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Module One

Read the passage and decide what kind of book it is from. Choose from this list.
? ? ? an English teaching book A business course A book which tells you what to do at social events ? A book to help you prepare for a speaking examination

3. think of 想, 回忆起 e.g. I think hard but I think of nothing. think of 认为, 认定 think of sb. as … 把某人看作… e.g. I think of him as a hardworking guy. think of 评价, 考虑 e.g. What do you think of it ? think highly/much of … 高度评介…很看重… think nothing/ little of… 认为…没什么,不重视… think about 思考. think over 反复思考, 熟虑 think out 想出

4. 环顾四周 照看照顾 回头看, 回顾 尊敬 鄙视 调查(案件) 小心,提防… 浏览(书) 查阅(字典) 期待做某事 寻找

look around/about look after look back look up to look down on/upn look into the case look out for sth. look through books look up ..in the dictionary look forward to doing look for

4. In addition , = in addition to …. It was a cold windy day. In addition , we lacked the money to buy the ticket. It was a cold windy day. In addition to that , we lacked the money to buy the ticket
except besides= in addition, = in addition to … except for = with the exception of….

? 你想交更多的朋友,但却缺少跟不认识的人交谈的自信吗? Do (P2) to make more friends but lack the confidence to talk to people you want ? ____________________________________ ? 5. advance adj.预先的,在前的 ? v. 推进,前进 in advance ? n. 提前(词组____________) 高级的,先进 的 ? advanced adj_________________ We should make plans in advance. ? 1)我们应该提前制订计划。 ? ___________________________________ 如果你预先做些准备,将会对你有帮助。 ? 2) It helps if you do a little advance planning. ? __________________________________(P2) He nodded to agree. ? 6. nod v. 点头 ? 他点头表示同意。______________________ He won the ? 9. prize n. 奖品,奖金 first prize. ? 他获得一等奖.______________________ apply for ? 10. application n. 申请 apply ? _________ v.申请(词组_____________)

? 11. visa n. 签证 ? 如果你要出国,你需要签证. ? If you want to go abroad,you need a visa. ? 12. tidy v. 使…整洁,整理 ? 走之前一定记着整理房间. Do remember to tidy the room before you leave. ? 13. favour n. 恩惠,照顾 do do sb a favor ? 词组:帮某人一个忙___________________a favor for sb in favor of… ? 喜欢,支持________________________ ? Could you do me the favor to return the books to the library? ? 16. certain pron. 某些,某个 ? 1)由于某种原因,他不能来了. For some reason,he can’t come. ? ____________________________________

7. Sure & Certain (确定的, 必然的, 可靠的) *** It is sure that he has been injured. (错) It is certain that…. (正确) *** certain 某些, 某种 for a certain reason 因为某种原因
for sure/ certain; 肯定地, 毫无疑问地 make sure/ certain of ; 确保… be sure/certain to do sth. …一定会…

in reply to ? 17. reply n.回答,答复,回信(___________) reply to sb/sth ? v.回答,答复(_____________) ? reply to a question=answer a question response answer ? in reply to=in_______ to=in_________to作为对…的 答复 答复(某人) ? make a reply (to sb)_______________

The second period

? ? ? ? ? ?

at social occasions 1.在社交场合:___________________ at a social event 2.在社交活动中:___________________ 3.impress v.给…留下印象 对…印象深刻 1)be impressed with…_________________ 给某人留下深刻印象 2) make/leave a deep impression on sb ______ 例:我对她的幽默感印象深刻。 I’m deeply impressed with her sense of humor. 她的幽默感给我留下了深刻印象。 Her sense of humor left a deep impression on me.
4.prepare v.准备…, 为…..做准备 使某人为…做准备 1) Prepare sb. for sth.____________________ 使某人准备做某事 prepare sb. to do sth.___________________ 为….做好了准 备 be prepared for sth./to do sth.__________ 我们为未来做好了准备。 We are well prepared for the future. _______________________________

? ? ? ? ?

