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北京市朝阳区 2014-2015 学年度高二年级第二学期期末统一考试 英 第一部分:听力理解(15 分) 第一节(10 分) 听第 1 段材料,回答第 1 题 1.Why did the man go to croydon? A.To visit his parents B.To have an interview C.To receive job training 语 2015.7

听第 2 段材料,回答第 2 题 2.How does the woman go shopping? A.On foot B.By car C.By bus

听第 3 段材料,回答第 3 题 3.Where does the conversation probably take place? A.In the library B.In a classroom C.In a bookstore

听第 4 段材料,回答第 4-5 题 4.What’s the woman doing? A.Giving suggestions B.Making comments C.Asking for information

5.What’s the woman probably going to do? A.Give a performance B.Go to the Chinese Open C.Study tradigional music

听第 5 段材料,回答第 6-7 题 6、What does Sam Jones do?

7.What’s the speech mainly about?

听第 6 段材料,回答第 8-10 题 8.What’s the man doing?

9.How many pizzas did the man miss?

10.What will the man do with the pizzas he has got?

第二节 (5 分)

第二部分:知识运用(共两节,35 分) 单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 16. Jerry is very honest, __________ you can believe everything he said. A. but B. so C. or D. for

17. We’re offered her the job, but I don’t know __________ she’ll accept it. A. where B. what C. whether D. which

18. You can call us at any time you like. ______ here is willing to lend you a hand. A. One B. No one C. Someone D. Everyone

19. They have raised $10,000 for the poor children, ______ is quite unexpected. A. that B. which C. who D. it

20. Before traveling to Australia, you’d better go to the library ____ some books about the country. A. for B. at C. on D. with

21. —Mr. Zhang, can I go to your office at 9 am tomorrow? —I’m afraid not. I ________ a meeting then. A. was attending C. will be attending 22. B. would attend D. will have attended

It is still unclear _____ the man didn’t speak the truth.

A. that

B. how

C. when

D. why

23. Helen says she will leave the company if she _____ for her carelessness. A. punishes C. will punish B. is punished D. will be punished

24. _____ quite a few earthquakes before, the man wasn’t frightened. A. Experiencing C. Being experienced B. To experience D. Having experienced

25. As a leading expert in this field, he was invited____ some professional advice. A. to give 26. B. being given C. giving D. given

If Peter hadn’t offered me a ride home yesterday, I _____ a taxi. A. should call C. would have called B. would call D. should have called

27. —Is Mary coming? —No, she ______ her mind after she checked her text message. A. changes C. had changed B. changed D. is changing

28. The local gym came into use last month without ______. A. decorated C. being decorated 29. —What is Dr. Jason saying? —He is giving some evidence ____ that the earth is becoming warmer and warmer. A. being indicated C. indicates B. indicating D. indicated B. decorating D. having decorated

30. Welcome to Disneyland in Shanghai! This is _____ you can have fun and more than fun. A. where B. how C. what D. that


完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)

阅读下面短文,理解大意,然后从每题 A、B、C、D 中选一个最佳答案。 High expectations have always made sad.I would feel 31

with myself

whenever something wasn’t perfect . Because of this , I


to take part in

activities at school . In the fourth grade I even became extremely depressed (忧郁). Although I received medical treatment , the continual feeling of made me so sad. Gradually I worked through some of my fears and found that I could do something well,I began to 34 on doing well in the classroom and training for 35 in which I really 36 as 33 always

the sport wrestling(摔跤). School and wrestling were two

gained a sense of self-worth ,so in both things I made a great effort to well as I potentially could . However I 赛)。I found an empty room and remained 39 38 37

the annual wrestling tournament (比

for a long while .I knew I would have

and never have been able to look outside myself if I had continued 40 .

to stress the need for

The summer I decided to go on a backpacking trip with Young Life Student Ministries.I didn’t go with any of my friends. On the trip I was with five other boys , complete 41 but I was surprised by the kindness of them. During that 5-day 42 44 with those boys the real struggles, mistakes and this kind of openness and support . Going back 45 the experience became a constant

trip I had the chance to 43 in my life .I had never

to school made me a little bit sad.

reminder of what an impressive life of freedom was. At the end of my senior year I chose to go to a college far from home where I could 46 an equal education for much cheaper and continue to spend a lot of time

with friends. My college experience has not been a(n) 47 one. In college I have had to 48 me, but in exchange I

stop holding a lot of my previous ambition that once have experienced 49

from the fears of self-centered life. I continue to struggle in 50

the areas of being perfect, but it is amazing how much those struggles have throughout my time in college. 31. A. funny 32. A. remembered 33. A. failure B. upset B. expected B. anger C. safe C. managed C. relief

D. D. D.

free refused satisfaction

34. A. take 35. A. areas 36. A. combine 37. A. won 38. A. checked 39. A. unhappy 40. A. development 41. A. neighbors 42. A. charge 43. A. fears 44. A. predicted 45. A. for 46. A. receive 47. A. heavy 48. A. preserved 49. A. loss 50. A. exposed

