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I.单项填空(共 25 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) 1. He said he would come; He didn’t ________. A. even if recently as last year. A. on has taken A. brought up A. spending A. will show A. can to teach A. ride, ride B. has taken B. to bring up B. to spend B. would show B. can teach B riding, ride C. on having taken C. bringing up C. being spent C. am going to show C. can teaching C. ride, to ride D. having taken D. to have brought up D. spend D. am showing D. can to teaching D. to ride, riding 3. You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had _____ her children. 4. Which do you enjoy _____ your weekends, fishing or watching TV? 5. I forget where I read the article, or I _____ it to you now. 6. The teachers are doing what they _____ their students. 7. Rather than ____ on a crowded bus, he always prefers ____ a bicycle. B. even though C. although D. though 2. The farm as well as its neighboring hills we once spent so much time _____ on a new look as

8. I know nothing about the young lady ___she is from Beijing. A. except B. except for C. except that D. besides 9. _____two exams to worry about,I have to work really hard this weekend. A.With B.Besides C.As for D.Because of 10. The conference has been held to discuss the effects of tourism ____ the wildlife in the area. A.in B.on C.at D.with 11. --You are so lucky. --What do you mean _____that? A.or B.in C.of D.by 12. ______ I am in favour of your plan. A. Honest speaking B. Honestly spoken C. Honestly speaking D. Honest to speak 13. I have faith _____his honesty, for he always means _____ he says. A. in, which B. on ,what C. in ,what D. on, which 14. Most of us know we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn’t much help when it____ shopping and eating. A.refers to B. speaks of C. focuses on D. comes to 15. As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village ______scenes of my childhood. A. called up B. called for C. called on D. called in 16. The most important thing to ________ in mind when dealing with an emergency is to stay ___________. A remain ; calmly B. make ; calm C. keep ; silent D .keep ; calm 17. __________ how to express the idea in English ,he turned to the dictionary. A .Does not know B. Not knowing C. Knowing not D .Not to know

18. I strongly suggest that the information ______in my report _____to Mr. Brown without delay. A. to be referred to; to be e-mailed B. referring to; e-mail C. referred to; be e-mailed D. being referred to; being e-mailed 19. Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may _________ the shocking ending. A. give out B. give away C. give up D. give off 20. ---Where is Lucy? ---I can’t say for sure where she is, but she ______ be out shopping. A. can B. should C. must D. may 21. She reads newspapers every day to keep herself __________ about what’s going on in the world. A. inform B. informing C. informed D. being informed 22. -Miss Jones once _________ music at Bardon School for ten years and now is an actress. -No wonder I often hear her sing in the garden. A. had taught B. taught C. is teaching D. has been teaching 23. __________ you’ve tried it, you can’t imagine how pleasant it is . A. Unless B. Because C. Although D. When 24. Not only _____ a promise, but also _______ it. A. did he make; he kept B. he made; he kept C. does he make; does he keep D. he has made; has he kept 25. The workers are still going through with their railway project, ____the expenses have risen. A. as long as B. now that C. even though D. as though II. 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Yesterday evening I was watching the evening news on television. The news was about a 26 for scientific discoveries. The announcer, whose name was Ralph Story, 27 something that caught my 28 . “All great discoveries,” he said, “are made by people between the age of twenty-five and thirty.” Being a little over thirty myself, I wanted to 29 with him. Nobody wants to think that he is past the age of making any 30 . The next day I went to the public library, spending several hours, and 31 to find the ages of famous people and their discoveries. Ralph was right. First I looked at some of the 32 discoveries. One of the earliest, the famous one that 33 that bodies of different weight 34 at the same speed, was made by Galileo when he was 26. Madam Curie started her research that led to a Nobel Prize when she was 28. Einstein was 26 when he 35 his world-changing theory of relativity. Well, 36 of that. Yet I wondered if those “best years” were true in other 37 . Then how about 38 ? Surely it needed the wisdom of 39 to make a good leader. Perhaps it does, but look when these people 40 their careers. Winston Churchill was elected to the House of Commons at the age of 26. Abraham Lincoln 41 the life of a country lawyer and was elected to the government at what age? Twenty-six. But why don’t best years come after thirty? After thirty, I 42 most people do not want to take risks or try new ways in their lives. Then I thought of those famous people 43 Shakespeare and Picasso. The former one was writing wonderful 44 at the late age of fifty, 45 the latter was still trying new ways of painting when he was ninety!

