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汽车雨刮器 中英文资料对照外文翻译文献
原文:The invented of wiper blade The windshield wiper was first invented in 1910. The first regular production automobiles had been on the roads since 1900, which means that cars were driving on roads in all kinds of weather for at least ten years without windshield wipers!The idea for windshield wipers was born when the President of the Trico company in the United States was driving his car on a rainy day and, unable to see the road well because of the weather, he hit a boy on a bicycle. Though the boy was not hurt badly, the driver was considerably shaken by the experience. It was his shock at the danger of driving without seeing the road properly that brought about the birth of windshield wipers. But a number of different methods were tried before the motor-driven wiper systems we are familiar with today came about. The initial windshield wiper design was one in which a rubber blade on the windshield was rotated manually. While this allowed the windshield to be cleared and forward vision improved, the operator? ??s hand soon tired, and the design was abandoned. The next design was powered by a vacuum driven pump. Unfortunately this design was plagued by the fact that its speed of operation changed with the speed of the vehicle. This failure finally led to the attachment of a motor to the wiper arm, which is essentially the one still in use today. Reform wipers Speed wipers (1960 to 1970) appeared in 1968, to help with wind resistance of metal wire.This solved the case of strong wind was out of the window wiper problem.Mazda Luce (Cosmo) are used to accelerate a car windshield wiper.Slender Wiper (1970 -1980) of the development in 1976.With the emergence of ultra-thin wipers help to help reduce glare.Color standard from silver to black now.Modern Wiper (since 1980) introduced after 1980, it shows in high-speed handling of more significant changes.To avoid streaks, use of various parts of the windshield uniform pressure, and now the wipers are based on this design concept. Origin wipers Wiper scientific name: WINDSHIELD WIPER, is installed on the windshield of the important parts.His role is to eliminate water accumulation in the windshield, snow and dust.Therefore, in the traffic safety played a key role.Wiper according to driving style can be divided into mechanical, vacuum, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical and so on. By the electric wiper

motor, crankshaft, transmission pole, arm and other components. The advantage of frameless wiper blades Eliminates the framework,joints and openings of conventional blades that can clog with snow,ice and debirs for clean,powerful wipes and reliable allweather performance. Smooth,quiet operation in all weather conditions. Quick and easy installation. How to installation wiper blade Hook Type 1:Press the U-clip onto center rivet 2:Insert the wiper arm through the blade hole, pull it back so it hooks over the U-clip, Pull on the wiper blades until the projection on the clip snaps into the wiper blade hole Bayonet Type 1: Press the adaptor onto the center rivet 2:Insert the arm under holder until the projection on the arm fits in to the hold in the holder. 3: Continue pressing the blade until it is all the way in. Pin Type 1: Pull up the stopper on the connector 2:Insert the pin on the wiper blade into the hole in the end of the arm until you can see the pin protrude from the other side

How to maintain wiper blade Inspect windshield wipers every six months for wear and damage, and replace accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to replace at daylight saving time. Do not wait to replace worn and damaged wipers until the bad weather hits or visibility is so deteriorated that safety is compromised. Eyestrain from poor visibility can lead to driver fatigue and anxiety. A regular inspection schedule will help avoid potentially dangerous situations. Give your wiper blade rubber elements a quick cleaning when filling up with gas. After the windshield has been cleaned using the service center’s washer solvent and squeegee, wipe down the rubber with a paper towel. Doing so removes any loose dirt and most road grime that can lead to streaking, smearing and hazing. While washing your car, put a small amount of Bon Ami on a sponge and

