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英语复习:高二上Unit 3-Unit 4(精简)

Unit 3-Unit 4
知识梳理 Ⅰ.网络构建 preference design furniture taste *sofa *heater modern convenient block *apartment stand passage ugly construct construction unnatural steel *impress roof unfri

endly *despite *create *seashell sail *stadium net *nest *structure belong paint *aside workshop *rent development *teahouse poem poetry poet *intention *recite mad pattern dialogue sort loneliness sadness grammar *absence district *atmosphere introduction translate translation tale shade *extraordinary *idiom dust *apart *recommend *contribute act as fill up with... belong to set aside put...together play with call up stand out light up come into being send for contribute to...

单词 词汇

词组 语法


Ⅱ.重点精讲 ●重点单词 1.taste 例句集锦

(1)Can you taste anything strange in this soup? 你尝得出这汤里有什么怪味吗? She tasted the stew. 她尝了一口那道炖菜。 The cook tasted the soup to see whether he had put enough salt in it. 厨师尝了尝汤的味道,看看盐放得够不够。 (2)The young man has only begun to taste life. 那个年轻人才开始体验人生。 Taste the joy of freedom. 领略自由之乐。 (3)If you have a bad cold you cannot taste. 如果你患重感冒,你尝不出任何东西的味道。 (4)This food tastes nice. 这食物味道很好。 This soup tastes strongly of onion. 这汤洋葱味太浓。 This chocolate tastes like soap. 这种巧克力味道像肥皂。

(1)It is bitter to the taste.味道是苦的。 (2)This soup has a sour taste.这汤有酸味。 This food has little taste.

这食物没有什么味道。 (3)She has developed a taste for Chinese art. 她爱上了中国艺术。 (4)She has excellent taste in jewelry. 她对珠宝有很好的鉴赏力。 用法归纳 *taste 可用作动词(vi.&vt.)和名词。主要义项有:尝(味) ,尝起来,有??味道, 品尝;体验,领略;味觉;风味;爱好;审美力,鉴赏力。 特别提示 taste 作连系动词时,不能用于被动语态。 2.design 例句集锦

(1)design a garment 设计一件衣服 design a garden 设计一座花园 (2)The novelist designed a good plot. 那位小说家拟定了一个好情节。 She designed to be a teacher. 她打算要当教师。 (3)This dictionary is designed for college students. 这本辞典是供大学生使用的。 The laws were designed to protect children. 那些法律是为了保护儿童而制定的。 This book is designed as an introduction to literature. 这本书是要用作文学入门读物的。 (4)She designs for a dressmaking company. 她替一家服装店设计图样。

(1)new design for a dress 女装的新设计 industrial design 工业设计 This building is of poor design. 这栋建筑物设计不良。 (2)a design for advertisement 广告图案 a vase with a flower design 有花卉图案的花瓶 (3)Whether by accident or design,he arrived too late to help us. 无论是意外或故意,他到得太迟了,帮不上我们的忙。 用法归纳 *design 可用作动词(vi.&vt.)和名词。主要义项有:设计;筹划;预定;图案;目 的。 特别提示 注意 design 作动词和名词时和介词 for 的搭配。 3.impress 例句集锦


The accident impressed on me the necessity of observing regulations. 那次事故使我深感遵守规则的必要性。 Her words impressed themselves on my memory. 她的话铭刻在我的记忆里。 He impressed me with the need to work hard. 他使我深知努力工作的必要性。 He impressed me as honest.(=His honesty impressed me.或 He impressed me with his honesty.) 他的诚实给我留下了印象。 He impressed the max with the designs.(=He impressed the designs on the max.) 他在蜡上压印那些图案。

the impress of one’s personality 一个人的性格特征 Time has left its impress upon him. 时代给他留下了痕迹。 用法归纳 *impress 可用作动词(vt.)和名词。主要义项有:使铭记,给??以印象;盖印,压 印; 印记;铭刻;印象,痕迹,特征。 特别提示 用作动词时,和介词的主要搭配形式为:impress sth. on sb.; impress sb.with sth. 4.convenient 例句集锦

