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大村中学“校园之声” 大村中学“校园之声”广播稿
播音时间: 2011-11-29 指导教师: 温崇梅 播音员: 时品、曾瑞

(合)Good afternoon, everyone! 亲爱的同学们,大家下午好!Welcome to DaCun campus radio! 欢迎收听大村中学校园之声广播。 time for our English Program! 现 It’s 在是我们的英语播音时间。(独)I’m××。我是××。I’m from class ×,grade 8。我 来自八年级×班。(男)Today, our program has three parts. 我们的节目包括三个部 分。 (女)The first part is Wonderful World。We will see some interesting things around the world 第一个版块叫“Wonderful World”-----“精彩世界”。 我们将会来看看世界 上的那些奇异有趣的事情。 (男) The second part is Active English. In this part, we will share a great article---There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome.第二个版 块是“Active English”-----“活力英语”。 今天的这个板块,我们将要给大家分享一 篇美文------ 人生没有过不去的坎, 《 只有过不去的人》 (女) 。 The last part is the most relaxing one, which is called Charming music. Today we will listen to two songs---- take me to your heart and twinkle twinkle little star。 最后一个版块是极其轻松的版块, 叫做 “Charming music”-----“魅力音乐”。今天,我们会听到两首快乐简单的歌曲,它们 分别是:《让我靠近你的心》和《一闪一闪亮晶晶》。(音乐)

一、Wonderful World-----精彩世界 精彩世界
Ok, everyone, in our daily life, there are many things we don’t know. Do you want to know them? Yeah, today we will tell you some about them.同学们,世界上总是有些奇 异有趣的事情,我们还不知道,今天,我们一起来看看它们吧。你们知道吗?一个 普通人每年要做 1460 个梦,猫狗和人一样也有左撇子、右撇子之分,驴子眼睛的位 置能让它随时看到自己的四条腿……23 条怪异的生活真相,长知识,顺便学英语。 1 Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. 男人被闪电击中的概率比女人高 5 倍。 2 Most lipstick contains fish scales. 绝大部分的唇膏里都含有鱼鳞成分。 3 A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 miles per h.. 人打喷嚏时,嘴里的气流速度超过每小时 100 英里。 4 More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones. 用蓝色牙刷的人比用红色的人多。

5 The most used letter in English is “E”, and “Q” is the least used. 在英语字母表中,“E”是用得最多的字母,“Q”则是被用得最少的。 6 Every 45 seconds, a house catches on fire in the United States. 在美国,每 45 秒就有一所房子着火。 7 One in every 4 Americans has appeared on TV. 每 4 个美国人中,就有一个人上过电视。 8. One quarter of the bones in your body is in your feet. 人体内的骨头有 1/4 集中在双脚上。 9. Human teeth are almost as hard as rocks. 人的牙齿几乎和石头一样硬。 10. The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year. 一个普通人每年要做 1460 个梦。 11. A cockroach can live a few weeks with its head cut off. 蟑螂在被砍头之后还能活几个星期. 12. Dogs and cats, like humans, are either right or left handed. 猫狗和人一样也有左、右撇子之分。 13. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. 海豚睡觉睁一眼闭一眼。 14. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. 鸡的最长飞行纪录是 13 秒。 15. Over 10,000 birds a year die from smashing into windows. 每年有超过一万只鸟因为撞到窗户上死亡。 Ok, everyone, it is very interesting, isn’t it? If you want to know more about this, just read more books after the class.同学们,这些奇异的事情,是不是很有趣呢?你们 想要知道更多吗?那么,大家课后多读书吧!the more we read, the more will know! 读的越多,了解的知识就越多。还等什么呢,从今天起,赶快行动吧!

二、Active English-------活力英语 活力英语
Ok, everyone, for the next part, we will share a great article together, are you ready for this? Just listen to it carefully, and you will get something from it! 同学们, 今天的活 力英语这个版块,我们将和大家分享一篇美文, 人生没有过不去的坎,只有过不去 《

