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语法填空测试题 1 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的浯法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或 使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 字数:135 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Chen Ping and his sister Chen Ying dreamed about taking a great bike trip since middle school. After 31 (graduate) from college, they finally got the chance to make their dream come 32 (truth). His sister 33 (think) of the idea to cycle 34 the Mekong River. They also made 35 cousins interested in cycling. Wang Wei stuck to the idea 36 they found the source and began their journey there. When she heard that the source of the Mekong River is 37 Qinghai Province, she wouldn't change her mind. She even felt 38 (excite) when she knew that their journey would begin at 39 altitude of more than 5,000 meters. Before the trip they found a large atlas in the library, from 40 they knew clearly about the Mekong River. 31. graduadon 32. true 33. thought 34. along 35. their 36. that 37. in 38. excited 39. an 40. which 本文讲的是王坤和他姐姐要沿湄公河做自行车旅行的计划: 31.graduadon 在介词后作宾语,要用名词形式: 32.true 意思是梦想实现,表示“实现”用 come true: 33.thought 因上下文都是叙述过去的事,用一般过去式: 34.along 表示“沿着” ,用介词 along: 35.their-指王坤和他姐姐王薇他们两个人的表兄弟。 36.that 引导 theidea 的同位语从句,从句中不缺任何句子成分,故填 thal 37.in 表示位置关系在(青海)境内,用介词“in” 38.excited 因 felt 是系动词,在其后作表语应用形容词,表示某人“感到兴奋” ,用 excited; 39.an 因表示“在??的高度”是 at an altitude of… 40.which 引导定语从句,先行词是 adas;先行词是物,在直接在介词后只能用 which: 语法填空测试题 2 字数:147 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ The origins of the music are as 31 (interest) as the music itself. Jazz 32 (invent) by American Negroes, or blacks, as they are called today, 33 were brought to the Southern states as slaves. They were sold to farm owners and 34 (force) to work long hours in the cotton and tobacco fields. 35 a Negro dies, 36 friends and relatives would gather and carry the body to have a ceremony 37 they buried him. There was always a band with them. On the way to the ceremony the band played slow, solemn music 38 (suit) for the situation. But on the way home the mood changed. Spirits lifted. Everyone was happy. Death 39 (remove) one of their members, but 40 living were glad to be alive. The band played happy music. This music made everyone want to dance. It was an early form of jazz. 31.interesting 32.was invented 33.who 34.forced 35.When 36.his 37.before 38.suitable 39.had removed 40.The 31.interesdng.令人有趣的??: 32.was invented。jazz 是过去被黑人发明的,所以用一般过去时的被动语态: 33.who.引导一个定语从句,指代前面的 American Negroes,or blacks,在从句中作主语。

34.forced.与前面的“they were sold 并列,省略了 they were: 35.When.引导一个时间状语从句。 36.his.根据这句话的最后一个单词 him 可以得知答案: 37.before.仪式是在埋葬死人之前举行的,所以用 before: 38.suitable.(be) suitble for 固定搭配,形容词短语作后置定语,修饰前面的 slow, solemn music。 39. had removed. 因为 remove 这个动作发生在过去动作 changed,1ifted, was happy, were glad 等的前面,所以要过去完成时。 40.the.the 十 adj.表——类人,the living 指“活着的人” 。 语法填空测试题 3 字数:139 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※ Many people believe that they 31 (suppose) to drink eight glasses of water 32 day, or about two liters. Why? Because that is 33 they have been told all their lives. 34 a new report offers some different advice. The experts say people should obey their bodies; they should drink as 35 water as they feel like drinking. The report contains some general 36 (suggest).The experts say that women should get about 2.7 liters of water 37 (day). Men should' get about 3.7 liters. But wait - in each case, that is more than eight glasses. There is an important difference. The report does not tell people how many glasses of water to drink. 38 fact, the experts say that 39 may be impossible to know how many glasses are needed to meet these guidelines. This is because the daily requirement can include the water 40 (contain) in foods. 答案与评析 31.are supposed 32.a/one/every 33.what 34.But 35.much 36.suggestions 37.daily 38.In 39.it 40.contained 许多人相信一天应该喝八杯水才能满足身体需要:但专家们在一份新的报告中却给出了不 同的说法。 31.are supposed.be supposed to do 是固定用法,表达“应该/被期望做??” : 32.a/one/every 表数量“一” : 33.what.连词用来引导表语从句,在表语从句中作宾语: 34.But.表“转折”关系。 35.much.形容词表数量 36.suggemom.用名词作宾语: 37.dailv.本文讨论的中心是人一天应该喝多少杯水才能满足身体需要的问题,因此用副词 daily”每日/每天地“来修饰 Set, 38.In.因为 in fact 为固定短语 39.it.形式主语,代替后面的动词不定式。 40.contamed.过去分词短语作定语,修饰名词 water,表示被动关系: 语法填空测试题 4

字数:147 时间:7 分钟


During World War II, I lived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. My family was Jewish, 31 we had been hidden away for a year and a half. During that time I hadn't been able to be outdoors for so long 32 I had grown so crazy 33 everything to do with nature. Once, I decided to look at the moon at midnight. But I didn't dare 34 (open)the window to see the night face to face 35 I was afraid of 36 (discover) by the Nazis. I felt very lonely 37 seeing my old friends. So I had to make a new true friend, my diary Kitty, 38 I could tell everything to. 39 (fortune) ,at last my family were discovered and 40 (catch) by the German Nazis half a year later. 31.So 32.that 33.about 34.(to)open 35.because 36.being discovered 37.without 38.whom 39.Unfortunately 40.caught 31.so.因为前句“我们是犹太人”是因,后面“我们躲了一年半”是果,表示结果用 so(因 此)。 32.that 引导结果状语从句,so?that.. 33.about.因 grow crazy about. . .变得对??着迷。 34.(to)open.由 didn’t 可知 dare 是行为动词,后面要接带 to do,但在否定句中 to 可以省 略。 35.because“担心被纳粹发现”是“我不敢开窗”的原因: 36.being discovered.由 by 可知,很明显指被发现,想到 be discovered,又因在介词后,所 以 be 要用 being: 37.witthout.因为“见不到朋友”才会“感到孤寂” : 38.whom.引导非限制性定语从句并在从句中作宾语,先行词是人,故用 whom: 39.Unfortunately 尽管“我”和家人躲藏起来,结果还是被发现了,当然是“不幸” ,修饰全 句,用副词: 40.caugh[由 and 可知.是与 discovered 并列的,也用过去分词,前面省略了 were,即被抓: 语法填空测试题 5 字数:147 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Years ago, I worked with the Notco Company as the head of the designing department. One of the best designers 31 (call) Steve King, 32 was clever and hard-wolfing. We didn't know his career 33 one day when he had 34 accident. His legs were 35 (bad) hurt and he was Then he told the doctor his secret 36 he was a woman. 37 had pretended to be a man 38 (get) a job she liked. That night when I went to visit her, I found her secret. The next day the company held a meeting about the problem of Ms King. 39 the company had never had women 40 (engine) working, we finally decided to let her stay. From then on, more women workers were employed by the Notco Company. 31.was called 32.who 33.until 34.an 35.badlv 36.that 37.She 38.to get 39.Though/Although 40.engineers 31. was called.纵观全句,此处缺谓语动词,且主语 exam 与 change 构成被动,故用一般过

