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English · Module 7 (Unit 2) ——【Robots】导学案 English· Module 7(Unit 2)—【Period 1 &2 Warming – up & New words 】


Ⅰ.What is a robot? (Fill the blanks.)<

br />A robot is a machine designed (设计) to do jobs that are usually performed (表 演) humans. Robots are programmed(给….编写程序)and controlled(控制) a computer. by by Today there are different kinds of robot, including industrial (工业的) robots, household (家庭的) robots, and entertainment (娱乐;消遣)robots. Robots also often appear as characters in stories.

Ⅱ.What do you think a robot can do? Complete the blanks using the words below.
(play sports carry things explore play a musical instrument cook talk )

4 .play a musical instrument Ⅲ.Write black words from memory 1、fiction 3、satisfaction 5、alarm 7、favour 9、ring up 11、leave….alone 13、be bound to 15、junior 1 . cook 2. talk 3 .explore 17、divorce n. 小说

5. play sports

6. carry things



n. 渴望;欲望;渴求 试验 n.同情(心) vt. 陪伴;伴奏 转向;回转 一共;总计 全体员工;手杖 n.天才;特殊能力;才 干

n. 满意

4、 test out

vt. 使警觉;使惊恐; 6、 sympathy n.喜爱;恩惠 给……打电话 将……放在一边 一定做…… adj.较年幼的;资历较 浅的 n. 离婚;断绝关系 18、obey 8、accompany 10、turn around 12、in all 14、staff 16、talent


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English · Module 7 (Unit 2) ——【Robots】导学案 English· Module 7(Unit 2)—【Period 2 &3 Reading and Using language 】 I. Basic and new words and expressions in Reading 1、生产机器人 3、三周不在 make robots be absent for three weeks 5、persuade…that… 7、feel alarmed 9、smooth hair 11、feel embarrassed 13、mention 15、improve one’s social position 17、borrow a pile of books from the library 19、reach for 21、the softness and warmth of his skin 23、 write out a list of items for 25、have an affair 27、weep with anger 写了一份…..的清 单 有风流韵事 气哭了 24、the amused and surprised look on one’s face 26、after all 28、expect…to be completely transformed 29、work steadily on… 有条不紊地 做…… 31、hold…firmly in one’s arms 33、cry out… 35、whisper to… 把……紧紧地搂 在怀里 大叫…… 对……低语 32、feel the warmth of one’s body 34、open the curtains 36、have such a handsome lover 感到身体上的热 气 打开窗帘 有一位英俊的情 人 37、drive up 驱车 38、be pleased with … 对……感到满意 30、fall off a ladder 从梯子上掉下来 脸上有有趣而又 惊讶的神情 毕竟 期待……大变样 说服…… 感到吃惊 头发平整 感到尴尬 提到;说起 提高某人的社会 地位 从图书馆借了一 堆书 伸出…..触及 柔软温暖的皮肤 20、change the makeup 22、accompany… to… 改变了化妆 和.......一起去 6、allow …to do 8、facial expression 10、a deep voice 12、look so human 14、ridiculous 16、one of the richest and most powerful women around 18、wonder 允许……做…… 面部表情 声音低沉浑厚 看上去很人性化 荒唐可笑的 远近闻名的有权 有势的女人之一 惊奇;惊讶 2、experiment with 4、特别是 做实验 especially II. Basic and new words and expressions in Using language 1、美国的科学家兼作家 2、怪诞小说 3、 《圣经》 4、科幻小说 5、超凡的想象力 6、探索 7、搜寻;探索 8、艾滋病毒感染 9、一家糖果店 10、经营 11、怀孕 12、获得化学硕士学位 13、初级化学师 14、获得化学博士学位 15、专职作家 16、在科幻杂志上 17、多次获奖 18、在那些最富盛名的科幻小说中 19、灭亡与复兴 20、未来银河系中的一个伟大帝国 21、一种理论框架 22、短篇小说集 23、 《我,机器人》 24、陈述;声明 25、从事人工智能的科学家们 41、sense of failure 39、protect…from harm 保护……免遭伤 害 失败感

【教师版】高二英语组顾雪制作 40、prevent…from… 阻止……做……

42、fall in love with


an American scientist and writer… mystery stories the Holy Bible science fiction stories an extraordinary imagination explore search for… HIV infection a candy store run pregnant gain a master’s degree in chemistry a junior chemist get his PhD in chemistry a full-time writer in science fiction magazines receive many awards among his most famous works of science fiction the death and rebirth a great empire in a galaxy of the future a theoretical framework his collection of short stories I,Robot state scientists researching into artificial intelligence