clean the windshield and rubber wiping element to remove road grime and oil-like deposits caused by general vehicle use. Use an ice scraper as much as possible when deicing vehicles. Allow plenty of time to warm up the vehicle with the defroster on “high” to loosen as much ice and snow as possible. Do not use windshield wipers as ice scrapers. How to choose and replace blades Reportedly, 20 percent of all accidents result from impaired vision caused by a dirty or damp windshield. At any given time, industry estimates conclude that 50 percent of the windshield wiper blades on operational vehicles are beyond their functional lifespan. In general, wiper blades should be inspected every six months and replaced as soon as they diminish wet-windshield visibility. Vehicle manufacturers typically recommend replacing blades every 12-18 months. Fresh blades are such vital safety components that many European countries have laws that require replacing wiper blades every 12 months Wiper Diagnosis Inspecting their operation can identify wiper problems. Use the car's squirter/mister if equipped and look for these effect and causes: Noise: friction between the blade and glass or the rubber has torn and slaps the windshield. Vibration: blade rubber worn or wiper improperly mounted to the arm. Banding in wipe pattern: cracked or hardened blade rubber Wipers is no tape, no bone steel wipers, wiper jacket, plastic parts, four parts group ride together.Compared to traditional wipers put up, take the group without bone wipers are very simple and convenient; only the workers can be assembled by hand without a screwdriver and other tools.General wipers are scraping by to make the skeleton and glass fitting, because the relationship between their structure, it is impossible to make scraping and glass perfect fit, resulting in no net scraping, scraping easy to wear, noise and other issues.No wipers are guided by the force of a whole article to spread the pressure, making the scraping force uniform parts, you can reduce water marks, scratches generation, to achieve better wiper effect.In addition, jitter can greatly reduce the wear and tear, combined with a uniform force, anti-sun, simple structure, lighter weight, etc., wiper motors and wiper life than

traditional wiper extended at least twice, more economical and reliable. Edit this paragraph one, the characteristics of boneless wiper 1, no wipers and curved laminated glass, close, force uniform, scraping to pay carbon coated to ensure that blew quieter, smoother, cleaner.2, the use of aerodynamic design, high-speed driving, the scraping will not be air lifted to ensure that more clearly scraping swab.3, optimized wiper design, the middle flat section width, with shade anti-aging effect.4, the use of floating steel skeleton structure, eliminating sports trembling.Long life, light weight, strong adhesion than conventional wipers.5, rubber and covered springs, are used ozone and UV-resistant rubber ability to adapt to different climatic conditions. Edit this paragraph II, no bone material and standard size wiper 1, no wipers steel materials and a variety of parameter standard steel: carbon steel SK-5 Hardness: HV-460 ~ 480 Length: 10 "-28" thickness 0.80mm ~ 0.90mm Width: 7.00mm ~ 14.00mm 2, no bone scaffold materials and a variety of wiper parameter standard steel: 430 stainless steel / carbon steel Length: Custom Thickness X Width: 3.00mm (thickness) x 9.00mm (W) 3.50mm (thickness) x 9.00mm (W)4.00mm (thick) x 9.00mm (W) 2.60mm (thickness) x 9.00mm (W) Edit this paragraph three, the installation method 1, the standard interface design, easy installation, no need to replace the wiper arm, a direct replacement.2 Remove the old wipers, the wiper wear.3, if there is oil on the windshield, wax, dirt and other foreign matter, the first dealing with a clean before use. Edit this paragraph four, wiper use and maintenance guide ● remove the windshield wiper sunny with dust on the surface, be sure to spray the glass of water, not dry shave.● glass on the other stubborn, hard dirt, should clean up by hand.These things are easy to make wiper blade injury, leading wiper scraping is not clean.Serious, wiper motor will also be affected.● washing and routine cleaning of films to be lifted wiper, wiper blade to perform to get the "back" when gently put back, what will not be popping Wiper bounce.● winter use, should be used to clean the windshield

