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高考英语重点词组 2

重点动词及相关常用表达 门铃开门 1. act as 担任/充当; 起...作用 act on (upon):对...起 answer for…= be to blame for 对...负责; 因...受责备 作用 12. appeal to 吸引某人 Jazz music doesn’t appeal to me. act in a film/play 演电影/戏 act the part /role of 向上诉 appeal to court上诉法庭 Hamlet 扮演… 恳请,求助 They had no one to appeal to. 2. accuse sb of…指控 be accused of…被 appeal to sb for sth 为某事向某人提出呼吁 指控… appeal to sb to do sth.呼吁某人做某事 charge sb with…指控 be charged with…被 The game has lost its appeal. 吸引力 指控… 13. apply for…申请/应聘… suspect sb of…怀疑 be suspected of…被 apply to…向…提出申请 怀疑… apply to sb/sth 适用于 be skeptical of /about …怀疑… apply…to…把…应用于…(to为介词) apply the 3. accompany sb = keep sb company陪伴某人 theory to practice be accompanied by…由 ??陪伴 apply one's mind to=apply oneself to 专注于; 致力于 4. adapt (oneself) to 适应 be adapted from…改 14. appreciate doing sth 感激/欣赏…. We appreciate 编自… your helping us. adopt an orphan收养 adopt a new I’d appreciate it+从句: 感激 I'd appreciate it if you method/policy 采纳、采用 could come. adjust oneself to= make adjustments to 调整以适 15. Summer is approaching 接近 应… approach the problem. 处理问题 5. afford sth 负担得起I just can't afford the waste of the approach to (doing) sth 对待或处理…的方式/方 time. 法 afford to do sth 有经济条件/时间做某事; 能够去做; 16. 比较:arise from = result from 由??引起 lie in 担负得起… 在于… Can you afford to quit your job? lead to=result in 导致 6. He added that he was pleased with the result. 补充说 17. attach…to…把…贴/附在…上 add up 把…加起来 Add all the figures up, and you attach oneself to = be attached to…依附于; 热爱/依恋 get the total. attach great importance to 格外重视 add up to总计;意味着All the evidence adds up to a 18. attempt to do sth =make an attempt to do sth尝试/试图 case of murder. 做 add…to…把…加在… Three added to 5 makes 8. attempt at…= make an attempt at… 企图做,试做… add to 增加, 增添 The bad weather added to their事 difficulty . They made no attempt to escape / at 7. admit doing sth承认做了 admit sb/sth to be…承认 escaping 某人/物… 19. attend a meeting / a lecture /a concert / school /classes admit sb to/into允许进入 be admitted to/into被允许参加,出席 进入, 被录取 attend on sb 照顾,侍候 attend to 注意; 留意 , admit of 容许; 给…留有余地 His conduct admits 处理,照看 of no excuse. 20. ban…= put a ban on ….禁止/取缔 8. agree to do sth (注:不能说 agree sb to do sth) ban…from… 禁止...做… agree with sb/sth 同意 I don’t agree with you /what 21 base… on把...基于…We need facts on which to base you said. our theory. 适合 The climate and food here be based on依据; 根据…改编 The film is based on don’t agree with me. a famous novel. 与…一致 His action doesn’t agree 22. bear your weight承载 bear the heavy burden of… with his words. 担负…负担 agree to sth同意/答应To tell the truth, I don't agree to bear fruits结果实 bear a baby 孕育/生育 your plan. can’t bear to do /doing sth不能忍受做某事 agree on/upon就…达成一致We couldn't agree on 23. 比较: believe sb相信某人说的话 believe in sb信任 when to meet. 某人(人品) in agreement with 与...一致,与...相符合 24. benefit …= be of benefit to … = be beneficial to ..有益 reach / arrive at / come to an agreement 达成一致 于… 9. aim to do旨在 aim at 瞄准;旨在(人作主语 benefit from …得益于 一般用主动) 25.比较:be to blame for…应该受责备/应负责任(无被 be aimed to do旨在 be aimed at旨在;针对(一般以物 动) 作主语) be blamed for…因…受到了责备 10. allow doing sth允许做某事 blame … on sb 把…责任推给… take the blame allow sb to do sth允许某人做, 使某人能够(=enable负责任 sb to do sth) 26. break out (vi) 爆发;逃出(无被动) break through 突 be allowed to do sth 被允许做某 围, 突破 事 break away (from?):脱离/逃脱/摆脱 allow sb sth 容许某人有 allow the children enough break down 分解;出故障; 失败;崩溃;感情上失去 free time 控制 allow for考虑到; 顾及You should allow for his break up 打碎/破碎; 驱散 ; 分手 The couple broke youth.体谅他年轻 up after a quarrel. allow of 容许有?可能 The facts allow of only one break up into 分裂成 /分解为 Sentences can be broken explanation up into clauses. 11. answer the phone接电话 answer the doorbell 应 break of:折断;中断, 停止说话(He broke off in the

middle of the talk) charge sb with sth指控… be charged with….被指 break into?: 闯入(vt) (The office was broken into) 控… break in 闯入(vi)The burglar broke in and stole my charge (sb) some money for…. 因…收费/索价…. money. free of charge =for free免费 take charge (of…) 打断/插嘴 Don't break in when I am speaking 负责 27. bring sb sth =bring sth to sb把…带给某人 bring us 比较: (be) in charge of对…负责 (be) in the convenience/comfort charge of由…负责 bring down (vt) 使 倒下 , 使 下降 bring down the36. choke off 使中止;阻止/压制 price/the trees) The girl talked endlessly and her mother bring forward 提出; 把…提前 (=put forward) choke her off. bring in 获利/赚; 介绍/引进 bring in new technology choke up 闷住/说不出话来(be choked up对…心烦) bring up 教育/培养;培育;呕吐了 bring up his lunch choke back/down 抑制/强忍住choke back the bring off 办成功(=carry off)It was difficult, but wetears/anger (=hold back) brought it off. 36.claim 断言;宣称 They claimed to have discovered a bring on 使发展/前进/成长;引起/导致(=bring about) new planet. bring on a fever 夺命 The earthquake claimed 3000 lives. bring round/around 使?