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高考二轮专题复习与测试· 英语 班级:__________________ 姓名:__________________



(45 分钟) 第一节 完形填空

阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A、B、 C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 Social media is probably the biggest thing to come out of the 21st century.You don't even have to be on a computer to__1__them.You can surf the Internet on your phones.The problem with social networks is that they can be very__2__.Clearly,social media is very unlikely to__3__anytime soon.However,there are some __4__ that highfrequency users could take to keep addiction in check,thus leaving more productive or fun time __5__for reallife activities. In the past, if I had to look away from the social media, I felt like I was going to die.I used to constantly__6__,Twitter and Facebook every two minutes.__7__ ,I realized that there was actually an

outside world.Now,I can use the social media sites without feeling like a drug addict.But why and how did I do it? If you spend too much time on any social networking site,you start to see the bad __8__. Sure it's fun and __9__at first but then you realize that you're interacting with people all the time.You really start to see how__10__people are.People who you don't really want to talk to will end up messaging you or commenting on every little thing. To really break__11__first.Figure out what is important to you .A few years ago,the only thing I seemed to care about was my social networking sites.I didn't worry about the real world or about life because I was only into the Internet.Later,I learned that my school and real life__12__more. Also , __13__your use of social media.Unless there's an overwhelming(势不可挡的)__14__otherwise, don't leave social media sites open all the time .If you can __15__it,you will find yourself to be happier about a lot of things in your life!

1.A.refuse B.touch C.access D.grasp

解析:上下文语境。根据下文的“You can surf the Internet on

your phones.”可知现在甚至不用电脑也可以“进入”社交网站。 答案:C

2.A.complex B.addictive C.equal D.abstract

解析: 词语复现。 根据下文的描述和作者的经历可知社交网站会 让人“上瘾”。addictive 与第一段 addiction 和第二段“like a drug addict”的 addict 属同源词复现。 答案:B

3.A.change B.slip C.charge D.disappear

解析:常识理解。句意:很明显,社交网络不会消失。 答案:D



C.ability D.chances


那些使用社交网络频繁的人使用。 答案:A

5.A.available B.comfortable C.valuable D.special

解析:上下文语境。句意:这样,那些人就会有更多时间留给现 实生活中的一些活动。 答案:A

6.A.design B.call C.explore D.update

解析:常识理解。句意:我过去频繁更新社交网站,每两分钟就 会“更新”一次。 答案:D

7.A.Simply B.Frequently C.Basically D.Thankfully

解析:上下文语境。根据下文“Now,I can...without feeling like a drug addict.”可知作者感到很“庆幸”。


8.A.influence B.method C.direction D.argument

解析: 上下文语境。根据下文的 “ ...you realize that you're interacting with people all the time...”可知这些是上社交网站的坏的 影响。 答案:A

9.A.offcial B.exciting C.reliable D.active

解析:根据逻辑联系词 and 和前面的 fun 可知, “肯定的是,上 社交网站最开始是有趣的”。 答案:B

10.A.kind B.determined C.selfish D.annoying

解析:上下文语境。根据下文的“People who you don't really want to...”可知你会发现人们是有多“烦人”。


11.A.responsibilities B.style C.priorities D.reaction

解析:上下文语境。根据下文的“Figure out what is important to you.”可知选 priorities,最重要的事。 答案:C

12.A.struggled B.advanced C.mattered D.impressed

解析:上下文语境。句意:后来,我认识到学习和现实生活更重 要。 答案:C

13.A.forbid B.schedule C.respect D.understand

解析: 根据下一句可知作者告诉读者要“规划”好自己使用社交 网站的时间。 答案:B

14.A.reason B.mistake C.outcome D.hope

解析:上下文语境。句意:除非有很必要的“原因”,否则,不 要把社交网站一直打开。 答案:A

15.A.dream B.control C.exhibit D.cancel

解析:上下文语境。句意:如果你能“控制”住,你就会发现在 现实生活中,你会更快乐。 答案:B



阅读下面的短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要 求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 Everyone has a fun or embarrassing memory that you,your friends , of your family like to tell others.I

16.__________(definite)have one of those stories. It was 1983 and I was only 8 years old.Anyway ,it was 6 pm

on17.__________Sunday evening right before church.I was in the back of the church 18.__________(play)with other kids.These older kids who were at least 4 years19.__________(old)than me challenged me to race them.I said Okay! I was told to go one way and they would go the other way and we would see 20.__________won. I was doing fine until I opened a door and realized where I was.I was in the room21.__________our church's baptistry (洗礼池)was located.The baptistry was full22.__________water because a few people were getting baptized that evening .Before I knew it,I sank in water.The whole church heard me fall in . My dad was informed of what happened and was not happy23.__________me.He was about to take me home and “ discipline ” me , but we passed the pastor as he

24.__________(walk)into the church. I sadly told him, “I fell into the baptistry.”25.__________took everything for him not to burst out laughing.It certainly wasn't a shining moment for me.

