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读写任务表达 described a conflict between appreciate sb for doing sth express my gratitude towards : bringing up:养育 prevent

A and B on : 描述 A 与 B 关于 的冲突 感激某人做某事

from (doing)st

h :阻止做某事

make greater progress in study : 在学习取得更大的进步 complain :抱怨 bear … in mind:记住 treat patiently 耐心对待

form the bottom of heart :从心底,衷心地 increase ability :提高能力

plays an important role :起着重要作用 enjoy a colorful life :过着多彩的生活 master one’s own life: 主宰自己的生活 feel a sense of fulfillment:感到一种成就感 give hands to others:帮助他人 be in need of help:需要帮助 cultivated the quality:培养品质 be put into practice: 付诸于实践 wins respect from others 赢得别人的尊重 stick to your promise 坚守承诺 form a deep impression on : 对…有深刻的印象

take all the help for granted : 认为所有的帮助是理所当然的 get our dreams realized: 实现我们的梦想 be responsible for:对…负责任


shorten the distance between:缩短的距离 be more beneficial for sb to do :对某人做某事是有益的 guide me to do:指导某人做某事 reflects a lack of awareness of :反映缺乏的意识 feel ashamed of doing:对做某事而感到羞愧 arouse one’s awareness of :唤醒某人的意识 develop good habits: 培养好的习惯 treasure friendship:珍惜友谊 educate sb to do: 教育某人做某事 leave away from computer games 远离电脑游戏 get successful :获得成功 1ead to success:通往成功 the academic atmosphere :学习氛围 have the hobby of: 有…的爱好 take myself for example 以我自己为例 With the fast development of economy:随着经济的发展 develop good habits :养成好习惯 come up with an idea:想出问题 take advantage of :利用 weaken one’s ability :削弱某人的能力 be willing to do 愿意做某事 acquire professional knowledge 获得专业知识 the key to solving the problem:解决问题的关键 put pressure on :对…施加压力 repay the love and care of: 回报…的关爱 have equal rights :有平等的权利

improve the living conditions 改善生活条件 strengthen the sense of :加强的意识 for future generations: 为了下一代 过渡句 The passage reminds me of my mother, from whom I learn to be a better person. The passage so well retained me the remembrance of an experience. I can’t agree more with the father. Such cases are often seen in our daily life. Secondly, writing letters of apology to teachers can help remind myself not to behave badly in class When talking about happiness, many people think that happiness is money. 感情 As far as I am concerned, nothing can be compared to Mother’s love to me, and my gratitude(感激) to her is beyond words. The only thing I am able to do at present is to work hard and make greater progress in study so that I can be her pride one day. Though she lives a simple life, she never complains. What a piece of good advice! I will always bear it in mind. .As a teacher she works diligently and treats the students patiently, so she is always praised and respected by both her students and colleagues alike. As Mother, she takes good care of me and offers me the best thing she can afford. I lived a happy childhood. Not only did my parents love me form the bottom of heart, but also they gave me chances to increase my ability. Every time I was ill, my teachers and classmates gave me kind help, taking good care of me all the time. For a person, belief, always plays an important role in his/her life. As a saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Anyone who has strong belief can enjoy a colorful life. Otherwise, he will lose himself in his way of life. From my personal point of view, it can be seen that one with firmly-held belief is likely to get successful and master his own life.

From the experience , I have realized that helping others is necessary, and true love does exist in our daily life. Since then, I have changed myself a lot, and I also give hands to others when they are in need of help. Although I was rather slow, he guided me to do math problems with great patience


And no words can express my gratitude towards him. Above all, we should study hard to repay the love and care of our parents and teachers with great achievements. 议论 I can’t agree more with Mr. Zeng’s education method. Had I been his child, I would have formed a deep impression on it and gradually cultivated this quality. Just as an old saying goes, “Action speak louder than words.” If our parents themselves can do what they promise, we are likely to follow them.

Since then, I have realized that it is keeping our promise that makes us feel a sense of fulfillment and wins respect from others. So, please stick to your promise. Helpful as it was at that moment, it would gradually weaken the swans’ living ability and cultivated the habit of laziness. Eventually, they took all the help for granted and completely depend on others. First, the teacher should be responsible for educating students to leave away from computer games. In a word,if the three ways above are put into practice effectively, it is certain that fewer and fewer students have interest in computer games. For one thing, the academic atmosphere as well as rich traditional Chinese culture in Beijing will be more beneficial for me to study Chinese literature. Once abstained, this knowledge will stay with you and you will always be able to lead a positive life. To keep a lifelong learning effectively, the first thing is learning how to learn. In my opinion, this incident reflects a lack of awareness of safety procedures. Only in this way can we get our dreams realized. As far as I’m concerned , above all, it is the nation’s awareness of love and care that we should arouse. It’s a good opportunity to broaden her horizons and make more friends. In a word, a friend in need is a friend indeed. May all of us treasure our friendship. Friends sometimes are just like the hand of god that will drag you out of trouble. Each time I come up with an idea after a long time thinking, I feel a great sense of achievement. Being responsible, you will gain many precious things, such as true love. Without responsibility, however, you will be an annoyance and can’t do anything successfully. In short, only when we are responsible will we be respected and loved by others. In China, many visitors have the hobby of carving graffiti on places of interest, especially on some famous cultural relics. In my opinion, such people should feel ashamed of leaving their marks on the great relics which were created by

our ancestors. Face failure and take advantage of it,and it will finally 1ead to success. In my opinion,what really matters is not failure itself,but what we think of it and do after it. As long as we don’t give up and trust ourselves,we can benefit from failure. :Parents should be responsible for helping children developing good habits. The reasons are as follows: first, it is commonly held that parents are the first teacher of their children. Therefore, I hope parents can spend more time staying with their children, giving proper guidance to their children. Meanwhile, parents should mind their words and acts, setting a good example to their children. If I were in charge of his school I would place the naughty students in a class of their own. Communication helps to shorten the distance between strange people or close friends. Last but not least, with good communication skills, we can express ourselves more easily and clearly. With the fast development of economy of our country, more and more families are becoming better off and as a result parents are willing to spend more on their children’s clothes, which puts pressure on those whose families are not so well off. In that case, it’s easy for them to get into bad habits, which can’t be corrected in time. In my opinion, the key to solving the problem is to have love shinning over them. So their study, their mental and psychological demands can’t be drawn attention too. Parents should keep in touch with them now and then, and be concerned about their psychological demands. Going to college is to get a higher level of education. To acquire a professional knowledge, I’ll take the elders as a model and make it whether I face great challenges or not. We should do what we can to help them, such as improving the living conditions of them. Third, recycling water is an effective way to save water indoors and outdoors, especially in industry.


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