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English · Module 7 (Unit 2) ——【Robots】导学案 三、不定式的主动形式表示被动 English· Module 7(Unit 2)—【Period 4 Grammar - The passive Infinitive】 不定式语法 不定式的时态和语态 不定式有时态和语态的变化,时态共四种,即一般式、完成式、进行式和完成进行式。语态分为主 动语态和被动语态,如下表所示。 语态 \时态 一般式 完成式 进行式 完成进行式 主动语态 to do to have done to be doing to have been doing 被动语态 to be done to have been done / / 1.在 there be 结构中。 例如:There is a lot of homework to do.(也可用 to be done) There is no time to lose (to be lost).


2. 在―n/pron + be + adj + to do‖结构中。 常用的形容词有 easy, difficult, hard, impossible, nice, pleasant,light,heavy,interesting,important,expensive,cheap, fit, dangerous 等。 例如:He is an impossible person to work with. 3.在―too—to do; enough…to…‖结构中。 如:The house is big enough to live in. 4.在―with+n+to do‖结构中。 例如:With nothing to do,he lay in bed. 5。当不定式的逻辑主语在句中出现时。 例如:I have a letter to type today.(I 是 to type 的逻辑主语) Do you have anything to say? (you 是 to say 的逻辑主语) 6.当不定式隐含在 for sb to do 结构中时。 例如:This is the best book to read (=for us/you to read). 7.一些作表语用的不定式的主动形式。 常见的这类动词有 let(出租),rent, hire,blame 等。 例如:I felt l was to blame. 动词不定式主动语态形式的使用要比被动语态形式的使用普遍,有时(尤其在口语中)虽然意思上 是被动的,也往往用主动语态形式来表示。 The task is difficult to finish on time.

一、 不定式的被动形式有下列用法 当动词不定式的逻辑主语是动词不定式所表示的动作的执行者时用主动语态; 当动词不定式的逻辑 主语是动词不定式所表达的动作的承受者时用被动语态。进行式和完成进行式没有被动语态。 一 当不定式的逻辑主语是不定式所表示的动作的承受者时,不定式一般要采用被动形式。 1.作主语: It is an honour for me to be asked to speak here. 2.作宾语: She asked to be sent to work in Xinjiang. 3.作定语: Are you going to the meeting to be held in the teachers’ office? 4.作状语: She was too young to be assigned such work. 二、不定式有时还可以有完成式的被动式,在句中作主语、宾语、定语,或者构成复合宾语、复合 谓语等,如: It is a good thing for him to have been criticized.(主语) She preferred to have been given heavier work to do. (宾语)) She was the first woman to have been elected to such a post. (定语)

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English · Module 7 (Unit 2) ——【Robots】导学案 B. keep on doing


1. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains_B___ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see C. seeing B. to be seen D. seen

C. have kept busy doing D. have been kept busy doing 9. Visitors__D__ not to touch the exhibits. A. will request B. request C. are requesting D. are requested 10. In some parts of the world, tea __B__ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served 不定式与高考题 1.The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier ___B_____ it more difficult. A. not make C. not making B. not to make D. do not make (MET99)

2. I hurried to the meeting hall, only__B__ that the meeting had been put off. A. to tell C. telling B. to be told D. told

3. Do let your mother know all the truth, she appears_D___ everything. A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told 4. Little Tom should love_A___ to the theater this evening. A. to be taken C. being taken B. to take D. taking

5. It is said that plastics can be used to__A__ many things. Now people are used to____ plastics products. A. make; using B. making; using C. making; use D. make; use 6. With a lot of problems_C___, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A. settled C. to settle A. didn’t understand B. didn’t be understood C. wasn’t understand D. wasn’t understood 8. The pupils here_D___ all kinds of exercises every day in the past four weeks. A. kept busy doing B. settling D. being settled

2. I’ve worked with children before, so I know what __B____ in my new job. (MET2000) A. Expected C. to be expecting B. to expect D. expects

3. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was __A_____ to carry all the way home. (MET2003) A. much too heavy B. too much heavy C. heavy too much D. too heavy much

7. He__D_ and was made to repeat it.

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