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Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The naughty student ________(假装)to be reading English aloud when his English teacher came into the classroom. 2.In order to________(谋生)a living,my parents must be busy working every minute at that time. 3.Keep silent! Important news is being________(广播) on TV, and I want to listen. 4.As every Western child knows,Father Christmas wears red clothes and a long white __________.(胡须) 5.Xiao Shenyang is famous across China,so the young and the old are________(熟悉)with him. 6.Although he failed many times,he was still ________(自信)of himself. 7.She is highly ________(敏感的) of such problems,so you shouldn't talk about them with her. 8.African________(民间的)dance is based on life and developed by life. 9. found that it was not easy to earn ________(额外的)money. He 10. we all know, As Mozart and Beethoven are great________(音

乐家)in the world. 答案 1.pretended 6.confident Ⅱ.短语填空 in cash addition play a joke on break up dream of attach... to rely on familiar with in 2.earn 3.broadcast 8.folk 4.beard 5.familiar




sort out above all

1. When I was a little boy, always________ becoming a famous I singer in the future. 2.People________too much importance________the marks of middle school students. 3.The customer asked if there was a discount if he paid______. 4.We dare not________our teacher,because she is a serious person. 5. You need money and time; __________, you need diligence to do the work well. 6.________the things you want to keep and throw everything else away. 7.He suggests that we ask someone who is________this kind of machine to repair it. 8.In order to fish,Jim started to______the ice on the frozen lake.

9.Jack is smart,hard-working and____________,honest. 10.The old woman________a little money that her husband left for living. 答案 1.dreamed of 5.in addition 9.above all Ⅲ.完成句子 1.他已经养成了早起的习惯。 He has________early in the morning.(develop) 2.这个乐队做了有史以来最精彩的表演。 The band______________it had ever given.(performance) 3.我们已被要求提出一些新想法。 We have been asked to________some new ideas.(come) 4.我们认为一生中友谊非常重要。 We ________friendship in one's life.(attach) 5.我熟悉这本书的作者。 I________the author of the book.(familiar) 6.她对天气变化非常敏感。 She ______________the change of the weather.(sensitive) 7.我们应该坚守岗位。 We should________.(stick) 2.attach;to 6.Sort out 10.relied on 3.in cash 4.play a joke on 8.break up

7.familiar with

8.我母亲献身于教她的学生。 My mother was________her students.(devote) 9.那朵美丽的小花吸引了我的注意。 That small beautiful flower________.(attract) 10.她引以为自豪的家乡突然遭受洪水袭击。 The hometown________was suddenly attacked by the

flood.(proud) 答案 1.developed the habit of getting up 2.gave the most wonderful performances 4.attach importance to 6.is sensitive to 3.come up with

5.am familiar with

7.stick to our post 9.attracted my attention

8.devoted to teaching

10.of which she felt proud Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Everyone's attention was drawn to the eight-year-old girl who was ________the piano perfectly. A.acting C.doing B.behaving D.performing

解析: 句意: 大家的注意力都集中在那个钢琴弹得很好的八岁女 孩的身上。perform 表演。 答案:D

2.She is________ the newspapers to be thrown away and putting away the rest. A.sorting out C.making out B.figuring out D.turning out

解析: sort out 给??分类, 指把物品分门别类地处理。 figure out 弄清楚;弄明白;make out 辨认出;turn out 结果是。 答案:A 3.—What a qualified husband he is! —Definitely. Lots of people are touched by his________ to his wife who has weak eyesight. A.devotion C.satisfaction B.deed D.service

解析:devotion 献身;忠诚,常与 to 搭配,符合句意。 答案:A 4.—Why did the police________the crowd? —Because the president's car________in the street. A.break down;broke down B.break up;broke up C.break down; broke up D.break up; broke down 解析:break up 强行驱散;break down 抛锚,均为固定搭配。 答案:D

5.You may certainly________his words,for he always speaks the truth. A.pay attention to C.suffer from B.ask for D.rely on

