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高中英语选修六重点 (老师打字很辛苦,努力背哦! )
Module1 1. be serious about 认真对待 be nervous about 对…紧张焦虑 be cautious about 对…小心 2. lack(v) sth a lack(n) of sth 3. in advance 提前 4. think of 想起 think highly of sb 高度评价 5. look away from 把目光从…移开 look after/out/through/forward to doing 6. A is good, in addition, B is good. In addition to A, B is good. 7. apply for 申请 apply…to … 把…应用于… 8. do sb a favour = do a favour for sb 帮某人一个忙 be in favour of 支持/赞同 9. a reply to… 对…的回复 as a reply to…作为对…的回复 10. put one’s foot in one’s mouth 说错话 11. be absent from … 缺席 12. as a consequence 因此/结果 13. apologize to sb for sth/doing = make an apology to sb for sth/doing 14. be aware of… 知道… 15.take the lead 带头/领先 lead to 导致 lead-led-led 16.show off 炫耀 17. go through 经历/经受(困难等) 18. they have sth in common 他们有一些共同点 19.leave out 删去/省去 20. cheer sb up 使某人高兴/振作 语法:1.didn’t need to do 不需要做 needn’t have done 本来不需要做但却做了 2. 情态动词+ have done 有两种意义: 表推测 must/ might/ can’t have done 一定/可能/不可能已经做了 表后悔 shouldn’t have done 本不该做但却做了 Module 2 1. play an important part in … 在…中起重要作用 2. hesitate to do sth 犹豫不决做… hesitate about/ over sth 对于做某事犹豫不决 without hesitation 毫不迟疑 3. in the direction of 朝…方向 under the direction of sb 在某人的指导下 4. put down 放下,写下;镇压 put up 张贴 put aside 保留;暂不考虑 put away 放好,收好 put off 推迟,推延 5. doubt if/ whether 怀疑是否… there is no doubt that… 毫无疑问 6. hold out 伸出, 维持,坚持 hold back 阻挡 hold on (打电话用语) 等一会,别挂断 hold up 举起 7. come up to… 朝…走过来 8. long for sth 渴望得到某物 9. turn away 走开 turn on/ off/ up/ down turn to sb 向某人求助 10. sweep over 向…扩展


11. keep/ have one’s eye on 注视,盯着看 keep an eye on 留意 12. fix on 注视,凝视 13. cast about 搜索/寻找 14. be laden with 充溢着(某种味道) 15. look around for 四处寻找 16. marry sb 娶/嫁某人 get married to sb 和某人结婚(表动作) be married to sb 和某人已婚(表状态) 17. appeal to sb 对某人有吸引力 appeal to sb to do sth 呼吁/请求某人做某事 18. be associated with 与…有联系 associate...with...使…和..有联系 19. be restricted to… 限于 20. sb be in possession of sth 拥有… sth be in the possession of sb 某物为某人所有 21. ahead of… 在…前面 ahead of time 提前 22. ought to do 应该做 23. look back over one’s shoulder 回头看 24. catch a glimpse of 瞥见 25. by hand 用手, 用手工 26. set out 出发 set up 建立 set off for 出发去… 27. sth be invisible to sb 某物对某人来说是看不见的 28. 强调句:it is 被强调部分 that/who… 29. be responsible for 对…负责 30. put a spell on… 用符咒镇住 语法: v-ing 作状语(时间、原因、条件、让步、伴随、结果) 介词+ v-ing 作状语 例:Turning to right, you will see the hospital.(条件) Module 3 1. get close to 靠近 chat with sb 与…聊天 2. burst out doing 突然发生, 突然…起来 eg. burst out crying 突然哭起来 burst out laughing 突然笑起来 burst out singing 突然唱起来 burst into + n. 突然开始(做某事) eg. burst into tears/laughter/song 突然哭起来、笑起来、唱起来 3. knock over 撞死/撞伤 knock at/ down/ into 4. lose interest in 对……失去兴趣 have an interest in 对……有兴趣 5. from time to time 有时/偶尔 1. 6. turn round = turn around 转身 turn to sb 求助于某人 turn on/off /down /up turn out 结果是,证明是 7. a large/small amount of + 不可数名词+ is… 大/小量的…. large/small amounts of + 不可数名词+ are… 8. raise money 筹钱 raise 筹措;抚养,种植;提高 9. count...as... 把……当作 count on 指望,依靠 10. be on the phone 在通电话


