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2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空初期练习(3)

2016 高考英语二轮完形填空初期练习(3)
完形填空 It was a cold winter's night when I stopped for gas on my way home from work.I was tired and had a slight__1__. I worked in a__2__doctor's office and this was one of those days when the unexpected happened,making the schedule run__3__than usual.It seemed I was going to be late__4__home and my husband , being the__5__person , would be ready to pronounce me late once again.Maybe__6__I hurried,I could still make it home. I was heading inside to__7__for my gas when I noticed an older couple at the counter.I heard them asking for__8__to the local hospital.It was the same hospital that I had just__9__a few minutes ago. The young man at the counter was trying to be__10__in explaining how to get there,with two other people making__11__.One of them was__12__trying to give them a whole different route back.It was then that I walked over to the couple and said, “Would you like to follow me to the__13__?” A look of__14__crossed the woman's face. “I'm going right by there,”I said,which wasn't a__15__since I had just made up my mind to do__16__that. I got in my car and began the journey back.I was trying to watch to be sure they were right__17__me.It took only fifteen minutes to get there as rush hour traffic was beginning to__18__.I felt better than I had all day and my headache was nearly gone. Later, as I arrived home, my husband__19__, “So you aren't ever late any more.” I said,“Sometimes it's__20__to be late.” 【语篇解读】 一个寒冷的夜晚,作者偶然遇到一对需要帮助的老年夫妇,于时她不顾身 体的疲惫与不适,自告奋勇为对方带路。 1.A.break 解析 B.fever C.cold D.headache

根据倒数第三段最后一句中的“my headache was nearly gone”可知作者当时有

轻微的“头疼”。 答案 D 2.A.foreign B.common C.busy D.noisy

解析 上一段中提到作者在晚上下班后非常疲惫,而且感觉头疼,再结合下文可推知办公 室的工作十分“忙碌”。 答案 C

3.A.earlier 解析




由下文的“going to be late”以及“pronounce me late”可知出乎意料的事情

的发生使下班时间比平时晚。 答案 B 4.A.getting B.cooking C.calling D.working

解析 根据下文中的“make it home”可知作者可能“到”家的时间会晚一些。 答案 A 5.A.tough B.punctual C.generous D.careful

解析 根据本句后半部分中的内容可知作者的丈夫非常“守时”, 否则就不会责怪作者回 家晚了。punctual“守时的,准时的”,符合语境。 答案 B 6.A.as B.since C.while D.if

解析 “如果”作者抓紧时间,也许还能够按时回到家。 答案 D 7.A.pay B.change C.wait D.search

解析 由下文的“at the counter”可知此处是作者走进里面去“支付”买油的费用。 答案 A 8.A.opinions 解析 B.trouble C.directions D.money

根据下一段开头部分中的“explaining how to get there”可知这对老夫妇是在

询问如何到达当地医院,此处 direction 表示“方向”。 答案 C 9.A.reached B.visited C.observed D.left

解析 文章第一段提到作者下班后就来加油,此时遇到了一对问路的老年夫妇,由此可推 知作者几分钟前刚刚“离开”她工作的那家医院。 答案 D 10.A.skilled C.experienced 解析 B.helpful D.active

根据本句中的“explaining how to get there”可知在柜台服务的年轻男子努力

提供“帮助”,告诉他们如何到达那个地方。 答案 B 11.A.comments C.jokes B.promises D.noises

解析 由下文可知,年轻人在尽力为对方指路时,另外两个人在关于路线的问题上“发表 议论”。

答案 A 12.A.only B.still C.even D.ever

解析 这几个人都想给这对夫妇指路, 其中一人“甚至”试图给他们指出一条完全不同的 回来的路线。 答案 C 13.A.station B.office C.hospital D.hotel

解析 根据 8 空后面的内容可知作者知道对方要去“医院”, 于是主动提出要为他们引路。 答案 C 14.A.panic B.relief C.sadness D.peace