去时的被动语态: 32.who.引导一个定语从句,做从句的主语: 33.until.此处为 not until 的句型: 34。an.表泛指.且后为元音发音开头: 35。badlly。修饰动词 hurt 用副词: 36。that.引导同位语从句,解释 secret 的内容。 37。She.由句意可知。此处需填代词做主语,且应是 she 才可假装 man: 38.to get.不定式表目的: 39.Though/Although.引导让步状语从句。此句意为:尽管公司从来没有女工程师工作(的 先例),我们最后还是决定让她留下。 40.engineers 工程师:women 要修饰复数名词: 语法填空测试题 6 字数:155 时间:9 分钟 难度:※※※ Here is a SHORT HISTORY OF WESTERN PAINTING for you now. 31 is known to all, the styles of Western art 32 (change) many times, while Chinese art has changed 33 often. During the Middle Ages, the main 34 of a painter was to represent religious themes. 35 by the 13th century painters began to paint more realistically. In the Renaissance, painters tried to paint people and nature as they 36 were. And they learned to draw things in perspective. 37 late 19th to early 20th century, the impressionist painters wanted to show 38 light and shadow fell on objects. From 20th century to now, 39 have appeared scores of modem art and styles. New styles of painting are expected 40 (come)into being in the future. 31.As 32.has changed 33.1ess 34。the 35. But 36.really 37.From 38. how 39.there 40.To come 31.As.引导定语从句,as 代替整个主句: 32.has changed,有 many times 用现在完成时,且后一句的对比也用了现在完成时: 33.1ess 与 many times 形成对比; 34.the the Middle Ages 专有名词, “中世纪”(欧洲历史上从公元 1000 年到 1450 年) 35.But 表示转折; 36.really 副词做状语。 37. from 因 from ... to...表示从“(什么时候)到(什么时候)” : 38.how.引导宾语从句,在从句本身做方式状语。 39.there.因 there appear. . .是 there be?句型的变体。 40.to come 表示将来,故用不定式: 语法填空测试题 7 字数:156 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ 31 (ability) teenagers have to go to special schools to receive

Even in China today, most

32 education. I know people are trying to give them more help, comfort and care, 33 I don't quite agree with such idea. Disabled people's life is difficult and frustrating. 34 we should give them a hand in their normal life. But despite their disability, they're complete. They have their own thoughts and feelings, we can't say disability will limit a person's life. So it's necessary for them to study 35 (independent) and equally just as normal people. If they 36 (ask) to go to the special school, they will probably treat themselves 37 special, unlucky people. That will make them 38 (lose) hope. 39 the disabled people need the most is confidence and dignity. Most of them hate 40 feeling that they always need others' help. They just want to prove themselves as we do. In a word, help is essential, but we should'give the disabled more individual space. 31.disabled 32.their 33.but 34.So 35.independently 36.are asked 37.As 38.lose 39.What 40.the 31.disabled.用形容词修饰 teenagers, 意为“大多数残疾的青少年” 32.their 意为“大多数残疾的青少年去特殊学校接受他们的教育” : 33.but。根据前文 I know. . .和后文 I don't quite agree?可知此处是转折关系: 34.So.根据 Disabled people's life is difficult and frustrating 可知是因果关系, “因此我们要帮 助他们” : 35.independendy.用副词修饰动词 study: 36.are asked. “如果他们被要求去特殊学校”故用被动语态,If 引导条件状语从句要用一般 现在时表示将来: 37.as.习惯搭配 treat sb.as?将某人当作, . .看待。 38.lose."make sb+do”句型中用省略 to 的不定式作宾补: 39.WhaL 主语从句 Che disabled people need the most 中 need 缺少宾语,只能用 What 引导主 语从句; 40.the.后用定语从句 that they always need others’help,修饰名词,则该名词前有 the 表特 指: 语法填空测试题 8 字数:147 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is 31 mixture of different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways. The simple reason for this is 32 there are more different ways of looking at things present in the first kind of society. There are more ideas, more 33 (disagree) in interest, and more groups and organizations 34 different beliefs. In addition, there is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance in 35 (mix) societies. 36 these factors tend to promote social change by opening more areas of life to decision. In a society where people are quite similar in many ways, there are 37 (few) occasions for people to see the need or the opportunity for change because 38 seems to be the same. And 39 conditions may not be satisfactory, 40 are at least customary and doubtless. 31.a 32.that 33.disagreements 34.with 35.mixed 36.All 37.fewer 38.everything 39.although 40.they

本文讲的是不同种类的人融合在一起的社会较人们在许多方面具有相似观点的社会变化 更快: 31.a.指“一种”有各种不同人的混合型社会: 32.that 在 the reason for/why?is that?句型中,习惯上用 that 引导表语从句: 33.disagreements.在 there are 后与 ideas 并列一定是名词,且也要用复数表示“不同意见” : 34.With.指“具有”不同信仰的群体或组织: 35.mixed.因 societies 与 1TIIX 在被动关系,用动词的.ed 形式作定语,表示“混合的” 。 36.All.指上述提到的“所有”这些因素都会促使社会变化: 37.fewer.指在“人们在许多方面具有相似观点的社会”较在“不同人混合的社会里” ,人 们觉得有必要改变的机会“更少” 。 38.everything.everything 在原因状语从句中作主语,表示“一切、所有事情” 。 39.a1though.由前后两个分句的逻辑意义可知填表示“尽管,虽然”的连词。 40.they.指前面的 conditions。