ice scraper ice surface, ballast, so as not to aggravate the burden of wiper. Edit this paragraph five, to be sure before buying size Please the buyer carefully before buying to confirm their size wiper used car to avoid trouble. Edit this paragraph six, the small data The inch wiper control units and metric units: 14 "- 350mm 16" - 400mm 18 "- 450mm 20" - 500mm 21 "- 525mm 22" - 550mm 24 "- 600mm 26" 650mm28 "- 700mm 原文来源于网站: www.yjwipers.com 译文:雨刷的发明
雨刷是最早发明于1910年.从1900年就有正规生产汽车在道路上,这意味着汽车 没有雨刷在道路上遭受各种天气行驶至少10年!雨刷的构想产生于美国特瑞科公司 的董事长在下雨天驾车,由于天气模糊,无法看清道路,导致撞倒了一个骑自行车 的男孩。虽然男孩没有受很大的伤,但是驾驶者被他的经历所震惊。为他所震惊的 是驾驶的危险是在没有完全看清道路的情况下发生的,这引起了雨刷的产生。 在我们熟悉的电动雨刷系统出现以前一系列不同的方法都尝试过。最早的雨刷 设计是一个塑料刀片在挡风玻璃上手动旋转。虽然这使挡风玻璃变干净,前方的视 野变清晰,但操作者的手很快就累了,于是这种设计被放弃了。另一个的设计是由 一个真空驱动泵所引发的。不幸的是这种设计被操作速度随车速改变的事实所困 扰。这次失败最终导致连接一个电机到雨刮臂,这种本质一直沿用到今天。 雨刷的改革 加速雨刷(1960年到1970年)出现于1968年,它用金属线帮助风的阻力。这个 解决了大风情况下雨刷被脱离窗户的问题。马自达卢斯(科斯莫)是第一辆使用加 速雨刷的车。细长雨刷(1970年-1980年)发展于1976年。随着超薄雨刷的出现,有 助于帮助减少眩光。颜色也从银色到现在的标准黑色。近代雨刷(从1980年起) 1980年后引进,它在高速处理上显示出更显著的变化。为避免出现条纹,在挡风玻 璃的各部分使用均匀的压力,现在的雨刷都是基于这种设计理念。 雨刷的起源 雨刷学名:WINDSHIELD WIPER,是在安装上挡风玻璃上的重要部件。他的作用是 消除堆积于挡风玻璃上的雨水,雪和灰尘。因此,在交通安全上起了重要的作用。 雨刷根据驾驶方式可以分为机械,真空,气动,液压和电气等。现在汽车一般使用 电动雨刷,具有简单构造,易于控制的优点。电动雨刷由电机,曲轴,传动杆,臂 等组成。

无骨雨刷的优点 无骨雨刷有几大优点: 1、无骨雨刷与弧形的玻璃贴合紧密,受力均匀,刮片涂付碳膜确保刮得更安静、更 流畅、更干净。 2、采用空气动力学原理设计,在车辆高速行驶时,刮片不会被气流抬升,确保刮拭 更清晰。 3、优化的雨刷结构设计,中间条扁宽,具有遮阳防老化的作用。 4、采用无骨架浮动钢片结构,消除运动发抖。寿命长、重量轻,比传统雨刷附着力 强。 5、橡胶条及覆盖弹簧片,均采用耐臭氧和抗紫外线能力强的橡胶,适应不同的气候 条件。


1、标准接口设计,安装方便,无须更换雨刮臂,直接更换。 2、取下原来的雨刷,把雨刷扣上。 3、如果挡风玻璃上有油、蜡、污物等异物,先处理干净后使用。 雨刷的保养 雨刷应每六个月检查一次,看是否磨损或损坏,并做相应更换或修理。最好是在天 气好的时候检查,不要等到下雨天,或天气的恶劣及雨刷已经损坏的时候再检查。 因为不良的雨刷会导致能见度降低,会使眼睛疲劳而产生焦虑。定期检查有助于避 免潜在的隐患。 当雨刷开始冒气的时候 应该进行快速的清洁。通过务中心的清洗溶剂,刮刀,或橡 胶擦拭专用纸巾来清洁后挡风玻璃。这样做可以消除由于灰尘和污垢的污染导致的 雨刷松动 在洗车时,用块海绵沾少量清洗剂拭擦挡风玻璃和雨刷,可去除污垢和挡风玻璃上 的划痕。当有雾气形成是,不要雨刷器除雾,只需打开车辆除雾器开关,过几分 钟,挡风玻璃上雾气会自动清除。 如何选择和换雨刷 据报道,由视障意外而引起的20%事故是由肮脏或水渍的挡风玻璃造成的。在任何特 定时间,业内人士预测认为50%在运行的车辆上往往超过他们的功能寿命。一般来 说,雨刷应该每半年进行检测和一旦减少挡风玻璃的视野就应该更换。汽车制造商 通常建议12-18个月更换雨刷。新雨刷如此重要的安全部件以至于很多欧洲国家制定 法律规定每12个月就需要更换雨刷。