解析 女士不知如何去医院, 此时有人主动带路, 她自然感到很“欣慰”。 relief 表示“宽 慰,欣慰”,符合语境。 答案 B 15.A.duty B.fact C.reason D.lie

解析 虽然作者刚从那家医院出来,可是作者说自己正好要路过那里,这并非“谎言”, 因为作者诚心要帮助对方。 答案 D 16.A.partly B.properly C.exactly D.perfectly

解析 作者当时确实打定主意要那么做,exactly 表示“确实”。 答案 C 17.A.across B.before C.beside D.behind

解析 作者是在给这对夫妇引路,要确保他们在“后面”跟着。 答案 D 18.A.go up C.speed up B.die down D.turn down

解析 由于交通高峰开始“减退”他们只花了 15 分钟就到达了那家医院。die down“逐 渐停止,变弱”。 答案 B 19.A.teased B.shouted C.burst D.laughed

解析 文章第二段后半部分提到作者每逢回家晚的时候,丈夫都要说她,此处是他在“取 笑”作者。 答案 A 20.A.possible B.special C.good D.safe

解析 根据倒数第三段最后一句话可知此处作者想表达的是有时候晚归的感觉“很好”。 答案 C

【山东省潍坊市 2014 高考英语 3 月模拟试题】完形填空 When my parents were alive,they were not very rich.Yet they helped their two older 1 time after time.When Daddy passed away,his notebook showed debts 2 from several of his children.I was not among them.I 3 borrowed money and when I did,I set a repayment plan and 4 to it.It was a matter of 5 with me.I couldn’t stand owing

my parents-or anyone else-mmoney because I watched them 6 to help out my older sisters when they were in financial difficulties themselves. These days,after the death of my parents,I am one of those people who can be 7

to for help when they need it.Just as I can’t stand 8 other people money,I can’t stand saying no to whoever needs help.I don’t 9 helping others,but I would be

more than glad if they would make a(n) 10 to handle things themselves,perhaps by doing some 11 planning-like planning not to speend money they don’t have! Being ready to help others is a 12 ,but sometimes the result will be 13 to what

you expect.I 14 remember as a child what my father always said, “If at first you don’t succeed,try,try again!” Helping my children too often has 15 them from learning to keep trying.Use your 16:who among my children will 17 to walk if I supply the money to buy a car? Helped often,my children lost gradually the ability to 18 problems themselves. In most 19 ,when people find you can 20 help,they will ask you more and more.That's human,you know. 【小题 1】A.sons 【小题 2】A.absent 【小题 3】A.always 【小题 4】A.stuck 【小题 5】A.pleasure 【小题 6】A.struggle 【小题 7】A.referred 【小题 8】A.cheating B.daughters B.apart B.seldom B.attached B.courage B.happen B.turned B.donating C.brothers C.due C.often C.agreed C.pride C.intend C.seen D.sisters

D.different D.never D.belonged D.sorrow D.move D.attended

C.1ending D.owing

【小题 9】A.enjoy 【小题 10】A.comment 【小题 11】A.financial 【小题 12】A.deed 【小题 13】A.contrary 【小题 14】A.can 【小题 15】A.banned 【小题 16】A.aHn 【小题 17】A.wait 【小题 18】A.solve 【小题 19】A.affairs 【小题 20】A.obtain

B.mind B.mess B.flexible B.deal B.essential B.may B.protected B.leg B.urge B.assess B.choices B.attain

C.1ike C.excuse

D.miss D.effort D.particular

C.typical C.virtue


C.potential D.necessary D.must


C.prevented D.freed C.body C.threat C.seek C.cases C.provide D.head D.choose D.analyse D.events D.prefer


【小题 20】C


己很少陷入财政问题,所以父母去世后,姐姐们会找他帮忙,turn to sb for help“找人求 助” ,答案选 B。


【小题 12】C 名词辨析。A.美德,品德; B.交易; C.美德;D.任务。从情理可知帮助 别人是一种



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