26. A. program 27. A. said 28. A. mind 29. A. disagree 30. A. chance 31. A. happened 32. A. last 33. A. found 34. A. disappear 35. A. invented 36. A. plenty 37. A. fields 38. A. election 39. A. age 40. A. finished 41. A. led 42. A. guess 43. A. as 44. A. paintings 45. A. when

B. prize B. announced B. care B. talk B. discovery B. wanted B. scientific B. proved B. move B. developed B. enough B. science B. politics B. brain B. won B. devoted B. know B. to be B. idioms B. while

C. conference C. explained C. attention C. meet C. research C. succeeded C. oldest C. doubted C. meet C. published C. much C. course C. leaders C. living C. started C. began C. believe C. like C. poems C. who

D. report D. studied D. surprise D. advise D. fortune D. managed D. modern D. showed D. fall D made D. all D. ages D. society D. leadership D. defeated D. gave up D. agree D. about D. works D. After

III. 阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A My teenage son Karl became withdrawn after his father died. As a single parent. I tried to do my best to talk to him. But the more I tried , the more he pulled away. When his report card arrived during his junior year, it said that he had been absent 95 times from classes and had six falling grades for the year. At this rate he would never graduate. I sent him to the school adviser, and I even begged him. Nothing worked. One night I felt so powerless that I got down on my knees and pleaded (恳求)for help. “Please God, I can’t do anything more for my son. I’m at the end of my rope . I’m giving the whole thing up to you.” I was at work when I got a phone call. A man introduced himself as the headmaster. “I want to talk to you about Karl’s absences.” Before he could say another word, I choked up and all my disappointment and sadness over Karl came pouring out into the ears of this stranger . “I love my son but I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything to get Karl to go back to school and nothing has worked. It’s out of my hands. “For a moment there was silence on the other end of the line. The headmaster seriously said, “Thank you for your time”, and hung up . Karl’s next report card showed a marked improvement in his grades. Finally, he even made the honor roll .In his fourth year, I attended a parent-teacher meeting with Karl. I noticed that his teachers were astonished at the way he had turned himself around. On our way home, he said , “Mum, remember that call from the headmaster last year ?” I nodded. “That was me. I thought I’d play a joke but when I heard what you said , it really hit me how much I was hurting you . That’s when I knew I had to make you proud.” 46.By saying “Karl became withdrawn”, the author means that the boy changed entirely and ________ .

A.preferred to stay alone at home B.lost interest in his studies C.refused to talk to others D.began to dislike his mother 47.There was silence on the other end of the line because ________ . A.the speaker was too moved to say anything to the mother B.the speaker waited for the mother to finish speaking C.the speaker didn’t want the mother to recognize his voice D.the speaker was unable to interrupt the mother 48.What is the main idea of this passage? A.Children in single-parent families often have mental problems. B.Mother’s love plays an important role in teenagers’ life. C.Being understood by parents is very important to teenagers. D.School education doesn’t work without full support from parents. B Like many lovers of books, Mary and her husband, Richard Goldman, seldom walked past a bookstore without stopping to look inside. They often talked of opening their own store one day. When Mary was hospitalized with heart trouble in 1989, they decided it was time to get serious. Richard, who worked for a business company, was eager to work for himself, and Mary needed to slow down from her demanding job. They started by talking to bookstore owners and researching the industry. “We knew it had to be a specialty store because we couldn’t match the big chains dollar for dollar,” says Mary. One figure caught her attention: She’d read somewhere that roughly 20 percent of books sold were mysteries (推理小说), and many buyers spent more $300 a year on books. She and Richard were themselves mystery readers. On Halloween 1992, they opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and Cafénear their home. With three children in college, the couple could not spend all the family’s money to start a shop. To cover the $100,000 cost, they drew some of their savings, borrowed from relatives and from a bank. The store merely broke even in its first year, with only $120,000 in sales. But Mary was always coming up with new ways to attract customers. The shop had a coffee bar and it offered gifts to mystery lovers and served dinners for book clubs that met in the store. She also invited dozens of writers to discuss their stories. Today Mystery Lovers makes sales of about $420,000 a year. After paying taxes, business costs and the six part-time sales clerks, Richard and Mary together earn about $34,000. “The job you love may not go hand in hand with a million-dollar income,” says Richard. “This has always been about an enjoyable life for ourselves, not about making a lot of money.” 49.When Mary was in hospital, the couple realized that ____. A. they had to put their plan into practice B. health was more important than wealth C. heart trouble was a serious illness D. they both needed to stop working 50.After Mary got well from her illness they began _____. A. to study industrial management B. to buy and read more mystery books C. to do market research on book business D. to work harder to save money for the bookstore 51.How did their bookstore do in the first year? A. They had to borrow money to keep it going. B. They made just enough to cover all the costs.

