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同位语从句公开课课件 经典 导入有趣

——Appositive Clause (同位语从句)

The man from the star
Subject Clause 主语从句
That the TV play has become _______________________________a recent hot topic is a truth. (become) 这部电视剧已经成为最近的热点是一个事实

很多人想知道为什么都教授吸引了那么多的粉丝。 Prefessor Du attracted so many Many people wondered why _______________________________________________ fans. _______________. (attract)

Object Clause 宾语从句

理由可能是他拥有帅气的外表和强大的超能力。 Maybe the reason is that ________________________________ he has handsome appearence and strong superpower ____________________________.(have)

Predicative Clause 表语从句

尽管我也被这部剧吸引,但炸鸡和啤酒因为这部剧成为了 很受欢迎的食物的事实还是让我很吃惊。 Although I was attracted by this drama, the fact that the fried chicken and beer became popular food because ___________________________________________ of it still surprised me. (become)

Appositive Clause 同位语语从句

Although I was attracted by this drama, the fact fact that the fried chicken and beer became popular that food because of it still surprised me. 引导词 名词 从句

引导词 从句 ____________ + ______________ + ________________


Activity 1

Read and find

1. I have no idea why you are so tired every day .

The fact fact that we don’t get enough sleep is 2. The absolutely true. 3.I have been thinking about the question whether we should be given more free time.
4.We all know the truth that nothing is more important than health. 进一步解释、说明前面名词 同位语从句的作用: ?




fact 抽象 名词, 如: ______, 被修饰的名词通常为______ news opinion ______, hope, wish, ________, order, problem question ________, ________, belief, truth, theory, thought decision, conclusion, promise, _________, suggestion _________, plan, _________… idea

Activity 2 Choose the proper introductive words who 1.The question ________ should do the work is being discussed at the meeting. why the driver made phone call 2. I have no idea _____ when driving. that 3. The fact _____two pupils were killed can’t be accepted by their parents.
whether he is suitable 4. I have some doubt _______ for the job. 5. The problem ________we should have the when meeting in the hall now must be decided at once.



在复合句中用作 同位语 的从句叫同位语从句,它 名词性 从句之一。引导同位语从句的连接词有 是________ :从属连词 that, whether ;连接代词 what , who 等, 连接副词 how when , where , why ,_____ 等。

The question why _________________________between there are so many diffrences Korean aliens and Chinese aliens has puzzled her for a long time.(diffrence) 为什么中国的外星人和韩国的外星人有那么大差别这个问 题困扰了她很久。

长高点,就不用 踮着脚跳舞了

如果我的舞蹈演员们能长高点 的愿望有天实现的话,他们就 不用一直踮着脚尖跳舞了。

that the dancers can grow taller comes true If my wish_______________________________ one day, they will not have to stand on their toes all the time. (grow)

Activity 3


1. I have a hope that all of you will go to college. 同位语从句 2. I hate the fact that he told me. 定语从句 3. I hate the fact that he always tells lies 同位语从句

4. Titanic is the ship that sank into the ocean. 定语从句 5. He made an excuse that his car broke down on the way. 同位语从句


同位语从句与定语从句 的不同之处(1)

解释说明前面名词的内容; 同位语从句用来进一步________ 定语从句用来__________ 修饰限定 前面的名词。

The news that our team has won the final match is encouraging. 我们队取得了决赛胜利 (同位语从句说明“消息”的内容: ______________) The news that you told us is really encouraging. (定语从句对“消息”加以限定:是_______________ , 你告诉我的 而非来自其他渠道。但消息是何内容却不得而知。)


同位语从句与定语从句 的不同之处(2)

The news that our team has won the final match is encouraging. 在从句中充当成分吗? The news that you told us is really encouraging. 在从句中充当成分吗?

that 同位语从句 不作成分,无意义,不能省


指代先行词,作成分,作宾语可 省

Activity 4

Choose the best answer

1.It is said that more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities; this is the information ____ has been put forward. A.what B.that C.when D.as 2.She heard a terrible noise,____ brought her heart into her mouth. A.it B.which C.this D.that 3.I can't stand the terrible noise ____ she is crying loudly. A.it B.which C.this D.that 4.The fact_____ he failed in the exam is not the one______he told me. A.which;that B.that;/ C.which;which D./; that

Listen to a song

Activity 5

Fill in the blanks

MH370 dissapeared The news that ____________________(MH370 失 踪)shocked the whole world. Malaysian authorities said that there was no confirmation___________________ that debris was found (残骸被找到)on March 12. The mystery where the plane has gone __________________________( 飞机去哪儿了)also it was 是否 confused all people in the whorld.Whether _____________( 是)an act of terrorism was another doubt.We all had a that some of the passengers survived. dream_______________________________________ (有部分乘客幸存)But unfortunately, on March 24 Malaysian authorities’ message to the relatives broke our last hope.

“Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume, beyond any reasonable doubt, that MH370 has been lost and______none of those on board that survived.” But just as the lyrics(歌词) say, we still hold the belief_____________________________________, that the plane can cross time and space (飞机能穿越时间和空间) living with us together.

Activity 6

Complete the sentences

where he could get so much money 1.The question_________________________bothered him.(get) 能从哪里弄到如此多的钱这个问题困扰着他 2. _______________________is the use of cell phone. What they are talking about 他们正在谈论的手机的使用。(talk) 3._____________________ It has not been confirmed that the MH370 flight lost crashed, but fuel tanks were limited in the distance it had.(confirm)还没有消息证实MH370航班已失事,但 是这个航程的航班油量是有限的。 4.The question is whether _____________________ we can prepare well in such a short time.(prepare) 问题是我们能否在如此短的时间内准备好。 how we should do the work ? (work) 5.Did she say____________________ 她是在说我们应该怎样做这个工作吗?

Guess who he/ she is
He is a modest and kind man who loves you very much.

What impresses us most is that he always stares at us outside the small window of the back door.
We want to tell him that he needs more rest. There is no doubt that he is a resposible teacher in our heart.

Try to describe the one who is familiar to us, and remember to use noun clauses as many as you can.

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