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英语 课时知能评估2

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—How did it________that you made such a silly mistake? —I myself haven't figured it out yet. A.bring about C.come across B.come about D.come on

解析: 本句考查短语和句型用法。 come about “发生, 产生”, 用于 How did it come about that...的句式中,意为“??怎么发生的?”。bring about “使发 生,导致”;come across “偶遇,不期而遇”;come on 用于督促对方或鼓励 对方,意为“赶快,快点”。 答案:B 2.We haven't found anyone who can________him as a volunteer teacher in Tibet. A.take place C.in place of B.take the place D.replace

解析:表示“代替”时用 take the place of 或 replace。 答案:D 3.People can't afford to buy expensive things________the prices of daily goods going up. A.as C.with B.for D.since

解析:考查 with 的复合宾语结构。由宾语 the prices 和宾补 going up 可 以判断出空格处需用介词 with。 答案:C 4.When I was a child, my parents often taught me how to deal with dangerous________. A.organizations C.regulations B.situations D.positions

解析:situation “情形,境遇”;organization “组织”;regulation “规 章,条例”;position “位置,职位”。 答案:B 5.Can you help me to exchange dollars________francs? A.with C.to B.for D.on

解析:exchange sth.for sth.意思是“用??去换??”;exchange sth.with sb.意思是“与某人交换某物”。 答案:B 6.Don't worry about the present situation in the world;________of people prefer peace to war. A.the most C.the majority B.the great part D.the number

解析:A 项表达不正确,应为 most of the people;B 项不与 people 连用, 表示“一??部分”常用 a great part of;D 项作主语,谓语动词应用单数形式。 答案:C 7.Do you know the difficulty he had________the work? A.on finishing C.finishing B.to finish D.having finished

解析:该题是 have difficulty (in) doing sth.结构的变形形式,he had 作后置 定语。 答案:C 8 . —What do you think of the bicycle which his father bought for him________a birthday present? —I like it very much________its color. A.for;except C.with;but B.as; besides D.as;except for

解析:第一空中 as 意为“作为”;第二空中 except for 表示整体中排除细 节。 答案:D

9.As I have an important exam tomorrow,I plan to________for study tonight. A.make up C.turn up B.stay up D.keep up

解析:考查动词短语辨析。make up “构成;化妆;弥补”;stay up “熬 夜;不睡觉”;turn up “调大音量”;keep up “保持”。 答案:B 10.________the students in our school go to college in their teens. A.A good many C.A great deal of B.A great many of D.A plenty of

解析:根据 students 前面的限定词 the 可知应选用 a great many of,如 果选择 A 应该是 a good many students。 答案:B Ⅱ.阅读理解 A English is a language particularly rich in idioms(习语), which usually don't obey logical and grammatical rules. Without idioms English would lose much of its variety and humor both in speech and writing. In the old days the written language (novels, poems, plays and the Bible) was the source on which idioms were based. This was the case up until WWII. After the war new mediums had appeared in Englishspeaking society, there was a channel for the American way of life and the popular culture of the U. S. TV, movies and nowadays the interactive medium have changed the English language more to the American English direction. How then does American English differ from British English in the use of idioms? There are no radical differences in actual use. The main differences are in the situations where idiomatic expressions are used. There have been many studies recently on this subject. American English adopts and creates new idioms at a much faster rate compared to British English. Also the idioms of AmE origin seem to spread faster and further. After it has first been established(建立)in the

U.S., an American idiom may soon be found in other variants(变体)and dialects of English. Nowadays new British idioms seem to stay on the British Isles and are rarely encountered in the U.S. British idioms are in fact more familiar to other Europeans or to the people of the British Commonwealth than to Americans, even though the language is same. The future of idiomatic expressions in the English language seems certain. They are more and more based on American English. This development will continue through new mediums like the Internet and interactive mediums. It is hard to say what this will do to idioms and what kind of new idioms are created. This will be an interesting development to follow, and by no means does it lessen the humor, variety and color of English language. 1.Which one is the best title of the passage? A.American English and British English. B.American English Developed from British English. C.American Idioms will replace British Idioms. D.The Development of English Idioms. 2.According to the passage, we can infer that________. A.idioms usually aren't created based on logical and grammatical rules B.idioms mainly come form the written language nowadays C.American English creates more new idioms than American D.British idioms are more important than American idioms 3.Where did idioms come from in ancient times? A.The written language. B.New mediums. C.The spoken language. D.Speaker's creation. 4.When a new idiom is created in America, it will soon ________. A.be used all over the world B.be laughed at by British people C.be found using in England also D.be used only in the United States 5.The future of idiomatic expressions in the English language may mainly

rely on ________. A.American English B.British English C.The old idioms D.Language's humor and variety 【语篇解读】 文章主要说明了英语习语的源头和它进一步的发展过程,