C. They succeeded in earning a lot of money. D. They failed though they worked hard. 52.According to Richard, the main purpose of running the bookstore is _____. A. to pay for their children’s education B. to get to know more writers C. to set up more bookstores D. to do what they like to do C It is interesting to know what people of different nations like to do best. In France, love is the major pastime(消遣)for ordinary people. When a woman enters a café or a restaurant, she is freely discussed, not only about her appearance but about her past and future as well. She invites looks in the street whether she is beautiful or plain. There is no better way for a woman to get back her self-confidence than a walk in the streets of Paris or Marseilles. In Italy, people love talking. They sit about in cafes, exchanging news and discussing politics. They do not hesitate to ask questions about the family, income and private life of anybody who happens to be there. The Swiss eat as a pastime, ladies walk into a teashop, eat a couple of ice creams and a large piece of chocolate cake, and then leave, complaining about their weights. For the Americans, the greatest fondness is said to be the push of buttons. You push a button in the lift, you push a button for cigarettes, chewing gums, stamps-even for a life insurance. You can even push a button and get married and another button to get divorced(离婚). In England, waiting in a line is a national passion. The English will form a line whenever they have the opportunity. Long queues can be seen, for example, at stations when the train is practically empty and everybody can have a seat. 53. When a Frenchwoman enters a caféor a restaurant, ______. A. she doesn’t mind being talked about B. she doesn’t mind talking with young men C. she will be talked about though it may make her angry D. the waiter will be free to have a discussion with her about what she will drink or eat. 54. What does the underlined sentence mean? A. No matter how she looks, she asks the passers-by to look at her in order to regain herself-confidence. B. Not knowing whether she is beautiful or plain, she asks someone to look at her and tell her the truth. C. No matter how she looks, she attracts the passers-by in the street. D. Beautiful or plain, she will not be looked at all except that she invites someone to. 55. What’s the best way for a Frenchwoman to regain her self-confidence? A. To take a walk in the street. B. To move to live in Paris and Marseilles. C. To enter a café D. To eat a couple of ice creams. 56. What does the underlined word “fondness” mean? A. Business B. Habit C. Enjoyment D. Activity D Health experts suggest limiting egg yolks(蛋黄), as one yolk contains about two-thirds of a healthy adult’s suggested amount of cholesterol(胆固醇). Researchers in Japan found that women who ate one or two eggs a day were more likely to die than women who ate one or two eggs a week. The findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The new results support advice to eat eggs in moderation(适度), Dr. Yasuyuki Nakamura of Kyoto Women’s University told Reuters Health. According to Nakamura’s team, it’s possible that

the health effects of eggs are greater in population such as the Japanese, who may get a relatively large part of their dietary cholesterol from eggs. The researches studied data on nearly 9,300 men and women who in 1980 completed lifestyle surveys, which included questions on how frequently they ate various foods. Their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other health indicators(指标)were measured at the start of the study, and deaths were tracked over the next 14 years. At the start of the study, the average cholesterol level among women who had a daily egg was three percent higher than that of women who ate eggs much less. The researchers found that women who ate an egg a day were 22 percent more likely to die of any cause compared with those who ate only a couple eggs per week - regardless of factors such as age, smoking habits and body weight. Those who ate two or more eggs a day showed a still higher death risk, but only a small number of women fell into that category(类别). Women who ate the most eggs also had higher rates of death from heart disease and stroke(中 风),although in statistical terms, the link was not significant - probably, Nakamura said, because too few women overall died of either cause. 57.The passage suggests that egg yolks ______. A. are bad for health B. are high in cholesterol C. should be thrown away D. can improve people’s taste 58.The study o Nakamura’s teams’ shows _____. A. Japanese eat more eggs than people in other countries. B. Japanese benefit a lot from eating eggs C. People should control the number of the eggs they eat. D. those fond of eating eggs must die early. 59. What does the phrase “regardless of (paragraph 6) means? A. Instead of B. Such as C. Because of D. Without considering 60. The best title for the passage is ____. A. Avoid eating eggs. B. The study of eggs shocks the world C. Changes of life-style in Japan D. An egg a day is too much for some women I.任务型阅读(每空一词,共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Growing up, one year on It’s been a year since the Wenchuan earthquake, which left many dead and many more upset and scared. As the quake areas are now being rebuilt, do students feel better, and what are their lives like? Teens have talked to two students to find out. Wu Xinnan, 16, Dujiangyan Foreign Language Experimental School Wu likes leaning through the window of her makeshift dorm (临时凑合的宿舍) and looking outside. There, some buildings are under construction – Her school's new classrooms. Teachers say that they will move in next term and Wu can't wait for that day to come. Three months after the earthquake, Wu entered her new school without a formal entrance exam (入学考试). She couldn't concentrate in class at first. Some of her classmates, especially those who had lost family members, didn't talk and always stayed alone. One year later, things are much better. Everyone seems to work extremely hard, with busy classes between 6:30 am and 10:00 pm every day. Wu won't allow herself to fall behind, either. She only goes back to stay with her parents on Saturdays. They are still staying in a temporary room after losing their house. She

