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English homework

小组成员: 苏小勤 陈丽娇 魏晓川 王赛

Ⅰ. PULL 的一些短语造句
Pull a long face 拉长脸, 显得丌高兴 It's no use to pull a long face; no one can help the fact that it is raining。

Pull one`s weight 尽职尽责 Either you pull your weight or we replace you. 你要是丌尽力做好你的工作,我们便换人做你的事. Pull sb`s leg =play a joke on sb 和......开玩笑 Don't pull disabled people`s leg.it`s not polite.

? Pull together 齐心协力 ? Pull oneself together 冷静下来; 重新振作起来 ? 比较下面两个句子的含义 ①He urged the people and institutions of Indonesia to “pull together” during this crisis. ②Pull yourself together, you stupid guy!=Come on ,boy! PULL的一些常用短语 ? pull down拆毁 ? pull apart 把....拉开或拆开 ? pull something on someone 在…方面欺骗某人 ? pull through 渡过难关;恢复健康

? Ⅱ STAND短语造句
? Stand by=standby 袖手旁观 ? Stand by sb 支持 ①It does not mean I would stand by when i`m in silence. ②I wouldn't break the law for a friend, but I would stand by him if he did. ? 请大家注意后面是否有宾语,比较上面两个句子,看有什么丌 同。表混淆。 ? Stand for= represent 代表 AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. ? Stand out from 在......中很突出 脱颖而出 This skill can makes you stand out from the crowd.

? Stand up for 为.....辩护,支持,拥护 Always stand up for your principles. 要一直坚持你的原则. (stand up to 经得起;抵抗;勇敢地面对) Ep:Is this building going to stand up to the strongest 建筑能经得住最强劲的大风吗?)



stand up v. 站起来;坚持;竖立;站得住脚;拥护 stand out 突出;站出来;坚持到底;坚决反对 stand behind 后援,做后盾 as it stands 按这种样子;以现状来说 stand against vt. 反对;抵抗 stand back 退后;往后站;丌介入

Ⅲ Useful words for writing: adjectives used to describe PERSONALITY
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? amiable 和蔼可亲的 caution 小心谨慎的 confident 有信心的 easy-going 心平气和的 humorous 幽默的 imaginative 爱幻想的 introverted(extroverted) 内向的(外向的) optimistic 乐观的 outgoing 开朗的 passionate 热情洋溢的 pessimistic 悲观的 reserved 含蓄的 sentimental 多愁善感的 snobbish 势力的 sophisticated 老练的

On Christmas day,The outgoing children are longing for Santa Claus to arrive.They will image what gift they can get.In their dream, they open the present box cautiously.Oh, my God,it`s a Barbie doll. How clever the amiable Santa Claus is.Yes,it`s child.they are optimistic,confident and imaginative.

David Beckham is a handsome star.Look at him,Ploughing his face(沧桑的脸上烙印着足迹).His skill is sophisticated,but his life is "sentimental" in recent years.

How passionate they are.whether she is introverted or not,she must be smile and active. This is a fact-a pessimistic fact.

As a seniority,we should set ourself an example to the children.It`s harm to cultivate their world outlook that doing this snobbish behavior

意味着 stand against 反抗,抵抗 stick to 坚持,忠于,信守 take after …...pull down 拆毁,拉倒;拉下,降低 pull in (车)停下,进站,船(到岸) pull ...
组 完成 pull out 拔出,抽出,取出;(车、 船)驶出;(使)摆脱困境 pull ...(会议),旁听 sit up 不睡,熬皮;坐直 speed up (使)加快速度 stand by ...
九年级英语重点词组与句型Unit 1
s more 12.be in a good/bad mood 13.stand sth.doing 14.manage to do...pull…up 4, 5, Pay atlention to(doing) Reach a speed of 达到某个速度...
to pull up pull one's leg 取笑,开玩笑,逗乐 pull through 克服困难,使〃...与...相称 (49)stand 短语 stand by sb = support sb = take sb’s ...
pull 有关的词组: pull down 拆掉,推掉/使身体虚弱/使价格降低 pull off...与 stand 有关的词组: stand for 代表,代替/赞同,支持,拥护 stand out 显著...
拒绝 stand by 支持,帮助;袖手旁观 stand against 反抗,抵抗 take after …...put right 改正(错误),整理 pull 0ff 脱(帽、衣) pull out 拔出,抽出;(...
13.stand sth/doing /做某事 ’ s 而且 心情好 忍受某事 14.manage to do...to do( oughtn’t to 而不 on in 有某事要去 确定做 向前 / 下 pull ?...
stand doing 103. intention 104. duty 105. ability 106. fibre 107. digest...pull gradually weight lessen get close to cheer up float weightlessly cabin...
pull up 拉上去 18.luck-lucky-luckily-unlucky -unluckily 放在句子开头用副词...stand for 代表 6. do sth. instead 做某事代替(没有代 替对象,不加 of)...
英语 词组与固定句型 33页 7下载券 考研英语固定词组...(帽、衣) pull on 穿,戴 pull out 拔出,抽出;...熬夜 speed up 使加速 stand out 突出,显眼 take ...