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必 修 2

Unit 3 Computers

1.While there are some differences in the educational systems in many countries in the world, education itself is ___. D

A.beneficial B.accessible C.compulsory D.universal
句意:世界上许多国家的教育系统有很多区别, 但是教育本身却是共通的。 beneficial意为“有利的,有益的”; accessible意为“可得到的,可进入的,易受影响的”; compulsory意为“强制的,义务的”; universal意为“普遍的,全世界的”。

2.The shouting in the classroom suddenly stopped with the ______ of Mr. A Black, who preferred silence all the time. A.appearance B.movement C.advance D.departure
句意:随着布莱克老师的出现,教室的喧闹声突然停止了, 他一直比较喜欢安静。 appearance意为“出现,外貌”; movement意为“活动,动作”; advance意为“前进,增长”; departure意为“出发,离开”。

3.They stood there and opened their eyes wide, _____ what was happening. B A.pulling over B.watching over C.getting over D.going over
句意:他们站在那里睁大眼睛监视所发生的事情。 pull over意为“路边停车”; watch over意为“看守,监视,照管”; get over意为“克服,恢复,越过”; go over意为“检查,复习”。

4.—I think he is taking an active part in social work. —I agree with you ________. D A.in the way B.on the way C.by the way D.in a way
答句句意:某种程度上我与你观点一致。 in the way意为“挡道”; on the way意为“在途中,即将到来”; by the way意为“顺便说,顺便问一下”; in a way意为“在某种程度上,从某一点上看”。

5.With all his family, friends and money gone, he felt ________ hopeless D and killed himself. A.hardly B.luckily C.sincerely D.totally
句意:因为失去了家庭、朋友和钱, 他感到彻底的绝望,自杀了。 totally完全地,彻底地。

6.In order to make things convenient for people, the department is planning to set up some ___ shops in the residential C area. A.flowing B.drifting C.mobile D.unstable

句意:为了方便群众,有关部门正计划在居民区建立一些移动商店。 flowing流动的,平滑的;drifting漂浮的; mobile移动的,易变的,机动的;unstable不稳定的。

7.Every country has the responsibility to ensure a safe,________ and healthy B development of the nuclear energy. A.flexible B.reliable C.available D.acceptable
句意:每个国家都有责任确保核能源的安全、 可靠、健康发展。 reliable“可靠的”;flexible“灵活的”; available“可得到的”;acceptable“可接受的”。

8.The loss has not yet been ___ accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A.calculated B.considered C.completed D.controlled
句意:虽然还没有精确计算损失,但是人们认为 很可能会超过一亿美元。 consider 考虑,认为;complete 完成,竣工; control 控制。calculate“计算,推算,估计”,


9.The English in this story has been ____ to make it easier for children to understand. A.purified B.beautified C.simplified D.clarified
句意:为了让孩子们更容易理解, 这个故事里的英语被简化了。 A项“净化”;B项“美化”; C项“简化”;D项“阐明”,


10.Many colleges have taken measures to _____ students' cheating in exams. C A.work out B.find out C.deal with D.go with
句意:许多大学已经采取措施来应对学生的 考试作弊问题。 work out 算出;find out 找出; deal with 处理,对付;go with 与……相配。


35.Scientists ____________________ have been exploring the cure for AIDS for the last 20 years. (explore)

在过去的二十年里,科学家们一直在探 索治愈艾滋病的方法。

36.Misunderstandings arising from lack of communication, unless properly ____________, may lead to serious dealt with problems. (deal)

除非处理得当,要不然因缺乏交流引起 的误解可能会导致严重的问题。

37.The application form is said to have been simplified __________________ _____to make it easier to use. (simplify) 为了便于使用,据说申请表被简化了。

38.It's believed that the harder you work, the greater progress you will make _____________________________. (greater) 坚信你越努力工作,你就会取得更大的 进步。

39.We should always keep in mind that accidents ________________________ while arise from carelessness driving. (arise)

我们应始终牢记,开车时事故是由粗心引起 的。

40.______________________, I come to As time goes by realize how much my life has been connected with my interest in computers. (as)

随着时间的流逝,我开始意识到我的生活和 我对电脑的兴趣联系得有多密切。

41.__________________________ is What they have in common that they are creative and strongwilled. (common) 他们的共同之处在于他们都有创造力并 且都很坚定。

42.Our master teacher is easygoing, ___________________________________ with whose help /with the help of whom I have learned how to use the computer. (help)

我们班主任很随和,在他的帮助下我学 会了怎么使用电脑。

43.We know that many mysteries about the universe ________________ haven't been solved so far. (solve)
我们知道关于宇宙的许多谜团到现在 还没有被解开。

44.Not only _____________________ does she know the law very well, she can also apply it in new ways. (know)


