4.tallest 5.covers 6.more 7.to see 8.who/that 9.Located 10.to


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