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Unit1 课文语法填空 energetic The most_1_________(energy) and important festivals are that the ones _2_______ look forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring. At the spring festival in Ch

ina, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may give children lucky money in _3_____red paper. There are dragon dances and carnivals, and families celebrate the Lunar New Year together. Some western exciting countries have very 4.____________(excite) carnivals, which 5._______ take place forty days before Easter, usually in February. These carnivals might include parades, dancing in the streets day and night, loud noise, loud music and colorful an clothing 6.____ all kinds. Easter is 7.______ important religious of It and social festival for Christians around the world. _8____ celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead and the coming of spring and new life. Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival is held covered 9._______(hold) a little later. The country, _10___________ (cover) with cherry tree flowers, looks as if it is covered with pink snow.

Unit2 课文语法填空 Wang Peng felt very frustrated 1._____ he saw none of his when customers would eat in his restaurant. _2______ his opinion, In nothing could be _3______ (good) than his fried rice, mutton better kebabs, fatty pork or his sugary cola. When 4_______ (follow) following one of his best friends into Yong Hui’s 5.______(new) opened newly restaurant, he was amazed_6______the menu there: raw at vegetables, fruit and water. In order to win 7._____ customers his back, he went to the library to do some research, _8________ which showed that Yong Hui’s menu didn’t give the customers energy-giving food. In fact, there was weakness in Wang Peng’s menu as well. So 9.____ only solution is the to combine 10._____________(combine) the two menus together to get a

balanced diet.

Unit3 课文语法填空 1.____was the summer of 1930, and Henry Adams, an It American businessman, was lucky. He was rescued at sea by a

British ship that takes him to London where he finds himself without 2.______ money, friends and hope of a good job. He was what lost 3.____(lose) and alone in London. He didn’t know 4.______to do.
5.________ (walk) down the street, he heard someone calling him. Walking Then he came in and was led to two rich brothers, Roderick and who in Oliver, 6. ______ made a secret bet and gave him a letter 7.____ which there was_8____one-million-pound bank note. He a was asked _9___________ (ask) to open the letter until two o’clock in the afternoon. Roderick believes that a man can’t survive in the city for a month with only a million pound bank note in his while possession10_______Oliver believes he can.

Unit4 课文填空 exactly No one knows 1______(exact) how the earth began. According a to 2.____ widely accepted theory, the earth began with a “Big Bang”. It exploded loudly and produced water vapor and many making gases, _3________ (make) the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth cooled down, water appeared and stayed_4____ the surface. It was on that the presence of water_5_____ allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas, which it made_6_____ possible for life to develop. First, the appearance of small plants encouraged the development of early shellfish and all sorts of fish. Next, green plants began to grow on land, they were followed 7________ (follow) by land animals. So reptiles appeared for the However first time. Later, dinosaurs developed. _8_________, they suddenly disappeared. After that, mammals came into being. Finally, humans appeared and spread all over the earth. However, they are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making the to live earth too hot 9________ (live) on. So whether life will continue on whether the earth will depend on10________this problem can be solved.

Unit5 课文语法填空

their Li Daiyu and Liu Qin were on a trip to Canada to visit 1._____ cousins on the Atlantic coast. Rather than take the airplane all 2. the took ____ way, they 3.____(take) the train from west to east across Canada. The thought4. that ____they could cross the whole continent largest was exciting. Canada is the second 5. ________ (large) country in the world. People say Vancouver is Canada’s most beautiful city 6.surrounded ___________(surround) by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. so On the coast north of Vancouver, it is_7____ wet there that the tree extremely are 8.__________(extreme) tall. That afternoon aboard the train down the cousins settled 9._____in their seats. They know cowboys from all over the world compete in the Stampede. Many cowboys have a for gift 10._____ riding wild horses. They also learned that most Canadians live within 320 kilometers of the USA border and the population is only slightly over thirty million.

Unit3 课文填空(2) Mark Twain, an American renowned writer and speaker, spent his boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri, along the Mississippi River, and three of his most famous books describe people along/on _1_______ this great river. As this author loved the river so that much _2____ even his pen name comes from the river. Being at poor, Twain dropped school_3_____the age of twelve looking for as work. Over the next two decades he worked_4_______ a printer, a riverboat pilot, a soldier, a gold miner, a businessman and a _5_______ newspaper reporter to support the family.

It _6______ was said that his first successful story was about a jumping frog contest. And his works became extremely famous for its description of common people and the way they talked, for especially_7____ his humor. As a result, he became very rich However from his works. _8___________, the last years of his life was filled with sad events,the deaths of his wife and children, the loneliness _9__________(lonely) and the loss of much money. For this, his writings lost most of its humor and became sad like him. Yet he as is still regarded _10____ one of the best known writers in the modern world.

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