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、| !_ 一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的瞬间,你会发现,原 本费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就这么忘记了..
2008 年上半年新托福口语真题答案集 史上最牛英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn

点: 1. 真。 2. 权威。 3. 恒久耐用。 4.复现率高。 5. 绝对高分之必备。

优势: 1. 将历年考过的真题一二题的答案样本呈现给备战托友。 2. 提供了一个 8 句无敌模板标准,利于控制时间。 3. 结构明晰,套句和亮点词汇有明显标注,节省备考时间。 4. 长短句分配有致。 5. 表达地道,原汁原味。 6. 提供了一种思维模式。 7. 提供了更加现场化的音频。

适合人群: 1. 即将或正在备战新托福的同学。 2. 对口语感到迷茫的同学。 3. 想获得高分的同学。 4. 想进入理想大学的同学。 5. 想说文化英语的朋友。

使用方法: 1. 随时关注此版块,进度跟上。 2. 每次看到题目后,不要直接看答案。自己先审题,写出个人备案 3.对照样本答案进行修缮小马过河 6 ~3 d, r- A; m& w 4.自己录音 5.听样本音频,对比不足

学之所得: 1. 形成了思考的习惯。 2. 口语已不在话下。 3. 触类旁通,刺激了其他部分的提高。 4. 得了高分。 5. 进了象牙塔。 6. 高兴。 7. 真高兴。

1 月 (1. 13, 1.19) 1.13 与 2006. 10. 21 重复 T1. What do you think are the qualities of a good leader? In my opinion, a good leader should be trustworthy (值得信赖的, 可靠的) persistent 持续的, , ( 不断的) and forward-looking. The world is looking for honest and upright(清廉的) leaders, too. In order to leave this world a different place, a leader also has to persevere(坚韧). Leaders don't grow in a comfort zone (温室) Leaders are not people with exceptional (例外的, . 特别的) talent; they are people who have learned from their mistakes and get up and try again, being a non-quitter(永不放弃的人). Being in leadership roles, a person should be able to see the big picture and take risks, doing things right and at the right time. Thus he can correctly assess(估计,评定) a situation and knows how to take the next step. In summary, honesty, endurance, and having a big vision are the good qualities of / for effective leadership. 共8句 我的时间记录:41‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______ T2. Do you agree or disagree that people should always tell the truth?

I don‘t think it‘s a good idea for people to always speak the truth. Truth can enhance but sometimes can destroy a relationship, depending upon the intent. There are times when telling "truth" is unloving. For example, you might not be wild about what your friend is wearing, but if your friend is giving an important presentation and asks you how s/he looks, it would not be in anyone's highest good (有最大好处)to give your opinion. There are also times when many of us have much difficulty speaking our truth especially to important others such as parents, siblings, close friends, and beloved ones. We are afraid the other person will be angry or hurt by our truth, even when we state it without judgment or blame. Therefore, telling the truth is not always helpful. The important thing in telling the truth is to be honest with yourself about your own intent in telling your truth.



【学校通知】 关于关闭艺术展览馆的 statement, : 对话: 同学们并不同意, 关闭展览馆的原因是 empty, empty 而 是有原因的,比如只有艺术科系的才可以展览,其他科系在艺术方面很棒的学生都不可以,而且宣传力度也不够, 校报上面都没有的。展览作品看的人也不多,只有一半不到 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二: 1)大学艺术系学生需要多点机会展示作品 2)学校 communication 做得不好,经常展览结束后才介绍作品。 In the reading material, the university is considering the closure of art gallery. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man doesn't like the idea.One reason he gives is that students from art department need to be given more opportunities to display their works of art. Another reason is that the university doesn‘t have good communication. They often give an introduction of the works after the exhibition. Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion. T4. Reading: 【课文要点】心理学有一概念:人们对其他人有期待就会按照这种期待对待别人,其他人可以感

受到并使其成真。 Listening:【教授举例】一个实验,一组随机挑选的学生被告知是老师精挑细选的优生。老师努力教学并且经常鼓励 他们,于是学生的成绩在短期内得到提高。 In this set of materials, the reading passage explains a phenomenon --- self-fulfilling prophecy in psychology. It states that people firmly believe in an expectation, act on that belief and eventually make it true. In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk to illustrate how self-fulfilling prophecies could make a change to people‘s lives. He gives an example that a group of normal kids randomly selected from many different schools were sent to receive academic education in a training camp. The educators were told that these kids were all top students from all over the country and thus educated them as geniuses with praise and encouragement. Surprisingly, these kids had a higer IQ than normal kids five years later. By these means, the professor proves that self-fulfilling prophecy could make a change to people‘s lives.