解析:由 for 引导的原因状语从句可知 D 项正确,rely on 依靠; 依赖,此处相当于 depend on。 答案:D 6.Many of us Chinese people are________with the beauty of Hangzhou and Suzhou. A.attractive C.familiar B.confident D.sensitive

解析:be familiar with...对??了解/熟悉的。attractive 吸引人 的;confident 自信的;sensitive 敏感的。 答案:C 7.________you don't like him is none of my business. A.What C.That B.Who D.Whether

解析:本句的谓语动词是 is,前面是一个主语从句;“you don't like him”是一个意思完整的句子,从句不需要任何有词义的连词引 导,that 只起连接作用,无词义,所以选 C。 答案:C 8.As________rule,apples are sold by________weight and eggs

by________dozen. A.a;/;the C.a;a;the B.a;the;the D.the;/;/

解析:as a rule(通常地)是固定词组;在度量名词前,表示付工 资、 租等方式时, the, paid by the hour(day, 卖、 用 如 month, piece...), sold by the yard(dozen,ton...),by weight(按重量)。 答案:A 9 . I was so familiar with her that I recognized her voice________I picked up the phone. A.the moment C.before B.after D.while

解析:名词短语 the moment 用作连词,相当于 as soon as,引导 时间状语从句,意为“一??就”。类似用法的短语或词还有 the minute,the instance,directly,immediately 等。 答案:A 10.Which do you enjoy________your weekend,swimming or fishing? A.spending C.spend B.being spent D.to spend

解析:to spend 作状语,而 which 是 enjoy 的宾语。 答案:D 11.(2012· 浙江宁波慈湖中学月考)Only when our country has

aircraft carriers ________ our distant islands more effectively. A.we can guard C.we guard B.can we guard D.do we guard

解析: only+时间状语置于句首, 句子采用部分倒装, 根据句意, B 项正确。 答案:B 12.In the power plant more than________of the workers are out________strike. A.five-twelfths;on C.fifth-twelves;on B.five-twelfth;for D.fifth-twelfths;for

解析:twelve 的序数词形式为 twelfth;分数表达法中的分子大 于 1 的,分母用复数;on strike 意思是在罢工。 答案:A 13.The traveller didn't know________which direction to go. A.in C.to B.at D./

解析:表示“朝??方向去”,用介词 in 而不用 to。 答案:A 14 . (2012· 南 省 洛 阳 市 统 考 )Mr Smith often stays up , 河 ________lessons,books spread all over the desk. A.prepared C.to prepare B.preparing D.prepares

解析:现在分词作伴随状语,Mr Smith 与 prepare 之间为主动 关系。 答案:B 15.The customer didn't choose________of the coats and went away without looking at a third one. A.both C.any B.all D.either

解析:not 与 both,all 连用为部分否定,与 any,either 连用为 完全否定。且两个 coats 不可用 all,故据句意,应用完全否定。 答案:D

Ⅰ.完形填空 When Alice started to cycle home from Jenny's house, wasn't she nervous. She was certainly not afraid of the dark.__1__,it was only a 15-minute ride home. But halfway there,she began to wish that she hadn't been so__2__. As she rounded a sharp bend, suddenly__3__cold—very cold. it Alice's breath became puffs of white cloud and her legs were so cold that it became hard to ride. With her heart beating fast,she struggled so hard to move __4__that she didn't hear the car which suddenly appeared beside

her. She stopped by the road. The big black car also__5__.Slowly, the passenger-window began to slide down. Alice held her breath. In the soft light inside the car,something__6__.Then,the light brightened and Alice was staring at a sweet,grey-haired old lady. “Hello,dear,” said the old lady. “I need__7__.I'm afraid I'm lost. I need to find the nearest airport. I must be there in the next five minutes.” “Airport? You__8__are lost.” Alice said. “You need to go back five kilometres__9__you reach the T - junction. Turn left and __10__for about another 10 kilometres to the main highway. From there,just follow the__11__to the airport. But I'm afraid there's no__12__you'll get there in five minutes!” “Thank you very much, dear.” replied the old lady. “Don't worry—I'll__13__in time.” The__14__moved up and the car started off. A little way

ahead,it__15__and with headlights flashing,it drove past Alice.But then something__16__happened. The car began changing.First, its colour__17__from black to silvery-grey. Then,the wheels began disappearing,but the car continued to move forward,__18__ just above the ground. As the car__19__into the dark sky,the big red tail -lights grew larger and larger and glowed more and more brightly. With a faint whistling__20__,the car was gone in seconds,leaving