(1)convenient tools 便利的工具 a convenient time to meet 会面的适宜时间 if it is convenient to/for you 如果你方便的话 Is Monday(would Monday be)convenient for/to you? 星期一对你来说方便吗? It won’t be convenient for me to see you tomorrow. 明天去见你对我来说不方便。 This knife is very convenient for general purposes. 这把小刀适合于一般的目的/用途。 (2)My house is convenient to/for the shopping center. 我的家靠近购物中心。 用法归纳 *convenient 一般作形容词。主要义项有:方便的;适宜的,合适的;在近处的;近便的。 特别提示 convenient 主语不能是人。 例如: 如果你方便的话, 英语应表达为: it is convenient if to/for you,而不应表达为:if you are convenient。 ●重点短语 1.call up 例句集锦 You had better not call me up in the morning. 最好不要在早上打电话给我。

The photograph called up memories of his childhood. 那张照片唤起了他童年时代的一些记忆。 A large number of reservists were called up. 很多后备役军人被征召入伍。 相关归纳 (1)call for 要求,需要;大声呼救 Somebody was calling for help. 有人在大声呼救。 She called loudly for her husband to come and help her. 她大声叫喊,要她的丈夫来帮助她。 Mountain climbing calls for a strong body and a brave heart. 爬山要有健壮的身体和勇敢的精神。 (2)call back 召回;回电话 She was called back to her house. 她被叫回家。 I will call you back when I come home. 我回家再打电话给你。 (3)call in 把??请来;收回 We should call in a doctor/call a doctor in. 我们应该请个医生来。 The manufacturers have called in some cars with serious faults. 厂商已收回一些有严重缺陷的汽车。 (4)call on 拜访(某人) ;号召,恳求 I called on Peter last Sunday. 上个星期天我去看望了彼得。 He was called on to make a speech. 他被请求发表演讲。 They called on him to support them. 他们请求他去支持他们。 2.send for 例句集锦 Send someone for a doctor. 派人去请医生来。 I send him for some sugar. 我派他去买一些糖。 相关归纳 (1)send off 送别;发出 go to a station to send a person off 到车站给某人送行 We have sent off all the invitations. 我们已经把全部的请帖发出去。 (2)send out 发出,放出;长出 She sent out three hundred invitations. 她发出 300 张请帖。

In spring the trees begin to send out new leaves. 春天树木开始长出新叶。 A fire sends out light and warmth. 火发出光和热。 (3)send in 叫??进来;提交,递 Send her in.叫她进来。 send in one’s card 递名片 He has sent three paintings in for the exhibition. 他已送出三幅画参加展览。 3.set aside 例句集锦 The project was set aside. 那项计划被搁置。 set a protest aside 不接受抗议 相关归纳 (1)set about 着手,开始;散步 set about a job 开始一件工作 We set about cleaning the house. 我们着手打扫房子。 Who has set this rumor about? 谁散布的这种谣言? (2)set back 拨慢;阻碍 He set back his watch three minutes. 他将表拨慢了三分钟。 Their plans were set back by the storm. 他们的计划被暴风雨所延误。 (3)set off 使爆发;燃放(焰火等) ;发射 set off fireworks 燃放焰火 The joke set us off laughing. 那个笑话引得我们大笑。 They set off for home. 他们出发回家。 He set off on a trip to France. 他出发到法国去旅行。 (4)set out 陈述;陈列;踏上旅途;出发;开始,着手 set out one’s arguments 陈述自己的论点 set out goods on a stall 将货品摆在摊子上 We set out for home. 我们踏上归途。 He set out to paint the house. 他着手粉刷房子。 (5)set up 竖立;设立;开办;使康复 set up a pole 竖立木柱 set up a sign 竖起招牌