never asks for pocket money since her dad lost his job at a restaurant – another victim of the earthquake. "I rarely buy anything," she said. Luo Qin, 16, Mianyang Shuidian School Luo has a motto: "Take time to enjoy life". That’s why she was seen everywhere during her school's recent speech contest and sports meeting remembering the one-year anniversary (周年纪 念) of the earthquake. During the May Day holiday, Luo and her friends volunteered to help pick tea for Beichuan farmers in mountainous areas. This year has seen a rise in the tea grown, but not enough people to work on the farms. Many families are busy building their new homes. Luo said she used to be rebellious (叛逆的), but the earthquake matured (使成熟) her and taught her to care for others. Once a month she goes back home with a little gift for her grandma. "She was scared during the earthquake. I always tell her that she must enjoy a long life after the disaster." Title: Growing up, one year on The ___(1)___of the Wenchuan earthquake ● ___(2)___many to die; ● Upsetting and scaring many more people ● She likes to___(3)___through the window of her dorm and look out. ● She can’t wait to move in the new classroom which is being ___(4)___. ● Having entered a new school, she couldn’t ___(5)___on her lessons in class, ● She ___(6)___home to stay with her parents only on Saturdays. ● She hardly buys anything because the restaurant ___(7)___his father once worked was destroyed in the earthquake. ● She was seen in the activities remembering the one-year anniversary of the quake. That’s ___(8)___she has a motto “Take time to enjoy life”. ● She and her friends helped farmers to pick tea for ___(9)___. ● Luo said she used to be unwilling to obey rules and the earthquake made him mature and taught her to ___(10)___care of others, such as her grandma.

Wu Xinnan’s life one year later

Luo Qin’s life one year later

(1)__________________(2)__________________(3)__________________ (4)__________________(5)__________________(6)__________________ (7)__________________(8)__________________(9)__________________ (10)__________________

II.书面表达 (满分 15 分) 最近, 你校师生帮助辍学的李明同学重返学校。 请根据下表所提供的信息, 给报社写一封信, 客观地介绍这一情况。 李明情况 1.学习优良;品德好 2.父病故;母病重 3.退学 注意:1.信的开头已为你写好。 2.词数:100 左右。 Dear Editor, I’m writing to tell you about what the teachers and students have done to help a student who discontinued his studies in our school. 师生情况 1.深感震惊、遗憾 2.募捐、捐款等帮助 3.使李明返校学习

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Best wishes! Yours, Wei Fang

引航教育高二测评卷答案 一、单选填空 1-5:DACBB 6-10:ACCAB 二、完型填空 26—30 BACAB 三、阅读理解 46-50:CABAC 四、任务型阅读 1. effects/results 6. returns 五、书面表达 Dear Editor, 2. Causing 7. where


16-20:DBCBD 41—45 DACDB


31—35 DBBDC 51-55:BDACA

36—40 AABAC 56-60:CBCDD

3. lean 8. because

4. construction 9. free

5. concentrate 10. take

I’m writing to tell you about what the teachers and students have done to help a student who discontinued his studies in our school. Li Ming, student of Guangming Middle School, is good at studies and always ready to help others. But he had to leave school last month. His father has died and mother is seriously ill in bed. As a result, he had to work for money. The whole school was shocked at the news and anxious about it. Quickly we decided to help him out. Every teacher and student offered money to him and some students went to look after his mother by turns. At weekends we went out to collect money for him in the streets. With our help, Li Ming has already returned to school. Best wishes! Yours, Wei Fang

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