无骨雨刷的故障诊断 检查雨刷片的操作可以找出雨刷问题。使用汽车喷水寻找这些影响和原因。 噪音:雨刷和玻璃之间的摩擦,或者胶条已经损害拍击玻璃的声音。 振动:胶条损害或者雨刷与雨刮臂的不恰当安装。 无骨雨刷是由雨刷胶条、无骨雨刷钢片、雨刷护套、塑料件,4 个配件组搭而成。 相比于传统雨刷装搭,无骨雨刷的组搭非常简单方便;只需工人手工组装即可,无 需螺丝刀等工具。 普通雨刷是靠骨架来使刮片和玻璃贴合,由于其结构的关 系,不可能使刮片和玻璃完美贴合,造成刮不净、刮片易磨损、噪音大等问题。无 骨雨刷是靠一整根导力条来分散压力,使得刮片各部分的受力均匀,可以减少水 痕、擦痕的产生,达到更好的刮刷效果。另外,可大大降低抖动磨损,加之具有受 力均匀、防日晒、结构简单、重量更轻等优点,雨刷电机和刮片寿命比传统型雨刮 至少延长一倍,更加经济、可靠。 编辑本段一、无骨雨刷的特点 1、无骨雨刷与弧形的玻璃贴合紧密,受力均匀,刮片涂付碳膜确保刮得更安 静、更流畅、更干净。 2、采用空气动力学原理设计,在车辆高速行驶时,刮 片不会被气流抬升,确保刮拭更清晰。 3、优化的雨刷结构设计,中间条扁 宽,具有遮阳防老化的作用。 4、采用无骨架浮动钢片结构,消除运动发抖。 寿命长、重量轻,比传统雨刷附着力强。 5、橡胶条及覆盖弹簧片,均采用耐 臭氧和抗紫外线能力强的橡胶,适应不同的气候条件。 编辑本段二、无骨雨刷材质及标准尺寸 1、无骨雨刷钢片的材质以及各类参数标准 钢种: 碳钢 SK-5 硬度: HV-460~480 长度: 10"-28" 厚度 0.80mm~0.90mm 宽 度 :7.00mm~14.00mm 2、无骨雨刷支架的材质以及各类参数标准 钢种: 不 锈钢 430/碳钢 长度: 自定 厚度 X 宽度: 3.00mm (厚) x 9.00mm(宽) 3.50mm (厚) x 9.00mm(宽) 4.00mm (厚) x 9.00mm(宽) 2.60mm (厚) x 9.00mm(宽) 编辑本段三、安装方法 1、标准接口设计,安装方便,无须更换雨刮臂,直接更换。 2、取下原来 的雨刷,把雨刷扣上。 3、如果挡风玻璃上有油、蜡、污物等异物,先处理干 净后使用。 编辑本段四、雨刮使用保养指南 ●晴天使用雨刮除去风挡表面的灰尘时,一定要喷洒玻璃水,不能干刮。 ●玻璃上有其他顽固、坚硬的污物,应该用手工清理。这些东西很容易使雨刮片受 伤,导致雨刮刮不干净。严重的话,雨刮的电机 也会受到影响。 ●洗车 和日常打扫需抬起雨刮片时,要执拿雨刮片的“脊背”,放时轻轻送回,不可啪的 一下将雨刮片弹回。 ●冬季使用时,应先用冰铲清理风挡表面的冰碴,以免加 重雨刮的负担。 编辑本段五、购买前须确认尺寸 请买家在购买前仔细确认自己的车所使用的雨刮尺寸,避免出现麻烦。 编辑本段六、小资料 雨刮的寸单位与公制单位对照:14"--350mm 16"--400mm 18"--450mm 20"-500mm 21"--525mm 22"--550mm 24"--600mm 26"--650mm 28"--700mm


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