T5.【学生困难】:男生参加校 team of emergency response ,需要大量训练来达到标准,因没有时间做 literature reading 而烦恼。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1)辞队后下一年再加入。 2)和队指挥谈一谈要求两学期来完成训练量以保证有足够时间来应付 literature reading。 Sample answer:

The discussion is between two students. The male student is telling his female friend about his busy schedule. He is torn between his training program in the team of emergency response and literature reading. He has to get 10 hours of training every day to meet the physical standard required in the team and thus have little time to read literature. His friend suggests he quit and rejoin the next year to have more time for the requirement. She also suggests he talk to the coach to give an extension. I think the second idea serves his purpose because it would be better for both his choices. And if I were him, I would also take the second solution. I would try to persuade the coach. I would explain to him about my situation so that he could understand.



1. 供大于求,物价下跌; 2. 供小于求,物价上涨。 不过也有一些例外,例如某时代的英国面包,那个时候物价都很高,所以相对面包比较便宜,所以面包价即使上涨, 因为他们无法购买 meat,只能够购买更多的面包来替代肉类。 The lecture is about the relationship between demands for certain products and their prices in the market. Generally the proportion relationship beween them is inverse, that is, when the price goes up, the demand immediately drops down. The higher the price is, the less willingly the consumers pay for. Instead, some former consumers may shift to other alternative products. However, there are also exceptions to this rule. That is, when the price of certain products increases, the demands for them could also rise for a while. However, consumers could still buy the product for storage because it is relatively affordable compared to other kinds of products. Also they wouldn‘t take the risk of paying the soaring price later on.

1. 19 T1. What new skill would you like to learn? Explain why this skill would be good for you to have. 蓝三角:P293 例题 Sample answer 1: (a given answer in the book)

I would like to learn how to play the guitar. Now I can‘t play a musical instrument (背景介绍),so this would be a new skill for me. It would be a good skill to have because I could(情态动词 could 用的好,表示未来的可能性。) take my guitar to parties and play music for my friends. Also, I could join a band and play songs with other musicians. Maybe I could make money that way, but the main reason is I enjoy music and want to understand it better.

Sample 2----my own version A new skill that I would like to learn is (稍换了一种说法)to cook. China

enjoys a worldwide reputation as ―kingdom of cuisine‖. Chinese dishes are popular all over the world. And I , as a would-be overseas Chinese student, is expected to know how to cook food that shows the perfect combination of ―color, aroma and taste‖ -------the three essential factors in judging Chinese cooking(背景介绍). It would be a good skill to have because I could ask my classmates and friends over to my house and cook for them. Also, I could do a television cooking show to publicize our food culture. Maybe I could make money that way, but the main reason is I enjoy cooking and want to share with people the pleasure derived from it.

T2.Some people plan every detail of their vacation in advance. Others prefer to leave most details flexible or open to chance. Which do you think is better and why? 蓝三角:P301 第 4 题

Sample answer :

答案配图: I think advance planning is critical to a successful vacation, regardless of whether the trip is long or short. To have a comfortable vacation, it’s necessary to check the climate for the time to plan to visit. And it is always a good idea to make advance hotel reservations when vacationing. Planning the vacation in advance will also give us more time to prepare for it and to ensure that we have all of the needed. This could mean we will not have to miss out on activities because of not having the correct equipment. Especially when we decide to go camping for vacation, reservations in advance allow us to determine ahead of time whether or not the campground has a lake, hiking trails, electricity, etc. Besides, we get the idea of what to take. Last but not least, advance vacation planning is likely to make our experience a more memorable one.