35. have been exploring 36.dealt with 37.have been simplified 38.the greater progress you will make 39.arise from carelessness 40.As time goes by 41.What they have in common 42.with whose help/with the help of whom 43.haven't been solved 44.does she know the law

1.While there are some differences in the educational systems in many countries in the world,education is ________. A.regular B.universal C.logical D.normal


2.The loss has not yet been ________ A accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A.calculated B.considered C.completed D.controlled

3.Saying you are sorry won't _____ for C the damage of breaking the vase. A.turning up B.putting up C.making up D.showing up
句意:光说对不起补偿不了你打破花瓶的损失。 make up for补偿。turn up把音量调大,出现; put up举起,张贴; show up揭露,露面;

4.He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his ______ was seen at D its best when he worked with others. A.advantage B.appearance C.qualification D.character
句意:他证明了自己是一位真正的绅士,他的人格 魅力在与他人合作时表现得最佳。 advantage优点,长处;appearance外表,外貌; qualification资格;character品质,性格。

5.These plastic flowers look so ____ B that many people think they are real. A.beautiful B.natural C.artificial D.similar
句意:这些塑料花看上去是如此自然,以至于很多人 都以为它们是真的。 natural“自然的”,与后半句“许多人认为它们是真的”相呼应。 beautiful(漂亮的)有很大的干扰性,但漂亮的花不一定是真的。 artificial假的,人造的;similar相似的。

6.In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a ___ A for everyone to stand up. A.signal B.chance C.mark D.measure
根据句意可知,打铃及老师合上书本是下课的信号。 选项中只能选择signal。chance机会; mark分数,痕迹;measure方法,措施。

7.In some countries, poisonous snakes can be used to ______ the jewels in the A shop at night. A.watch over B.watch out C.look out D.take over
句意:在一些国家,毒蛇可以被用来在晚上照看商店里的珠宝。 Watch out当心,留神;watch over看守,照看。 look out当心,注意,向外看;take over接收,接管。

8.We should know that we can only reach the top if we are ready to _____ and learn from failure. A.deal with B.depend on C.carry on D.go with


选项A的意思是“处置,处理”; 选项B意思是“依赖,依靠”; 选项C的意思是“进行下去,继续开展,坚持下去”; 选项D的意思是“伴随,与……相配,与……持同一看法”。

9.China's first Mars probe,Yinghe1, was launched in the second half of the year 2011 and it was the first time that China had_____ another planet. A A.explored B.researched C.discovered D.invented
explore探测,探究,勘探;research调查,研究; discover(首次)发现;invent发明。

10.Running a company is not _____ a A matter of hiring people—they also need to be trained. A.simply B.partly C.seriously D.equally
句意:经营一家公司不仅仅是雇佣员工的问题 ——也需要培训员工。 Simply简单的,只,仅仅;partly部分地,局部地; seriously严肃地,认真地;equally相等地。


19.As time goes by I come to realize _______, how much my life has been connected with my interest in computers. (go)
随着时间的流逝,我开始意识到我的生活已 经跟我对电脑的兴趣联系到了一起。

20.It will be updated in a short time is applied to before the software _______________ the program. (apply)
在这个软件应用于程序之前,短期内将会被 更新。

21.Medical researchers have painfully realized that there are many problems to ________________________ any solution which they haven't found so far. (find) 医学研究者们已经痛苦地意识到,到目 前为止仍然有许多问题找不到任何解决 的办法。

22.The young man told of his adventures while ________________________________ (he was)hiking across/through the United States in 89 days. (hike) 这个年轻人讲述了他徒步穿越美国的89天冒 险之旅。

23.He went to the university and studied IT, ______________________a which made him develop special interest in artificial intelligence. (develop)

他进入大学学习信息技术,这使他对人 工智能产生了特别的兴趣。

24.Kate is now wearing a satisfied look. She ____________________ the speech must have delivered successfully. (deliver) 此刻凯特一脸的满足,她的演讲肯定成 功了。

25.________________________ is that What impresses me most he constantly wishes to improve himself in terms of knowledge and skills. (impress) 让我印象最深刻的是他一直希望自己在 知识和技能方面能不断提高。

26.____________________ that we can It occurs to me download the exercises through the Internet. (occur)

27.Our headteacher is easygoing, __________________________________ with whose help/with the help of whom I have learned how to use the computer. (help) 我们的班主任很随和,在他的帮助下我 学会了怎样使用电脑。

28.We've been told the good news, but when and where to go for the exciting hasn't been decided vacation ____________________ yet. (decide)

我们得知了这则好消息,但是什么时间、 去什么地方度过这个令人兴奋的假期尚 未确定。

19. goes by 20.is applied to 21.which they haven't found 22.(he was)hiking across/through 23.which made him develop 24.must have delivered 25.What impresses me most 26.It occurs to me 27.with whose help/with the help of whom 28.hasn't been decided

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