苏醒 try to bring him round bring sb around/round to…使改变主张接受 索赔; 认领 Does anyone claim this luggage? bring out 使显露 ;出版,推出 bring out one new 37.clean up 收拾干净/扫除(clean up the room) book each month. clear up 清理(clear up the table) 比较:bring about… 带来/致使(vt) come about 澄清/解决( clear up the 发生,产生(vi) mystery/misunderstanding 28比较: burst in (vi)闯入;突然发作 Tom burst in (天)放晴 It's very likely to clear up by and suddenly. by. burst into (vt) 闯进某处 The robber burst clear away 把...清除掉 clear away the rubbish/ into the bank. misunderstanding 突然…起来 burst into 38. close down (工厂等)关闭/倒闭; 停止播送 laughter/tears get close to 靠近I’d like to get close to nature. burst out 闯出; 突发 burst out be close to靠近,接近于(to为介词)we should be close laughing/crying to finishing it burst forth:突然喷出; 突然出现 几乎、 差一点 I was closed to being killed in 29. We are of the same build.(身材; 体格) the fire. build up 逐步建立; 增进,增强 build up one’s self 39. come to one’s help/aid /rescue来帮/救某人 -confidence come to life 苏醒过来(= come to oneself); 活跃起 30. call sb up=ring sb up打电话 call/ring sb back 来 回电话 come to see/realize/understand(渐渐/最终)意识到/ call in邀请;召来 call off 了解 =cancel 取消 come out显露/结果是 Her best qualities come out in call on sb= drop in on sb拜访某人 a crisis. call on sb to do sth号召/呼吁某人做某事 发表/出版(vi) When will his article come call at sp=drop in at sp拜访某地 out? call for 需要, 要求; 呼吁 ; 邀请/约请某人I’ll call come up 走上前来; 发生/出现/长出 Problems for you at 8 p.m. haven't come up yet. 31. I don’t care who will be elected. 介意/在乎;关心 come up with 想出 come up with a creative idea care for 喜欢 ; 照顾/照料 (=take care of=look come about发生,产生(vi) How did this come after= attend on) about? care about 关心/在意 I don't care about the price. come off 脱落/分开A button has come off my coat 32. carry sth with sb 携带 carry out 实 结果/表现 He always comes off badly in 行/执行,实现 fights. carry off夺去,使丧命,成功/顺利度过 carry through come on 快点;别这样;得了吧;来吧!(表催促, 鼓励;讽 完成;坚持下去 剌;挑衅) carry about 带着;随身携带 carry on 继续 come across 偶然遇到( =run into/knock into/meet 进行; 坚持下去 with) carry on with sth=go on with sth come down 倒下/下降; 病倒 (come down with 33.catch hold of 抓住、握住 catch sight of 看到 fever) be caught in a traffic jam / in rain 陷入,被困于; 遭 come along 跟着来 ; 进展 / 好转 (Mother's coming 遇 along nicely) catch on 理解 He's always the last to catch on. come to 总共/共计;涉及/谈及 ; 突然想起 变得流行It is a nice song and it will catch come true 实现(vi) My dream came true =I have on quickly. realized my dream 钩住,卡住 How did his coat catch on a come into being/existence产生,出现 nail 40. commit a crime/a mistake/suicide犯(罪/错);自杀 34. 比较 cause sb/sth to do , make sb do sth ; commit sb/oneself to doing sth保证/承诺; 致力于 make sb/sth +adj/n 而cause后不能接形容 be committed to doing sth保证/承诺; 致力于 词作补语 41. compare…with/to ….把…和…相比: the cause of…; the reason for… compare…to…把…比喻为…: his devotion to the cause of education事业 compared to/with…= in comarison with与…相比 35. charge the battery 充电 (做状语)

make comparisons (with…)进行比较 deal in 经营/买卖… deal in tea 42. be concerned about/for…关注;担忧; 挂念 deal with 应付/处理 How will you deal with the be concerned with…与…有关; 与…有牵连,参与 waste materials? concerning (=about = concerned with…) prep. 关于 与...交往/做生意 I've dealt with that company raise /show one’s concern about… 引起/显示某人 for ten years. 对…的关注/担心 论及/涉及 This chapter deals with the 43 “与…相关”的表达 problem of corruption. be connected with = be related to= be linked 55. deliver goods送货 deliver mail投 to/with=have a link with 递邮件 =be concerned with=be associated with=have deliver a speech发表(讲话/演讲) deliver a baby接 something to do with 生 44. consider doing sth考虑做某事 56. It/That depends 那要看情况 consider sb/sth to be/as….认为某人/物…. depend on 依靠,依赖, 信任(=rely on) ; 取决于 be considered to do/ to be /as…被认为… depend on sb to do sth依靠/信任某人做某事 take…into consideration/account把…考虑在内 be dependent on依赖; 取决于 considering…鉴于,考虑到 be independent of 独立于…之外 45. consult a dictionary= refer to a dictionary查阅、参考 57. determine on/upon sth 决定/确定 determine on the consult sb on/ about sth. 向…征求…意见,就…向…date and place 请教 have the determination to do决心干.. 46. contribute v. 贡献 contribute to= make contributions .比较: determine to do sth 下决心/决定做某事 to 对…做贡献 be determined to do sth坚定/坚决要做某 促成; 造成 contribute to peace / her事 death 57. develop the habit of…培养习惯, develop an 捐献/赠 We contributed $5000 to the earthquakeinterest in…培养兴趣 fund. 