共8句 我的时间记录为:40'' 你的时间记录为:______ T3. Reading: 【学校通知】:说学校要求学生一学期做 10 小时的志愿者。 Listening:【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1)硬性规定会让学生反感。 2)做义工的地方太远并不方便,学生大多没有私车,难以到远处服务,

Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering about the students‘ 10-hour volunteer work one semester. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the woman doesn't like the idea. One reason she gives is that students won‘t be happy about the compulsory requirement. Another reason is that the place where volunteers are needed to work is too far. She also thinks it‘s a lot of trouble ?cause most of students don‘t own a car and it‘s hard to get there. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion. T4. Reading: 【课文要点】如果一个生态环境中有多个种群的话,那么消失一个种群不会破坏整个生态系统. Listening:【教授举例】一种珊瑚礁(coral reef)的故事。某地被污染,一种鱼死了,这种鱼是吃水藻的,而这种水藻 对珊瑚不好。但是珊瑚没死,为什么,因为这地方生物多样性,其他生物取代了那种鱼来吃水藻。 Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage tells us that the disappearance of one species group won‘t destroy the whole ecosystem if there are different kinds of species groups in an ecological environment. In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk on coral reef. He explains by giving an example that a kind of fish was dead in a polluted area ?cause they ate algae which is bad for coral reef. He goes on to further explain that the coral reef didn‘t die because of the biodiversity. By these means, he proves that it‘s because of the biodiversity that other species instead of that kind of fish eat algae.

T5. 【学生困难】:男生要去招聘会,但和他在饭店打工冲突。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1)和其他同事换班,男生说不太好,我老板已经很好人了,尽量安排我不在学习时间打工,我不想麻烦他了。 2)在招聘会开始时去,虽然不是所有公司都会到,但你至少可以看到几家公司,还可以约他们结束以后谈吗。男 生说可是万一好公司还没来呢。%

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The male student is telling his friend about the schedule conflict. He is torn between a recruitment conference and his part-time job. His friend suggests he change the shift with his collegue. She also suggests he come to the conference at the very first beginning, telling him even though not all companies won‘t be there at the time, he would meet at least several companies and then make appointments

later in the day. I think the second idea serves his purpose because it would be very helpful for his future career. After all, a part-time job may not guarantee him a long-standing career.

T6. 【讲课要点】:说婴儿和父母的关系如何建立, 1. 原先科学家认为婴儿是谁给奶吃谁是娘。 2. 后来发现是接触是关键。用幼猴做试验,将母猴分成 cloth 和 bare 两组,然后都给幼侯喂,发现幼侯更愿意跟 cloth 母猴呆一起。

Sample answer: The lecture tells us how the relationship between parents and infants is established. Originally, scientists thought the one who breast-feeds infants is the mother. But later they found out that human contact is the most important thing. They did an experiment using baby monkeys. They divide mother monkeys into two groups---- clothed and bare. The two groups both feed the baby monkeys. And finally the scientists discovered that baby monkeys would like to stay with the clothed mother monkeys more. 2 月 (2.2, 2.16, 2.24)

2. 2

T1. Describe a city you have always wanted to go and explain why.

Sample answer: 答案配图: A city I‘ve never been to but I‘d really love to visit is Zurich(苏黎世), the largest city in Switzerland. I‘ve seen pictures and travel programs on TV about it and it looks absolutely amazing. The main reason is the mountains – they are extremely high and covered in snow for much of the year, so they look really beautiful in the sunshine. And there are quite a number of lakes that are full of crystal clear water. But it‘s not just the scenery that attracts me, it‘s also the solitude. I think I‘d really enjoy going there because it‘s such a quiet place. And I‘d love to sit in a café all day and just people-watch, seeing how they behave and interact together. So that would be an ideal place for me to go. 共8句

我的时间记录:42‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______ T2. Do you agree or disagree that childhood is the best time in one's life? Sample answer: Generally speaking, childhood years are the happy and precious time of one‘s life, but it is hardly appropriate to say those years are the happiest or the most precious. It is a fact that childhood, as the earliest part of one‘ s life, has less pressure, fewer worries and concerns than adulthood. The time, however, may not necessarily be happy, for there are various factors that are involved in happiness. It depends on the individual and the family s/he was born into. If a person had grown up in a healthy family, s/he would have had a happy time in his/her childhood. In addition, the other parts of life are also as precious and happy as childhood years ?cause a person may have the happiest moment in every stage of the life. Therefore, I disagree that childhood is the happiest (or most precious) time in life.