Alice shaking her head in disbelief... 1.A.However C.Therefore 2.A.brave C.curious 3.A.fell C.proved 4.A.aside C.forward 5.A.arrived C.stayed 6.A.gathered C.dropped 7.A.help C.rest 8.A.necessarily C.basically 9.A.if C.unless 10.A.drive C.follow 11.A.address B.Besides D.Otherwise B.excited D.stubborn B.seemed D.grew B.around D.backward B.stopped D.started B.existed D.moved B.gas D.water B.normally D.certainly B.until D.as B.walk D.march B.signs

C.notices 12.A.doubt C.time 13.A.have it C.make it 14.A.door C.headlight 15.A.passed C.turned 16.A.strange C.imaginable 17.A.developed C.spread 18.A.rolling C.drawing 19.A.pointed C.broke 20.A.tune C.sound

D.guidance B.room D.way B.get it D.finish it B.window D.wheel B.rushed D.continued B.sensitive D.horrible B.appeared D.faded B.floating D.flashing B.returned D.rose B.voice D.tone 答案与解析


however 然而;besides 另外表并列;therefore 因此;

otherwise 否则。考连词。前一句说她不怕黑,后一句说只要 15 分钟

就能到家。这两句为并列关系。 2.A A 勇敢;B 兴奋;C 好奇;D 固执。前文说主人公 wasn't

nervous,后文 but,语意转折。 3.D 很冷。 4.C A 旁边;B 转圈;C 向前;D 向后。根据前文,主人公在 A 掉下;B 看起来;C 证明是;D 变得。根据意思,变得

回家路上,应该是努力向前走。 5. B A 到达; 停下; 停留; 开始。 B C D 前面写主人公 stopped,

后文有 also。所以也填 stopped。 6.D A 聚集;B 存在;C 掉了;D 移动。车中的 something 对

应指的是后文的 old lady,所以填 moved。 7.A A 帮助;B 汽油;C 休息;D 水。后文 old lady 说我迷路

了(lost),所以是需要 help。 8.D A 必要地;B 正常地;C 基本地;D 当然。后文我的回答

是,你要往回走 5 公里再向左走 10 公里等等,可见远远偏离目标。 所以选 certainly,你当然迷路了。 9.B A 如果;B 直到;C 除非;D 当。根据句意,是一直走,

直到到达某处。 10.A A 驾驶;B 走;C 跟随;D 行军。前文说的是开车,所 以是 drive。 11.B A 地址;B 标识;C 通知;D 指导。根据句意,“按照


12.D 固定搭配。A no doubt 毫无疑问;B no room 没有空间; C no time 没时间;D no way 不可能。C 选项看似正确但整句话矛盾 (你没时间在 5 分钟内到达)。 13.C A 拥有;B 得到;C 做成某事;D 结束。固定用法,表 示成功做成某事。 14.B A 门;B 窗;C 车顶灯;D 车轮。对应前文的 slide down

得知是车窗摇下来了,所以这里对应 up 的应该是车窗 window。 15.C A 通过;B 猛冲;C 掉头/转弯;D 继续。前文我建议 old lady 要 go back,所以这里对应车子要掉头才对,所以选 turn。 16.A A 奇怪的;B 敏感的;C 幻想的;D 恐怖的。根据后文, 车开始变形,选 strange。 17.D A 发展;B 出现;C 传播;D 褪色。后文说从 black 变 成了 silvery-grey,就是由黑变灰,所以答案选 D 褪色。 18.B A 滚;B 漂浮;C 拉;D 闪。根据文章,是车子的轮子