B. agree B. systems B. perform B. played B. waited B. serious

C. focus C. methods C. explain C. held C. cried C. calm

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

depend courses survive lost dream honest perfection passengers argue courage experienced so provide active benefited

B. independence C. advantage B. strangers B. bring B. crimes B. confirmed B. but B. create B. direct B. consumed B. pain B. operated C. colleagues C. share C. pride C. represented C. or C. follow C. easy C. evaluated C. C. power decreased

D. freedom D. separated

第三部分:阅读理解(共两节,30 分) 第一节(共 12 小题,每小题 2 分,共 24 分) 阅读下面短文,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个最佳答案 A E-Cooking Games Thanks for visiting E-Cooking Games!We offer many different types of free online food games for kids. You can find games where you can bake your own cakes, make your own hot dogs, pies and a lot more .You will also find more than just food games. You will find games where you can play makeup games, car games, adventure games and more. All of the games on our website can be played for free. We are constantly adding new games, so you should keep checking back daily. We take pride in all of the cooking games and other food games we add to our website and make sure that we

have games that will interest everyone, either boys or girls who enjoy baking up delicious treats. Here on our site, we have great online games with many different recipes(食谱) that any little baker will love. These games will keep you playing for hours at a time. You can click each game to get a brief description. You can also sort the games by using the menu on the left side of the page. The menu has the games sorted by categories(种类) and from there you can choose the free cooking game you want to play, or if you don’t want to play a cooking game, you can choose another type of game. If you are looking for games that will let you decorate your own cakes, we have those for you. If you are feeling a bit competitive and want to race, we can help you with that also. Do you want to cook sushi? Well, let us get you started with that. We have many free cooking games you can play. Get something to drink, kick back and get in that kitchen and cook some food! 51. The passage is likely to appear in A. a travel guide C. a science magazine . B. a web page D. a collection of stories

52. We can learn from the passage that A. kids can only play food games B. kids are not charged for the games


C. the games are designed for both kids and adults D. the games are related to traditional food in different areas

53. The purpose of this passage is to A. present some new products C. invite readers to taste some dishes B

. B. teach some cooking lessons D. introduce some interesting games

Around the Word by Wheelchair


Rick Hansen was always an active kid and loved to fish. When returning in a pickup truck one day from a fishing trip, the truck hit a tree and he was thrown from the back of it. Hansen received a spinal(脊柱的) injury and lost the use of his legs. However, he didn't give up. Many months later he began to compete in wheelchair sports. Hansen won national championships on

wheelchair volleyball and wheelchair basketball teams At the age of 27, Hansen started his Man in Motion World Tur to raise awareness and money for spinal research. Though public attention was low at the beginning of the tour, he soon attracted international media attention. His tour took him through 34 countries between1985 and 1987. He wheeled 24,900.miles, which is equal to the distance around the earth. Bad weather and difficult rocky roads often provided Challenges, but he continued to push himself to complete the trip. Even mountains did not stop Hansen. He wheeled himself up the Rocky Mountains and several other major mountains in the world. He even wheeled himself along the Great wall of China!Hansen completed his world tour raising $26 million. “Never give up on your dreams” is his motto and he hasn't given up yet. Hansen is most famous for his Man in Motion World Tour and was officially introduced into the Canada’s Sports Hall of fame in 2006. He was one of the final torchbearers(火炬 手) in the 2010 Winter Olympics. In addition, with Hansen as CEO, the Ricky Hansen Foundation has run programs supporting treatment and quality of life programs for people with spinal injuries as well as related disabilities. During 2011 and 2012,the Foundation was also part of a cross-Canada tour called the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay that followed the same way as Hansen’s original Man in Motion Tour about 25 years after it began. 54. What happened to Rick Hansen after the accident? A. He lost the ability of living. C. He couldn’t walk anymore.

B. He couldn’t do sports anymore. D. He had to spend his life in hospital.

55. Why did Rick Hansen take his tour around the world in his wheelchair? A. To travel to different countries for fun. B. To take photos of beautiful mountains. C. To make contributions to spinal research. D. To learn about the people of other countries.

56. From the passage we can see Rick Hansen is a _______ person. A. quiet B. careful C. crazy D. determined

C Perfume(香水)—A Promise in a Bottle “Perfume,” says expert perfumer Sophia Grojsman, “is a promise in a bottle.” That promise might be reflected in a perfume’s name: Joy, Pleasures, or Beautiful, for example. Millions of dollars are spent on the marketing of a perfume, trying to get customers to connect attraction or attitude to a fragrance. Even without the marketing, fragrance has power over our thoughts and feelings. Some scientists insist that memory and smell are especially closely linked. Certain aromas (气味) have the power to call up deep memories. Perfume makers are aware of this and use aromas that can touch us deeply. The Power of Aromas Of every ten new perfumes put on the market, perhaps only one will succeed. It’s risky to try, as a company introducing a new fragrance can easily run through a budget of 20 million dollars. Profits(利润), however, can be very high. One successful fragrance, CK One from designer Calvin Klein, made 250 million dollars in its first year. In the perfume world, the most basic and important quality is the material with its own special aroma. Some are natural, coming from flowers, plants, or wood, for

