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1. Christine was just a girl in my class. I never knew much about her except for that she was strange. She didn’t talk many. Her hair was black and purple, and she worn black sports shoes and a black sweater, although in the summer. She was, in fact, rather attractively, and she never seemed care what the rest of us thought about her. Like the rest of my classmate, I didn ’t really want to get closest to her. It was only when we did their chemistry project together that I begin to understand why Christine dressed the way she did.

2. Dear Jerry, I’m glad to know that you had an interest in Chinese food. Here I’d like to tell you something about them. Chinese food is famous with its wide variety. The food in one area can be easy told from that in another. For example, Shanghai food, a little sweet, are different from Sichuan food that is rather hot. However, every kind of Chinese food is worth tried because each has a delicious taste and good for health. Since the restaurant in China usually serves special dish of different areas, you can enjoy various Chinese foods whenever you are. I’m looking forward to meet you here so that I can tell you more about Chinese food at table. Best wishes.

3. May I have you attention, please? I have a few thing to tell you. When you have a class here in the language lab, please be here a little early. Change your shoes before enter the lab. Don’t bring something here except your textbooks. When you are in, please don’t touch these machines with permission. Always do as the teacher tell you to. In class you should only speak the English, not Chinese. Recorders can be used make a copy of the listening materials. When class is over, turning off you machines and leave the lab one by one.


I first met Li Ming at a friend birthday party five years ago. Then I invited Li Ming in my

place. We listen to my CDs together and soon became best friends. Three years ago, Li Ming ’s parents invited I to spend two wonderful week in Qingdao with them during the summer holiday. Li Ming and I loved walking along the beautifully beaches there. Last year I was ill but had to stay in hospital for a week. Li Ming came to see me every day. Then his father has changed jobs and they moved to another city. Since then we have seen each other much, but we’ve kept write to each other.


A man got on a train and sit beside a woman. The woman was more than thirty year old. Soon

they began talking to every other. He said to her, “ Do you have a family?’ “ Yes, I have one son.” The woman replied to. “ Oh, really?’ said the man. “ Does he smoke?’ “ No’” the man answered. “ That’s good.” The man was glad to say, “ I don’t smoke, too. Smoking is bad for our healthy. And do your son often fight with others?” “ Oh, no,” the woman answered at once, “ He never fights.” “ Well,” the man said, “ He is a good young man. But how old is he? ” “ Only three months old today,” the woman said with smile.


My parents have decided to take me to pay visit to Britain. I am excited, hope to make good

use of this opportunity. Firstly, I will talk to native speaker as much as I can improve my English. Secondly, there are many attractions that interested me a lot, among which is Big Ben. Besides, football, that is popular in England, is my favorite sport. I have been dreaming of watching a live football match there but now the dream will come true. My friend Alice lives in London. I will probable meet with her. However I do, I am sure I will have a good time.


The meaning of the word” volunteer” may be a little different from different country, but it

usually means “ one who offer his or her services”. There are many different ways in which people can volunteer, such taking care of ill people, working in homes for homeless children, and pick up garbage from beaches and parks. Volunteers may work within themselves own countries or in other countries. We are often people with a strong wish to help those who are more fortunate than themselves. Volunteers don’t expect of any kind of pay.


When I was in high school, most of my friend had bicycles. I hoped I could also have it. One

day I saw a second-hand bicycle, that was only one hundred yuan. I asked my father the money. But he said he could only give me half of the money. He should find the other half myself. So I went to sell newspapers after the school. My father was pleased if I showed him the money a month late. He give me the other fifty. You can imagine how much happy I was when I rode to school on my own bicycle.


Nowadays, some students would not like live in a dorm. Instead, they rented houses outside the

school. There are advantages for all. Living in a dorm can increase friendship and cooperation among classmates, but of course it is safer. A dorm is more like a society, where enables students to learn to get along with the each other, thus preparing for the social life later. As for renting houses to live alone, it’s better for study as you can feel freely in your own room without interrupted by others.

As a result, you can have more time and devote yourself to study whole-heartedly. But there may appear a few safety problem as you live outside the school. Anyhow as a student, I prefer living in a dorm.


If you want to make friends and form strong, lasting friendships, consider about these

suggestions. To make friends, you need to put yourself out there somehow. Friend seldom come knocking on you door while you sit at home watching TV. Join a club with people who has common interests. You don’t necessary have to have a lot of common interests with people in order to make friends with them. Join in a sports team. You have to be really good playing a particular sport in order to make friends with others in the team. Also, volunteer is a great way for people of all ages to meet other. To make friends, besides spend more time around people, you also need to talk to people.

11.Dear Lin Tao, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble in deal with the new high school life. I’d like to give you any advice. Firstly, you must work hard at all lesson and try your best to get good grades. By this way, you are likely to attend an ideal university for a better future. Secondly, you need get along well with your classmates and teachers, that will help you to build good interpersonal relationships. Third, you have to learn what to live on you own. The ability to survive in society is also of the great importance for us. I hope you will find these ideas usefully. All the best! Yours, Li Hua


I saw an accident happening on my way to home this afternoon. A girl was crossing the

street on a zebra crossing while a young man drove a motorbike towards her. The young man saw the girl and tried to stop, and he drove too fast to stop. He hit the girl and fell off her motorbike. The girl was badly hurt and couldn’t move. The young man didn’t know how to do. I ran to a phone box nearby and dialed 110. Soon the police reached. They sent her hospital at once. One of the policeman talked to the young man and wrote something down while he was talking. I think it is very danger to drive very fast.


During the spring Festival, my parents and some of my relatives give me some gift money.

What should I do with the money? I had desired to buy a pair of Nike sports shoe. I had also wanted

have an MP4 player of my own. With the gift money I could afford that I wanted to buy. However, I soon gave in the idea because I knew I was still a student at school. Besides, my parents always lived a simply life. Their money was not easily earned. Think of this, I decided to open a savings account at a bank the following day. From now on, I’ll do both ends meet like a student financially supported by my parents. I am sure my dream will be come true one day with the money made through my hard work.

14.June 12, Sunday Today is Sunday. I didn’t get up early as usually. In the morning after I finished my homework, I do some washing. Then I telephoned one of my classmate and invited him to see a film. And unfortunately, when we got to the cinema at 3:00 pm, we found all the tickets had been sold out. Then we went back school and played the football. After this, when we are about to go home, we saw our English teacher, Mr. Wang, coming into the school gate. He told us we had made great progress on English this term. He also suggested that we would read more and write more. We promised him that we would take her advice.

15.Dear James, I’d like to tell you anything about our sports meet. It was holding on Oct.10th, that was a fine day. There were over 2,000 students and teachers attend it. Yu Le, a student from my class won the 100-meter race. He finishes the race in 12.6 seconds and broke in the school record. The sports meet was real success. That was because we were all trying to do my best. Although I was not one of the winners, I was proud of that we had done. I am looking forward to receive your letter. Yours, Li Hua


It was Monday. Li Ming was the first come to the classroom. When he came into his seat,

therefore, he found his bench was broken. Seen there was nobody around, he decided to change it with Wang Gang, and so he did. After a while, Wang Gang came. When he saw a broken bench, he carried it out of the classroom. Li Ming didn’t know how he was going to do. So Li Ming came out of and found that Wang Gang has begun to repair the broken bench. Li Ming’s face turned red. He said with Wang Gang, “ Let’s repair them together.”

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