11. quarrel with sb over/ about sth 与某人争吵某事 12. make up 和好,和解,编造,虚构,组成 13. regret doing sth 后悔做了某事 regret to do... 很遗憾地要做某事 14. keep/stay in touch with 与…….保持联系 be in touch with 与…….有联系 be out of touch with 与…….失去/无联系 get in touch with 与……取得联系 lose touch with 与……失去联系 15. Don't mention it. (别人道谢时回答)不客气 16. be ashamed of 对……感到惭愧 17. be on good terms with sb 与某人关系很好 in terms of 按照…..,依据…… 18. bring … to mind 使人想起…… 19. be blessed with 享有……的福气 20. in return 作为报答,作为交换 21. be allergic to 对…过敏 22. be nostalgic for 对…很怀念 23. lie-lied-lied liar 撒谎者 24. all at once 忽然/突然 at once 立刻/马上 25. belong to … 属于 26. from the bottom of one’s heart 真心诚意的,发自内心的 语法: 语法 1. having done 作状语 having left something in the cloakroom, I went inside to get it. 语法 2. 接 v-ing 和 to do 的动词(情景导学 P29-30) 1. 只接 to do 的动词有________________________________________ 2. 只接 v-ing 的动词有________________________________________ 3. 既接 v-ing 又接 to do 的动词有_________________________________ 4. 接 v-ing 和接 to do 区别很大的动词有:remember, go on, stop, regret, mean, try, forget 例如: regret doing sth 后悔做了某事 regret to do... 很遗憾地要做某事 Module 4 1. be true of/ for 与…情况相同 2. give life to 赋予…生命 give one’s life to 为......而献出生命 lose one’s life 丧生,死 live a...life 过着......的生活 3. be the same with It’s the same with... = So it is with... 与......情况相同(表示前 面的情况也适合后者,尤其是前面说了两种以上的情况) 4. combine...with... 使......与......结合 5. share feelings and ideas with sb 与某人分享感受和想法 6. make contact with 与...... 保持往来 be / stay in contact with 与......保持联系 make / lose contact with 与......取得/失去联系 7. an ambition to do sth = an ambition of doing sth 做某事的雄心壮志 achieve one’s ambition 实现某人的夙愿 8. with / in regard to 关于{用于点题} regard...as... 将......看作...... regardless of 不管,不顾 9. neither/nor + be (have,助动词,情态动词)+另一主语 ?? 也不 10. all of a sudden = suddenly 突然地 11. in relief 轻松地 to one’s relief 使某人欣慰的是


