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外研版必修5 Module 4 Language points

Module 4 Carnival
Language points

? P31 ? 1. ?mark vt.?标志(着)? ? 【经典例句】 The road has been marked so that it is easy to follow.? ? The workers packed the glasses and marked on

each box “This side up”. ? 2010. 全国课标卷单选 ? 该路线已经标有记号,可以很容易跟着走。? ? 【考点聚焦】 1)mark还有“做记号,给……打 分,留心”等意;此外mark还可以作名词,意为 “记号,痕迹,污点,考试分数”等。 ? mark time: 原地踏步,停止不前,拖延时间 ?

? 2. hard times: 艰难时世,困难时期 ? at the end of:在…结尾,在…末端 ? come out: 出来; 出现; 出版;(事实)暴露,
披露 ,结果是;到头来



dress up : 打扮,装扮 How did you feel? 你感觉怎样? take part in : 参加

? 3. think of考虑; 想起; 想出; 对…有意见 /想法 ? think of sb/sth + as … 认为 ? think sb (to be) … 认为某人… ? think of/about doing sth 考虑 ? What do you think of …? ? think over 慎重思考, 仔细考虑 ? think about 回想, 想起; 考虑到 ? think highly of …高度评价 ? think twice about (doing) sth/before doing sth/before you do sth三思而行

4. see 认为
As sb see it/ The way sb see it, = as sb can see: 如某人所见 see … as … see through, see to ,see to it that…

as (being) be seen to be As I see it, you don't have any choice. I see the job as a challenge. He saw himself as a failure. This type of work is often seen as boring.

5. extend vt.(时间,长度)延长,延伸 ①As time passed,however,the carnival period was extended,so that it began just after Christmas. (教材P32)然而,随着时间的流逝,狂欢节的 时间延长了,圣诞节刚过就开始了。 ②Can’t you extend your visit for a few days? 你们访问的时间不能延长几天吗? ③The forest extends in all directions as far as the eye can see. 森林向四面伸展,一望无际。

2.I’m afraid we can’t complete the project on time. Shall we try to get the deadline A ________till the end of this month? A.extended B.lasted C.spreading D.prolonging 解析: 根据语境“因不能按时完成任务, 要将最后的期限延长到本月底”可知A项正确。 extend指时间上的延长或延伸;spread指向四面 八方扩大范围;last指时间的持续;prolong指把 时间过程延长到超过通常或正常的限度。又因 get sth.done使……(被)完成

6. on end 连续不断地; 竖着地
She waited outside for hours on end. The scene set my hair on end. There has been no rain for weeks on end.

The two experts worked at the task of writing a preface to a new dictionary for three hours____. A. at length B. in full C. on end D. in time
at length 终于,详尽地 in full 满满的

? 1) in the end/ at the end of ? 2)put an end to/come to an end/bring sth. to an end ? 3)make (both) ends meet:收支相抵 ? 4)残屑: cigarette ends end作动词的短语 1) end (up) with We ended the meeting with a song. 2) end up in…/end up doing… The spoiled son of the singer ended up in jail. We were going to go out but ended up watching videos.

7. pretend vi.假装 pretend to be+n./adj.假装是…… pretend to do假装做…… pretend to be doing假装正在做…… pretend to have done假装已做过某事 pretend+thatclause假装……

①He pretended to be friendly to us. 他假装对我们友善。 ②She pretended not to know the facts.她佯 装不知实情。 ③He pretended to be reading an important paper when the boss entered.老板进来时他假装 正在看一份重要的文件。 ④She pretended that she was not at home when we rang the bell. 我们按门铃时,她假装不在家。 ⑤The thief pretended not to have met us before. 小偷装作以前从来没见过我们。

8. in secret 秘密地; 偷偷地= secretly keep a secret 保守秘密 keep sth secret from sb不把某事告诉某人 The film stars were married in secret to avoid publicity. 避免惹人注意,不想出名 9. prison 相关短语 in prison : 坐牢 go to prison:入狱,进监狱 out of prison:出狱 put /send sb into prison: 将…投进监狱 release sb from / let sb out of prison escape from prison break prison

10. dress up装扮;打扮 ①...and they were not allowed to dress up as women. (教材P33)……而且不允许他们装扮成妇 女。 ②The children dressed themselves up as soldiers. 孩子们扮成士兵。

dressed up in Have you ever ______________ special clothes? dress up as Men were not allowed to ______________ women.(P33) A young woman dressed as a dove climbs to the _________ top of the bell tower in St Mark’s Square. (P34) dress 1) vi. 穿衣 He washed, dressed and went out. 2) vt. 给…穿衣 His mother dressed him in new clothes. She hurriedly dressed the child and took him downstairs. 3) vt. 装饰,打扮 The ship was dressed with flags. 4) vt. 敷药包扎 The doctor cleaned and dressed the wound.