语法填空测试题 9 字数:135 时间:8 分钟 难度:***

Americans usually make allowance for non-native speakers who have some trouble understanding English. 31 they become annoyed when 32 person pretends to understand but doesn't really and then creates problems because of 33 (understand) what is said. 34 wants soap when he asks for soup. So if you don't understand what is said to you, admit 35 and politely ask the person to repeat or explain. Second, it is quite rude to converse with a companion 36 your native language and leave your American friends 37 (stand) there feeling stupid because they can't understand the conversation. The Americans may also feel that you are talking about them or saying something you don't want them to hear. If you 38 switch to your native language to explain something to a nonEnglish-speaking companion, at 39 (little)translate for your American friends 40 they don't feel left out. 31. But 32. a 33. misunderstanding 34. No one/Nobody 35. it 36. in 37. standing 38. must 39. least 40. so(that) 母语的人在一起交谈时的礼仪问题: 31.But.由 annoyed(生气)与 make allowance for(体谅)可知,此句与上句是转折关系: 32.a.泛指的“一个人” ,表示泛指,用不定冠词: 33.misunderstanding. “产生麻烦(creates problems)”当然是因为“误解” 。 34.No one/Nobody 由 wants 及后文中代替空格的代词 he 可知主语是第三人称单数,由句 意可知填 No one 或 Nobody。注意,填 None 不太好,因为用 none 时,往往有或暗含在某个范 围中的意思,其后往往接有 of 短语。 35.it.指代前面“you don’t understand what is said to you”一句话的内容。 36.in.表示用某种语言的“用” ,用介词 in: 37.standing.由 1eave sb./sth.doing(让??一直保持某种状态)可知,用动词的-ing 形式

作宾补。顺便说说,句中 feeling stupid 是 standing 的伴随状语: 38.must.由上下文可知此处需要表示必要性的 must: 39.1east.由语境可知,此处是表示“至少”的 at 1east。 40.so.(that)“让他们感到没有被忽略或被排除在外”是“给美国朋友翻译”的目的,故填表 示“为了,以便”的 so (that)。 语法填空测试题 10 字数:162 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ While Emily was working on her French lessons or watching football games on TV, George was working for his father in his store 31 school. He liked selling things to people. Mr. Peters found George so 32 (help) that he thought about offering him a higher pay. In fact, it was football 33 brought Emily and George back together. 34 George was going home one afternoon, he looked in the window of Emily's living-room and he saw that she 35 (watch) a football game on TV. He walked up and knocked at the door. Emily was surprised to see him, 36 she asked him to come in, and they watched 37 rest of the game together. Emily and George are good friends again. They still have different ideas about things sometimes, but they agree with 38 that football is the world's best game. Mrs. Mason doesn't seem to 39 (approve) of her daughter's interest in football as 40 as she used to. 31. after 32. helpful 33. that 34. When 35. was watching 36. but 37. the 38. each Other 39.disapprove 40.much 31.after,根据上下文情节为放学之后: 32.helpful,so?that?句型中,so 后面接形容词或副词: 33.that, 此题考强调句式 his+强调部分+that. . · , 34.When,when 引导的是时间状语从句: 35.was watching,考查过去进行时态。 36.but,此处表转折关系: 37.the,the rest 表足球赛的剩余部分。 38.each other,表两者之间的相互。 39.disapprove,考查前缀 dis—表反义词,意为:不赞成,不许可: 40.much,考查 as much a5 同级比较表程度。 语法填空测试题 11 字数:177 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our tour. This morning, we're going to take you to some points of 31 (history) interest in the city. Ifyou have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you loolc 32 the window on your right, you'll see the Grange, 33 of the oldest buildings in the city, it was built for our first mayor 200 years ago, and still has 34 (much)of the original furniture. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that every Saturday afternoon, you can come and watch them 35 (bake) bread the way it was done 200 years ago. On your left is Macquarie University. This university building is just 125 years old. We'll be stopping in a moment at Bridgeton Castle. This castle 36 (build) by Sir Hem'y Pellat for his

young wife. He bought 37 all of the building materials from England. Notice the beautiful glass windows. 38 (fortunate), Sir Henry's young wife became ill and died 39 the castle was completed. Sir Henry became so unhappy 40 he left the castle and returned to England. No family members ever live there. 31. historical 32. out of 33. one 34. most 35. bake 36. was built 37. almost 38. Unfortunately 39. before 40. that 31.historical,考查形容词“historical” 。 32.out of, “look out of the window”表“朝窗外看” : 33.one,one of the old buildings 表“古建筑之 34.most,表“某某的大多数” : 35.bake,考查 watch somebody do something 的结构: 36.was built,考查被动语态的过去式; 37.almost, lamost all 表几乎全部,差不多全部: 38.Unfortunately,考查派生词: 39.before,考查时间状语从句: 40.that,so?that?.句型

语法填空测试题 12 字数:171 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ The Yellow River is the second longest river in China. It rises in the mountains on Qinghai and flows right across China to the Yellow Sea. 31 the river and the sea are called Yellow because of the yellow mud 32 the river carries down from the desert into the sea, 33 (make) the water a yellow color. When the river reaches the flat plain and flows less fast, it drops much of 34 mud, filling up the riverbed and forcing the water to overflow its banks and flood the countryside 35 miles. These terrible floods wash away crops and destroy whole villages. They have brought death and famine(饥饿) to 36 many people that the river is sometimes called"China's sorrow."In order to prevent the floods, they 37 (build) banks of earth, called dykes (河堤) along both sides. 38 the river brought down more mud and broke through the dykes, people mended them and built them higher, 39 now in some parts the river flows as much as twenty feet above, 40 the danger of floods, fanning had been carried for centuries. 31.Both 32.which 33.making 34.its 35.for 36.so 37.have built 38.As 39.and 40.despite 31.Both,both?and?.表??和??两者都; 32.which,考查限制性定语从句: 33.making,现在分词短语做伴随状语: 34.its,考查形容词性物主代词; 35.for,表——段距离。 36.so,so many+可数名词复数,so much+不可数名词表“那么多的??” 37.have built 考查动词的现在完成时态: 38.As,as 引导的时间状语从句,表“随着??”

39.until,until now 表“直到现在” : 40.indespite 表“尽管??” , 语法填空测试题 13 字数:180 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ Mr Vincent was tired of living in the big city where he worked. He wanted to move to the country and 31 (live) in a house from which he could get to his office in the cityearly every day. He was looking for a house 32 he saw an ad in a newspaper one day. The ad said that a suitable house in a quiet area was up for sale at a 33 (reason) price, and the house was 34 a stone's throw of a railway station 35 which there were frequent trains to the big city. "That's exactly 36 I need." Mr. Vincent said to 37 . So he called the house agency and arranged to go down by train 38 next day to have a look at the house. The house agency met him at the station and they started walking 39 took them at least 15 minutes to get to the house. 40 they reached, Mr. Vincent said angrily, "I should be very interested to meet the man who threw the stone you mentioned in the newspaper." 31.live 32.until 33.reasonable 34.within 35.from 36.what 37.himsefl 38.the 39.It 40.When 31.live,and 连接两个动词不定式短语做 wanted 的宾语: 32.until,考查 until 引导的时间状语从句. 33.reasonable,reason 的形容词是加后缀-able,表“合理的” : 34.Within,介词“在??之内”35.from,介词 from 加关系代词 which 引导限制性定语从句。 36.what,由 what 引导的名词性从句作表语: 37.himself,say to oneself 表“自言自语” : 39.It,It takes somebody some time to do something 句型,其中作 it 形式主语: 40.When,考查由 When 引导的时间状语从 句: 语法填空测试题 14 字数:182 时间:9 分钟 难度:※※※ We Americans are wasteful people, not used to saving. Early settlers, our forefathers set us 31 example of wasting everything, for they thought nature's resources were so plentiful that 32 of them ever imagined that natural materials would be used up in time. Within a few years of the first Virginia settlement, 33 example, pioneers burned down their house 34 they were ready to move west. They burned down their house 35 only one aim to get the nails (钉子) for future use. No one ever gave a 36 (think) to the priceless hard woods that went up in smoke. As a people we destroy many valuable things 37 other people save. I noticed this when I was living in Britain. I received a letter from one England's largest banks. 38 was enclosed in a 39 (use) envelope that had been readdressed to me. 40 a practice would be unthinkable in the United States. American banks, even the smallest, always use expensive stationery(信笺) with the names of all twenty-eight vice-presidents lists on side of the page. 31.an 32.none 33.for 34.when 35.with 36.thought 37.that/which 38.It 39.used