12. draw upon / on 利用,凭借,依赖 13. present sb. with sth = present sth. to sb 向某人颁发某物 . at present 目前 14. push one’s way through… 从…中挤出一条路 15. on the one hand…, on the other hand… 一方面…, 另一方面…… 16. be connected to/with 与…有关联 17. oh come on 得了吧,算了吧 I can’t stand sth 我无法忍受某事 18. be in one’s twenties 在某人二十几岁时 19. “一??就 ?? ” 的表达 ①the moment/minute/second/instant... ②no sooner... than ... ③hardly/scarcely ... when... ④immediately/instantly/directly. . . 20. take … seriously 重视,认真对待 语法: (情景导学 P42) 现在完成进行时: have/ has been doing 表示动作从过去某一时刻开始, 一直不间断地持续到现在, 而且还有可能继续持续下去。 Module 5 1. be terrified of sth/doing 害怕. . . be terrified by/at 因…而吓了一跳 2. chase after 追逐/求 3. be disgusted at/by 对…感到恶心 in disgust 反感地 4. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 5. burn out (火)燃尽;使筋疲力尽 burn away 烧光 burn down 烧毁(建筑物等) burn. . .to the ground 把. . . 烧成平地 6. breathe (v) breath (n) out of breath 上气不接下气 take a deep breath 做深呼吸 7. contrast with 形成对照 in contrast to/with 与. . .对比起来 8. throw oneself on. . . 扑倒在. . .上 9. for fear of/that 以免,唯恐 fear to do 害怕做. . . 10. be identical in 在. . .方面是相同的 be identical to 与. . .一模一样 11. be beneficial to sb 对某人有益 benefit(v) from 受益于 12. by mistake 错误地 13. cure sb of 疾病 治愈某人的(病等) a cure for ..的疗法 . 14. treat … as… 把…当成…对待 15. a sequence of 一系列的 16. can’t resist doing sth 抵制不住做某事 17. rely on / upon = depend on / upon 依靠,依赖 18. as follows 如下 as if 好像 19. knock out 摧毁 20. get out of control 摆脱控制 21. as far as we know 据我们所知 22. break down 分解;出故障, (健康等)垮掉 break away from 逃脱.. .,逃离 break in 插话,非法闯入 break into 破门而入;突然开始(笑、欢呼等) break out(战争,火灾)突然爆发 23. bring … back to life 使…复活 24. on the contrary 相反地 in other words 换句话说 25. vice versa 反之亦然


Module 6 1. abandon doing 放弃做… abandon oneself to sth 沉溺于某事 2. declare war on 向…宣战 declare that… 3. make a breakthrough 取得重大突破 break out/into/down 4. last 持续;最后的;上一个 private 列兵;隐私的 5. occupy 占领 occupation 占领;职业,工作 be occupied with sth be occupied (in) doing 忙于做某事 6. pick up 捡起;学会;接收信号;救起,接送 7. drop 扔下,投下;滴 drop in on sb/ at 地 顺便拜访某人/某地 8. make sacrifices for… 为…做出牺牲 9. to one’s astonishment/ surprise 令某人惊讶的是 10. be in a mess 处于混乱 make a mess of… 把…弄得一塌糊涂 11. it’s worth doing it’s worthy of doing it’s worthwhile to do 值得做某事 12. encourage sb to do 鼓励某人做 discourage sb from doing 劝阻某人不要做 13. despite …= in spite of… 尽管 14. condemn sb.for sth 因某事而谴责某人 15. draw one’s attention 引起某人的注意 draw /attract/catch/get one’s attention to sth. 某事引起某人的注意 pay attention to sth. 注意,留心 16. in shape 在形状上,在外形上, 处于良好状态 in the shape of… 呈…的形状,以..的形式 17. be supposed to do sth. = should do sth. 应该做某事 18. be situated/ located in/on / at 位于, 坐落在 19. be involved in 被卷入, 陷入 20. drink to sb./ sth. 为……干杯 21. be willing to do 愿意/欣然做某事 Module 5 语法:虚拟语气(情景导学 P54) (1)与事实相反: 与现在事实相反 if 过去时,sb would/could/should/might do. 与过去事实相反 if had done, sb would/could/should/might have done. 与 将 来 事 实 相 反 if ① 过 去 式 ② should do ③ were to do, sb would/could/should/might do. (2)表示不可能实现的愿望 现在不可能实现的愿望 I wish/if only I + 过去式 过去不可能实现的愿望 I wish/if only I + had done 将来不可能实现的愿望 I wish/if only I + would/should/could do (3)条件句中 if 的省略 一马当先还(had)属(should)我(were) Module 6 语法:虚拟语气(情景导学 P68) (1) sb command/intend/suggest… that sb (should) do (2) it is adj/过去分词 that sb (should) do


(3) as if/ though + 与现在事实相反 as if 主语 did/were 与过去事实相反 as if 主语 had done 与将来事实相反 as if 主语 would/could/should/might do. (4) would rather, would sooner, would prefer 宁愿 表示现在或将来的愿望 would rather 主语 did/were 表示过去的愿望 would rather 主语 had done (5) it’s (high) time (that) 主语+过去时/should do


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