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2015 年高考诊断性测试 英语参考答案
听力: 1—5 BCBBA 6—10 CAABC 11—15 CACBA 16—20 CBCBA

阅读理解: 21—23 CDB 24—27 DAAB 28—31 ABDC 32—35 CDAB

七选五: 36—40 CGDEA

完形填空: 41—45 CABDA 46—50 CBDBA 51—55 BDCCB 56—60 DBACD

语法填空: 61. natural 68. who 62. are suffering 69. in 70. cleaner 63. dangerous 64. unable 65. developing 66. to let 67. It/That

短文改错: Hello, Peter. I’m very grateful for your concern about my coming exam. To tell you ? truth, I

the have been busy prepare for the exam recently. Some classmates are feeling real stressed due to preparing really the exam, but I don’t take them so seriously. I always learn in a relaxing mood and I’m making it relaxed a great progress. Now that I had tried my best, it doesn’t matter much to me what the result is. have In my opinion, we should keep a good balance among our study, rest or exercise. I believe

and we can be succeeded if we prepare for the exam in a proper way. successful I’d appreciate it if you could give me some good advices.


书面表达(One possible version): Dear Mr. Black, How are you doing? I’m glad that there will be some new columns in our English website. Of the four columns, I have higher expectation to Today’s World. As you know, today’s world is a changing world. We’ll become outdated if we turn deaf ear to it. From the new column Today’s World we can learn what’s going on around the world. It can also enrich our knowledge of the latest science and technology. As to suggestion, I would appreciate it if there are some English-learning columns in the website. Most of my classmates are eager to learn English well, but short of learning chances after class. I hope our website can do something about it. Best wishes.


Li Hua

附:听力录音材料 1. M: Why are you so tired? W: It has been a really busy week. Students have been checking out so many books. This always happens around examination time. 2. M: Excuse me, can you tell me why the white shirt costs $300, while the black one on the left is only half the price? W: Well, that is because the white one is made of good silk. 3. M: Mary told me you were on a diet. How much weight have you lost?

W: Well, to start with, I weighed 160 pounds. The first two weeks took off 10 pounds, but then I gained three over the holidays. 4. W: How quickly can you get me to the airport? M: It’s a thirty-minute drive on the highway, but I know a shortcut that will get us there in twenty minutes. 5. M: So anyway, I am wondering if you would like to go out to dinner tonight. W: Oh, thanks, but…hmm…maybe some other time. I’ve got so much work to do. I’ll be working in the office late tonight. 6. M: Have you finished the survey? W: Yes. At last I know what people usually do after work. M: How do you carry out the survey? By posting the survey on the Internet? W: No. I did it by asking people questions in the parks or in the pubs or even in the streets, and then we talked about it. M: I believe most people like spending their spare time reading books or newspapers. W: Just like you do! Most people like watching TV at home instead. 7. W: How do you like this city here? M: Well, we’ve only been here for a few days, but I like this city very much. I hope people here will be easy to make friends with, just like you. W: I’d be glad to introduce you to other people. We only moved in this flat two years ago, so I know how you feel, and we all try to be friendly to all of the newcomers. M: Sounds great! And one thing I’d like to know is the best place to shop. I really like shopping in my spare time. W: There’s a new shopping center about a mile from here. Since it opened, I find I have hardly ever gone downtown to shop. It’s very convenient.

M: I see. Thank you very much. 8. W: Hey, Tom, you’re going for the BBQ tomorrow, right? M: I’m not so sure, because I don't really know many people there. W: What do you mean? I’ll be there. You know Jerry, the host. You also know Sandra, Jacqueline, and Thomas. M: Wait, who’s Jacqueline? I don't know her. W: Of course you do. You met her last time at the interschool basketball tournament. She’s from Hon Kong Girls School, remember?

M: Oh, you mean Jackie! Yes, I remember her. Well, I might go. Where is it? W: It’s going to be in Tai Po. We’ll start the BBQ at 4 in the afternoon. So I’ll call you tonight to confirm what time we’re meeting. 9. W: Hi, Michael. Is everything all right? M: Hi, Mum. Everything is fine. I am waiting for you to get home, so we could have a talk. W: Anything special you want to talk about? M: There is, Mum. The exhibition is absolutely excellent! I saw many robots performing. They are intelligent and quick. They cooperate very well, too. W: Well, it sounds really exciting. M: Indeed! What’s more exciting is that I have just got a job there. W: Really? What kind of job? Work during the exhibition? M: Yes. It happened that they wanted some more boys to help deliver questionnaires to the audience. And I will start work tomorrow. W: You sound excited about it. M: Yes. I will be working with intelligent robots for three more days without having to pay for the tickets. 10. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Daily Shopping Program. I’m Steven. Before the serious topic about shopping, I’d like to talk about advertisements on the Internet first. As you know, there are so many advertisements which offered some wonderful goods for you to choose from. But you have to be careful not to be fooled or tricked by some advertisements on the Internet, just because something that is said to be a bargain doesn't always mean it’s cheap. And often something that is supposed to be new and improved has only changed the package design. Now the best part is, of course, the shopping. I love to buy articles of everyday use, so I can get a lot of information on websites online. For example, if I want to buy a camera, I can turn on the computer to check its quality. I can even download pictures to test its quality with my own eyes. Besides, shopping online can save a lot of time. You don't have to drive to a shop or a store, nor need you walk around a crowded shopping area, so you needn’t waste much time. To be honest, the Internet is really useful for shopping. Hope everyone will have a happy shopping.


25 分的作文应为特别优秀答卷。 1)第五档(很好) : (21—24 分) 书写规范,紧扣主题,覆盖全部要点,语法结构多样,词汇应用准确,虽然个别错误,但为尽力使用 较复杂结构或词汇所致;显示出较强的语言应用能力;有效运用了连接成分,全文结构紧凑。 2)第四档(好) : (16—20 分) 书写规范,紧扣主题,覆盖绝大部分要点,内容较充实,语言有少量错误,但基本不影响意思 表达,行文比较连贯,全文结构较紧凑。 3)第三档(一般) : (11—15 分) 书写一般,内容基本充实;要点不够全面, 有一些语法结构或词汇方面的错误, 行文不够连贯. 4)第二档(较差) : (6—10 分) 内容不够充实;语法结构单调,词汇贫乏。错误较多,影响对写作内容的理解;较少使用连接 成分,缺少连贯性。 5)第一档(差) : (1—5 分) 内容不充实;语法结构单调,词汇贫乏。 通篇语法或词汇错误,未能将信息传达给读者。几 乎没有有效信息。 0分

二、说明 1、 本题总分为 25 分,分 5 个档次酌情给分; 2、 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量、确定或 调整档次,最后给分; 3、 词数少于或多于规定词数的作文,从应得分中扣除 2 分; 4、 评分时应注意:内容要点、应用词汇和语法结构的多样性和准确性,以及上下文的连贯及语言 的得体; 5、 评分时,应考虑拼写和标点符号的使用; 6、 书写较差,影响对写作内容的理解,将分数降低一个档次。

三、阅卷分数控制的参考范围 1、21—24 分(10—15%) 2、15—20 分 (60—65%) ) 3、10—14 分 (10—15%) 4、9 分以下,根据学生答卷情况而定。

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