40.Such 31.an,set sb.an example Of. .给某人树立??的榜样。 32.none, “没有一个”的意思。 33.for,for example 是固定搭配, “举例子”之意: 34.when,考查由 when 引导的时间状语从句: 35.with,介词表“有,具有,附带着” : 36.thought,考查 think 的名词,give a thought to?“想想,思考” : 37.that,that 引导的限制性定语从句。 38.It,代词 It 指代前面提到的 alener. 39.used,过去分词 used 在此作定语,表被使用过了的。 40.Such,作形容词,表“像这样的??”语法填空测试题 15 字数:170 时间:9 分钟 难度:※※※ Today society is much freer and easier than it used to be. It is no 31 (long)necessary to dress like everyone else. Within reason, you can dress as you like 32 do your hair the way you like instead of the way you should 33 it is the fashion. The popularity of jeans and untidy look seems to be reaction against the 34 (increase) expensive fashions of the top fashion houses. 35 the same time, appearance is still important in certain conditions and then we must choose our clothes carefully. 36 would be foolish to go to an interview for a job in the civil service 37 (wear) jeans and a sweater, or it would be 38 (polite) to visit our elderly relatives looking as if we 39 going to the beach or a bar and some other places like that. 40 . you need never feel sad if you don't look like the latest fashion photo. Look around you and you will see that no one else does either! 31.longer 32.or 33.because 34.Increasingly 35.At 36.It 37.wearing 38.impolite 39.were 40.However 31.longer,no longer 表“不再??” 32.or,在此表选择的含义: 33.because,考查由 because 引导的原因状语从句。 34.increasingly, “不断增长地” ,考查 increase 的派生词。 35.At,at the same time 是固定搭配: 36.It,It 在此作形式主语。 37.wearing,考查 wearing 构成的现在分词短语作伴随状语。 38.impo1ite,polite 的反义词: 39.were,考查 be going to do something 在虚拟语气句子中的应用。 40.However,表转折关系, “然而,可是” : 语法填空测试题 16 字数:227 时间: 10 分钟 难度:※※※ Clarissa looked out of the taxi window at the wet road. It was still raining. She was looking forward to 31 (get) home after a busy and tiring week in Italy. The taxi stopped outside the

terminal(终点) 32 Clarissa got out. 33 she was finding some money in her purse, the driver took out her luggage. She picked up her suitcase and entered the terminal building. 34 British airways check-in desk was near the entrance. 35 checking in her luggage, she went to buy some magazines. Then she went through passport control and the security check(安检). After waiting in line with 36 passengers, Clarissa walked down the corridor and onto the plane. Her seat was next 37 the window. While the plane was taking off, she closed her eyes, but when the plane was in the air, she began to relax. She pressed the button at the side of the seat, 38 (lie) back and opened her eyes again. Pin! The sound of the bell woke Clarissa from her dreams. "Ladies and gendemen, we are now approaching Heathrow. 39 you fasten your seatbelt and extinguish (熄灭 ) all your cigarettes?" When the plane landed and came to a standstill, Clarissa saw that outside the sun 40 (shine) and the sky was'clear. It was going to be a perfect day. 31;getting 32.and 33.While 34.The 35.After 36.other 37.to 38.lay 39;Will 40.was shining 31. getting,1ook forward to doing something 是固定搭配,其中 to 是介词: 32.and,表并列关系。 33.While,表“正在钱包里找钱”这个过程中。 34.The,表特指 the British airways check in desk. 35.After,介词表“在??之后” : 36.other, “别的,其他的” 。 37.to,next to 是固定搭配,表“紧挨着” : 38.1ay,lie 的过去式:pressed,lay, opened 是三个并列谓语动词,都用过去式: 39.Will,一种请求的表达法: 40.was shining,过去正在进行时态,表 Clarissa 看到大阳正在??语法填空测试题 17 字数:155 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※

In the past 20 years, scientists have learnt a great deal about sleep and dreams. They 31 (discover)that sleep and dreams affect 32 people feel. A good night's sleep generally makes a person happier 33 the morning. 34 , who appears in a dream is more important than 35 happens. 36 person has a special dream character. 37 the special character appears in dreams, people are happier after sleeping. The moods of people affect 38 performance throughout the day. 39 less sleepy the people are, the better they perform, and usually they are more friendly and more clearly 40 (think). 31.have discovered 32.the way/how 33.in 34.However 35.what 36.Every/Each 37.If 38;Cheir/the 39.The 40.thinking 31.have discovered,从前文 In the past 20 years 可知,应用现在完成时态: 32.the way/how,表“某某的方式” 。 33.in,in the morning 是固定搭配: 34.However,表意思的转折,表“然而,可是” :

35.what,由 what 引导的名词性从句,表所发生的事情: 36.Every/Each,形容词, “每一个” : 37.If,表假设: 38.their/the,考查物主代词的用法: 39.The,考查固定句型 the more?the more 的用法: 40.thinking,在此作形容词,意为:思考能力的,clear thinking 表“思维清晰” :