set up a tent 搭帐篷 set up a school 创校 A few weeks’ stay in the countryside will set her up. 在乡下住几个星期将使她康复。 特别提示 set about 和 set out 都有“开始,着手”之意,但前者接名词或动名词,而后者常接不 定式。 4.come into being 例句集锦 We do not know when the universe came into being. 我们不知道宇宙何时开始存在。 Thus the Great Wall came into being. 这样长城就形成了。 相关归纳 come into power 上台、掌权、执政 This government came to/into power in 1998. 本政府于 1998 年执掌政权。 come into effect 实行;实施;生效 The new tax regulations came to/into effect last week. 新税法上周开始实施。 The law came into effect on October 15. 那项法律于 10 月 15 日生效。 The contract will come into effect as soon as it is signed. (=The contract will go into effect as soon as it is signed.) 这项合同一经签署立即开始生效。 come into use 开始被使用 When did the word “transistor” come into common use? “电晶体”一词是何时开始被普遍使用的? The telephone first came into use in the 1870s. 电话在 19 世纪 70 年代开始使用。 come into sight/view 可以望见;出现在眼前 The mountain town came into sight as we turned the last corner. 我们拐过最后一个弯,山城就映入了我们的眼帘。 As we rounded the bend the lake came into view. 我们转过弯,那个湖泊就展现在我们眼前了。 ●必背句型 1.过去分词(短语)作宾补 教材原句 (1)Every great culture in the past had its own ideas of beauty expressed in art and architecture. 以往历史上的每一种伟大的文化,都由其审美观念在艺术和建筑之中体现。 (2)When you look around at buildings,streets,squares and parks,you will find them designed,planned and built in different styles. 当你环顾周围的建筑、街道、广场和公园时,你会发现它们是用不同的风格设计、规划

和建造起来的。 (3)They wanted their buildings constructed in a way to look unnatural. 他们要把自己的建筑物建成不合自然的模样。 (4)Frank Lloyd Wright,who built an art museum in New York, found himself inspired by Japanese seashells. 弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特设计了纽约的艺术博物馆,是日本的海贝壳激发了他的灵感。 特别提示 过去分词(短语)作宾补和宾语之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系。 补充例句 I made myself understood in French. 我用法语使人们了解我的意思。 The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see carried out the next year. 经理讨论了他们下一年想要执行的计划。 When he returned from abroad,he found his hometown so changed that he couldn’t recognize it. 他从国外回来时,发现故乡变化如此之大,以至于无法辨认了。 2.过去分词(短语)作状语 教材原句 (1)Seen from the top,it looks as if the stadium is covered by a gray net of steel,and it looks just like a bird’s nest made of tree branches. 从顶上看,仿佛体育场覆盖着灰色的钢网,非常像树枝搭成的鸟巢。 (2)Once published,his work became famous for the absence of rhyme at the end of each line. 他的诗作发表后,因为行尾不押韵而大获其名。 特别提示 过去分词(短语)作状语和句子的主语之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系。 补充例句 (1) (2004 年全国Ⅲ,25)It shames me to say it,but I told a lie when questioned at the meeting by my boss. 说来不好意思,在会上被老板质问时我撒了谎。 (2) (2004 年湖北,28)When compared with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. 与地球相比,最大的海洋一点也不显得大。 (3)Faced with the threat of water shortages,Beijing and Shanghai will take effective measures to save water and protect water resources. 面临水资源短缺的威胁,北京和上海将采取有效措施来节水和保护水资源。 3.A is to B what C is to D 教材原句 (1)A nest is to a bird what a house is to a man. 巢与鸟儿的关系如同房子和人的关系。 (2)A net is to a fisherman what a gun is to a hunter. 网与渔夫的关系就像枪与猎人一样。 (3)Arms are to the body what branches are to a tree.

上肢与身体的关系就像树枝和树的关系。 特别提示 这是一个比喻句,通常用于“A 对 B 而言正如 C 对 D 一样”这个句型。 补充例句 (1)We are to them what fish is to water. 我们和他们的关系就像鱼儿和水一样。 (2)Honey is to a bee what milk is to a cow. 蜂蜜与蜜蜂的关系如同牛奶和奶牛的关系。 (3)Smell is to the nose what taste is to the tongue. 嗅觉与鼻子的关系如同味觉和舌头的关系。 ( 4 ) Furniture is to the living room what playground equipment is to the playground. 家具与居室的关系如同体育器械和操场的关系。 疑难突破 despite,in spite of,though 三者都有“尽管”之意,但词性不同。前两者为介词,后跟名词,通常情况下可换用。 而 though 是连词,后跟句子。

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