不见了,但是车子在空中接着向前。 19.D A 指向;B 返回;C 破门而入;D 升入空中。文中意思, 车子飞起升上天空。 20.C A 曲调;B 指人的声音;D 语气;C 表示“声音”的意 思。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 A Many animals are being endangered or at the edge of

disappearing.The following four species are the most endangered animals in the world. White elephants Today white elephants are very rare. The white elephant is a native of southeast Asia—Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand. The last white elephant in Burma(缅甸) was seen in 1961. Elephants represent power and peace. To Americans,a white elephant is a metaphor(隐喻) for a worthless object. To the people of Thailand,a white elephant is regarded as a sacred animal. Tibetan antelopes The Tibetan antelope, also called the chiru, is prized for the fur. Experts guess that there are 75,000 to 100,000 Tibetan antelopes left and that as many as 20,000 a year are killed in China alone. Rhinos There are five species of rhinos,two African and three Asian. The African species are the white and black rhinos. Both species have two horns. Asian rhinos each have one horn.Rhinos rank among the most endangered species on Earth.Valued for their horns,they face a serious threat from poaching. Some cultures believe

that powdered rhino horn will cure everything from fever to food poisoning. David's deer

Chinese scientists find it hard to explain how the population of David's deer, known as Milu deer among Chinese, bounced back after dying out in China. The Dafeng Nature Reserve in Jiangsu Province introduced 64 David's deer in 1993 and 1994,and the population has grown to 450 today.Milu once died out in China in the late 19th century because of floods,hunting and wars. 1.There is no white elephant in________. A.Cambodia C.Thailand B.Vietnam D.Burma

2.People kill Tibetan antelope just for________. A.their meat C.horns B.fur D.bones

3.The total number of________keeps increasing in China. A.white elephants C.rhinos B.Tibetan antelopes D.David's deer

4.The purpose of writing the passage is to______. A.call on people to protect the endangered animals in the world B.show the most endangered animals in the world C.tell why the four species are the most endangered animals in the world D.warn us the danger of losing four species in the world 答案与解析

1. 根据“The last white elephant in Burma was seen in 1961.” D 可知缅甸已经没有白象了。 2. 由“The Tibetan antelope, B also called the chiru, prized is for the fur.”可知答案。 3.D 文中提到在中国的两种动物 Tibetan antelope 与 David's deer,Tibetan antelope 每年有 2 万只被杀,David's deer 从 1993 年 到现在一直在增加,故选 D。 4.B 主旨大意题。文章只是列举了濒临灭绝的四种动物,有

的说明了其减少的原因,有的没有提到,故选 B。 B Mr Read was an able man. He worked hard in an office and was paid much. He had a happy family. His wife was beautiful and friendly to him. His daughter Sara was only three years old and everyone liked her. At first he loved his wife and took good care of Sara. When he was free,he always went to the theatres or parks with them,and they enjoyed themselves. Later on he was interested in gambling (赌博) and he often stayed outside for days. His wife looked for him but she failed. She always asked him to give up gambling but he didn't listen to her. He lost a lot. At last she had to divorce(离婚)him and left Sara to him. And soon after that he was sent away. He began to find another job but nobody would employ a man like him. He got into trouble at

once. Once Sara caught a bad cold and had to be in hospital.However,he had no money. His neighbour didn't lend him any though they had pity on the poor girl. He thought for a long time and found a way. He came in a theatre and said to the manager,“I have a wonderful programme which will help you to earn a lot of money.” “What's it?”asked the manager. “I can kill myself to the spectators' face(当着观众的面)if you pay me two million dollars.” “It's a good idea,sir.” the manager said coldly,“But what would I do if the spectators shouted once more?” 5.At first________. A.Mr Read gambled sometimes B.Mr Read didn't like his wife C.Mr and Mrs Read loved each other D.Mr and Mrs Read lived a hard life 6.The woman divorced Mr Read because________. A.he lost his job B.she couldn't find him at night C.he had been poor D.she hated him