语法填空测试题 18 字数:166 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※

One day John's wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they 31 meet at five. In the afternoon, he drove his car to the doctor's 32 got there at twenty to five. He thought,"It's a little earlier. I'll wait for a moment. It's good 33 (keep) the time." Then he stopped his car in front of the doctor's. He looked 34 and saw a noisy square nearby. He went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last sunlight in the afternoon and make 35 quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other 36 Suddenly he heard a girl 37 (cry). He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find out her address and took her home. The girl's parents were very 38 (thank). Then John hurried to the doctor's. The doctor said angrily 39 he saw him, "You're late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?" John said nothing 40 one word. ''Sorry!" 31.Would 32.and 33.to keep 34.around 35.himself 36.happily 37.crying 38.thankful 39.when 40.but 31.would,过去将来时态: 32.and,and 连接两个动词短语,表并列关系: 33.to keep,考查固定句型 his+形容词 to do something: 34.around。1ook around 表“环顾四周,四处看” : 35.himself,make oneself quiet 让/使自己安静. 36.happy,考查 happy 的副词: 37.crying 考查 hear somebody doing sonething 的结构: 38.thankful,考查 thank 的形容词: 39.when,考查由 when 引导的时间状语从句: 40.but,nothing but 的固定结构, “除??之外,别无;只有” : 语法填空测试题 19 字数:161 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Mr. Smith works in an office. He's very busy and has 31 time to have a good rest. Every evening, 32 he comes back from work, he's always tired and wants to go to bed early. 33 his wife often has a lot of interesting things 34 (tell) him after supper. She doesn't stop talking_ 35 she falls asleep, but it's usually very late and Mr. Smith has to get up on time in the morning when she is 36 (sleep). One day the man felt terrible 37 couldn't go to work. He

decided to go to see a doctor. Mrs. Smith went to the hospital with him. Before her husband could say 38 was the matter with him, the woman 39 (tell)the doctor everything. The doctor looked over Mr. Smith and then gave medicine to 40 Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He said to Mrs. Smith, "They are sleeping pills. When you take the pills, your husband will be all right." 31. no/little 32. when 33. But 34. to tell 35. until 36. asleep/sleeping 37. and 38. what 39.had told 40.both 31.no/little has no / little time= doesn't have any time/hasn’t any time,no 是形容词; 32.when,考查由 when 引导的时间状语从句; 33.But,此处表转折关系: 34.to tell 考查 haves omething to do 的结构: 35.until,until 引导的时间状语从句,表“直到??才??” : 36.asleep/sleeping.be asleep/sleeping 表状态: 37.and,表并列关系: 38.what,what was the matter with him 是固定搭配: 39.had told,考查动词的过去完成时态: 40.both,both?and?是固定结构,表“??和??都,两者??都??” 语法填空测试题 20 字数:202 时间: 10 分钟 难度:※※※ Wang Hong was born in 1985 in Guangzhou, China. Even when she was a baby, she loved to draw lines everywhere. 31 (see) this, her tither decided to help her. He gave her paint, brushes and paper. She practised hard 32 improved very quickly. Soon her lines became flowers, trees and animals. Some of her pictures 33 (show) in an art exhibition in Shanghai at the age of 4. By the age of six, Wang Hong 34 (make) over 4,000 paintings. She loved to draw animals, especially monkeys and cats. 35 her tither was good at drawing, he didn't give her any art lessons. He even stopped painting his own pictures. 36 , he often took the little girl to parks and zoos to get ideas for her work. 37 this way, Wang Hong developed her own style of painting 38 bright colours. All her pictures were different from others. At the age of 8, 39 of her monkey paintings was made into a Chinese stamp. Later, she started to draw pictures of country scenery and people. And when she was just 14, she became the youngest person to have 40 (person) shows in Washington D.C.and many other cities around the world. 31.Seeing 32.and 33.were shown 34.had made 35.Although 36.Instead 37.In 38.with 39.one 40. personal 31.Seeing,现在分词短语作时间状语,相当于 when her father saw this, 32.and,表并列关系: 33.were shown,考查动词的被动语态用法: 34.had made, 由前文 By the age of six 可知, 此处应用过去完成时态。 35.Although, “虽然,尽管”表让步关系: 36.Instead, “相反,而是” ,表转折: 37.In,in this way 是固定搭配, “用这种方法” :

38.with,介词“用,有” : 39.one,one of+名词复数表“??之一” : 40.personal,person 的形容词, “个人的” :

语法填空测试题 21 字数:144 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Jack worked in an office in a small town. One day his boss said to him, "Jack, I want you to go to London, to an office there, 31 ( see ) Brown. Here's 32 address." Jack went to London by train. He left the station and 33 (think),"The office isn't far from the station, I'll find 34 easily." But 35 an hour he was still looking for it, 36 he stopped and asked an old lady. She said, "Just go along this street, turn left at the end, and it's the second building 37 the right." Jack went and found it. A few days later he went to the same city, but again he did not find the office, so he asked 38 the way. 39 was the same lady! She was very surprised and said, "Are you 40 looking for that place?" 31.to see 32.the 33.thought 34.it 35.After 36.so 37.on 38.someone 39.It 40.still 31.to see,to see Brown 是动词不定式短语作目的状语: 32.the,表特指具体的地址: 33.thought, 由 and 连接的两个过去的动作 left 和 thought 表并列关系: 34.it 代词,代替前文提到的 the office. 35.after,after an hour 表“一个小时之后” : 36.so,表因果关系, “因此,所以” : 37.on,on the right“在右边” ,是固定搭配。 38.someone,不定代词,表“向某人问路” 。 39.It,It 的特殊用法,指代不确定的人。 40.still,副词, ”仍然,还在,仍旧“。 语法填空测试题 22 字数:143 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ On Wednesday morning at eleven o'clock, I was walking down Main Street. I had just parked my car. Suddenly I heard two shots! I thought they 31 (come) from the bank. I ran toward the bank. I saw a man 32 (come) out. He was short and fat 33 a big moustache. More 34 (importance),he had a bag of money and a gun in his hands! 35 I could do anything, he ran up the street 36 disappeared behind a bus. That afternoon I went to the movies. 37 happened? I saw the thief again at the foot of the stairs! I telephoned the police from a telephone next to the rest rooms. The police arrived in 38 than five minutes. They arrested the thief just as he 39 (buy) a chocolate bar from the candy machine! What an exciting day! And best of all, the bank gave me 40 $ 100 reward! 31. had come 32. coming 33. with 34. importantly 35. Before 36. and 37. what 38. 1ess

39.Was buying 40.a 31.had come,考查动词的过去完成时态,表枪声在我想/认为之前发生: 32.coming,考查动词短语 see somebody doing sth.的结构: 33.with,介词,"有,具有": 34.importantly,more importantly,表“更重要的是” : 35.Before,时间状语从句,表“在??之前” : 36.and,and 连接 ran up...和 disappeared 两个动作,表并列关系: 37.What,What happened?是固定句型,表惊讶: 38. 1ess,1ess than 5 minutes 表“不到五分钟” 。 39.was buying,过去进行时态,表当时正在买巧克力时,警察逮捕了他: 40.a,表一份奖品:

语法填空测试题 23 字数:175 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ It was 2:30 a.m. Saturday, March 15. Dr. Michael Ryan, an official of the World Health Organization (WHO)in Geneva, was woken up by a phone call. 31 was from the WHO's Manila office. He was warned 32 the strange new disease SARS was discovered in Asia and might get to 33 mainlands. A 32-year-old Singaporean doctor 34 had just been to a meeting in New York, was on his way home. He 35 (show) the signs of the disease SARS :he was coughing 36 had a high temperature. Reports of SARS in Canada and Singapore had already come to the WHO office in Geneva. 37 telephone call made the matter more serious. Ryan at once worked the phones and got to know that the Singaporean doctor 38 (take) a plane and would arrive at Frankfurt airport at 9:30 that morning. By the time the plane landed, experts and nurses 39 special suits were waiting to take the doctor to the hospital. "It is the first time we have ever worked faster 40 a virus,'says Ryan. 31.It 32.that 33.Other 34.who/that 35.was showing 36.and 37.The 38.had taken 39.in 40.than 31.It,代词,代替前文的 a phone call. 32.that,连词,引导宾语从句: 33.other,表其它的内陆。 34.who/that,关系代词,引导限制性定语从句; 35.was showing,动词的过去进行时态,表“当时正表现出 SARS 的症状” : 36.and,表并列关系,即咳嗽和发高烧: 37.The,表特指前文提到的来自 Who’s Manila Office 的电话: 38.had taken,动词的过去完成时态,表乘飞机在 got to know 之前发生: 39.in,介词短语作定语,表“穿着特殊的衣服” 40.than,faster than. . .是比较级结构; 语法填空测试题 24

字数:152 时间:8 分钟


Some people think that all wild animals are dangerous. Actually, very few of them will attack a man if he leaves them 31 . If you met a hon 32 an elephant, suppose you would run away, but even a hon 33 keep away from a man unless it is very hungry. "Lions and ugers only kill and eat men when they 34 (grow) too old and too weak to catch their usual food, such as deer and 35 small animals. If you see a wild elephant, perhaps you will 36 (frighten). Elephants usually run away at once 37 you attack them. Some animals get very frightened ff they only smell a man, some take 38 notice but quietly walk in another direction. Wild animals only attack hunters when they are afraid 39 the hunters mean 40 (harm) their young ones, or when the hunters shoot at them and make them angry. 31.alone 32.or 33.will 34.have grown 35.other 36.be frightened 37.unless 38.no 39.that 40.to harm 31.alone,leave.?alone 是固定短语, “别管??,别理会??” : 32.or,表选择, “或者” : 33.will,表一种必然的趋势或经常性动作, “会,将会” : 34.have grown,动词的现在完成式,表“当狮子和老虎已处于太老的状态时” : 35.other,表“别的,其他的” : 36.be frightened,be frightened 的意思是“害怕” : 37.unless, “如果不.除非” 。表假设: 38.no,take no notice 的意思是“不注意,不理会” : 39.that,that;引导宾语从句: 40.to harm,mean to do sth.是固定短语, “故意去做??,有意去做??;打算去做??”

语法填空测试题 25 字数:155 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※

Betty could not do her work. She felt too tired. She put down her book, yawned and 31 (feel) better. Betty looked up. Had the teacher seen her? 32 her surprise, the teacher was yawning, too. He took a long breath and opened his mouth wide. He dosed his eyes a bit and let out his breath in a big, slow yawn. Then Betty heard 33 yawns. The teacher said, "Betty yawned 34 our doors and windows are closed. And the room is warm. Her body needed 35 air. Maybe she yawned because she was tired. 36 she just needed to move a bit. Do you feel better now, Betty?" he asked. "Yes," said Ben,. "Yawns wake us up,' the teacher said," 37 you yawn you stretch (伸展) many parts of your body. That stretching makes you feel good. There were more yawns. "People do not know why. they yawn, the teacher said, But if you see a yawn, hear one, or even read about 38 , you may yawn too. And once your yawn 39 (start), you can't stop it. You may close your mouth to stop it. But the yawn will still come. The teacher stood up and said. "Let's open the window and let some air in. You may also go

out for a drink. A cold drink or water on your face helps to stop yawns. Betty may go first." 40 do you feel now after you have read this story? Did you yawn? Watch a friend read this. See if your friend starts to yawn. If you see a yawn, you will know why! 31. felt 32. To 33. other 34. because 35. more 36. Or 37. When 38. one 39. starts 40. How 31.felt,此处是并列关系。and 连接接连发生的三个动作“put down, yawned 和 felt” 32.To,to one's surprise 是固定结构, “令...惊讶的是” 33.other, “其他的,别的” , 34.because,表因果关系, “因为” 。 35.more,much 的比较级, “更多的空气” 36.Or, “或者”表选择: 37.When 考查由 When 引导的时间状语从句. 38.one,不定代词,泛指 a yawn,并且从前文 heard one 也可知: 39.starts,考查动词的一般现在时态,表“一旦你要打呵欠,你就无法阻止它: ” 40.How,how do yu feel now?是固定句型。

语法填空测试题 26 字数:209 时间:9 分钟 难度:※※※ Dear Sir: Being completely deaf myself, I read your report of the poor conditions of the deaf and mute (哑)who were gathering in New York 31 (beg). I supposed that 32 could not happen here in Australia. 33 , two years later, I was having dinner in a restaurant in Sydney 34 a person entered and started handing out plastic jewellery (首饰) and a note to people at each table. The main idea of the note was, "I am unable to speak and 35 (hear) in a world of voices and music. 36 you kindly buy these things?" When he came to my table, I questioned him 37 sign language. He was a little surprised. Then he said in a low voice "don't talk" (which I could read from his lip movement) and moved away. Please do not 38 ( take ) in by those people. Please do not give them any money. They are 39 deaf nor representative (代表) of the deaf. They make use of people's pity, and 40 they are doing will do harm to all that has been achieved by the deaf in the last 20 years-including putting this practice to an end. Truly yours, John Williams 31.begging 32.it 33.However 34.when 35.hear 36.Would 37.in 38.be taken 39.neither 40.what 31.begging,现在分词作伴随状语; 32.it, 代词,代替前文提到的聋哑人聚在一起乞讨这回事: 33.However,表转折, “然而,可是” : 34.when,考查 be doing sth when. . ./be aboutto do sth.when?.的结构,表“正在/即 将 去做??突然/就在那时??” 35.hear,and 连接两个动词不定式 to speak 和(to)hear.

