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【成才之路】2014-2015高中英语外研版必修4同步练习:Module 1 第3课]

Module 1


Ⅰ.根据所给单词首字母及汉语提示写出单词的正确形式 1.The country used to be a British c________(殖民地) in Asia. 2.Judging from what we have achieved so far, we are o________(乐观的). 3.I can't tell you d________(确定地) when I will come. 4.It's impossible to p________(预言)what will happen. 5.I saw a large diamond s________(具有……形状的)like a rose. 答案:1.colony 2.optimistic 3.definitely 4.predict 5.shaped

Ⅱ.选词填空(注意用其适当形式) look out; throw away; come true; be shaped like; use up 1.In order to keep the city clean, please don't __________________the waste everywhere. 2.________________! The car is running in your direction. 3.Because of his efforts, his dream of becoming a writer __________________at last. 4.I'd love to find other ways to __________________ the mix, though. 5.The blooms are small and white. They ________________ stars. 答案:1.throw away 2.Look out 3.came true Ⅲ.同义句转换 1.A:Not all students show interest in classical music. B:________ ________ ________ ________interested in classical music. 2.A:They didn't help me. Instead, they laughed at me. B:________ ________ ________ me, they laughed at me. 3.A:No matter how late he is, Mother will wait for him to have dinner. B:________ ________he is, Mother will wait for him to have dinner. 4.A:They worked hard and as a result they succeeded. B:They succeeded________ ________hard. 5.A:He predicted that Class Two would win the game. B:He________ ________ ________ that Class Two would win the game. 6.A:He was running out of money because he spent too much on drinks. B:As he wasted a lot of money buying drinks, his money ________ ________ ________. 7.A:You don't have to pay to park your car here. B:You can park your car here ________ ________ ________. 答案:1.All students are not 2.Instead of helping 3.However late 4.by working prediction 5.made a 4.use up 5.are shaped like

6.was running out 7.free of charge Ⅳ.语法填空 1.(2014· 黄冈高一检测改编)You have been sitting on my hat and now it is badly out of ________. 答案:shape 句意:你一直坐在我的帽子上,现在我的帽子已经严重变形了。out of shape 变形,符合题意。 2.Look out________ wild beasts while you are in the mountain forest. 答案:for 句意:在深山老林中行走时要当心野兽。look out for 当心,小心,符合句意。 3.Shop manager always says to her assistants, “We can never be ________ polite to our customers.” 答案:too 句意:商店经理总是对服务员说:“我们对顾客越礼貌越好”。can not/never too...to 表示“再……也不为过”。 4.What I appreciate is her ________ view of events. 答 案 : optimistic optimistic“乐观的”。 5. You'll regret your decision. Iphone 5S is on the way ________,so I suggest you buy another type. 答案:out 句意:你会为你的决定感到后悔的。苹果 5S 即将过时,我建议你买另一种类 型的。on the way out“即将过时”。符合句意。 6.The woman doctor ________ that the patient could walk again, which made him and his family very happy. 答案:predicted 句意:这位女大夫预测这个病人还能重新(站起来)走路,这使他和他家 人十分高兴。predict 预言,预测。 7.His dream of becoming a university professor ________(come true). 答案:has come true 句意:他想成为一名大学教授的梦想实现了。come true(梦想等)实 现,不及物动词短语,由句意可知用完成时。 8.Not ________ the movies are interesting; some of them are quite boring. 答案: all 句意: 并不是所有的电影都有趣, 其中有几部相当无聊。 从后面的 some of them are quite boring 可知,前面为部分否定。not all 并非所有的。 Ⅴ.完形填空 “Bill! It is February 25,2099, seven o'clock. Time to __1__ and go to school.” said the clockrobot __2__ a mental voice. Then the kitchenrobot gave him toast and eggs. Bill was __3__. While he was eating,the whole wall __4__ a TV screen and Bill thought that it was great having robots to do __5__ for him. Bill ate his meal watching a TV __6__. When he finished eating,the __7__gave him his clothes very fast and __8__ him. Then Bill went off to school. 考查形容词用法。句意:我欣赏的是她对待事情的乐观态度。

When Bill went outside,he saw a car with no __9__waiting for him. The car said, “Hello,I will be __10__ you to school every day. Now would you please __11__ me your school ID card?” said the car. So Bill showed the car his school ID card and got in. The __12__ began to talk to Bill about his school and his schoolwork. After that the car said,“I will __13__ your homework today __14__ you will have a very,very important lesson to __15__ in school today. Please put your homework on the blackboard.” Bill did so. The car checked Bill's homework and then said, “You are a(n) __16__ student. All of your homework is __17__ ”When they __18__ the school, Bill said to the car,“Goodbye. See you later.” The car said to Bill,“Good luck in your school.” Bill got into the classroom and __19__ his seat at the front of the room. Then his teacher came in and said,“Welcome, children ! Today we will have a hard but __20__ lesson— ‘How do robots help a human being?’...” 语篇解读:到 2099 年各种机器人会进入普通家庭,人们日常的衣食住行都会得到机器人 周到的服务。 1.A.get up C.take up B.show up D.dress up

