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第一节:单项选择(共 15 题,每小题 1 分;满分 15 分) 1. After the technique was introduced, the factory produced _______ in 2006 as the year before. A. as many machines twice C. twice as many machines B. twice many as machines D. as twice many machines

for information on the Internet. A. broke up the project. A. carried out C. turned out B. taken out D. figured out B. broke out C. broke down D. broke in 8.The officials have_______ the time and money needed to complete

9. If you want to have a talk with the manager personally, you need to make an _____ ahead of time. A. explanation B. appointment C. introduction D. adjustment 10.–Would you like to watch TV at home or go for a walk after dinner? -________. A. Don’t mention it C. It’s my pleasure B. I’d rather go for a walk D. That’s my first choice

2. It is said that _____ water pollution all over the world is very serious, but on ___ whole, people here have been able to get clean drinking water. A. /; the B. the; the C. the; a D. /; a 3. I do every single bit of housework ______ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A. as B. since C. when B. aim at D. aimed to passing D. while 4. He studied hard, _______ the exam. A. aiming at passing C. aiming passing

11. A middle-aged man came _____ to the bus stop only ____ the bus had gone. A. to run; finding C. and run; found while I am away? A. it B. me C. yourself D. them 13. On the wall_____ two maps. One is a map of China and the other a map of the world. A. hung B. are hanging C. hang D. hangs 14. Is this the reason______ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? B. running; finding D. running; to find

5. I know _____ is important to know my own limitations, but _____ is difficult is to help others to know their own limitations. A. it; it C. it; what would you do? A. Suppose B. Think C. Guess D. Figure 7. The computer system _______ suddenly while he was searching B. what; what D. what; it

12. Will you see to _____ that my children are taken good care of

6. _______ you can’t get the necessary equipment, what

A. what he explained C. how he explained

B. he explained D. why he explained

distraction (调剂) that I have 16. A. If 17. A. seldom 18. A. happiest 19. A. visitors 20. A. open 21. A. staring 23. A. Even 19 from 24. A. any 25. A. joked 26. A. mailed B. As B. last B. letters B. full B. reaching B. Thus B. no B. talked B. received

35 all the postcards and still bring D. What D. merely D. hard D. directions D. empty D. rolling

them out to read whenever I need a lift. C. So C. often C. busiest C. calls C. closed C. pouring C. Also C. some C. forgot C. wrote B. carefully

15. ―Would you rather _______ there tomorrow? ―No, I’d rather he _______ there instead of me. A. go; went C. going; going B. to go; to go D. go; shall go

第二节:完形填空(共 20 题,每小题 2 分;满分 40 分) The year I went away to college was a very difficult transition (过 渡期) for me. homesick and 16 17 is probably true with many people. I got quite thought about going home. 18 time for many students is getting 20 . One day when I went to the 23 I became

22. A. describing B. considering C. expecting D. enjoying D. But D. such D. cared D. accepted

Although the

home, my mailbox was frequently mailbox, there was a postcard it, increasingly puzzled (困惑) as

21 at me. I sat down to read 24 postcards were like this: It was 25 about it. this

22 a note from someone back home.

27. A. developing C. discovering 28. A. one 29. A. really 31. A. next 33. A. continued 34. A. easy 35. A. lost

B. demanding D. delivering B. either B. possibly C. each C. usually C. below D. both D. nearly D. behind D. avoided

a full news report about a woman named Mabel and her newborn baby. I took the card back to my room and Several days later I one 26 another postcard,

30. A. promising B. surprised C. pretending D. interested B. lately 32.A. frightened B. pleased C. excited D. disappointed B. stopped C. started C. tired B. safe D. anxious D. torn

27 news about Maybelline, Mabel's cousin. Soon after, another 28 full of news of different people. 32 . 29 look forward to the next one, 30 to see what this 31 . I was never 33 coming, right about the time I had begun

card arrived and then another, I began to author would come up with Finally, the cards to feel

B. collected C. saved

34 about college life. They had been such a happy

第三节:阅读理解(共 20 题,每小题 3 分;满分 60 分)

A One day a few years ago a very funny thing happened to a neighbour of mine. He is a teacher at one of London’s big medical schools, He had finished his teaching for the summer term and was at the airport on his way to Russia to give a lecture. He had put a few clothes and his lecture notes in his shoulder bag, but he had put Rupert, the skeleton (人体骨骼) to be used in his lecture, in a large brown suitcase (箱子). At the airport desk, he suddenly thought that he had forgotten to buy a newspaper. He left his suitcase near the desk and went over to the shop. When he got back he discovered that someone had taken his suitcase by mistake. He often wonders what they said when they got home and found Rupert. 36. Who wrote the story? A. Rupert’s teacher B. The neighbour’s teacher C. A medical school teacher. D.The teacher’s neighbour 37. Why did the teacher put a skeleton in his suitcase? A. He needed it for the summer term in London. B. He needed it for the lecture he was going to give. C. He wanted to take it to Russia for medical research. D. He wanted to take it home as he had finished his teaching. 38. What happened at the airport? A. The skeleton went missing . suitcase . B. The skeleton was stolen . C. The teacher forgot his suitcase. D. The teacher took the wrong

39. Which of the following best tells the teacher’s feeling about the incident? A. He is very angry . D. He feels good without Rupert . 40. Which of the following might have happened afterwards? A. The teacher got back the suitcase but not Rupert. B. The teacher got back neither the suitcase nor Rupert. C. The teacher got back Rupert but not the suitcase. D. The teacher got back both the suitcase and Rupert. B O. Henry was a pen name used by an American writer of short stories. His real name was William Sydney Porter. He was born in North Carolina in 1862. As a young boy he lived an exciting life. He did not go to school for very long, but he managed to teach himself everything he needed to know. When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas, where he tried different jobs. He first worked on a newspaper, and then had a job in a bank, when some money went missing from the bank O. Henry was believed to have stolen it. Because of that, he was sent to prison. During the three years in prison, he learned to write short stories. After he got out of prison, he went to New York and continued writing. He wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there. People liked his stories, because simple as the tales were, they would finish with a sudden B. He thinks it rather funny . C. He feels helpless without Rupert.