投稿 She contributed a lot of articles to the develop a new product开发/研制 develop a film 冲洗(照片) magazine. with the development of…伴随着??的发展 47. convince sb of sth使某人信服… be convinced of…确信;相信 58. devote time/effort/life /oneself to=be devoted to致力于; 热爱 convince sb to do sth=persuade sb to do sth/into doing sth说服某人… his devotion to teaching他对教育的奉献/热受 try to persuade sb to do sth = advise sb to do sth 劝 58 . die of.. 死于(疾病/情感等内在原因) die from…死于 (强调外部原因, 也可接具体病名) 说某人做某事 48. correspond to sth 与…相符 correspond with sb die out 消失,灭绝 die off 相继死亡 和...通信 die down减弱/平息 die away(声/风/光) 49. That mistake almost cost him his life. 使某人付出… 慢慢变弱/渐渐消失 代价/失去… be dying for sth; be dying to do sth 渴望 at the cost of 以...为代价 at all costs不惜代价 59. differ in =be different in 在某一方面不同 differ from =be different from与…不同 50. We covered 100 kilometers in a day.走完/行程达 His book covers various fields.涉及 cover the tell the difference (between…and…)区别… World cup采访、报道 make a /no difference (to…)有/无影响/起(重要)作用 cover an area of…占…面积 cover the cost 59. dig up 挖出/采掘; 发现/揭露 dig into 深入 /expenses支付 钻研 51. cure sb of …治好某人…病, 除掉某人的不良习惯 dip into 浸在...里;稍加研究/翻阅 find a cure for cancer There is no cure for AIDS. digest what I had heard.消化;领悟 Reader's 52. cut away切掉;跑开 cut out删去;戒掉坏习惯 Digest摘要/文摘 cut across 走捷径 cut in 插嘴/打断; (汽车) chew 咀嚼; 细想,深思 swallow吞 抢道 下; 轻信,轻易接受 cut up 切碎,割碎,剪碎 She cut up the carrots 59 distinguish between A and B=distinguish A from B 使伤心, 使悲痛 This news cut him up badly.区分A和B cut through 穿过; 穿透 The bitter wind cut through his = tell A from B= tell the difference between A and B jacket. 60. “穿” 的表达 斜穿过,抄近路穿过 Let's cut dress sb/oneself in sth给某人穿…衣 be dressed through the woods in sth 穿… cut off 切掉,割掉,砍掉 cut off a piece of bread put on sth穿 (强调动作) have…on穿着(表状 and gave it to me 态,无进行时态) 使隔绝 The village was cut off.by the snow. wear sth 穿着(表状态,有进行时态) try sth 中断 (电话) We were cut off in the middle ofon 试穿 conversation. 61. The car can do 120 miles an hour 达到 切断 A storm that cut off power to the whole I do biology at a university 学习/研究 region The steak is well done/overdone.烧得很透/烧焦了 53. Please date your letters to me 写上/注明日期 Your shoes won’t do for climbing. 足够/适合 Tom's been dating Alice for two years.约会 Will next Friday do for our meeting? 行/可以 date back to=date from追溯到(一般用一般现在时, do a room/the bed 整理 do the dishes 洗碗 无被动) do the flowers 插花 do away with = get out of date 过时的, 过期的 up to date 最近的, rid of 摆脱/废除 最新的 do without: 不用 / 应付没有?的情况 He can’t go 54. It is a deal一言为定;成交 without a secretary

do up 扣上 do up your buttons; 整理 do up the74. fix a date for…确定…日期 house fix/focus one’s attention/eye on注意 focus on以.... 打扮 do oneself up 包裹 gifts done up为焦点;集中于 in paper. fix an old car安装;修理 do with 处理 (与 what 连用) What are you going to do75. I didn't quite follow; could you explain it again? 听得 with the books? 懂 do sb good/wrong/harm =do good/wrong/harm to sb follow one’s advice听某人意见 follow the 62. draw up a plan拟定计划 draw near/close临近 custom遵循/从风俗 draw out a gun拿出一只枪 draw one’s attention吸 follow the fashion/trend赶时尚 follow one’s 引某人 example学习榜样 draw some money from the bank提取(金钱) follow the instructions按说明/指导做 63. He dropped medicine. 放弃 (=give up) follow in one’s footsteps以某人为榜样;步某人的后 drop out 退出, 退学; 离队 drop off 减少; 让尘 下车;入睡 76. 比较: forbid doing sth禁止做某事 drop in on sb=call on sb=visit sb=pay a visit to sb 走 forbid sb to do sth = forbid sb from doing sth 访、拜访 =prohibit …from… drop in at sp=call at sp=visit sp=pay a visit to sp 77. force sb to do sth强迫/迫使某人做某事 make sb drop sb a line 写封短信给某人 do sth 64. encourage/inspire sb to do sth鼓励某人做某事 be forced to do sth=be made to do sth被迫做某事 discourage sb from doing sth阻止/阻拦某人做某事 78. get together 聚会 get it [口语]听懂, 理 Her latest book was inspired by her trip to India.启 解: 发,给人灵感 get in=harvest 收割,收集 get away from 逃 65. 比较:come to an end (vi)结束 离;摆脱 put an end to …=put/bring …to an end (vt) get down to doing 开始,着手 get on/along进展; 结束 相处 end up doing sth 结果做了…(含意外之意) get on/along with sth在…进展 How are you getting on We were going to go out, but ended up with your studies. watching videos. get on/along with sb 与某人相处 get along well with end up in failure/debt/prison最终/结果…(接一些贬 her roommates 义词) get round 四处走动 It's easy in this city to get round end up as…结果成了… He ended up as a teacher. by bus. end (up )with…以…结束 we'll end up with some ( 消 息 ) 传 开 来 The news got round fruit. quickly 66. enter the office 进入某地 (及物动词,不加into) 避免 One way to get round this is by enter the information输入信息 setting up a trust enter for…= enter one’s name for..