共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T3. Reading: 【学校通知】:一个学生写信给学校希望学校可以强制学生去社区做义工,一来可以加强学校和社区的 互动,二来学生也许会被鼓舞从而毕业之后继续当义工。 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二: 1)学生是被强制的,所以学生会失去热情,反而并不利于社区与学校的关系。 2)学生没时间学习。

Sample answer: The reading material tells us about a student‘s letter to the administration department of the university, in which he hopes that students should be forced to do volunteer work in the community to enhance the social interaction between university and community, and also to encourage them to continue volunteering after graduation as well. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man doesn't think it‘s a good idea. One reason he gives is that

students will lose enthusiasm for volunteering if forced, which in turn is not beneficial for the relationship between university and community. Another reason is that volunteer work won‘t leave much time for students to study. Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】讲 systems thinking,是一种 problem solving 的方法,就是说考虑问题要从长远着手,看 到 big picture,要看到所有和问题有关的方面。 Listening:【教授举例】就是说一个公司为了解决缺勤问题,找了一个顾问,顾问研究发现缺勤不光是和 lack of motivation 有关,还有其他方面因素,比如员工的身体健康,他提议公司改善伙食并且在大楼里建健身房。这样, 结果缺勤问题解决了。

Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage explains systems thinking----- a method of solving problems. It states that we should think in the long run, should be able to see the big picture, think about all the problems and different aspects related . In the listening passage, the professor takes a company for example. The company solves its problem of absenteeism by finding a consultant. The consultant found out that absenteeism not only results from lack of motivation. There are some other factors involved like health conditions. He suggests the company improve their food service and build a gym in the main building. Thus the problem was solved.

T5. 【学生困难】:一女学生跟教授对话,教授说他们组织的诗朗诵会要泡汤了,因为准备举办的地点 art centre 还没 修好,直到下星期才开放,但是已经邀请了很多诗人。 【解决方案】:教授给她两个建议: 1)延期,但有很多诗人可能来不了。 2)把地点改在图书馆的礼堂,地方小,但更温馨。

Sample answer: The discussion is between a female student and a professor. The professor tells the student that the reading session they organized will be canceled because the performing arts center is currently under renovation and will be available until next week. The professor suggests putting it off. He also suggests changing a place, like the auditorium in the library. I think the second option would be better ?cause if it was postponed, many poets invited wouldn‘t be available at other times.

T6. 【讲课要点】:讲动物的生物钟 biological clock 。 It is affacted by

1. interal facters 2. external facters 举例:flying squirrels 原来是早上睡,晚上活动。研究人员把他们关在黑暗房间一个月,发现期间他们还是按原来 习惯活动和睡觉,但生物钟每天提前半小时。把他们放出来之后,他们又渐渐恢复了正常的生物钟。

Sample answer: The lecture tells us about biological clock. It is affected by both internal and external factors. And then the professor takes flying squirrel for example. Normally they sleep early in the morning and move out at night. The researchers kept them in a darkened room for a month and found out that they still habitually get to sleep and move out, but their biological clock was ahead 30 minutes. When they were sent out, their biological clock gradually turned back.

2. 16

T1.Describe a memoriable celebration or social event.2005. 12. 16/2005.12. 17 / 2006. 2. 11 真题

Sample answer:

答案配图:) A type of social event celebrated in my culture is the flag-raising ceremony on National Day. Oceans of (表示―许 多‖)people from all across the country come to Beijing the day before. They are very excited to see the ceremony with their own eyes instead of on TV. Some even have been planting this dream in their mind for years. They arrive around 6:00 early in the morning, waiting for the special moment. I guess they are all overwhelmed (震撼的) and thrilled (激动)by the wonderful scene at the time. On the other hand, the view of the honor guard parade is fantastic, the guards are wearing the green military uniform and marching to Tianmen Square with a high spirit. Each birthday celebration of the great country always begin with such a solemn (庄严的) flag-raising ceremony, which strengthens the unity and motivation of its people.

共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T2。Which do you prefer to communicate with your family and friends by letter and e-mail or by telephone? 新托福 iBT 口语黄金 80 题中的第 57 题

Sample answer: People have different preferences, but for me, I‘d like to communicate with my family and friends by telephone. Talking on the phone is direct and fast. I now live far from my family, and my friends are often busy, so I use the phone to communicate with them. Also, I can make sure whether they are fine by listening to their voice. Writing a letter is not practical because my parents are too old to read clearly and my handrwriting is not neat enough as well. Another disadvantage of writing a letter is that it‘s too slow. Email is fast, but it might not be checked in time. So I use the telephone more often. 共8句 我的时间记录为:40‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______ T3. Reading:【学校通知】:学校要 close the athelete activities such as informal soccergame on the lawn。 说什么 1、影响学校形象,好像学校学生不知道学习似的。2、这些学生扔的垃圾也对学校不好。两个学生当然不 会同意 announcement 的观点。 Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1) 学习和锻炼都很重要啊,而且又不是说有 exercise 就显示出学校不重视学习 2) 那些乱扔的垃圾主要是那些在 lawn 上 lunch 的人们,与 player 们无关。