的人》 ,同学们,仔细听哦,相信你们一定能从中得到些启发。

There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome.
人生没有过不去的坎, 人生没有过不去的坎,只有过不去的人
Ok, everyone, in fact, we can stand more than what we thought. 同学们,你们知 道吗,实际上,我们每个人的的承受能力,其实远远超出我们的想象。But not until the very important moment will we know the fact.但是不到关键时刻,我们很少能够意 识这种潜力。 There was a woman in the countryside who got married at the age of 18. 很早以前, 有位农村妇女,18 岁就结婚了。But when she was 26 years old, she had to go everywhere with her two daughters and a son. 26 岁时日本人侵略中国,在农村进行大 扫荡,她不得不经常带着两个女儿一个儿子东躲西藏。 Many people could not bear this and wanted to kill themselves. 村里很多人受不了这种暗无天日的折磨, 想到了自 尽。 After she knew it, she would tell them, “Don’t do that thing. There are no setbacks that we could not overcome. The Japanese will lose one day”她得知后就会去劝:“别这 样啊,没有过不去的坎,日本鬼子不会总这么猖狂的。” Finally she waited until all the Japanese were kicked out of China. 她终于熬到了 把鬼子赶出中国的那一天. But her son died of disease in the hard times. 可是她的儿子 却在那炮火连天的岁月里,由于缺医少药,又极度缺乏营养,因病夭折了。Her husband, after knowing the death of his son, ate and drunk nothing. 她的丈夫在得知这 一噩耗之后,在床上躺了两天两夜,不吃不喝。She said to her husband, “We have a hard life, but we couldn’t give up. There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome.”她流着泪对丈夫说:“咱们的命苦啊,不过再苦咱也得过,无论怎么样, 都不能放弃。人生没有过不去的坎儿。” After giving birth to the second son, her husband died, which made her really very sad. 刚刚生了儿子,丈夫因患水肿病离开了人世。在这个打击下,她很长时间都没 从悲伤中回过神来。But finally, she recovered and told the three young children, saying, “My sweet hearts, don’t feel scared. You still have me, your dear mum!”但最后还是挺 过来了,她把三个未成年的孩子揽到自己怀里,说:“娘还在呢,有娘在,你们就别 怕。” Then her children grew up hardly and her family life was getting better and better. 她含辛茹苦地把孩子一个个拉扯大了, 生活也慢慢好转起来。 Next, her three children married. 接下来,两个女儿嫁了人,儿子也结了婚。She said to everyone she met, “Look! What I said is right. There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome! My life is so happy now!” 她逢人便乐呵呵地说:“我说吧,没有过不去的坎,现在生活 多好啊。” She was old and could not do the farm work anymore. So she stayed at home and did some housework.她年纪大了,不能下地干活,就在家纳鞋底,做衣服,缝缝 补补。 However, the god showed no love to the woman who had a hard life. 可是,上苍似 乎并不眷顾这位一生坎坷的妇女.She got her leg broken when she was looking after her grandson. 她在照看孙子时不小心摔断了腿. Because of her old age, she couldn’t do the operation and had to lie in bed all day long. 由于年纪太大做手术危险,就一直

没有做手术,她每天只能躺在床上。 Her children all cried, but she said, “Why do you cry? I am still living.”儿女们都哭了,她却微笑着说:“哭什么,我还活着呢。” She lived until 86. Before she died, she said to her children, “You all should live to your best. There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome! 她活到 86 岁,临终前,她对自己儿女们说:“都要好好过啊,没有过不去的坎。” We will only get to know our strong will and ability after getting beaten heavily. 人 总是在遭遇一次重创之后, 才会幡然醒悟, 重新认识自己的坚强和坚忍。 no matter So, what you are suffering from now, do not complain about the life and keep unhappy all the time. 所以,无论你正在遭遇什么磨难,都不要一味抱怨上苍不公平,甚至从此一 蹶不振。 There are no such setbacks that we could not overcome. 人生没有过不去的 坎,只有过不去的人。 Ok, my dear schoolmates, be strong and be happy when you meet some difficulties. Believe that you can overcome it and have a good life then! 我亲爱的同学们, 即使遇到 困难,遇到挫折,请相信自己吧,相信自己足够强大,相信自己足够坚强,从而迎 难而上,创造一个更加快乐幸福的生活吧!

三、Charming Music-----魅力音乐 魅力音乐
The last part is the most relaxing one, which is called Charming music. Today we will listen to two songs---- take me to your heart and twinkle twinkle little star。 最后一个 版块是极其轻松的版块,叫做“Charming music”-----“魅力音乐”。今天,我们会听 到两首快乐简单的歌曲,它们分别是:《让我靠近你的心》和《一闪一闪亮晶晶》。 Ok, we listen to the first song- take me to your heart. 好吧, 首先我们来听 god is a girl 《让我靠近你的心》,这首歌曲吧。(音乐)………..ok, everyone, let’s listen to the second song-- twinkle twinkle little star –好了, 同学们, 让我们一起来欣赏第二首歌曲 《一闪一闪亮晶晶》吧。

( (合)Ok,boys and girls, so much for today’s programs. After the thirty-minutes listening, do you deeply fall in love with our programs? That’s right! Thank you for your listening! See you next week! Bye-bye! 2011-11-29