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Unit 1
一. 单项填空 1. --- Mary’s got crazy and has been sent to the mental hospital. Did you tell her boss about that? --- Yes, but I _____ her husband first. A. should have told A. a; when A. so B. shouldn’t have told B. a; while B. so that C. must have told C. /; when C. why D. needn’t have told D. /; while D. that 2. There was ______ time _____ Chinese used foreign oil. 3.It was because of bad weather __________ the football match had to be put off. 4. --- Look! The telephone is broken. Someone damaged it ________ purpose. ---That may be right. But perhaps it was broken _________ accident. A. on; by A. in finding A. in; remember B. by; by B. to find B. for; to remember C. on; on C. find C. on; remembering B. far too; too much D. too many; much too C. So as to C. included C. use C. indoor; outdoors C. enjoy C. which C. seating; fixing C. on the point of D. So that D. to include D. matter D. indoor; indoors D. enjoying D. that D. seated; fixed D. in the point of D. by; on D. found D. with; remembering 5. What great trouble we had ___________ where his house was. 6. Some students have trouble _____ grammar while others have difficulty______ new words. 7. I cannot spend ________ money on the car which is ________ expensive for me. A. too much; much too C. much too; too much 8. A. In order to A. include A. cost A. indoors; outdoors A. enjoyed A. until A. sitting; fixing A. at the point of B. In order that B. including B. value B. indoor; outdoor B. have enjoyed B. if B. to sit; fixed B. to the point of

catch the first bus, he got up very early this morning.

9. There are altogether 6 people in the room, the baby________. 10. The manager of the factory told us that very little ______ was made of the waste material in the past. 11. There is no ______ swimming-pool in this school and the students often go to swim ______. 12. It is the first time that I _______ this kind of moon cake. 13. When was it _____ your mother showed you around the West Lake ? 14. In the reading room, we found her _______ at a desk, with her attention ______ on a book. 15. I’m glad you’ve come; I am _______ telephoning you.

二:完型 You Did More Than Carry My Books
Mark was waking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had dropped all of the books he was carrying, along with a baseball bat and several other things. Mark 16 down and helped the boy pick up these articles. _17 walked Mark _18 they were going the same way, he helped to carry some of them for him. As they the boy’s name was Bill, that he 19 computer games, baseball and history, that he was

having a lot of _20

with his other subjects and that he had just broken 21 with his girlfriend. to

They arrived at Bill’s home first and Mark was 22 in for a Coke and to watch some television. The afternoon passed _23 with a few laughs and some shared small talk, and then Mark went home. They _24 Just three weeks before 25 , Bill asked Mark if they 26 Bill _27 many things home that day ?” asked Bill. “You see, I _29 some time together32 talk. 28 wonder why I was carrying so 31 my things. But after we spent out my locker because I didn’t want to leave a mess see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice, and then both ended up from the same high school. him of the day years ago when they had first met. “Do you

(脏乱) 30 anyone else. I had panned to run away and I was going home to missed all the fun we would have together.

and laughing, I realized that_ 33 I had done that, I would have34 a new friend and

So you see, Mark, when you picked up my books that day you did a lot more. You 35 __my life.” 16. A. fell 17. A. Although 18. A. discovered 19. A. played 20. A. questions 21. A. up 22. A. called 23. A. peacefully 24. A. continued 25. A. graduation 26. A. would 27. A. demanded 28. A. ever 29. A. checked 20. A. over 31. A. find 32. A. talking 33. A. before 34. A. forgotten 35. A. helped 三. 单词拼写 36. Our workmate has been in danger. We’re all c___________ about his health. 37. It made her u________ that she didn’t do well in the final exam. 38. It is dishonest to c______ your friend and they won’t believe what you say later. 39. As teenagers, you shouldn’t get into the h_____________ of smoking. 40. Could you give me some a_________ on how to learn English? 41. There is a lot of air in the l__________ snow. It can keep you warm. 42. The s_____________ in Iraq is becoming from bad to worse. 43. She is so c____________ about English that she cannot live without it. 44. The old man s__________ a bad backache after the accident happened. 45. Because of the computer, now we can c____________ with other people on the Internet.

B. sat B. Since B. realized B. loved B. ideas B. out B. helped B. willingly B. agreed B. movement B. should B. reminded B. usually B. took B. into B. pick B. playing B. if B. passed B. recovered

C. lay C. After C. said C. tried C. trouble C. off C. invited C. freely C. forced C. separation C. could C. removed C. even C. cleared C. with C. pack C. reading C. while C. left C. improved

D. knelt D. until D. decided D. made D. doubt D. away D. allowed D. pleasantly D. offered D. vacation D. must D. asked D. never D. put D. for D. hold D. watching D. as D. lost D. changed

一.单项填空 1-5 AADAA 二、完形填空 二、16. 选 D。 从后面的 and helped the boy pick up these articles 我们可以看出 Mark 跪下来(knelt down)把 书拣起来。 17. 选 B。 they were going the same way 是 he helped to carry some of them for him 的原因之一,因此用 since。 18. 选 A。 在他们一起走的时候,Mark 得知这个孩子叫 Bill,??。 B 有一定的干扰性,realize 的 意思是“领会;认识” ,与后面的 name 不搭配。 19. 选 B。 与后面的 that he was having a lot of 40 (trouble)with his other subjects 对比,他喜欢 computer games, baseball and history。 20. 选 C。 四个答案中只有 trouble 能说明他其他课程的情况。 21. 选 A。 也许其他课程学得不好以及与女朋友刚刚分手是他不想上学的原因。break up with sb.意思 是“与某人断交” 。 22. 选 C。 从空后的 for a Coke and to watch some television 我们知道 Bill 把 Mark 邀请到了自己的家。 23. 选 D。 从空后的 with a few laughs and some shared small talk 得知他们过得很愉快。 24. 选 A。 之后他们继续(continued)见了几次。 25. 选 A。 从 and then both ended up from the same high school 我们知道他们就要毕业了,在毕业 前,??。 26. 选 C。 could 在这里表示“请求” 。 27. 选 B。 Bill 向 Mark 提起了几年前的那一天。从空后的 of the day years ago 得出此答案。remind sb. of sth. 意思是“向某人提起某事” 。 28. 选 A。 “这些年来,你是否曾想知道那天我为什么要抱这么多的东西回家吗?”ever 在这里的意 思是“曾经” 。 29. 选 C。 从空后的 because I didn’t want to leave a mess 我们知道,Bill 清理(cleared out)自己的抽屉。 30. 选 D。 “我不想把脏乱留给别人。 ”leave sth. for sb.意思是“把某物留给某人,并成为他的所有” 。 C 有一定干扰性,leave sth. with sb.意思是“把某物留给某人,让其为自己或别人保管” 。 31. 选 C。 因为 I had panned to run away,因此“我”回家打点行李。 32. 选 A。从前面的 The afternoon passed 43 (pleasantly)with a few laughs and some shared small talk 得此 答案。 33. 选 B。 联系全句,I had done that 是条件。 34. 选 D。 lost a new friend 与后面的 and missed all the fun we would have together 顺接。 35. 选 D。 You changed my life 是 You Did More Than Carry My Books 的内涵。 三.单词拼写 31.concerned 32.upset 36.loose 37.situation 33.cheat 38.crazy 34.habit 39. suffered 35.advice 40.communicate 6-10 DAACC 11-15 BBDDC


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