Sample answer: In the reading material, Southern university is considering restrictions on sport activities. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the woman doesn‘t think the announcement makes any sense. One reason she gives is that students should have sport activities even though Southern University is a very formal academic institution. Actually sport is regarded as important as academics. Another reason is that she thinks many visitors are attracted/come to Southern University not only because of its academic reputation but also because of its famous sport spirits. As for littering, she thinks once the school starts to put more trash bins around, things will be much better. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion. T4. Reading: 【课文要点】word framing 的作用。影响人 make decision。 Listening:【教授举例】比如说 weather report 说今天 Cloudy,有 50%可能性下雨那么人们就要带伞了,可是 如果说 sunny,50%可能性下雨,人们就不会带伞了。之后又来了一个例子 advertisement,人们买 cold

medicine, 一种药说 90%成功率另一种说 10%失败率, 人们肯定会更加愿意买第一种, 这就是所谓的 framing 作 用。

Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage gives a definition of words framing. It states that people‘s behavior is influenced not only by the contents of the words but also by the way in which how the words are phrased. In the listening passage, the professor explains that by giving two examples. One is that if the weather forecast says there‘s 50% possibility of rain, many people may take an umbrella with them. But if the forecast‘s delivered as there is 50% possibility of sunshine, very few people will start to prepare for a rainy day. Another example is that many advertisements are carefully worded to render the best outcome. If some new medicine claims that it works for 90% of patients, customers will find it much more attractive. If it claims there‘s 10% of inefficiency, people won‘t take it. That‘s how word framing produces significant effects on people‘s making a decision.

T5. 【学生困难】:男的车坏了,无法去图书馆进行考前复习。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1) 周三考,教授将专门为那些野外郊游的同学提供完全一样的考试。 2) 跟教授谈。通常只要学生提供充分的理由,教授就可以破例。

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The male student ‘s car broke down and he couldn‘t drive to the library for the preparation for the biology test. And he has to send it to the garage to have it fixed. He also tells he didn‘t do much homework for the test. The female student suggests he take the test Wednesday instead. She also suggests that he should find Professor John and explain his situation. I think the second idea serves his purpose better because professors always make exceptions to the rule if the student is able to present a good reason. If I were him, I would ask Prof. John to understand the situation even though he is strict.

T6. 【讲课要点】:讲了 the two effective teachers' characters: 1. maintain supportive attitude 也就是说要 praise 学生,encourage 学生什么的。 2. regular even immediate feedback 举个例子就是上完课及时了解学生消化情况以便他们 avoid mistake 以及进一步 的教学。

Sample answer: The lecture discusses two main characteristics that good teachers must have. First, good teachers should always encourage students by providing them with confidence. Second, good teachers should know how to get feedback from students and how to respond accordingly. The professor takes Mr. Robert, her high school teacher for example. He always said ―keep on doing that‖ whenever she failed to meet his standards. Soon the professor became confident and brave to face challenges. And years later, she got her Ph.D. Also, her teacher carefully collected students‘ feedback to know immediately about students‘ problems. Therefore, a good teacher should not only be encouraging and lightening but also should communicate with the students and teach them accordingly.

2. 24

T1 Choose an object you like and explain why it is of special value to you. Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

Sample answer:

I‘d like to talk about the cellphone I bought two years ago. I spent my first month‘s salary on it and I felt happy. It is an NEC with a wid range of functions. Besides the normal functions like making telephone calls, sending messages, checking the calendar and the time, taking memos, it has an easy wireless access to the Internet, through which I can search the latest information and even chat with my friends. Other than that, it can also be used to watch TV, take photos and consult new words in an English-Chinese dictionary, which is very convenient for an English learner. What‘s more, it looks beautiful. It has a large screen, with a good color combination of black and silver. In a word, I like it a lot because it‘s so useful and brings me much convenience.

共8句 我的时间记录为:42‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______ T2 Some people tend to judge a person on the basis of first observation. Some people believe it takes a long time to know a person well. Which approach to knowing people do you think is better and why?