(1)dress up as...装扮成…… dress up (for...)(为……而)穿上盛装, (为……而)打扮 dress up in...穿上……色的衣服 (2)dress well穿着得体 dress sb.(oneself)给某人穿衣 be dressed in...穿着……

③We dressed up for the party. 我们为参加婚礼而盛装打扮。 ④The little girl is old enough to dress herself. 这个小女孩已经能够给自己穿衣服了。 ⑤The lady was dressed in white at the party. 那女士在晚会上穿着一件白色衣服。

________in her best clothes,the girl tried to make herself ________at the party. A.Dressed;noticed B.Dressing;to be noticed C.Get dressed;noticed D.Dressing;noticing 解析: dress与句子主语the girl之间是被动 关系,用过去分词形式作状语,make oneself noticed意为“使自己被注意”。 答案: A

相关短语及其他用法: dress a salad 拌色拉 A _______ a pair of sunglass, the film star tried not to be recognized by the public. A. Wearing B. Dressing C. Putting on D. Having on

dress n. 1)[U] 服装 比较: The group of dancers wore national dress. put on [C] 女装;女裙 wear I haven't got a dress for the ball. pull on 晚礼服 an evening dress have on be in=be dressed in=be wearing

Dressed 1. __________(dress) in red, she looks like the happiest bride of the world. Seated 2. _______ (seat) at the back of the room, she could hardly catch what the lecturer said. 3. She remainedseated (seat) in the corner _______ when the earthquake happened. 4.Determined _____________(determine) to buy an apartment to win his girlfriend’s heart, he worked hard day and night. dress, seat, determine, compare, face, locate, situate, hide 等词为 vt.

11. be good for 对……有好处/有益 = do good to

? Sports are good for health. 运动有益于健康。 ? be good for food: 宜于做食品
? ? ? ? be good at 在……方面(学得)好,善于 Eskimos are good at hunting. be good to 对……友好 The villagers are good to me.

12. wander v. (1)漫游,闲逛;迷路 ①As you wander through the streets,you see thousands of masks—elegant or frightening,sad or amusing,traditional or modern—but you have no idea what the faces behind them look like.(教材P33) 当你在街道上漫步,你会看到成千上万的面 具——优雅的或恐怖的,悲伤的或欢乐的,传 统的或现代的——但那些面具的后面究竟是一 张什么样的面孔,你却一无所知。

②The child was found wandering on the streets alone. 那孩子被发现独自在大街上瞎转。 ③I was wandering in the street when I saw her. 我正在街上漫步,这时我遇到了她。 (2)心不在焉,走神 ④Don’t let your mind wander when you listen to the lecture. 听课时不要走神。 ⑤The boy wandered off and got lost. 那孩子迷失了方向,走丢了。

5.—I beg your pardon? —Your mind must have been______when I was speaking,wasn’t it? A.wondering B.wandering C.walking D.speaking 解析: wander在此表示“心不在焉”。 答案: B

As time passed,however,the carnival period was extended,so that it began just after Christmas. (教材P32)然而,随着时间的推移,狂欢节的 时间延长了,圣诞节刚过,狂欢节就开始了。 as 引 导 了 一 个 时 间 状 语 从 句 , 意 为 “ 随 着……”,so that引导了一个结果状语从句。本句 主句为...the carnival period was extended...。

①As he grew older,he became stronger than before. 随着年龄的增长,他比以前更强壮了。 ②I was caught in a shower so that all my clothes got wet. 我被雨淋了,所以衣服全都湿透了。 ③The snow was heavy,so that we had to walk. 雪很大,因此我们不得不步行。

10.________,we know each other well. A.As time going on B . With time goes on C.With time to go on D.As time goes on 解析: 句意为:随着时间的发展,我们彼 此更加了解。B项应为:with time going on;C项 with结构中,动词不定式表将来。 答案: D

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