example. Others are synthetic materials, that is, the materials which are not natural but made with the help of science. According to expert perfumer Harry Fremont, a good fragrance “is a balance between naturals and synthetics”. Image(形象)and Marketing Sephora is France’s leading perfume store. In a store of shining stone, metal, and glass, famous perfumes are shown and guarded like works of art in the nearby Louvre Museum. Salespeople are dressed in black, and each type of perfume is sold in a particularly shaped bottle. In perfume sales, the importance is on presentation at least as much as on the product. If you’re confused about which perfume to buy, perfumer Annie Buzantian offers her advice: you really can’t get an idea whether a perfume works or not until you wear it. “It’s like the difference between a dress on the hanger on the hanger and a dress on your body,” says Buzantian. “Your first impression is often the right one.”

57. What is the main idea of the first paragraph? A. The name is especially important for a perfume. B. Too much money is wasted on the perfume market. C. Perfume provides joy, pleasure and beauty to customers. D. The perfume industry makes promises it can never keep.

58. According to Harry Fremont, a good fragrance is a balance between ______. A. fresh flowers and new plants B. naturals and man-made materials C. naturals and people’s favorite D. wood and materials with special smell

59. What is probably the main reason that Sephora’s perfumes are so well guarded?


A. It is the way to impress customers. B. Each bottle is worth a lot of money. C. French stores are normally well guarded. D. The store has been attacked for many times.

D Cell Phone Are the New Cigarette When you get in your car, you reach for it. When you are at work, you take a break to have a moment alone with it. When you get in to a lift, you play with it. Cigarette? Cup of coffee? No, it’s the third most addictive thing in modern life, the cell phone. Experts say that it is becoming more difficult for many people to curb their longing to hug it more tightly than most of their personal relationships. With its shiny surface and its smooth and satisfying touch, the cell phone connects us to the world even as it disconnects us from people three feet away. In just the past couple of years, the cell phone has challenged people in ways its inventors in the late 1940s never imagined. The costs are becoming even more obvious, and I don’t mean just the monthl y bill. Dr. Chris Knippers, working at the Betty Ford Center in Southern California, reports that the overuse of cell phones has become a social problem not much different from other harmful addictions: a problem that limits one-on-one personal contact, and an escape from reality. Sounds extreme, but we’ve all witnessed the evidence: the person at restaurant who talks on the phone through an entire meal, ignoring his kids around the table; the women who talks on the phone in the car, ignoring her husband; the teen who texts messages all the way home from school, avoiding contact with kids all around him.

Jim Williams,an industrial sociologist based in Massachusetts, notes that cell-phone addiction is part of a set of symptoms in a widening gulf of personal separation. He points to a study by Duke University researchers that found one-quarter of Americans say they have no one to discuss


their most important personal business with,Williams says studies show that we don't have as many friends as our parents."Just as more information has led to less wisdom,more acquaintances via the Internet and cell phones have produced fewer friends."he says. 60.Which orf the following best explains the title of the passage?

61.The underlined word “curb” in Paragraph 2 probably means “________”

2.The example of a woman talking on the phone in the car supports the indea that___

第二节(6 分) 阅读下面短文和问题, 根据短文内容和每小题后的具体要求,完成对该问题的 回答。答语要意思清楚,结构正确,书写工整。 Every July In Roawell,you’ll find a celebration honoring the existence of creatures from other planets.The Alien ( 外 星 人 ) Festival,known as the Roswell UFO Festival,includes a lot of activities designed to educate the public about the existence of alien life.

The roswell incident(1980),written by Charles Berlitzand and William Moore,The authors stated that they had interviewed over ninety witnesses,and in the book ther described the debris as “nothing made on this earth”. Over the years,books,articles,and a made-for-TV movie brought a lot of attention to the 1947 incident.By the mid-1990s,public surveys (调查) showed that the majority of people believed that aliens had indeed visited our planet,and that aliens had landed at

Roswell,but that all the relevant information was being kept seeret by the US govermment.

63.What is the official explanation for the incident?(不多于 8 个单词) 64.What activities are there in the festival? (不多于 5 个单词) 65.What is the passage mainly about? (不多于 5 个单词) 第四部分:书面表达(20 分) 上周你们班参加了学校的艺术活动,请根据以下提示,介绍从准备到参演的完 整过程,给校刊英语园地写一篇以“Our Art Festival”为题的英文稿件。可增添 细节,词数不少于 60。稿件的开关已为你写好。 提示词:戏剧 drama 1、讨论后,决定表演戏剧; 2、认真排练; 3、在艺术节上展示; 4、获得一等奖。






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