16.解析:考查词类转换。修饰谓语动词要用副词形式。 答案:definitely 17.解析:考查冠词。evening 是第一次提到的单数可数名词, 且前有 Sunday 修饰,故用 a 修饰,表泛指。 答案:a

18.解析:考查非谓语动词。I 与 play 之间是主动关系,故用现 在分词作伴随状语。 答案:playing 19.解析:考查比较级。根据句中的 than 可知此处要用比较级 形式。 答案:older 20.解析:考查宾语从句。who 引导宾语从句,并在从句中作主 语。 答案:who 21.解析:考查定语从句。先行词是 the room,表地点,故用 where 引导定语从句,并在从句中作地点状语。 答案:where 22.解析:考查介词。be full of“充满”。 答案:of 23.解析:考查介词。be not happy with“对??不高兴”。 答案:with 24.解析:考查时态。从句缺少谓语动词,根据语境,用过去进 行时。 答案:was walking 25.解析:考查代词。It 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定 式结构。 答案:It



阅读下面的短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中选出最佳选 项。 A Korean wave is sweeping across China , with many Chinese women worshiping South Korean actors Kim Soohyun and Lee Minho as demigods( 像神一样受崇拜的人 ) . Chinese netizens always have different opinions over South Korean TV dramas ,but there is no doubt that programs from the neighboring country are now enjoying a new round of popularity in China.And a big part of the credit for that goes to You Who Came From The Star,the South Korean TV series which is on the air now. You Who Came From The Star and The Heirs( 继承者 们 )have been subjects of hot online discussions throughout Asia.Besides,the book,The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, read by the hero in You Who Came From The Star was a hardtoget item on Amazon for a while. The two TV programs have several common elements:a tall,handsome and rich hero who loves the heroine blindly and always protects her,and an equally handsome man madly in love with the same woman.Both programs describe,perhaps that's the

secret of their success; perhaps people still like Cinderellatype stories. The widening wealth gap is a matter of social concern both in South Korea and China, and the challenges that young people face in their hope for a better life might have caused many ordinary girls to dream of marrying rich,caring men.This is precisely what the popular South Korean TV dramas describe.In_fact ,

South_Korean_TV_dramas_are_tailored_to_meet_the_market's_de mands. Many netizens even said at an earlier time that South Korean TV dramas had become popular because of their stereotyped(模式化 的)themes: traffic accidents, cancer and other incurable diseases.But all that has changed with the success of You Who Came From The Star and The Heirs, which Chinese directors can use as examples,as well as inspiration,to improve their productions.

26.What is the main reason for a new round of popularity in China? A . The dramas are from the neighboring country North Korea. B.Most of the Chinese netizens have voted for them. C.The actors in the dramas are all gods. D.It is because of “You Who Came From The Star”.

解析: 事实细节题。 从第一段的“And a big part of the credit for that goes to You Who Came From The Star,the South Korean TV series which is on the air now.”可知选 D。 答案:D

27.Which is NOT included in the elements for the success of South Korean dramas? A.Charming pure love stories. B.A tender kiss and a warm hug. C.Handsome and rich heroes. D.The heroine's blind love with the rich.

解析: 事实细节题。 从第三段的“a tall, handsome and rich hero who loves the heroing blindly and always protects her...that's the secret of their success”可知选 D。 答案:D

28.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 means that they are designed to________. A.develop in a large scale B.be measured to a certain size

C.meet popular taste purposely D.be shown in a big market

解析:意义猜测题。画线句子意为 “为满足市场需求而量身定 做”,故选 C。 答案:C

29.The main purpose of stereotyped themes in South Korean dramas is to________. A.present an idea B.attract TV viewers C.make them colorful D.arouse some challenges

解析:事实细节题。从第五段“had become popular because of their stereotyped(模式化的 )themes”可知韩剧曾用模式化的主题使 其大受欢迎,其目的是为了吸引更多观众。 答案:B

30.In the last sentence,about Chinese Dramas,the writer expressed his________. A.expectation B.satisfaction

C.excitement D.requirement

解析: 观点态度题。 从“But all that has changed with the success of You Who Came From The Star and The Heirs,which Chinese directors can use as examples, as well as inspiration, to improve their productions.”可知选 A。 答案:A



阅读下面的短文,然后按要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短 文。 As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind.Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of enough nutritious food.Likewise,we should keep learning day by day to maintain our mental power. As we know,interest is the best teacher of learning,so you must be willing to learn and cultivate interest in learning.Try to understand why learning is necessary and how it will help you now and later ; math makes us flexible ; histories make men wise ; philosophy makes one deep;logic makes people able to debate; knowing how to spell makes writing easier in your whole life. Here's some advice on how to study efficiently:manage

your time , like making a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time per day to studying.Find a good study spot so that , you should feel comfortable,but not so comfortable that you risk falling asleep—a bed isn't a very good study spot when you're tired! Clear your mind and write some notes about what you're thinking about before studying.Rewrite your notes at home because taking notes hurriedly during class might lose the neatness.

[写作内容] 1.以约 30 词概括上文中的内容。 2.以约 120 词谈谈你对学习的看法,包括如下要点: (1)学习的重要性。 (2)举一个刻苦学习并取得成功的例子。 (3)你认为如何才能有效率地学习。 [写作要求] 1.作文中可以使用亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材 料的内容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子。 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 [评分标准] 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 _______________________________________________________ _________________

_______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________

[参考范文] The passage above states the importance and necessity of study, emphasizes that we must be willing to learn and finally offers some

practical advice for us to be a good learner. Knowledge is power, and learning is the key to it.Only when we are armed with the power of wisdom can we get closer to our aim.It is by learning that we can understand the world better and have a brighter future. There is no royal road to learning.Take Li Yang for example.Being in college,Li Yang was poor at English and always failed in exams.But he didn't give up and determined to learn it best.From then on, he insisted on getting up early to yell English crazily every morning and seized every chance to practice oral English.Finally,he succeeded and became an outstanding English learning pioneer in China. How can we study efficiently ? Firstly , show interest in study and be eager to learn.Besides,create a quiet environment to learn in it and keep a peace mood while obtaining knowledge.Last but not least,have adequate sleeping and organize time properly in every subject.One more thing to remember is“Practice makes perfect and efficient”.

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