报名参加 说服某人 Tina can always get round her 67. equip …with…用...装备… be equipped with…装备 father 有… get round to doing sth 终于去做…; 找到时间去 be armed with…用… 做…. 武装;装备有... I haven’t even got round to unpacking from 68. expect to do sth;expect sb to do sth 预料/盼望 my holiday yet. expect sth of sb对某人有…的期望 Don’t expect get across (to sb) 使...(被某人)理解;解释/传达 too much of me. It took me an hour to get my intention as expected象预料的那样 than expected比预期 across( to her). 的 get through 做完; 通过; 接通电话 69.face the south /danger /difficulty 面向,面对,面临 I’m sorry you failed to get through the be faced with danger /a difficult situation 面临; 面对 mid-term test. (通过) face the music勇敢地面对困难;接受应得的惩罚 We have a lot of work to get through this 70. fail to do sth失败,没能做某事 反义词:manageweek (完成 ) to do sth get through to 打通…电话 I can’t get through to the fail (in) sth失败;不及格 manager. fail sb 使某人不及格/失望 He failed his children (使)被理解/接受 I can’t get through to by not coming. her that she must rest. Words failed me我讲不出话来. 79. give off 放出 give off waste gas give rise to…引 power failure电力故障 liver failure肝脏衰竭 起,导致 71. fall off 从…跌落; 下降 fall over变得跌倒; give birth to…生育 give way to 给?让 绊了一跤 路,对?让步 fall to pieces 快要垮掉 fall behind 落后 give up sth/doing sth 放弃,停止做某事 fall apart 崩溃;破碎 fall asleep/ill/silent 睡 give away 赠送,捐赠 She gave away large sum of 着/病倒/安静下来 money to charity. fall on发生在; 定在某时 Christmas falls on 分送, 颁发 The headmaster gave away our December 25. diplomas(文凭) 72. fill in 填充;填补 fill…with…给…装满… 泄露出卖 Her look gave her secret away be filled with = be fulll of 装满,充满 give in (to?): (向? )屈服/让步 give in to the children 73. 比较:fit sb 合某人的身(尺寸/大小) ‘s demands suit sb适合某人(颜色/式样等其他方面) give out vi 用尽;精疲力竭 vt. 分发 ;发表/布; be fit for….=be suitable for…=be suited to…适合 发出(气味/热) be fit to do sth适合做… 80. go red/pale/hungry/mad/blind/bad/wrong变为(系动词)

Where does this teapot go? 安放/放置 见解等 Half of our money goes to food. 花费/用在 hold up 拿起/举起; 阻挡 hold back阻止抑制; There are still ten days to go before Christmas还有十 扣留/隐瞒 天 hold on 别挂(电话); 坚持住 hold on to:牢牢抓住; We have a long way to go before we can succeed (还 保留, 不放弃 有很多事情要做) hold out 坚持到胜利/维持 hold off 延误; 推迟 on the go忙碌, (整天)奔忙 have a go (at?) (=delay/put off) 试图(尝试) 85. impress sb with…给某人留下印象 be impressed go too far 太过分了 go with相配; with/by对…印象深 与?协调 leave an impression on sb 给某人留下印象 go down 下降 (vi) go up (vi)升 86. inform sb + that从句 inform sb to do sth通 起/上涨 知某人做某事 go by路过(某地),(时间)过去 go out (火)熄灭, inform sb of /about sth 告诉/通知 → be informed 过时了 of sth go over 复习,检查 go against违背, keep sb informed of sth随时让某人了解某事 反对,不利于 go without.没有…也行 比较: remind sb of/about sth提醒;使记起 go around四处活动;传播/传开 remind sb to do sth提醒某人做某事 go on 进行; 发生 go on with 87. “伤害, 破坏”的表达 sth=continue sth继续 injure 伤害,损害(尤其指意外或事故中受伤) go on to do sth继续(另一件事) go on doing sth继 wound受伤,伤害(尤其指打斗、战斗中的刀伤,枪 续(同一件事) 伤) go all out 全力以赴 go in for sports: hurt 伤害,使伤心(常用词,可指情感上的伤害) 参加; 从事 疼痛 My legs hurt badly. go through经历/经受After all she’s gone hrough, harm 伤害;损害(可接健康,眼睛,名誉等物体) she grew silent. harm…=do harm to …= be harmful to 仔细查看 Dave went through his pockets damage 损害, 毁坏 (接物体) damage …=do /cause looking for keys damage to 从头到尾阅读 Could you go through the destroy 毁坏,毁灭,摧毁(程度深, 无法修复) fire and correct errors ruin 毁灭;使破产 (无法修复; 常接事业,末来, 被批准/通过 Your application has gone 等抽象名词) through. 88.比较: insist on doing sth坚持 stick to sth坚持 go off 离开,(水电等)被切断 The power went off insist +从句:坚决要求应该做…(用should do 表虚拟) during the high wind. He insisted that the plan (should )be carried 爆炸,被发射,变差/变质 Don't eat that pork, out immediately. it's going off. insist +从句:坚持认为/坚持某种说法(不用虚拟) 81. give a hand to sb=give sb a hand帮某人 hand over She insisted that she hadn’t stolen the 移交 money. hand down把…传下去 hand sb 89. Sb + intend to do sth 某人打算做某事 sth=hand sth to sb intend sb/sth to do 打算/想要…做… hand in 交上,递交 hand out He didn’t intend her to see the painting until it 分发,散发 was finished. 82 hang on 坚持下去/缠住不放 hang about闲荡,徘 be intended to do以做…为打算/意图; 旨在…. 徊,逗留 These regulations are intended to prevent hang out出外玩儿, 闲逛 hang back犹豫(踊 accidents. 跃不前,畏缩) be intended for sb/sth 专为…设计; 专供…使用; 针 hang offf挂断电话;放开 hang up挂断电话 对 83. Trade helps the development of industry .促进/助长 The chair was intended for you, but she I'll not give you any trouble if I can help it. 阻止/避免 took it away. can’t help doing sth 禁不住 cannot help oneself 不 be intended as… 被打算/用来充当 能自制 That remark was intended as a joke.那句话本来 help oneself to 随便吃/取用 help sb out 救助,协只是个玩笑。 助(渡过难关) 90. 