36.Would,Would you please/kindly do sth? 表客气婉转的请求。 37.in,介词,in sigh language "用手势语” ,表方式: 38.be taken,由该句中的 by 可知,此处考查动词的被动语态。 39.neither, neither?nor?是固定结构,表“既不??也不??;两者都不??” 40.what,考查由 what 引导的主语从句。 语法填空测试题 27 字数:155 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Once Smith, a traveler, was wet and cold because he had been riding in the rain. At last he reached a country inn 31 was so crowded with people that he could not get the fire there. 32 he called out to the innkeeper. " 33 (take) some fish to my horse] "The innkeeper answered," But 34 horse doesn't eat fish ! "Smith then said, "Never mind, do 35 I tell you." The crowd of people, 36 (hear) this strange order, ran out to see the horse eat fish. The traveler, now having the whole room to 37 , sat down beside the fire 38 warmed himself. 39 the innkeeper came back with the crowd of people , he said,"Your horse wouldn't eat fish! "The traveler answered," Put it on the table, and when I 40 (dry)my clothes, I will eat it myself." 31. which 32. So 33. Take 34. a 35. as 36. heating 37. whole 38. and 39. When 40.myself 31.which,关系代词引导限制性定语从句: 32.So,通过上下逻辑,此处表因果关系: 33.Take,此处是祈使的语气: 34.a,不定冠词表一类。 35.as,as 引导的宾语从句,表“正如/按照??的那样”巧克力时,警察逮捕了他: 40.a,表一份奖品: 语法填空测试题 28 字数:155 时间:7 分钟 难度:※※※ Mr. Smith lived in a small village. He grew vegetables. Years ago he found work in a big city and moved 31 with his family. 32 the first Saturday in their new home, Mr. Smith took his new car out of the garage and 33 (wash) it. A man came at the moment. 34 he saw Mr. Smith's new car, he stopped and looked at it 35 a few minutes. Then Mr. Smith turned and saw him. The man said, "That's a nice car. Is 36 yours?" "Sometimes," Smith answered 37 a smile. "Sometimes?" The man said." 38 do you mean?" "Well," answered Smith slowly, "When there's a party in town, it is my daughter's,. Mary. When there's a football game, it's my son's, John. 39 I wash it, and it looks really nice and clean, it's my wife's. And when it needs gas, it's 40 " 31.there 32.On 33.was washing/washed 34.When 35.for 36.it 37.with 38.What 39.After 40.mine 31.there. “那里”(in a big city),指示副词,

32.On,具体的某一天用介词 on. 33.washed,and 连接 took his new car 和 washed it,表并列关系: 34.When。考查 When 引导的时间状语从句: 35.for,由 a few minutes 可知,应填 for 表一段时间: 36.it,代词,代替 a nice car. 37.with,with a smile 意为“带着微笑” : 38.What, “What do you mean? 意为“你什么意思?” 39.After,从上下逻辑可知“在我洗车之后” : 40.mine,考查 I 的名词性物主代词 mine.

语法填空测试题 29 字数:214 时间: 10 分钟 难度:※※※※ Welcome to our company, everybody. This time our company has 11 college students 31 (work)in 5 departments .I am Luisa ,Director in charge of the student practice. Let me say something to you all .Starting work can be exciting on one hand , and can also 32 (worry) on the other. No matter 33 your future job is, you will have to work with others。 Learning to get on well with others must come first, 34 (include) all people in the company and our customers. And second, this morning right 35 my introduction, spend some time reading the introduction of the company and get to know the people in your office and find out what our company is like .This afternoon you can walk around our workshops and know 36 about the products. 37 one is allowed to leave the company before 5:30. By the way, lunchtime comes at 11:50 and it's free of charge. Remember this: "Learning is so important 38 it will change your future life . "Our company can answer your real learning 39 you can make up your mind to go through with it. This is what I like to say to you at the moment. If you still have 40 questions, please come to my office .Thank you. 31.working 32.be worrying 33.What 34.including 35.after 36.more 37.No 38.that 39.if 40.any 31.working,现在分词短语 working in 5 departments 作后置定语,修饰 11 college students: 32. be worrying, “令人担忧的/令人焦虑的” , 由 also 可知, and 连接 be exciting 和 be worrying, 表并列关系: 33.what ,从前后关系可知“无论你将来的工作是什么; ” ,所以此处 no matter what 是最佳 答案: 34.including,介词, “包括” : 35.after.表“我的介绍之后,今天上午的其他安排. 36.more,从前文可知此处表更进一步了解产 37.No, No one is allowed to leave. . .表任何人不允许离开?? 38.that,考查 so. . .that?的结构: 39. if,表假设关系:

40.any,表”任何??“ 语法填空测试题 30 字数:175 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※※ Usually male butterflies are more brightly colored than the female. The female have bigger and heavier bodies, 31 they carry the eggs. The bright colors of the male help to attract the female, and the duller colors of the female make them 32 likely to be caught by enemies before they 33 (lay) their eggs. 34 butterflies have a bright pattern colors on the upper surface of their wings which are shown 35 flying. But when they rest on a tree or 36 (leaf) they close their wings. On the undersides of their wings there are green and brown marks 37 look like the tree or leaves. They are then difficult to 38 (see). Many butterflies have round marks on their wings that look like eyes. When they are resting, their wings are closed, and these cannot be seen. When a bird sees 39 , and begins to attack it, the butterfly 40 open its wings. The bird thinks that it sees two eyes staring at it, and so it is frightened, and flies away. 31.since 32.1ess 33.have laid 34.Some 35.when/while 36.leaves 37.which/ that 38.be seen 39.one 40.would 31.since, “由于,既然”表原因: 32.1ess,从上下文可知此处是“雌飞蛾的较死板的颜色使她们在产完卵之前较少有可能被 敌人抓住” 33.have laid,由 before 可知考查动词的现在完成时态: 34.Some,不定代词, “一些” : 35.when/while,when/while+ving 分词相当于由 when 引导的时间状语从句, “正在飞时” : 36.leaves,leaf 的复数形式是 leaves. 37.which/that,关系代词,引导限制性定语从句? 38.be seen,考查动词不定式的被动语态,意为“然后他们很难被看见: ” 39.one,不定代词,指代任意一只 butterfly。 40.would,表一种必然的动作或经常的动作: unit 2/ 6 3/21 字数:142 时间:8 分钟 难度:※※ (26) People are not as honest as they once were. The temptation (诱惑) to steal is greater 31 ever before especially in large shops. A detective recently watched a well-dressed woman 32 always went into a large store on Monday morning. 33 Monday, there were fewer people in the shop than usual 34 the woman came in, so it was easier for the detective 35 (watch)her. The woman first bought a few small articles. After a little 6me, she chose one of 36 (expensive) dresses in the shop and handed it to an assistant who wrapped it up for her as quickly 37 possible. Then the woman simply took it and walked out of the shop 38 paying. When she 39 (catch), the detective found out that the shop-assistant was her daughter. Thc girl "gave"

