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2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空寒假精练(3)

Passage 1 I drove to a local supermarket the other day. My shopping list was ___21__ and my wallet was light. Still, I needed to get a week’s worth of groceries for my family.

I parked my car, looked down at my list, and hoped I could ___22__it all. As I ___23__ the door, I saw a man with kind eyes and a gentle ___24___. He said he was collecting for a local food bank that helped to__ 25__ the hungry in my area. He handed me a second shopping list of things they could use and asked me to __26__ if I could. I smiled back, took the __27__ and walked into the store. I really wanted to help, but wasn’t sure if I could this time. I walked through the store, picking up vegetables, soup, spaghetti, bread, milk, cereal, macaroni, bananas,and a dozen other things. I slowly ___28__ each item off my list until I was done. When I looked down at my full cart I ___29__ again if I even had enough to pay for it all. Then, as I put my own list back into my pocket, I saw the food ___30__ list under it. I smiled and decided to trust my heart. With the food bank in mind, I went over and ___31___ two of the biggest boxes of rice the store had and put them in my cart. It took__32__ six dollars out of my wallet to pay for them,__33__ my heart felt six times larger when I did. And when everything was ___34___, I had just enough to pay for it all. It _35___ so little to make our world a better place. A few dollars can help to fill a child’s __36__ belly(肚子). A smile and hug can help to ___37__ a hurting heart. An encouraging word can inspire someone else to live and to love. A random__38__ of kindness can change another’s day and life. It is up to us,___39__. If we can ___40___ a few dollars on rice , then we can share a love that will last forever. 21.A.short 22.A.offer B. long C. frequent D. heavy D. accept D .left D. anger D. feed D. search D. budget D. separated D. amazed D. bank

B. exchange C .afford B. painted C. cleaned B. manner B .train B. write B. project B. marked C. smile C. protect C. advertise C. list C. rid

23 A. approached 24 A. attitude 25.A.share 26.A.help 27.A.name 28.A.signed 29.A.wandered 30.A.store

B. wondered C. fancied B. cart C. nutrition

31.A.picked out B. lifted up 32.A.other 33.A.so 34.A.ordered 35.A.takes 36.A.hungry 37.A.cure 38.A.ability 39.A.although 40.A.save Passage 1: 21-25 BCACD 26-30 ACBBD B. others B. but

C. picked up C. more

D. folded up D. another D. since

C. and

B. totaled B. spends

C. replaced C. pays

D. packed D. wastes

B. adequate C. anxious B. treat B. allowance B. though B. rescue C. heal

D. full D. recover

C. appreciation D. act D. still D. reserve 36-40 ACDBA

C. yet C. accumulate 31-35CDBBA

Passage 2 Generally speaking, a British is widely regarded as a quiet, shy and conservative (保守) person who is 21 only among those with whom he is familiar. When a 22 embarrassed. You have to take 23 the truth of this. 24 off

stranger is present, he often seems nervous,

a commuter train (通勤车) any morning or evening to

Serious-looking businessmen and women sit reading their newspapers or

in a corner; hardly anybody talks, since to do so would be considered quite offensive (冒犯的). 25 once , there is an unwritten but clearly understood code of behavior, which, 26 , makes the offender immediately the object of 27 .

One of the few things we can say about the British with certainty is that a British takes a(n) 28 to the discussion of their weather and that, if given a chance, 29 . Some people argue that it is because the British weather

he will talk about it 30

follows forecast and thus becomes a source of interest to everyone. This may 31 in the weathermen, whose

be so. Certainly a British cannot have much predictions, in many cases, 32

to be wrong! The man in the street seems to be 33 34 . weather that the

as accurate – or as inaccurate – as the weathermen in his Foreigners may be surprised at the number of references

British make to each other in the course of a single day. Very often conversational greetings are 35 by comments on the weather. “Nice day, isn’t it?” 36

“Beautiful day!” may well be heard instead of “Good morning, how are you?”

the foreigner may consider this exaggerated (夸大) and comic, it is worthwhile pointing out that it could be used to his with a British but is 38 37 . If he wants to start a conversation

to know where to begin, he could do well to mention 39 subject to which a response may well

the state of the weather. It is a(n) be 40

of even the most reserved of the British. B. frustrated B. otherwise C. amused C. even D. exhausted D. so D. undertake

21. A. relaxed 22. A. yet 23. A. experience 24. A. whispering 25. A. Hopefully 26. A. developed 27. A. doubt 28. A. emotion 29. A. at length 30. A. always 31. A. faith 32. A. put out

B. witness C. watch B. murmuring

C. nodding D. laughing

B. Exactly C. Frequently D. Obviously B. observed B. argument B. fancy B. at last B. often B. relief B. make out B. prediction B. on C. followed D. broken C. criticism C. likeliness C. at most D. praise

D. judgment D. at least D. seldom

C. constantly C. honor

D. credit

C. turn out D. find out C. approval D. to D. proposed D. appreciation

33. A. consideration 34. A. about 35. A. started 36. A. Since 37. A. benefit 38. A. at a loss 39. A. avoidable 40. A. expected Passage 2: 21-25 ACBCD

