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高一英语必修四Unit3 V-ing形式作表语、定语和补足语 公开课课件

Unit 3 Learning about language

—used as Predicative、 Attribute and Object Complement


He had a gift for acting.(V-ing used as object) Acting was his job.

(v-ing used as subject)

V-ing used as predicative (表语)
He is charming.

His acting is so amusing
What he likes most is keeping others laughing.

一、-ing形式作表语 -ing形式作表语时放在系动词之后,用来泛 指某种动作或行为,以说明主语的身份、性 质特征或情况。如: 她的业余爱好是画画。 Her hobby is painting. Her hobby = painting 我的工作就是照顾这些孩子。 My job is looking after the children.
My job =after looking the children Looking the after children is my job. 他对母亲的关爱很感人。

His concern for his mother is most touching.

二、-ing形式作定语 1. 动词-ing形式作定语,位于被修饰名词的前面 1)表示被修饰者的_______________ 作用或功能 ,如:

building materials = materials for building 建筑材料
a walking stick = a stick for walking 手杖
a reading room = a room for reading 阅览室 a writing desk

= a desk for writing 写字台

2)表示所修饰的人或物的动作或状态,在意思上接近 一个定语从句
developing countries = countries that are developing 发展中国家 looks ordinary an ordinary-looking house = a house that __________ 看起来很普通的房子 puzzles somebody a puzzling problem = a problem that ______________ 困扰人的问题 an experience that is terrifying a terrifying experience= _________________________ 一段可怕的经历

2. -ing形式短语作定语时, 放在所修饰的名词之后,
并且在意思上相当于一个定语从句。如: The man standing there is Peter’s father.

= The man who is standing there is Peter’s father.
站在那儿的那个人是彼得的父亲。 Do you know the boy playing basketball? =Do you know the boy __________________ who is playing basketball ? 你认识在打篮球的那个小男孩吗?

They lived in a room facing the street. = They lived in a room that faces the street.

Anybody swimming in this river will be fined. = Anybody who is swimming in this river will be fined.

3. -ing形式短语也可以用作非限制定语,
相当于一个非限制性定语从句,这时,它 与句子其他部分用逗号分开。如:

His brother, working as a teacher, lives in Beijing. = His brother, who is working as a teacher, lives in Beijing.

The apple tree, swaying gently in the breeze, had a good crop of fruit. = The apple tree, which was swaying gently in the breeze, had a good crop of fruit.

三、-ing形式作宾语补足语 When we returned to the school, we found a stranger ________________(stand) at the entrance. standing 当我们回到学校时, 发现一个陌生人站在大门口。 standing 为 a 1. 动词-ing形式作宾语补足语常放在宾语后面,句中的 stranger 的补足语, 宾语是宾语补足语的逻辑主语,表示一个正在进行的 与a stranger 之间 动作,强调一个过程或一种状态。如: 构成主谓关系,表 I found a bag lying on the ground. 我发现地板上放着一个包。 I heard Mary singing a song in the next room. 我听见玛丽在隔壁房间唱歌。 sung(sing) by Mary at that time. VS. I heard the songbeing ________


2.当主句转换为被动结构时, 原来作宾语补


They found the result very satisfying.

= The result is found very satisfying.

They heard him singing in the next room. = He was heard singing in the next room.

We mustn’t keep them waiting. = They mustn’t be kept waiting.

3. 能用-ing形式作宾语补足语的几类动词: 1) 表示感觉和心理状态的动词,常见的有see, hear, feel, smell, find, notice, observe, look at, listen to等。如: Can you smell anything burning? I felt somebody patting me on the shoulder. 2) 表示指使意义的动词,常见的有have, set, keep,

get, catch, leave等。如:
I won’t have you doing that. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I can’t get the clock going again.

You won’t catch me doing that again.

4. see, hear, feel, watch等动词之后用-ing形
① 前者表示动作正在进行,而后者表示


We passed by the classmates and saw the teacher making the experiment.
我们走过教室,看见老师在做实验。 (只在走过教室的刹那间,看见老师 正在做实验)

We sat an hour and watched the teacher make the experiment.
我们坐了一个小时,看老师做实验。 (一个小时之内一直在看老师作实验) ② 如果宾语补足语是短暂性动词,动词不定 式短语表示一次动作, 而-ing形式则表示反复 动作。如:

We heard the door slam.(一次动作) We heard the door slamming.(反复动作)

Point out the usage of the –ing form. 1. Do you find it funny to see someone sliding on a banana skin, bumping into someone else round a corner, or falling down a hole in the road? sliding, bumping, falling

2. He became famous for using a particular form of acting, including mime and farce. using 作介词for的宾语 including作状语

3. Their job is “panning for gold”.
panning 作表语

4. That was the problem facing Charlie
Chaplin in one of his most famous films.

facing 作定语
5. Finally he tries cutting and eating the

bottom of the shoe.
cutting, eating 作宾语

Explain the following phrases in simple English. a a A bag sleeping for sleeping bag sleeping boy
A boy that is sleeping

a a A cup A horse drinking for drinking that is cup drinking horse drinking

a dancing hall a cooking pot

A hall for dancing A pot for cooking

a dancing girl a moving story

A girl that is dancing A story that is moving

a washing machine

A machine for washing an A table operating for table operating

A sound A terrifying that is terrifying sound A leader an inspiring who is inspiring leader

Choose the suitable words from the box below and fill in the blanks in the correct form. astonish, depress, play, do, ride, amuse, bark, welcome

1. I can’t imagine Billy ______ riding a motorbike.

astonish, depress, play, do, ride, amuse, bark, welcome barking 2. Did you hear the dog downstairs _______
for most of the night?

3. Frank is very good at telling funny jokes.

amusing He can be very ________.

doingwhat I want. 4. You can’t stop me _____
5. He gave me a welcoming _________ hug when he met

me at the airport.

astonish, depress, play, do, ride, amuse, bark, welcome
6. Jim has really learnt very fast. She has madeastonishing __________ progress. 7. It’s been raining all day. This weather is

depressing __________.
8. When I came out of the theatre, I noticed

playing musical a group of children _______
instruments across the street.

1. The ______ boy was last seen ______ near the bank of the lake. A. missing; playing B. missing; play C. missed; played D. missed; to play

解析:missing是形容词,作boy的定语,意思 是“失踪的”。 was last seen playing表示 被看见时正在玩。

2. Mr. Smith, ______ of the ______ speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring 解析:此题考查现在分词与过去分词的区别。 tired, moved, interested excited等过去分词叙述 的是人的本身感受;tiring, moving, interesting, exciting等现在分词叙述的是某一物或事情给予 人的感受。句意为“史密斯先生对这个令人厌 烦的讲话感受厌倦了,所以开始读起一本小说 来”。

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