her mother a free dress once 40 week. 31.than 32.who/that 33.One 34.when 35.to watch 36.the most expensive 37.as 38.without 39.was caught 40. a 31.than.greater than 是形容词的比较级结构: 32.who, who 引导的限制性定语从句: 33.One,one Monday 表一个星期天: 34.when,考查由 when 引导的时间状语从句: 35.to watch, 考查 It is +adj + to do sth.的句型结构,其中 to do sth.作真正的主语: 36.the most expensive,从上下文可知,此处是“最昂贵的衣服之一” : 37.as,as+adj 原级十 as possible 是固定搭配, “尽可能地??; ” 38.without.Without paying 指没有付钱; 39.was caught. 考查动词的被动语态结构, “被抓” : 40.a,once a week 指每星期一次. 语法填空测试题 31 字数:198 时间:9 分钟 难度:※※※※ Yes, you're right. I am from South Africa. I am not at all used to this cold weather, 31 I am glad to say that I have all the clothes for this 32 (freeze) weather. When I first got to know that I would be attending this international conference here in Finland, I had no idea 33 kind of clothes I should take along. I didn't know what to do when I thought of this two-week stay here, with a rather formal dinner, a few parties, social gatherings and a dance 34 the conference. Fortunately, my friend Julia has been to Northern Europe. Yes, she was a great help. She helped 35 (solve) my biggest problem. She placed an order for some warm suits 36 dresses, business-type clothes, of course, of dark colours. She also bought me 37 skirts and blouses; 38 I could wear the same clothes in several different ways. A couple of lively coloured dresses will give me a nice change 39 time to time. She also helped to choose a very warm raincoat and a pair of boots. Oh, 40 lucky I am to have such a helpful friend. She saved me a lot of trouble. 31.but 32.freezing 33.what 34.During 35.to solve 36.and 37.some 38.or/otherwise 39.from 40. how 31.but,表意思的转折: 32.freezing, freezing 是形容词, “冰冻的,在冰点下的,寒冷的” 33.what,表没有范围的选择. “不知道要带哪类衣服” : 34.during,介词,表在会议期间: 35.to solve, help to the problem 表帮忙/帮助解决我的大难题: 36.and,suits and dresses 表并歹 1 关系: 37.some.不定代词,表”一些” 38.Or/Otherwise,否则,要不然... 39.from, from time to time 是固定搭配, “不时,时时,有时” : 40.how, 考查由 how 引导的感叹句:

语法填空测试题 32 字数:168 时间:8 分钟 难度:*** The Whites live in a big ciW. They have a son 31 (name) Tom. His hobby is reading. When he comes home from school, he always goes to his room and just reads books. He 32 plays outdoors. One day, Mrs. White said to her husband," 33 is not good for Tom's health to live in the city all the time." They found a small house in the country. They took him there 34 a vacation. They left home at 8 35 got there at 11 in the morning. 36 they reached the house, his mother said," 37 clean the air isl "she said to Tom, " We are going to stay here for a week." Tom ran into the house. A few minutes 38 , he ran back to his mother and said, "I can't find 39 desk." His mother answered,"We came here 40 (spend) our vacation in the country. You must play outdoors and not read books here. Enjoy your vacation! "Tom cried, "Oh, how terrible!" 31.named 32.never/hardly 33.It 34.for 35.and 36.When 37.How 38.later 39.a 40.to spend 31.named,过去分词短语作定语,a son named Tom 意为“一位名叫汤姆的儿子” 32.never/hardly,完全否定, “从来不” : 33.It, 考查 It is 十 adj.十 to do sth.的句型结构,It 作形式主语: 34.for,此处表目的,for a vacation 表渡假: 35.and,表并列关系,连接 left home 和 got there 两个动词短语。 36.When 考查由 When 引导的时间状语从句: 37.How, How 引导的感叹句: 38.later,a few minutes later 意为“一会儿后” : 39.a,不定冠词,泛指一张桌子: 40.to spend,动词不定式短语作目的状语语法填空测试题 33 字数:201 时间:9 分钟 难度:*** Dear everyone, Can I really be so far away and still feel at home? It has been less than a month 31 I started at the Frances King School and I already feel that I belong to London. 32 many of the students here, I am living with a local family, 33 ertainly helps me to practice my English away from class. The school believes that 34 (learn) should continue outside classes and 35 students should have the chance to experience British culture. Last week we all went to see a musical(歌舞剧) 36 this weekend we are going to visit Stratford for the day. We have also been promised a weekend inParis next spring! Of course, I'm working hard'as well as having 37 . With class sizes of less than fifteen there is 38 chance of being able to avoid the teachers. As well as learning English we are also taught how to study by 39 (we). That should make 40 easier when I get to university. For

such a friendly place, the Frances King School is very large. Students come from all over the world to learn here, from Europe and South America as well as China. We're all finding it a great place to learn. Best wishes, Xiaomei 31.sirice 32.Like 33.which 34.1earning 35.that 36.and 37.fun 38.no 39.ourselves 40.it 31.since,考查固定句型“It i5/has been 十一段时间 since 从句”的结构, ”自从??以来有 多久了” : 32.Like,介词, “像??那样”— 33.which,which 引导的非限制性定语从句— 34.1earning, learn+ing 作动名词使用,作主语: 35.that,由 and 连接的两个宾语从句,其中引导第二个宾语从句的 tha(不能省掉: 36.ond,last week 和 thi5 weekend 表并列关系,用 and 连接。 37.fun,have fun,表“过得愉快” : 38.no,There is no chance of doing sth.表“没有做某事的机会” : 39.ourselves,study by oneself 表“自学” . 40.it,指示代词,指代前文的“?we are also taught how to study by ourselves”这件事: 语法填空测试题 34 字数:138 时间:8 分钟 难度:** Every student will be faced with the question when he passes the college entrance examinations: Should we choose a good major 31 a good university first? Some students prefer 32 (consider) majors first so that they can learn 33 they are interested in. It will also make 34 possible for them to take their favorite jobs in the future. 35 , those 36 think differently believe that the environment is important to one's development and 37 graduates from leading universities are often more likely to find a good job. 38 my opinion, the best choice is a good major at a good university. If we cannot obtain both, the first thing 39 (consider) is a good major, because no matter 40 we study, we can still achieve a lot in a certain field if we try our best. 31.or 32.to consider 33.what 34.it 35.However 36.who 37.that 38.In 39.to consider 40.where 31.or,表选择关系: 32.to consider,prefer to do sth.是固定结构, “更喜欢做??,宁愿做??” 33.what,考查由 what 引导的宾语从句: 34.it, 此处的 it 作形式宾语: 35.However。表意思的转折, “然而,可是” : 36.who,who 引导定语从句: 37.that,由 and 连接的两个宾语从句,其中引导第二个宾语从句的 that 不能省掉。 38.In,in one's opinion 是固定搭配, “依照/按照某人的观点”. 39.to consider, the first thing to do 表“要做的第一件事” ,动词不定式 to do 作后置定语: 40.where,no matter where we study 表“我们无论在哪里学习” :

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