比较: join a club/party(组织); join in the talk(活动) help (to ) do sth有助于/帮助 help/aid/assist sb join sb加入到某人中 join sb in doing sth todo sth 加入某人一起做… help/ assist sb with sth assist/aid sb (in) 91. The fish pie won’t keep, so eat it up. 保持不坏 doing sth keep one’s promise/ word 遵守/信守 with the help/aid /assistance of…在…的帮助下, 借助 keep right = keep to the right 靠右走 于… keep down 控制/压制 keep down the rabbit population be of help to sb= be a help to sb=be helpfu to sb 对… keep up with:跟上/赶上 Don't run.I can't keep up with 有帮助 you. 84. You may hold your opinion保留 keep out 阻挡…入内 keep out the wind/smoke Hold your eyes open, don't let anyone go in or out. 使 keep sb doing sth 使某人保持某种状态 I’m sorry to 保持某种状态 have kept you waiting. How many people will your jeep hold ? 容纳,装得 keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 The rain kept 下 us from going there. Now he holds the position of Foreign Minister. 占 Keep sth from sb 向某人隐瞒 You are keeping 据,担任: something from me. held the belief /opinion /view that从句 持有…信念/ keep back 扣留; 隐瞒 keep back his salary I’ve

kept nothing back 101. make the bed整理床铺 make tea/coffee 泡茶/ Keep away from 远离 keep away from the scene of the冲咖啡 accident. If you work hard, you will make a good sailor.有潜质 keep off:避开, 不接近, 远离 keep off grass ; keep off成为;成为 drugs He made the football team. 成功进入 比较:keep on doing sth 继续坚持做 make the best/most of…=make full use of… 充分利 keep up sth 保 持 , 维 持 keep up prices用 /courage/body temperature make a/no difference 有/没有影响/关系 make it 及 92. judge … by/from…根据…判断… 时到达; 成功做到 judging by/from…根据…判断(作状语) make up one’s mind 决定,下决心 make a 93. knock at 敲(门等); knock over 撞 decision 倒;撞翻 make sense 有意义; 意思清楚 make sense of…弄 knock into与…相撞 (=run into) knock down 撞 懂…的意思 倒;拆除;降价 be made of 由?制成; be made from (经过 94. know sb认识某人 get to know 变化;看不出原料) sb 结识 某人 make…into…把…制成… →be made into…被 know (much/a lot/ little) about了解…. know of 了 制成… 解?;听说过? be made up of…=consist of… 由…组成 be known to sb 为某人所知 make up 构成/组成; 编造/虚构; 化妆 ;整理 be known / referred to as被称作为… make up with sb 与某人和好 be well-known / noted / famous for…因…而闻名 make up for 补偿 (=compensate for) make up for the 95. lack sth 缺乏…(及物动词) He seems to lack loss confidence make for 向…前进 After the concert, the crowd made lack of sth 缺乏(名词) The plant died for lack of for the door. water. 有利于/ 促进 Fresh air makes for good be lacking in=be short of 缺乏/ 缺少 health 96. lay stress / emphasis on…=stress /emphasize…强调 make out 辩认出 I can’t make out th e words on the lay the table…摆好餐具(准备吃饭) blackboard. lie in 在于, 因为 lie to sb=tell lies to sb 向 理解/了解 she is strange ! I can’t make her 某人撒谎 out at all 97 lead sb to sp带领某人到某地 lead sb to do sth 102. mark the test papers打分数/批改 带领某人做… The invention of it marked the coming of a new era. 标 lead to 导致 Pride leads to failure. 志着 通向 All roads lead to Rome. be marked with…标有/满… take the lead 带头/居首/领先 103 I can’t manage it I can manage it myself 处理/ 98. learn to do sth: 学做某事 learn …by heart: 记住,应付过去 把… 背下来 比较:manage to do sth = succeed in doing 设法做成 learn of/about 听说/了解 learn from … 向…学了某事 习; 从…吸取教训 try to do sth 尽力去做某事 fail to do sth 没 99. let sb do sth让某人做某事 let sb in/out让 能做成某事 某人进来/出去 104. I mean what I say我说到做到 I mean it 我是认真 let ? alone 不要管(=leave alone) let alone 更不的 用说 mean to do sth 打算/意欲做某事I didn’t meant to hurt let sb down 使某人失望 let…go / letyou go of…:松开/放开 mean doing sth意味着,意思是 It means working let out 发出响声; 泄露 Don’t let it out that I have lostovertime my job, will you? mean sb to do/be打算/注定让某人… Father meant 100. look after 照料=take care of look out (for?) him to be an artist. 小心,当心 be meant to do以…为意图,(按道理)应该; You are look for 寻找,期待 look into sth 窥视/meant to leave a tip. 朝...里面看;调查, What do you mean by “ecology”?? 你.说 “ecology” look up to 尊敬,敬仰 look down on/upon是什么意思? sb 轻视某人 mean much /a lot/ to sb对某人很重要 His advice look back on/upon 回顾 look on? as 把...means much to me. 看作.. be of great /no meaning =be meaningful / meaningless look around/about 到处看 look forward to有/无意义 sth/doing sth 盼望 be mean with money吝啬的 a mean trick卑鄙的 look up 杳找 look up his telephone number 105. Will you meet her at the station?迎接 look up … in a dictionary= turn to /refer to meet needs / demands/ standards /requirements /consult a dictionary /expectations 满足/达到 look through 透过…看去 Look through the window meet with 碰到, 遭遇 meet with difficulty and you'll see a garden. make ends meet 使收支平衡 看透;识破:How did she look through his 106. mind (sb)doing sth 介意(某人)做某事 trick? Do you mind if I do sth ? Would you mind if I did 检查/审核 The board looked through his sth? proposal . Mind your steps / the wet paints / your manners 留意/ (从头到尾)翻阅;温习 look through 当心 homework / notes

