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《 Great scientists 》 COPERNICUS ’ THEORY Nicolaus frightened confused.

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REVOLUTIONARY Copernicus was was

哥白尼的革命性理论 and his mind

尼古拉 ? 哥白尼被吓得心烦意乱。 Although he had tried to ignore them, all his led to mathematical the same calculations

conclusion: that the earth was not the centre of the solar system. 虽然他曾经试着不去理睬那些数字,然 而他所有的数学计算都得出了同一个结 论:地球不是太阳系的中心。 Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense 。

只有当你把太阳放在中心的位置上,天 空中其他行星的运动才说的清楚。 Yet he could not tell anyone about his theory as the powerful Christian Church would have punished him for even suggesting such an idea. 然而,他的这个理论不能告诉任何人, 因为即使他只暗示有这种想法,他就会 受到强大的基督教会势力的惩罚。 They believed God had made the world and for that reason the earth was special and must be the centre of the solar system. 他们认为这个世界是由上帝创造的,正 因为如此,地球就具有特殊的意义,它 必定要成为太阳系的中心。 The problem arose because astronomers had noticed that some planets in the sky seemed to stop,

move backward and then go forward in a loop. 这样,问题就来了,因为天文学家已经 发现,天上有些行星似乎停顿下来,往 后移动,然后再成环状向前移动。 Others appeared brighter at times and less bright at others. 而其他行星看上去有时亮些,有时又不 怎么亮。 This was very strange if the earth was the centre of the solar system and all planets went round it. 如果地球是太阳系的中心,而所有行星 环绕着地球转的话,那么这种现象就很 奇怪了。 Copernicus had thought long and hard about these problems and tried to find an answer. 哥白尼对这些问题曾经苦苦思索过很

久,试图找出问题的答案。 He had collected observations of the them. 他曾经收集过观测星球的数据,并且利 用他的全部数学知识来解释这些数据。 But only his new theory could do that. 但是只有他的新理论才能做出解释。 So his between theory 1510 and felt 1514 it he was worked on it, gradually improving until he complete. 于是,他在 1510 年 至 1514 年 期间从 事这项研究,逐步修改他的理论,知道 他感到完善为止。 In 1514 he showed it privately to his friends. stars and used all his mathematical knowledge to explain

1514 年 , 他 把 他 的 新 理 论 私 下 里 给 他 的朋友看。 The changes he made to the old theory were revolutionary. 他对旧理论的修改是具有革命性的。 He placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets going round it and only the moon still going round the earth. 他把太阳固定在太阳系的中心位置,而 行星则围绕着太阳转,只有月亮仍然绕 着地球转。 He also suggested that the earth was spinning as it went round the sun and this explained changes in the movement of the planets and in the brightness of the stars. 他还提出了地球围绕太阳转的同时,它 本身还在自转,这样就解释了行星运动

的变化情况以及星球的亮度问题。 His friends were enthusiastic and encouraged him to publish his ideas, but Copernicus was cautious. 他的朋友们都热情地鼓励他把他的想 法公之于世,而哥白尼却小心谨慎。 He did not want to be attacked by the Christian Church, so he only published it as he lay dying in 1543. 他不想遭到基督教会的攻击,所以他只 是在 1543 年临终之前才把它公布出来。 Certainly he was right o be careful. 当然,他小心谨慎是对的。 The Christian Church rejected his theory, saying it was against God's idea and people who supported it would be attacked. 基督教会拒绝接受他的理论,说这种理 论违背了上帝的旨意,而支持这种理论

的人都将受到打击。 Yet Copernicus' theory is now the basis on which all our ideas of the universe are built. 然而,哥白尼的理论现在却是我们的宇 宙观赖以建立的基础。 His theory replaced the Christian idea of gravity, which said thing fell to earth because God created the earth as the centre of the universe. 他的理论取代了基督教对地心引力的 看法,他们认为物体往地球上掉落是因 为上帝创造了地球作为宇宙的中心。 Copernicus showed this was obviously wrong. 哥白尼表明这明显是错误的。 Now people can see that there is a direct link between his theory and the work of Isaac Newton, Albert

Einstein and Stephen Hawking. 如今,人们可以看到,他的理论与艾萨 克? 牛顿、阿尔伯特? 爱因斯坦以及斯 蒂芬 ? 霍金的研究都有着直接的联系。

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