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Fifth group

资料收集:付国江、魏淑 娟、罗春梅、马春林、吴 倩


Hachi : A Dog s Story

《 忠 犬 八 公 的 故 事 》



Let us briefly look at the movie



the film

Parke is a university professor, a day he to pass by at the train station, encountered a lost Akita dog, it seems destined for puppies and Professor Parke has some kind of fate, so the professor put the dog back home, even though his wife urged against the dog. But in the end Parke for the puppy love finally affect the wife, the wife is willing to become a member of the family dog, 帕克是一位大学教授,一天他上班路过火车站时,偶然遇到了 一只迷路了的秋田犬,冥冥中似乎注定小狗和帕克教授有着某种 缘分,于是教授把小狗带回了家,尽管妻子极力反对。但最终帕 克对小狗的疼爱终于感化了妻子,妻子愿意小狗成为家的一份子,



and named" s". In the care of Parke 's growing every day at work, Parke will,accompany Parke to the train station, the evening in train station waiting for Parke to come back. Unfortunately, Parke suddenly died of a heart attack, but it 's still believe that the master will come back, and so every time in the same place to wait, year after year, regardless of seasons, for ten years, until in a cold winter, a dream of a dream of happiness and the master come back die ... ...

并取名为“八公”。八公在帕克的呵护下慢慢长大,每天帕克 上班时都会陪帕克到火车站,傍晚时就在火车站口等待帕克回 来。不幸的是,帕克有天突然心脏病发作死亡了,但八公依然 坚信主人会回来,于是每天准时在同一个地方等待,年复一年, 不管春夏秋冬,一等就是十年,直到在一个寒冷的冬天里,在 一个梦见主人回来的梦中幸福地死去......


帕克是一位大学教授,一天他上班路过火车站时,偶然 遇到了一只迷路了的秋田犬,冥冥中似乎注定小狗和帕克 教授有着某种缘分,于是教授把小狗带回了家,尽管妻子 极力反对。但最终帕克对小狗的疼爱终于感化了妻子,妻 子愿意小狗成为家的一份子,并取名为“八公”。八公在 帕克的呵护下慢慢长大,每天帕克上班时都会陪帕克到火 车站,傍晚时就在火车站口等待帕克回来。不幸的是,帕 克有天突然心脏病发作死亡了,但八公依然坚信主人会回 来,于是每天准时在同一个地方等待,年复一年,不管春 夏秋冬,一等就是十年,直到在一个寒冷的冬天里,在一 个梦见主人回来的梦中幸福地死去......


Next Let us appreciate Those moving pictures in the film

接下来 让我们一起欣赏 7 电影中那些让我们感动的画面

On time every day at 5 pm at the train station waiting fo 坚持每天准时在下午5时在火车站等他。

Late at night, Hachi did not want to leave, still waiting for Professor This is an agreement between them.

ch day, Hachi would come to the same place on time, waiting ... d him the leaves turned from green to yellow, yellow to n, as such is ten years.
每天,Hachi都会准时来到原来的地方,等着…… 身后树叶绿了又黄,黄了又绿,就这样一晃,就是十年。


Ten years later, Parker’s wife came back to grave for her husban urprised to find that old Hachi was still here waiting for his owner ba

At one stormy night, the elderly Hachi felt that life was about to end , So with exhausted body, step by step,he slowly moved to the train station ... ...

一个风雪交加的夜里,年迈的Hachi感到生命即将终结, 12 拖动疲惫的身子,一步一步缓慢移动到了火车站……

In the old place, Hachi bent over, with the last breath of power, and insisted to open his eyes, looking at the exit on the opposite... ...

13 在这个老地方,Hachi俯下身子,用奄奄一息的力量,撑着眼睛,望着对面出站口……

What we learn from the film
The distance between life and death, for a dog, it cannot fathom, it only believe, his master will come back. It's life as a water passage, one point one year after year in bluestone station. As a dog, it has its principles, never abandon, regardless of sickness and death. It was lying there, ten years, and a landscape. For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word.

生与死的距离,对于一条 狗来说,它无法参透,它 只相信,他的主人会回来。 它的生命如一注流水,一 点一点在车站的青石台上 年复一年地流逝。作为一 只狗,它有它的原则,不 离不弃,不论生老病死。 它卧在那里,十年,透彻 成一种风景。死生契阔, 与子成说。

? Whether it is waiting for the previous owner, or waiting for me, I feel very touched, very happy.“ It teaches us the meaning of loyalty -- should never forget the people you love.
不管它是在等以前主人,还是在等我,我都觉 得很感动,很幸福。”它教会了我们忠诚的含 义——永远不应忘记你爱的人。

Please treat life, They will be your life in the sun


Hachi Statue
? To commemorate the loyal dog, after it was gone, there build a statue of Hachi in Japanese Shibuya, which stood there to replace Hachi to wait for his owner. Today the statue is still a good place for young boys and girls to date , because it is a symbol of "loyalty"


为了纪念这只忠犬,在它走后, 日本涩谷就有了这座“八公狗”铜 像, 代替它站在那里等待着它的主人。 八公狗铜像下,至今还是大多青年 男 女们约会见面的地点,因为,它象 征 16 着“忠诚”。

Hachi Statue


Please treat life, They will be your life in the sun



The end


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