7.Mr Read was sent away because________. A.he didn't work hard any longer B.he didn't stay at home in the evening C.his wife divorced him D.he had lost a lot 8.Nobody would help Mr Read because________. A.they didn't know him B.they didn't believe him C.he couldn't find any jobs D.he had some money in his room 答案与解析 5.C 由第一段可知,Mr Read 和他的妻子刚开始时相敬如宾, 生活也很幸福,故选 C。 6.D Mr Read 不听妻子的劝告,继续赌博,输得一塌糊涂。 他的妻子当然就讨厌他,故选 D。 7.A Mr Read 把心思都用在赌博上面,当然不会好好工作, 才会被解雇的,故选 A。 8.B Mr Read 输得一干二净,又失去了工作,就没有能力偿

还债务,因此大家不相信他能还钱,也就不愿借钱给他了,故选 B。 Ⅲ.阅读填句 If you want to keep fit,please refer to the following. Move More

Make it a daily to find ways to move your body.__1__Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator.Walk your dog;play with your kids.It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute dance class.But that's great when you're up to it.At the same time,move more. Give up Smoking Ever since 1960 when it was announced that smoking was harmful to health, Americans have been reducing their use of tobacco products. Just recently,we've seen more and more teens smoking. Could it be the Hollywood influence?__2__Take care! Warn your children against smoking. __3__ While recent studies show a glass of wine or one drink a day can help protect against heart disease,more than that can cause other health problems such as liver and kidney(肝肾) disease and cancer. Reduce Stress (压力) Easier said than done,stress comes in many ways.__4__Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like such as walk on the beach or in a park, read a good book, visit a friend, listen to relaxing music, and watch a funny movie. Protect Yourself from Pollution If you can't live in a smog-free environment,at least avoid

smoke-filled rooms.__5__Exercise indoors in air conditioning when air quality is good. A.Avoid Excessive (过量的) Drinking. B.There are many things you can do to move your arms and legs. C.Think carefully about what you will do. D.Exercise outside when the smog rating is low. E.It seems that the stars in every movie smoke cigarettes. F.Keep a Positive Mental Outlook. G.Some techniques given by experts are to think positive thoughts. 答案 1-5.BEAGD Ⅳ.短文改错 This autumn,my class went to the seaside to go camp. We arrived at a sandy beach with a well view of the sea and mountains. We set up our tents on the sandy beach,when night fell we started a fire to give us light and kept us warm. All my classmates sat around them,talking,singing and laughing. Several hours late,Robert and I went back to the tent to have the chat. We stayed up all night. We found that we two had a lot of in common.For example,we all like the same singers and have great enthusiasm for physics.The fire and

stars see our happiness.What I wished time would stop at the moment! 答案 This autumn,my class went to the seaside to go camp. We

arrived at a sandy beach with a well view of the sea and mountains.

We set up our tents on the sandy beach,∧ when night fell we started

a fire to give us light and kept us warm. All my classmates sat

around them,talking,singing and laughing. Several hours late,

Robert and I went back to the tent to have the chat. We stayed up

all night. We found that we two had a lot \ in common.For of example, all like the same singers and have great enthusiasm for we

physics.The fire and stars see our happiness. What I wished time
saw How

would stop at the moment! Ⅴ.书面表达 (2012· 山东莱芜市月考) 2012 年春季,我国一些省区特别是西南地区遭遇历史罕见的特 大旱灾, 给人民群众带来很大影响, 为此共青团号召同学们每人捐献 一瓶饮用水。请根据下列提示写一篇 120-150 词的倡议书。 1.简单介绍旱灾情况。 2. 号召同学每人捐献一瓶饮用水(或捐献相当于一瓶水价值的一 元钱)帮助灾区群众度过难关。 参考词汇:共青团 the communist youth league

答案 One possible version: Hello, everyone, This spring some parts of our country, especially the southwestern part, were struck by severe drought, which greatly inconvenienced people's life and work. For most of us, a drink of water is just a matter of turning on a tap. But for those in drought- stricken southwestern China, water can't be taken for granted. Its present shortage is a matter of life and death to them. So the Communist youth League is calling on us students to do something for those in need. We are supposed to donate one bottle of water or one yuan to help them. Even though the help we offer is little, it will help those who are suffering to live through the disaster. Be united, and we can do a lot more. Thank you for your help.

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