have a promising future a.有希望的,有前途的 make/keep/break a promise 允诺/守诺/违背诺言 make up sb.'s mind 下决心; change one’s mind promise (sb) to do sth答应/允诺做某事 改变主意 118. promote world peace促进 promote a new service a sharp mind 头脑灵活 be out of one’s促销 mind 发狂 I cannot promote both of you. 晋升 keep/bear…in mind 牢记 have sth in mind 考119. prove sb/sth to be…; It has been proved that…. 证 虑;想到 明 ( 实义动词) 107 . miss sb very much 思念 prove (to be) +adj/n (系动词,无被动) miss doing sth 错 过 / 避 免 做 某 事 miss being120. push v.推,逼迫/催促 Don’t push the child too killed/injured hard. He missed the target 未击中 ; miss the bus /train 末 He pushed her into making a decision.他催促她做出 赶上 决定。 108. Sth+ occurred to/hit/struch/come to sb 某人突然想起/121. 比较: provide sth for sb suppply sth to/for 想到 sb; An idea occurred provide/supply sb with sth offer sb sth to her. provide for 准备/筹备 We must provide for the It occurred to sb that ...某人突然想到 … future.预防/防范 109. offer sb sth(可接双宾语) =offer sth to sb 给某人 供养He has a wife and seven children 提供某物 to provide for. offer to do sth 主动提出... He offered to drive me provided /providing + 从句;假如,若是 home. 122. pull in进站/到站 pull out离站 offer(sb) money for sth 为某物开价多少 He offered pull over:靠在路边 pull down拆毁 pull 1 pound for it down an old house special offer 特价 pull off 脱下(衣帽), 努力实现(pull off a plan) 110. observe the stars; observe the phenomenon 观察(带 pull through (使)渡过危机(或难关) ; 使经历… 研究目的 ) This spirit pulled us through the darkest observe the rules/customs 遵守 bserve moments. Christmas 庆祝 (使)恢复健康 The expert treatment pulled him 111. pay sb money for … 付钱买… through. pay back 偿还;回报 pay back for their kindness 123. I want to know how to put this in French? 叙述/表述 向…报复 I’ ll pay back for what you have As sb put it, … 正如某人所说,… done to me put? into use/practice 实施; put one’s heart into pay off 还清(债) pay off the debt; 付清工资解雇 全心全意投入 (某人) put off 延期/推迟 put out:熄灭/扑灭 得到好结果/取得成功 Our hard work put down 写下来;镇压 put forward 拨快(钟 finally paid off. 表); 提前; 提出 112 比较:permit doing permit sb to do put away 收好/放好; 储存?备用 He has a nice sum ask for permission征得某人同意 without of money put away permission未经同意 put through 接通电话 Could you put me through to the 113 . pick a book to read精选 ; pick apples/cotton manager? 采摘 完成 We can put through the job before pick a hole in …挑毛病 pick out 挑选出;辩认 dark. 出 使经受 New employees are put through a pick up 捡/拿起,搭载/接某人;好转增加/;收听;(无意course of training. 地)学会/染上 使通过 Did he put all his students through pick oneself up 再爬起来; 振作精神 pick upthe examination? health /speed put on 穿上/戴上/涂上 put on your coat /glasses 114. prefer to do 偏爱/宁可… prefer sth to 装出/假装 She is not really upset; she’s just sth; putting it on. perfer to do sth rather than do sth prefer doing 播放, 上演 put on a CD ; put on performances; sth to doing sth put on a new play have a preference for…偏爱... 增加 (体重) Rose put on 5 kilos since quitting 115. prepare a meal 烧饭 prepare lessons smiking 备课 put up 架起/张开 put up a tent 张贴/公布 put up 比较: prepare to do sth 准备做某事 (动作) a notice be prepared to do sth=be ready to do sth 准备 put sb up 为?提供食宿 We can put up ten people for 好了做…(状态) the night . 比较: prepare for sth=make preparations for 为…作 put up with 忍受/忍耐 I can't put up with your 准备(动作) dishonesty any more. be prepared for sth=be ready for sth 为…做好124. raise hands/flags/prices 升起,举起,提高 了准备(状态) raise objections/a plan /one’s concern提出, 引起 116. present sth to sb /present sb with sth 赠送,颂发 raise animals / a child 饲养, 抚养 raise They presented flowers to their teacher money筹集 He presented his report yesterday. 提出/呈现;演示 125. reach China抵达(vt) reach an agreement/a be present at …出席 the people present 在场的 conclusion/ goal 达成/到 人(后置定语) reach out伸出手;提供援助 reach out for…伸 117. John promises well as an actor 预示/有希望 手去拿;设法抓住 事

Mind your own business 管好你自己的事, 少管闲