? 1.Have you ever crossed the road to avoid talking to someone you recognize? avoid doing ? 1)避免做…._______________________ ? 2. Do you want to make more friends but lack the confidence to talk to people you don’t know? ___________________________ 你想交更多朋友,但缺乏与不认识的人交谈的自信吗? 缺乏自信做…… ? lack the confidence to do_______ ? 3 And are you nervous about the idea of being at a social event in another country? 对于在国外参加社交活动的想法,你会紧张吗? ? _____________________________________ 对…神经紧张 ? be nervous about…_________________ ? 他对这次考试很紧张,以至于觉都睡不好。 He is so nervous about this test that he can’t sleep well. ____________________________________ ? 4. You needn’t worry about situations like these if you have good social skills. 如果你有好的社交技巧,你就不必为这样的情形担心. ? _______________________________________

? 5 It helps if you do a little advance planning. 提前做写准备,会对你有帮助的. _______________________ ? do an advance planning_________________ 提前做计划 ? 6 Small talk is very important and prepares you for more serious conversations. 聊天是很重要的,它使你为更多的严肃谈话做准备. ? _____________________________________ ? 7.Be prepared! Have some low-risk conversation openers ready. 有备无患!准备些低风险的开场白. have/make/get……..ready ? .使….准备好___________________________ ? 8. That way,you don’t damage your confidence. 那样的话,你不会破坏你的自信.
? 9.交流是个双向的过程----它涉及了说和听。 Communication is a two-way process—it involves speaking and listening. Keep good eye contact. ? 10.保持得体的目光接触_________________

? 11.不要把目光从跟你说话的人身上移开. ? Don’t look away from the person who’s talking to you. __________________________________ ? 12. You mustn’t take flowers of a certain colour.

你不可以带某种颜色的花. 有位王先生在门口等你。 A certain Mr.Wang is waiting for you at the door. 由于某种原因,他出国了。 For some reason,he went abroad. ? a certain+n.(单数)=some+n.(单数) _________ ? I read it in a certain magazine. ______________ 某个….. ? Some boy is waiting for you at the gate. _____ 我在某本杂志上读过.

The third period

? ? ? ? ?

1.she often put foot in it. 2. to be polite and not to embarrass people 3. because she didn’t want to say her age. 4. she said she wasn’t pregnant. 5.her advice was very insensitive as she told him that his wife was a fool and no one liked her. ? 6. she wanted to know how much it cost. ? 7. he thought th office would be quieter without him. ? 8. she thought he was ugly.

? 24. absence n. 缺乏,不存在 absent be absent from ? adj.__________(_______________) ? 1)The absence of air and water makes it impossible to live on the moon. ? 2)I’m just taking his place in his absence.____ ? 3)He is absent from school today._________ 缺席….,不在…. ? 4)be absent from_______________________ 漫不经心的 absent-minded___________ ? 5)I’ll be in charge of the company during his absence from ZiBo. ? 6)I’ll be in charge of the company during his 他在北京期间,我将负责公司的工作. absence in Beijing.__________________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

26. coincidence n. 巧合 What a coincidence 多巧的事啊!________________________ 28. mature adj. 成熟的,成年人的 29. awkward adj. 尴尬的,笨拙的 30. tease v. 戏弄,嘲弄 32. contradict v. 反驳,抵触,矛盾 不要和你父亲犟嘴. ___________________________ Don’t contradict your father. 33. pregnant adj. 怀孕 apologize 34. apology n. 道歉,致歉(动词_________) 1)我为我所做的向你道歉。 I apologize to you for what I have done . _______________________________ Apologise to sb for sth 2)为---向某人道歉 _______________ = make an apology to sb. for sth. 3)实在抱歉, 这么晚给您打电话。 I apologize to you for phoning you so late. ___________________________________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

35. cautious adj. 谨慎的,慎重的 Be cautious about… 1)对….很谨慎___________________ 2)留心,谨防..____________________ Be cautious of…. 3)学生们在拼写时很谨慎,以免出错. The students are cautious of making mistakes in spelling. ___________________________________ 36. acquaintance n. 熟人 Have a nodding acquaintance with 1)与某人有点头之交____________________ sb. Make the acquaintance of sb 2)结识某人____________________________ I should be delighted to make his acquaintance. At the hotel, I made the acquaintance of a young American actor ? 37. messy adj. 棘手的,难办的 In a mess ? mess n.混乱,大杂烩(______________) ? 1)P8.A man was going though a very messy divorce and was very depressed.She tried to cheer him up.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

39. fool n. 傻瓜,笨蛋 v.愚弄,欺骗 愚弄某人 make a fool of sb__________________. 别傻了。 Don’t be a fool!___________________ 不要上他的当。 Don’t be fooled by him.______________ 42. anyhow adv. 不管怎么说,无论如何 I will manage it anyhow (=anyway) 45. anniversary n. 周年纪念日 on the anniversaryof….. 在..周年纪念日______________________ 在结婚周年纪念日,他们举行了一个晚会. They held a party on the anniversary of their wedding. _____________________________________ 47. interrupt v. 打断

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