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重大版高中英语必修 3 单词 表英译汉 Unit1 Reading friendship friend friendly friendliness enlarge large view offer culture distant complain confused casual close companion interest interesting interested end bond situation situate greeting delighted delight delightful Words for Recognition outsider lifelong long-term Phrases and Expressions at first be interested in doing sth in a very general way base on/upon

no longer/not…any more out of fade away for a while by chance pick up leave off be delighted in/delight in Grammar and Writing wag overlook tolerate unsinkable sinkable sink honour Listening and Speaking church approach embarrass embarrassed salary Further Reading lighting ease recently risk gray race imaginary imagine imagination cautious bark warning attack heartbroken suffer

suffering pain painful disappointment disappoint disappointed statue wrap satisfactorily Words for Recognition playful jealous territory invade kitten blink vet lessen Phrases and Expressions in a/the blink of an eye bark at die of heart attack suffer from Unit 2 Reading shade shelter branch sail sailing sailor trunk bite endless ending unconditional conditional condition

retell tell forecast hearing Words for Recognition nap chop lean Phrases and Expressions go by grow up chop off go sailing show up since then lean on/upon Grammar and Writing headteacher argue bookstore detail Listening and Writing downtown pick out hey waterfall pond fountain whatever anyway Further Reading yearly beginner begin beginning chorus aware status

leading lead stage gaze applaud bunch conflict embarrassment bakery bake occasion further graduation graduate seesaw symbolize symbol urge blue hug blush footlights milestone well-meaning misery emotion engaged shrug Phrases and Expressions be aware of along with be angry with sb. feel like doing sth. graduate from be engaged to be married cover with feel blue

Challenging Yourself Ⅰ celebration celebrate Greece Greek servant wealthy wealth touch throughout spiritual spirit harm harmful harmless hold persuade anniversary supporter support minister businessman businesswoman statesman stateswoman announcement announce Italy Italian Belgium New Zealand Words for Recognition festive Christianity Denmark Finland Turkey Phrases and Expressions

go back to in honour of have … off protect … from mix with as well as Further Reading widow newborn selflessness self selfless single observe Catholic version figure male female father deserve treat otherwise favour Words for Recognition gratitude lilac alternatively alternative Phrases and Expressions give birth to act as play a part in sth apart from pass away Unit 3 Reading trainer stable

continually continual continue interrupt senior describe diagram unrealistic realistic rewrite write reconsider consider fireplace camp Words for Recognition ranch itinerant Phrases and Expressions in great detail put one's heart into a great deal of make up one's mind turn in camp out live in a tent something of Grammar and Writing goods crossroads mate Listening and Speaking intention department economics European New York Tokyo

Further Reading salesperson salesgirl salesman saleswoman motivational motivation motivate relationship relation major income secure position payment former mouthful tough unbelievable believable believe artist Words for Recognition sales trainer sales manager engagement tearfully incredible inviting client Phrases and Expressions tear off raise one's spirits up to the ceiling at the height of make one’s decision stick to sth lay sb. Off

rather than end up with later on hold fast to get on with sth. at the top of Unit 4 Reading theoretical theory physicist physics ceremony medicine award PhD Doctor of Philosophy astronomy astronomer applied apply post academy law govern universe catch cure operate operator operation altogether press switch scientific science paper Words for Recognition wheelchair unify

community eyebrow do research hold the post of catch a disease point to spell out Grammar and Writing secretary typist translator needle tiny grandchild the Olympics reporter swimmer cup Further Reading carrot solve rich point face react differently different soften soft fragile liquid harden hard Words for Recognition ladle shell hard-boiled boiling water

boiled water Phrases and Expressions turn off fish sth. out of sth pull … out ladle … out pull off knock on/at the door Challenge Yourself Ⅱ wanderer wander rag straw sigh surely handful straighten straight suit sidewalk cheer cheerful cheers cheek crowd Words for Recognition scarecrow crow jingle automobile flesh scare away just then in rags be tired of fill sth. with sth. hang one's head in shame

a handful of pay sb. for sth pay attention fo a bit of in front of run over sb/run sb over pick sb, up in time all at once Further Reading will woods masterpiece mix shade case Words for Recognition pneumonia faint vine have a very poor chance to do only if get interested in look out look out of be covered with pull up Unit 5 Reading master painter exact exactly escape vagueness vague noticeable notice magically

fold observation observe merely faithful faith magic Words for Recognition indistinct horizon counterbalance deviation rest on on purpose fade into in the background on the left/right side focus on deviation from deal with put life into Grammar and Writing personality bowling can opener classical look forward to highlight available qualification Further Reading fancy handmade pattern bright happiness happy happily

republic the Republic of Korea southeast account tie structure skilled skill similar chain multiply widely wide Words for Recognition primitive complicated weave gum feudal needlework Phrases and Expressions Chinese fancy knots noted for find one's way to be closely related to be regarded as devote … to be skilled at be named after in accordance with drive out evil spirits Unit 6 Reading poem poet rhyme grassy grass

wear age amusement amuse familiar practice frequently frequent repeatedly repeated repeat enable able delicate publish reader read reading central centre hint trick tricky signal stand sharp spade Words for Recognition diverge undergrowth ironically irony Phrases and Expressions sigh over more than once laugh at depend on drop hints

be worth doing ask a question of sb. decide on of one’s own orbit path footprint cloak fish broken-winged hold fast to barren field Further Reading biography kindergarten stomach educate expense entrance examinations chief editor fellow student fall briefly convince withdraw part-time position eventually assume fulltime teaching post psychology literary Words for Recognition excerpt convention conventional preliminary unruly freshman

numerous be elected as drop out withdraw from become engaged to borrow … from devote oneself to Challenging Yourself Ⅲ misunderstand affection terribly terrible hateful hate hatred blame blank blankness fault darling impulsive tone

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