Sample answer:

In my point of view, I don‘t think judging a person on the basis of first observation is generally correct. First of all, a person usually tries to appear nicer than he or she really is when first meeting someone. Some even pretend to be good on purpose. Second, good looks doesn‘t necessarily match good character. People should be wise to realize the possibilities of false impressions they may have at the first glance. In fact, a person‘s character can be fairly judged through careful observation ?cause the true character can only be revealed in the person‘s reactions to different events. It takes time to get to know someone and find out the real personality. Therefore, judging a person by the appearance is often wrong.

共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______ T3. Reading: 【学校通知】:一则小新闻:学校要建一座 art building .原因是老的艺术楼不能适应新的需求了,并且其 他大学也都建立了自己的 art building. Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。她认为 it is time! 应该建这样一个大楼。原因有二: 1) 旧的艺术楼太暗. 好的艺术楼应该宽敞明亮。 2) 旧楼与有着一流教授的学校的声望不配。然后以另一大学举例。尽管教学一般,但是很多新生因为有漂亮宽敞 的艺术楼还是愿意进入。

Sample answer: In the reading material, we learn that the university is building a new art building ?cause the old building is too dark. In the listening material, the woman thinks the university is doing the right thing. One reason she gives is that it‘s really important to have plenty of natural light when drawing a picture ?cause the artificial light always makes it difficult to catch the real color. Another reason is that the old run-down building doesn‘t match the reputation of the arts professors here ?cause they are really the first-rate. She also points out that new art building is helpful to attract new students. Therefore, she thinks it‘s a good thing to build a new art building.


Reading: 【课文要点】介绍一种广告界的不诚实现象。quoting out of context,就是断章取义。歪曲别人原意来 吹捧自己。 Listening:【教授举例】举了一个 movie review 的例子。 Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage gives a definition of quoting out of context. It states that quotations normally distort the original meanings of what the reviewers intended to express. In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk on that phenomena. He takes a movie review for example to illustrate it. The movie producer quoted a very prominent movie critic‘s review that the movie is ―delightful‖, in their local newspaper advertisement. Many people went for this movie because they believed that critic thought highly of this movie. But actually, the critic thought very negatively about this movie and it was the worst she had ever watched. She only meant that the movie actress was ―delightful‖, not the movie! By these means, he proves that quoting only a few words from famous remarks misguides the listeners. T5. 【学生困难】:一个男学生抱怨: 急于午夜上交的研究论文草稿不小心从电脑里删除,而且没有备份。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1)找技术部。 2)跟教授谈。

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The male student accidentally erased the draft of his research paper from his computer and he doesn‘t have any backup(备份)。So he is unable to meet the deadline. The female student suggests he call the technical department. They always have a way to recover the file. It is true that they are closed but they offer an emergency number. She also suggests calling the professor in the morning and asking for an extension by explaining his situation. I think the second idea serves his purpose because the kind professor would understand if he explained everything. And that wouldn‘t be so much trouble compared to the first option. Also, he wouldn‘t pay extra fees for the service out of regular hours. T6. 【讲课要点】:科技课。讲了发明创造的两种出现方式: 1.有意出现 2.无意出现。 然后分别用双焦眼镜(bifocal glasses)和 X-rays 举例说明。

Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor tells about the new technolgy‘s coming up and changing in our daily life. He explains that there are two ways in which those inventions and innovations happen: intentionally and accidentally. Then he takes bifocal glasses for example to illustrate intentional discoveries. Before the bifocal glasses were invented, people had to carry two pairs of glasses wherever they went. One was for seeing things far away, and the other for closer views. Therefore when bifocal glasses were invented, they immediately became popular among many people because of the great convenience provided. He goes on to give another example of accidental innovation. When people first encountered X-ray in the lab, the scientists had no idea of what this finding meant, or where to put this discovery into application. 3 月 (3. 2, 3. 8, 3.15, 3.30)


T1. If you get a chance to choose a job, what will you do? What‘s your reason for choosing this job? Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

Sample answer: If I could freely choose any job, I would choose a job where I could do something constructive and beneficial for ordinary people. Definitely it would be something helping people. Teaching of course is sort of that kind of job-if you do it properly you can certainly help people. Traditionally in China teachers have been very respected; we have a saying a teacher for a day is a father for life. Nowadays, attitudes are changing, and perhaps people are more realistic. But my dream isn‘t changing. I wouldn‘t be helping them materially but I could give them a lot of pleasure and lighten their days. I love teaching and I want it to be my whole life‘s career ?cause I feel I really am contributing something to people‘s lives, to help them. 共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘

你的时间记录为: ______ T2. If you unexpectedly receive a large amount of money, what will you do with it? Would you spend it for practical purpose or simply for fun? State your opinion and explain your reasons.5 j$

Sample answer:

If I got a lot of money, the first thing I would like to do is to go for overseas study. I have always wanted to finish my university in a different country. When I was in junior high, one of my classmates got a chance to go to the USA. At that time there were not many families who could afford their child to do that. To me, it was also a dream, and the dream has been planting in my mind until today. Therefore, I would definitely do this first if I had enough money. Then, I would give the rest of the money to my parents so that they could live a better and easier life. These two things above are what I really would like to do if I had a lot of money. 共8句 我的时间记录为:40‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

T3. Reading:【学校通知】:一个学生写信说应该在 health center 加医生来解决周末看病的问题 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二: 1)地方小。 2)周末没有什么学生在学校。

Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering changing the School Health Center ?cause it‘s too crowded. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man thinks negatively about the suggestion. One reason he gives is that additional doctors would make the small clinic rooms even more crowded. Another reason is that the health center‘s opening on weekends is a waste of medical resources since most of the students won‘t stay on campus for the weekends and thus there won‘t be a big demand for medical treatment. He also points out students have some businesses to deal with at the moment. They should add bigger clinic rooms and more staff there. Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】social loafing 说大家在一起干活效率变低, Listening:【教授举例】举例说削土豆,一个人削多一群人削少。

Sample answer:

In this set of materials, the reading passage gives a definition of social loafing. It states that persons make less effort to achieve a goal when they work in a group. In the listening passage, the professor gives a talk on it. He explains by giving an example to show the low efficiency when many people work together. One person may peel potatoes faster than a group of people. The more people there are, the fewer potatoes they peel. By these means, he proves that individual group members tend to reduce their work effort as groups increase in size.

T5. 【学生困难】:男生没买到上课用的书,但是在图书馆借到了,可是归还日期又在教授上课之前。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1)晚还。 2)和她看一本。

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The man is telling his classmate that he won‘t have the book for the discussion in his professor‘s class ?cause he has to return it to the library as soon as the due day comes. His classmate--- the female student suggests he pretend to forget about the due day and keep the book until they finish the seminar. If the librarian asked about the reminding letter they sent him, he can play innocent and blame the post office for delaying the mail. She also suggests that he share the same book with her, which may save tons of trouble. I think the second idea would be better 'cause he won‘t be charged for for high penalty for overdued books. And also he‘ll still have a better discussion in the class by sharing the book.

T6. 【讲课要点】:讲述两种人--- 内向和外向。性格的不同会导致行为的不同。 1. 内向人会非常认真准备。如果成功,会将其归功于自己的努力;如果失败,会仔细查明失败原因。 2. 外向人完全不同。如果成功,会很高兴,并认为很幸运;如果失败,就认为是运气不好,而不是查找自身原因。

Sample answer: The lecture tells about different behavior of 2 types of people--- introverted and extroverted. Introverted people refer to who are generally described as shy, reserved or timid. Extroverted people are those who are sociable, talkative and outgoing. Then the professor gives an example to show how these 2 types of people differ in behavior. One introverted person and one extroverted person are preparing for the same interview. The introverted will carefully collect possible questions and answers for the interview and practice them repeatedly. If he finally gets his job, he may

attribute it to his hard work. If he fails this time, the man may check his whole plan again to find out what the problem lies. And next time he will be better prepared for the job interview. The story of the extroverted man would be quite different. If the man gets the job, he will certainly be delighted because he thinks he‘s lucky. But if he doesn‘t make it this time, the man still won‘t be too upset because the extroverted people tend to attribute their failure to bad luck rather than reasons within themselves.


T1. Which place is your favorite place when you were a child? Describe it and explain why you liked to go there.

Sample answer: When I was young, the place I most liked to go is the beach I live close to. I love nature----white, powdery sand along crystal-clear waters, palm trees for shade, and the sea breeze are all the things that I really appreciate. Besides, I could do a lot of things there. There were many fun and athletic activities available. I learned how to swim there and building sand castles is my favorite activity. When the weather was awsome, I just lay on the beach and enjoyed the sun. Also I made my childhood friends there and we still keep in touch to this day. It is the place that brought me a lot of wonderful memories and that‘s why I loved to go there.