答案:A 逻辑推理题。根据下文比尔要去上学,故可推测现在应该是起床时间。 2.A.in C.with B.on D.by

答案:A 习语搭配题。in...voice 固定搭配,表示“用……的声音”。 3.A.angry C.worried B.amazed D.quick

答案:B 逻辑推理题。根据上下文推断,比尔应该对机器人提供的服务感到惊奇,故用 amazed。 4.A.changed for C.looked like B.became of D.turned into

答案:D 词语辨析题。用 turn into 表示“变成”。 5.A.something C.everything B.anything D.nothing

答案:C 逻辑推理题。考查不定代词的用法。根据上下文判断,机器人为他做了一切。 6.A.show C.set B.screen D.box

答案:A 逻辑推理题。从文章判断,比尔边吃早餐,边看电视节目。a TV show 的意思 是“电视节目”。

7.A.driverrobot C.kitchenrobot

B.clockrobot D.clothesrobot

答案:D 背景常识题。“给比尔穿衣服”当然是 clothesrobot。 8.A.dressed C.pushed B.cleaned D.pleased

答案:A 词语辨析题。clothesrobot 所做的事情是帮比尔穿衣服,故用 dress 最合适。 9.A.teacher C.robot B.student D.driver

答案:D 前后照应题。从后文看,这辆车是自动驾驶,没有司机。故选 D。 10.A.driving C.loading B.accommodating D.holding

答案:A 词语辨析题。drive 可以表示“开车送人”。 11.A.give C.send B.show D.lend

答案:B 习语搭配题。show sb.sth.固定搭配,把……展示给某人,符合语境。 12.A.teacher C.robot B.driver D.car

答案:D 词汇复现题。本段多次出现 the car,故选 D。 13.A.check C.inspect B.prepare D.do

答案:A 词汇复现题。根据下段首句中的 checked 确定,此处应该选 A。 14.A.if C.but B.when D.because

答案:D 逻辑推理题。此处用 because 引导原因状语从句。 15.A.miss C.study B.learn D.check

答案:B 词语辨析题。本题从句意和搭配入手。miss a lesson 不合句意;“学习功课” 应该用 learn a lesson。故选 B。 16.A.energetic C.great B.optimistic D.handsome

答案:C 背景常识题。作业都做对了,应该说是 a great student。故选 C。 17.A.easy C.correct B.difficult D.wrong

答案:C 前后照应题。用 correct 才能与上文相符。

18.A.rushed in C.turned to

B.got to D.left off

答案:B 前后照应题。上文说 driving you to school,此时应该是 got to the school。 19.A.took C.made B.found D.kept

答案:A 习语搭配题。“就座”用 take one's seat 表达。 20.A.easy C.boring B.important D.influential

答案:B 逻辑推理题。句中 but 表示转折,与 hard 相对应,此处应该用 important。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 It's 2035. You have a job, a family and you're about 40 years old! Welcome to your future life. Getting ready for work, you pause in front of the mirror. “Turn red,” you say. Your shirt changes from sky blue to deep red. Tiny preprogrammed electronics(智能电子元件)are rearranged in your shirt to change its color. Looking into the mirror, you find it hard to believe you're 40. You look much younger. With amazing advances in medicine, people in your generation may live to be 150 years old. You're not even middleaged! As you go into the kitchen and prepare to pour your breakfast cereal into a bowl, you hear, “To lose weight, you shouldn't eat that,”from your shoes. They read the tiny electronic code(电子源 码)on the cereal box to find out the nutrition details. You decide to listen to your shoes. “Kitchen, what can I have for breakfast?”A list of possible foods appears on the counter as the kitchen checks its food supplies. “Ready for your trip to space?”you ask your son and daughter. In 2005 only specially trained astronauts went into space—and very few of them. Today anyone can go to space for day trips or longer vacations. Your best friend even works in space. Handing your children three strawberries each, you add, “The doctor said you need these for space travel.”Thanks to medical advances, vaccination shots(防疫针)are a thing of the past. Ordinary foods contain specific vaccines. With the berries in their mouths, the kids head for the front door. It's time for you to go to work. Your car checks your fingerprints and unlocks the doors. “My office. Autopilot,”you command. Your car drives itself down the road and moves smoothly into traffic on the highway. You sit back and unroll your enewspaper. The latest news downloads and fills the viewer. Looking through the pages, you watch the news as video film rather than read it. 1.What changes the color of your shirt? A.The mirror. C.The counter. B.The shirt itself. D.The medicine.

答案:B 细节理解题。根据短文第二段二、三句话可知,衬衣里面安装有微型智能电子

元件,它可改变衬衣的颜色。 2.How do the shoes know that you shouldn't eat the breakfast cereal? A.By pouring the breakfast into a bowl. B.By listening to the doctor's advice. C.By testing the food supplies in the kitchen. D.By checking the nutrition details of the food. 答案: D 细节理解题。 根据短文第三段第二句话可知。 鞋子看一下麦片盒子的电子源码, 就可弄明白麦片的营养成分。 3.The strawberries the children eat serve as________. A.breakfast C.vaccines B.lunch D.nutrition

答案:C 细节理解题。根据短文第四段最后两句话可知。医学发达了,防疫针成为过去。 普通食物里含有特别疫苗。 4.How is the text organized? A.In order of time. C.In order of preference. B.In order of frequency. D.In order of importance.

答案:A 细节理解题。纵观全文:首先穿衣,然后到吃早饭,打发孩子去旅行,最后上班。 由此而知,本文是以时间顺序来组织的。

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