还进一步说明了美国英语和英式英语习语的不同,并且对习语未来的发展做出 了进一步的预测。 1. D 主旨大意题。全篇文章主要说明了英语习语的源头和他进一步的发

展及其未来的发展,因此 D 正确。 2. A 理解推断题。关键句为第一段第一句话,习语是不遵循逻辑和语法

规则的,由此可以推断出 A 正确。 3.A 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句话,得知书面语是习语的起源依据, 因此 A 正确。 4. C 细节理解题。根据第三段的内容尤其是此段中第七句话的内容,得

知美国习语的传播速度非常的快和广,很快就能传到英国,因此 C 正确。 5. A 细节理解题。根据文章最后一段中的倒数第四和第五句话的内容,

得知 A 正确。 B Online sites offering free English courses often use British English but it's quite different from American English. One difference is in the pronunciation of the words and another is in the vocabulary used. For example, American English uses the word truck, whereas British English uses lorry? So you need to be specific when you search for an English course online that you can take at home on its own or to complement your other studies. In the audio segment of American English course, the topics are very practical ones and include such things as: -Formal and informal ways of introducing yourself and others -Talking about your family and where you come from -How to use a map or a time schedule These topics meet the needs of a broad range of people learning English as a

second language. The listening exercises are made up of passages and short dialogues read by native American English speakers. After you listen to each one, you can then answer short questions to ensure that you understand the main idea of the lesson. Another segment of an online American English course deals with the rules of grammar. In these lessons you learn the basic rules of sentence construction and the parts of speech. Although these are the same whether you study British or American English, the vocabulary is totally American and the speakers are native speakers. To enhance your learning, such a site also offers a wealth of resources, such as ESL games and reading passages. Sites teaching American English online are also free, which gives everyone with access to the Internet the chance to learn English at home no matter what part of the world you live in. 6.Online English courses ________. A.are all quite different from American English B.just teach you pronunciation of the words and vocabulary C.are all very specific and easy to learn D.are sometimes in the form of American English 7.Which of the following may NOT belong to the topic offered by the audio segment of American English course? A.How to get around. B.Being confident. C.How to order food. D.How to study and do research. 8.How many segments of online courses are mentioned in the passage? A.2. B.3. C.4. D.5. 9.What's the best title of the passage? A.Learn American English Online In Your Spare Time. B.The Differences Between British English And American English.

C.Ways To Improve Your American English. D.Online English Courses. 10.From the passage we can infer________. A.we can learn how to use adverbs and adjectives correctly by online courses B.online English courses won't supply people more reading passages C.tenses of verbs are of little importance in American English D . native Americans will answer your questions online about listening during online American English courses 【语篇解读】 语言的一些差异。 6. D 7. B 通过文章第一句话可判断选项。 根据第二段的 the topics are very practical ones 及下面提供的例子可 本文主要说明了通过网上美国英语课程学习,指出了英美

知应选 B 项。Being confident 明显不属于较用具体的情况。 8. C 文 章 提 到课 程的 几 部 分 包括 the audio segment , The listening

exercises,grammar 和 offers a wealth of resources。 9. A 本文主要说明的就是网上学习美语课程的情况。抓住关键词 Learn

American English Online 即可判断选项。D 项范围太大。 10. A 据倒数第二段可排除 B 项,据倒数第三段第一句话可排除 C 项,据

倒数第四段的 passages and short dialogues read by native American English speakers 可知听力材料由美国人来读,而非他们网上回答问题。 Ⅲ.短文改错 Dear Ralph, I'm a senior student. I have in love with a boy for three 1.________ years.Because he is a shy boy, so I wrote him a letter 2.________ first to express my feeling. He wrote back. In his letter 3.________ he said,“We are students. Our task is to study. Let us to wait

4.________ to see whether we had any chance after graduation.” So 5.________ after graduation I telephoned to him, asking him to 6.________ go out. And he said he didn't want to. He just 7.________ wanted to sleep and watch the TV. 8.________ What do you think I should do? Do you think 9.________ I should continue to love her or give up? 10.________ 答案:1. have 后加 been 3.feeling 改成 feelings 5. had 改成 have 7. And 改成 But 9.正确 2. so 去掉 4. us 后的 to 去掉

6. telephoned 后的 to 去掉 8. the 去掉

10. her 改成 him

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