change at the end, to the reader’s surprise. 41. In which order did O. Henry do the following things? a. Lived in New York. c. Travelled to Texas. e. Had a newspaper Job. A. e. c. f. b. d. a. C. e. b. d. c. a. f. A. they had surprise endings b. Worked in a bank. d. Was put in prison. f. Learned to write stories. B. c. e. b. d. f. a D. c. b. e. d. a f. B. they were easy to understand

But the staff sees a lot of parents, too. “Parent meetings form a clear monthly pattern,” says Mildred Foreman, Guidance Director. “This pattern stays much the same from year to year. The busy months are October, March and May.” September starts rather slowly. Few parents come in, Most of these want to discuss the schedules (日程安排). October brings many behaviour (行为) problems. Some parents are called in. Others come by themselves. Things quiet down in November December is a quiet month. “It’s the holiday,” Ms Foreman says. “People want to come in, I know , but they decide to wait until after New Year’s Day.” Report cards go home just before Christmas holidays. Bad marks . bring parents in as school reopens. This happens again in March, another report card month. May is always the year’s busiest month. That’s when parents realize that their children might be held back (留 级). They come in to see if anything can be done before things are decided in June. 45. “Most of their work is done with the students” means ______. A. they have most of their work done by the students B. most of their work is getting rid of their students C. most of their work is dealing with the students D. their work is mostly done together with the students 46. In the sentence “The staff sees a lot of parents too.” the word “see” can be replaced with “_____”. A. notice B. understand C. arrange D. meet 47. From the diagram(图表), we know that the total of their meetings

42. People enjoyed reading O. Henry’s stories because C. they showed his love for the poor. D. they were about New York City 43. O. Henry went to prison because B. he broke the law by not using his own name C. he wanted to write stories about prisoners D. people thought he had taken money that was not his 44. Where did O. Henry get most material for his short stories? A. His life inside the prison. B. The newspaper articles he wrote. C. The city and people of New York. D. His exciting early life as a boy. C The Guidance Department (教导处) at Burrville High School has a staff (职员) of eleven. Most of their work is done with the students. A. people thought he had stolen money from the newspaper

in April is ______ as many as that in December. A. twice B. a quarter D When we see well, we do not think about our eyes very often. It is only when we cannot see perfectly that we realize how important our eyes are. People who are near-sighted can only see things that are very close to their eyes, Everything else seems blurry(=unclear). Many people who do a lot of work, such as writing, reading and sewing become near—sighted. People who are far-sighted suffer from just the opposite problem. They can see things that are far away, but they have difficulty in reading a book unless they hold it at arm’s length. If they want to do much reading ,they must get glasses, too. Other people do not see clearly because their eyes are not exactly the right shape. They have what is called astigmatism (散光). This, too, can be corrected by glasses. Some people’s eyes become cloudy because of cataracts (白内障). Long ago these people often became blind. Now, however, it is possible to operate on the cataracts and remove them. Having two good eyes is important for judging distances. Each eye sees things from a slightly different angle (角度). To prove this to yourself, look at an object our of one eye; then look at the same object out of your other eye. You will find the object’s relation to C. half D. two-thirds

the background and other things around it has changed. The difference between these two different eye views helps us to judge how far away an object is. People who have only one eye cannot judge distance as people with two eyes. 48. We should take good care of our eyes A. only when we can see well B. only when we cannot see perfectly C. even if we can see well D. only when we realize how important our eyes are 49. When things far away seem indistinct( 模 糊 不 清 ) , one is probably A. near-sighted C. astigmatic means A. experience C. feel pain E 51 One of the best things you can possibly do is to start you own club. It’s great fun especially if you are the sort of person who feels there’s never anything to do during the school holidays. The first thing you need to come up with is an idea for your club. 52 Pets, clothes, pop music or dancing groups, sports, making things? The list is endless. . B. imagine D. are affected with . B. far-sighted D. suffering from cataracts .

50. The underlined word “suffer” in the third paragraph probably

Next you need some friends to be in your club with you. same thing as you. 54


第五节 书面表达:(25 分) 在世界环保日到来前夕,联合国教科文组织就如何保护环境尤其是如何处 理城市垃圾问题面向世界各国的中学生征文。请你根据下列提示,以 “Saving our city”为题,写一篇 120 词左右的短文。 1.城市垃圾的危害:污染环境,有害健康。 2.你所在的城市是如何处理(deal with)垃圾的: (1)垃圾分类(sort); (2)报纸、玻璃等垃圾的再利用(recycle); (3)处理废水(waste water)、废气(waste air); (4)填埋有害垃圾; (5)尽我所能,爱护环境,保护环境。

All you need is three or four other people who are interested in the You should all sit down somewhere together with lots

of pieces of paper and write down every name you can think up. That’ ll keep you busy for ages. At your first meeting you should make up a rule book. And the first rule should be no grown-ups or little/big brothers or sisters! The best clubs are always secret! Now you have just about everything you need, except membership cards. These are very important and again you can spend a lot of time making them. like it. So there you are, get clubbing! Once you get started you’ll think of loads of more interesting things to do! A. That’s easy. B. Enjoy your own club! C. Invite a designer to join you. D. What are you interest in? E. Some vacation is just around the corner. F. Then you need to pick a name for your club. G. Use a bright thick pen to make a special design. 55 Why not leave some space for a photo of yourself? That will make the membership card really look

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