out of / beyond one’s reach够不到 within one’s running out reach够得着 run out of=use up 用光 / 耗尽 (vt) We are 126. I recognized her voice on the phone. 辩认出 running out of the food recognize sb/sth as… ; be recognized as... 公认/认 141. Don't rush me 别催我 可… rush /race /hurry sb to the hospital 把某人匆忙送往医 128. refer to sb/sth as 把…称为.. be referred to as=be院 known as 被称为 rush sb off one’s feet 使.非常忙→ Sb+be rushed off refer to a dictionary 查阅; refer to sb for adviceone’s feet 非常忙 求助于 in a rush=in a hurry=hurriedly with reference to 关于/有关 for reference 供参考142. say “yes” to…同意 say no to 拒绝… 129. 比较: regret doing sth后悔/遗憾地做了 regret to say sorry to sb say /goodbye/thanks to 告 do sth遗憾要做 别;道谢 with regret= regretfully 遗憾/后悔地 What time does your watch say? 显示/指示 130. request sb to do sth请求,要求(语气弱) The note /sign/letter says /reads…写着... require sb to do sth需要,要求(语气较request强) What would you do if you got, say, one million demand to do要求, 需求 (语气强) (不能说demanddollars? 比方说 sb to do sth) As the saying goes,where there’s awill, there’s a way require/demand sth of/from sb向某人要求… 俗话说 in (great) demand非常需要 meet /satisfy one’s have a say in…在…有发言权 demands满足要求 143. save …from…救/挽救… save sb sth为某人节 at one’s request应某人请求 省… 131. relieve sb of…解轻某人的… to one’s relief All the guests have gone save one. (介词) 除...之 使某人宽慰的是… 外 132. remain silent /slim /the same 保持, 仍然是… (系动144. in search of…为寻找 (作状语) in one’s search for... 词,无被动) 为寻找 Lot of work remains to be done vi, 无被动; 但后 比较:search for sb/sth 搜找 The police are 面不定式时常用被动 searching for the murderer The remains of the supper were taken away.遗迹,残 search sp / sb搜查某地/搜某人的身The 余物(n.用复数形式) police are searching him. the remaining money = the money left 剩下的 a . 145. seat oneself/sb =be seated=sit down 坐下 133. respect sb= show respect for sb 尊重某人 The hall seats 2000 people (=holds). 容纳 respect the law 遵守 法律 146. He didn't see what I meant. I see! 领会; 明 respect others’ opinion 重视 白 in all respects 各个方面 with respect to 谈 See that the windows and doors are fastened. 留神; 到 /关于 确保 134. I rested my head on the table. 依靠/搁在 The 19th century saw many changes. 见证;经历 We cannot let the matter rest here. 静止;不活动; see sb off 为某人送行 see sb out/home: 送 保持原状 人到门口/回家 Her eyes rested on the blackboard. 停留在 see through 识破/看穿 see to it +that 从句注 come to rest 停止 意/负责/务必做到 135 rid sb/oneself of…使某人摆脱… rid the villagers of 147. seek one's advice = ask for one’s advice 寻求某人意 poverty 见 get/be rid of 摆脱,除去 How can I get rid of your seek a solution=look/search for a solution shyness? seek to do sth.设法做某事 seek one's fortune 想发 136. ring the doorbell 按门铃 ring/call sb up =give sb财;找出路 a ring /call 打电话 148. seize the city夺取/占领 seize a chance抓住 ring off=hang up/off 挂断电话 a wedding ring be seized with terror/ illness突然被…支配; 突然染病 戒指 149. send up 发射 send for sb/sth 派人 137. rise to fame 成名 rise to one's feet站起来 去叫/取 give rise to 引起,导致 send out 派遣;放出;发送 send away 解雇/打 138. risk doing sth = take the risk of…冒险做某事 发走 at the risk of…冒着…的危险 比较: send sb to do sth 派某人去做 send sb/sth 139.比较: rob sb/sp of sth 抢劫 →Sb/Sp + bedoing 使得…突然… robbed of sth The earthquake sent all the cups falling onto steal sth from sb/sp 偷窍 the floor. 140. The road runs beside the river. 流动/延伸 run 150 serve sb 为某人服务(不加介词 for) serve tea dry/wild变/得 /lunch上菜/供应 Most of motor vehicles run on petrol. 转动/运转 serve in the army服役 serve as担 run a school/a business 管理/经营 任/充当 in the long run从长远看来/最后 on the run逃走/匆 151. set a time limit 设定; 设置 set a wedding date 确 匆忙忙 定;指定 run for president: 参加总统竞选 run after 追逐/追 be set in 以…为背景 set up 建立/成立; 提供 踪; 追求(女性) 必需品(set sb up) run into: 撞在…上; 偶然遇到 run across 偶然 set off 出发/启程; 引爆 ; 引起/导致 set off a wave 遇到 of fear run down 撞倒; 失去动力/逐渐停止 run over(车 比较:set about doing sth set out to do sth 开始 辆)轧过/压过 做;着手处理 比较: run out 用光/耗尽(vi) The food is152. We have to settle the problem. 确定/解决

settle down 安家 We settled down in the country take…by surprise 使大吃一惊; 突然袭击 平静下来 Wait until her excitement has take steps / measures /actions to do sth:采取步骤 settled down. take…for…=mistake… for…:错把…当成… settle down to 安定下来专心于…Let's settle down to take it for granted...想当然地以为....; 不把...当回事 our work. 166. teach sb sth teach sb to do sth 153. show sb sth=show sth to sb给…看.... show up显 teach/give sb a lesson 教训 teach oneself sth =learn 露;露面/来到 sth by oneself 自学 show sb around (sp)带某人参观 show off炫 167. This material tears easily.扯/撕 He tore down the 耀;使显眼,使夺目 hill. 猛冲/狂奔 154. The door won’t shut tear apart 扯开;使心碎 tear away 夺走; shut off 关掉;切断,使隔绝 shut down关闭; 忍痛离去 停业(=close down) tear down狂奔/猛冲过去;拆毁 tear up撕成碎 155.. stick…to…把…粘在…上 stick stamps on the 片/撕毁;飞跑 envelope tear oneself away from…勉强离开;忍痛离开 stick to sth 坚持 be stuck in…陷入…里 be 168. My stomach began to tell(我饿了)显露/表明 stuck in traffic jam It's hard to tell who will win.判断 156. strike, beat 与 hit tell of 讲述 tell lies / a story / the truth strike(重)打;侵袭;打动;(钟)敲; 划亮(火 tell… apart 分清/区分 tell A from B 把 A 和 B 区 柴) n.