C. in

B. conducted B. Although B. advantage B. in detail B. steady B. asked 26-30 DCBAD

C. replaced

C. However D. Only if C. disadvantageD. favor C. in groups D. on occasion

C. optional D. safe C. wished D. reminded 36-40 BBADA

31-35 ACBDC

Passage 3 A few days ago I was sitting in a Thai restaurant enjoying a meal when I got on a phone call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to for a long time. In my enthusiasm and_21__ I talked slightly louder than usual voice and in Spanish, my mother tongue. A few minutes into the_22__, the lady sitting at the table beside mine got up, seemingly__23_, and asked the restaurant staff to relocate her to a table as far away


as possible from the man who wouldn’t _24__his phone. I sank in my seat out of _25__. I ended the call soon afterwards and felt the urge to go over and _26__. Before getting up I looked around to see where she was and she was, _27__, at the table furthest away from me. I noticed that the lady was_28__ and staring out of the window. I _29__ a tinge(气 息) of sadness——perhaps a desire for aloneness and peace. But I had_30__ destroyed it minutes earlier. Right then I _31__ my plans for a conventional apologetic gesture. Seeing the Smile Cards in my wallet I took one out. On signing my restaurant bill I asked my server to _32__charge the lady’s meal to my credit card and hand her the Smile Card instead of her bill. Did she take it the wrong way, I _33__? Did she get confused? Did she refuse the anonymous_34__? And so on. I just waited and felt nervous to learn the _35__.To my pleasant surprise, things_36__ to be the best possible way. The waiter approached me in a stream of _37__, telling me, “In many times she had _38__there before, but we had never seen the old lady smile as she did upon __39_the Smile Card and the $0check. She thanked me even though I _40__ that someone else did the job.” 21. A. anger 22. A. call 23. A. informed 24. A. get off 26. A. donate 27. A. instead 28. A. moved 29. A. arranged 31. A. prepared 32. A. partly 33. A. wondered 34. A. service 35. A. approach 37. A. pity 38. A. quarreled 39. A. selling 40. A. explained B. sorrow B. restaurant B. cheered B. get on B. cooperate B. indeed B. thankful B. ignored B. abandoned B. eventually B. point B. outcome B. doubt B. worked B. receiving B. suspected C. nervousness C. discussion C. offended C. get through C. apologize C. again C. proud C. broke C. pleasantly C. suggested C. secretly C. advice C. difference C. took out C. joy C. smiled C. making C. argued D. excitement D. interview D. separated D. get over D. exchange D. also D. alone D. detected D. purposefully D. enjoyed D. formally D. continued D. offer D. reason D. made out D. sorrow D. dined D. wrapping D. complained

25. A. enthusiasm B. embarrassment C. disappointment D. satisfaction

30. A. obviously B. naturally

B. discouraged C. expected

36. A. turned out B. put out


Passage 3:21-25DACAB 26-30CBDDA 31-35BCADB 36-40ACDBA

Passage 4 The writer Devin with his friend Johnson went to his favourite news-stand. Johnson 21 the salesman selling the newspapers gently, but in return he received poor The salesman never even looked up at his customer when he edition. Accepting the 24 pleasant weekend. The salesman made an unclear sound and seemed asked, “Does he always treat you so responded. “And are you always so Johnson 29 to you?” Johnson 31 .” Who 32 26 28 ?” “Yes, 27 23 25 22 . the late-night that the two

, Johnson politely smiled and wished the salesman a

men had completed their business. As the two friends walked down the street, Devin , he does,” Johnson and friendly to him?” “Yes, I am!”

as they turned a corner. “Why are you so nice when he is so unfriendly 30 , “Because I don’t want him to decide how I am going to how you are going to act? Is it your circumstances or the difficult 33 ? When we allow our conflicts to 34 35 , 37 ,

people in your life that determine your

us, we behave as if getting rid of our difficulties is our only priority. 36 is causing me problems right now so I don’t care about exercising 38

it doesn’t really matter how we treat one another. For example, we’ll say, “This self-control, and loving kindness. Instead, I want to let him know how way we handle conflicts will influence our 39 I am

because of his action.” We forget our difficulties will eventually weaken. But the for a long time. Will you only 40 of respond to the momentary crisis or will you be more concerned about the is on? 21. A. praised 22. A. service 23. A. printed 24. A. newspaper 25. A. encouraged 26. A. separately 27. A. obviously 28. A. content 29. A. struggled 30. A. ordered 31. A. work 32. A. decides 33. A. responses B. paid B. harvest B. requested B. record B. disappointed B. seriously B. originally B. smart B. hesitated B. wondered B. act B. imagines B. appearance C. invited C. instructions C. completed C. radio C. relieved C. quickly C. unfortunately C. energetic C. continued C. advised C. arrive C. answers C. growth D. greeted D. scores D. took D. food D. worried D. rudely D. finally D. kind D. watched D. explained D. write D. doubts D. progress

what kind of person you are becoming? Who decides how you will behave when the pressure


34. A. wound 35. A. Instead 36. A. exam 37. A. pressure 38. A. proud 39. A. lives 40. A. time

B. control B. Again B. person B. power B. glad B. experiments B. value

C. cheat C. Therefore C. trip C. duty C. angry C. friendship C. use

D. kill D. Besides D. enemy D. patience D. fearful D. team D. nationality

Passage 4:21-25 DABAC 26-30 DCDCD 31-35 BAABC 36-40 BDCAB


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