罢工 别开来 beat 打败; 打;(雨,浪连续)拍打;(心脏)跳 tell the difference between A and B 把 A 和 B 区别开 动 来 hit 打击,击中;碰撞;偶然碰上 169.. tend to d o sth = have a tendency to do 有……倾向; 157.. struggle to do sth努力/奋斗 struggle to one's feet 易于 挣扎着站起来 170.think of 考虑/思考,想到/起/出;认为/觉得 think (sth.) struggle for t为…斗争/拼搏 struggle with/against out 想出/设计出 与…斗争 think up 想出/ 设计出; 捏造/ 编造 think 158. submit … to …提交/呈递 submit to…屈服,屈从twice 三思 于 think highly/well of 评价高/好 think little / 159 .subscribe to 订阅 What magazine do you subscribe badly of 看轻/看不起 to? think to oneself 盘算 / 自思自忖 think for 赞同 I don't subscribe to such views oneself 独立思考 160. Who will succeed to the property(财产) 继承 比 较 : think about 思 索 / 考 虑 (about 为 介 词 ) Nothing succeeds like success 继任/接替 (一 think about it 事成功事事顺) think… over 仔 细 考 虑 (over 为 副 词 ) succeed in…=be successful in…= achieve success think it over in… 在…成功 171. throw about:/around )乱丢, 乱扔 throw up: 呕 161. suffer serious damage / hunger /lossessuffer遭受(及 吐; 把...衬托出来 物; 但无被动) throw away 扔掉; 浪费(机会) throw oneself suffer from患…病; 受…苦痛 suffer from headaches into…:积极投身 162. suppose sb to be…认为某人… 172 . treat … as… 把 …. 看 作 … be supposed to do 理应、应该We are supposed to =regard/view/consider…as… help each other. Treat the waste waster 处理 treat a case of be supposed to have done cancer 治疗 本来应该… You were supposed to have treat sb /oneself to.... 款待某人…. It is my trea 我 arrived earlier 请客 被认为做了某事 Tom was supposed to have 173. He was tried for murder 审判 stolen the money. try out试用/试验 try on试穿 Suppose/Supposing +从句:假如… 比较:try doing sth试着做某事 try to do sth 尽 163. survive the fire/accident 在…中幸免于难/ 存活 力去做某事 164. switch on开启 switch off 关掉 174. turn teacher =become a teacher 成为老师 switch to 切换至 switch from…to… He has just turned 20. 他刚超过20岁。 从…转至… turn on 打开 turn off关掉; 避开/使 transfer to…转移/移到到 transform from…to… 转变方向 从…转变成… turn in:上交 turn over 翻过来; 考 165 take history/computer studies/a course 攻读/学 虑/思索 take down 记下/写下; 取下 take back 带回;撤 turn down开小/降低; 拒绝/不接受turn down my 销/ 收回 request take over 接任;接管;接收 take on 呈现,雇用, turn up 开大声; 出现 (vi) They haven’t turned up. 承担,流行起来 turn out 生产The factory turned out 300 cars a day. take to 嗜好/沉迷于; 喜欢上 take… seriously:认 结果 It turned out that从句.=Sb/sth turned 真对待 out(to be)? take one's chance:碰运气 take a risk 冒险 turn to 向?求助; 转向; 参考 turn to a dictionary take one's time 慢慢来/别急 take one’s life 取某 比较: in turn依次/轮流;;反过来 in return 作为 人的命,自杀 回报 take off 脱掉,取下;请假; 打折; 起飞, 突然成功/盛 take turns to do sth轮流 It is one’s turn to do sth 行起来; 轮到某人做某事at the turn of the century世纪之交 take up 拿起; 占据(时间/空间/比例); 开始从事/学175. 比较: be used to do sth被用来做某事Bamboo can be 习接下去说/唱/讲 used to build houses

be used for (doing ) sth被用于…Bamboo can hope 无此搭配 be used for building. 184. worth, worthy 与 worthwhile be used as被用作为This kind of grass can be be worth sth/some money be worth used as medicine. doing(只用主动) be/get used to sth/doing sth习惯于…. be worthy of sth/being done be used to do sth过去常… worthy to be done be in use正在使用中 be out of use不再 It is worthwhile doing/to do sth 使用 worth不可作定语,而worthy与worthwhile 可以 be of use=be useful; be of no use =be useless It is no use doing sth做某事无用 use sth to do sth 用…来做某事 make use of sth (to do sth) 利用…(来做某事) 176. wait for sb/sth (to do sth)等待某人(…) can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待 wait on sb 服侍/招待某人 wait inline 排队 177.watch a game/TV 观看 watch the train leaving /注视 watch your steps/tongue 当心 watch out (for…)当 心 be on watch 在值班/监视 keep a close watch /eye on… 密切注意 178. wear v. 穿戴 ( 有进行时) She is wearing a red hat=She has a red hat on. 戴首饰/ 装饰品 wear a necklace; wear some flowers 留胡须/…头发 wear long hair; wear a beard 带着笑容/…表情 wear a cheerful smile; wear a strange look wear out(使)耗尽/用坏; (使)疲乏/厌卷 be worn out 穿破/ 旧了; 用坏了; 累坏了(=be tired out) . 179. wipe off 去除; 擦掉 wipe out 根除,消灭 180. Your idea won't work in practice. 行得通; 起作用 The machine is worked by electricity. 使转动/开动 work out vt.算出; 解决; 设计/制定出 vi 带来好) 结果 ;煅炼 work on 对...起作用/有影响; 从事于/致力 work at 从事/致力于/钻研 work hard at 努 力学;努力做…. 181. “化费” 的表达 spend (spent) v.(人做主语) 度过;花费(钱、时间 等) spend time/money on sth;spend time/money (in )doing sth pay (人作主语) Sb+ pay sb some money for sth take (事 / it 作主语) It take sb some time to do sth 需要 Patience is what it takes to do anything well cost(物作主语) Sth +cost (sb )some money offer 开价 offer sb some money for sth 向某人开价 多少买… charge 收费 charge sb some money for sth 因…收 某人多少钱 182. win sb sth=win sth for sb 为某人羸得(win 可接 双宾语) 比较: win sth 羸得 win a gold medal /a prize / the competition defeat/beat sb 击败某人 183. wish 与 hope hope /wish to do sth hope /wish for sth wish sb to do sth hope 无此搭配 wish +从句(用相应的过去时表虚拟) hope 后从句不用虚拟 wish sb +adj /n 祝某人(Wish sb healthy/good luck)

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