共8句 我的时间记录为:40‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

T2. Compared with science and math study, the study of art and literature is not very important. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer: Many people may think that studying science and math is more beneficial. However, I do believe that art and literature also have their own importance on our lives. To begin with, our life relies a great deal on such subjects as art and literature. Many aspects of our lives need to be treated by art and literature. As human beings, we have feelings and emotions which are expected to be cared for. That‘s why we have music, movies, books, paintings, sculptures for us to relax, enjoy, enlighten our mind and refresh our soul.

Apart from that, I believe that some people are born with scientific ability while others are born with literary talents. So let a scientist do the research, and let a painter paint. 共8句 我的时间记录为:40‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

, T3. Reading:【学校通知】:学校将有一个新的食堂计划。在学期结束的时候,有一个特殊周。学相关专业的学生会去 食堂做饭,大家可以吃他们做的饭,但是可能要多花些钱。 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生同意。原因有二: 1)他的外甥就得益于这个东西。因为给同学做饭和给很多人做饭的感觉完全不一样。在食堂给大家做饭,你不可 以出错,而且你会感觉很忙乱,这绝对是一个很好的训练和挑战。 2) 多花些钱也是值得的,相比很多学生去学校外面吃,在食堂多花的那些钱根本不算什么。 Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering a new plan at the school cafeteria. The cooking-major students or students in related fields will be given a special week at the end of this semester to cook food for the whole school.

In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man likes the idea. One reason he gives is that his nephew has ever done that and benefited a lot by doing so. Cooking for all students is quite different from cooking for many people. You are not allowed to make mistakes when cooking at the cafeteria. Also, you would feel too busy, which is a great challenge and experience. Another reason is that spending more at the school cafeteria isn‘t a big deal compared with eating at the food stands outside. Therefore, he agrees with that opinion.


Reading: 【课文要点】原来商家认为铺天盖地的广告最好,而已迎来最多的消费者。但是新的策略,叫 target marketing 就是确定特定的顾客,满足特定顾客的要求。 Listening:【教授举例】^' c 当一个公司要卖手机时,同样一款手机为了卖给不同客户群,公司采用不同广告策略。 1)如果卖给学生,就强调手机有多好玩,可以听音乐,有 bright color,可以和朋友一起享受,反正就是娱乐性强。 2)如果卖给 business men,就要强调手机经济实惠,可以做一些商业活动。就是卖给什么人,说什么来吸引他们, 其实都是同样的商品。

Sample answer: 9 In this set of materials, the reading passage gives a definition of target marketing. It states that the new strategy is to satisfy the specific and desperate need of certain customers. In the listening passage, the professor gives examples to further explain that. When a cellphone company decides to sell their products, they would use different advertising strategy to attract different groups of people. For example, if it‘s to sell students, they will say something like this type of cellphone can bring a lot of fun, can be used to listen to music and has bright color, etc; if they want to sell it to the businessmen, they will change their advertising words, like the phone is efficient and economical, can be used to do business. Actually, it‘s the same product. By these means, he proves that companies change their advertising words depending on different groups of customers.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生因为练习小提琴弄伤了手。 【解决方案】:她自己提出两个办法: 1)继续练习,因为他们已经为一个表演排练了好几周了,不能放弃的,如果退出会让其他队友不爽。 2) 她可以找 Jim,这个人对 violin 很在行,后面就在夸奖这个人的..但是女的话锋变了下,说了 Jim 不太可靠,而且总 是迟到。后面 MAN 就说她应该去找 Jim....但是已经为了音乐会练了很久,她担心所以很烦。

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The female student broke her hand when practicing the violin. So she‘s afraid that she wouldn‘t be able to come to the concert. She has two options. One is to go on practicing because she has been preparing for the concert for a long period of time. If she quit, the other team members would be upset. The other option is to find Jim to take the place of her ?cause he‘s very good at it. But then she changes her tone, saying Jim‘s sort of unreliable and always comes late. And the man also agrees with the second solution. I

think the second idea serves her purpose because if she continued to play for the concert, accident might happen during the performance. And that would be more embarrassing than asking Jim for help.

T6. 【讲课要点】:教授讲两种 motivation。 1. 外界的。第一种 motivation,靠得是外界的刺激,想人们为了某种赞扬或者金钱去做事情。举例,一个孩子可 能会做一些零碎的家务, 但是他干家务的原因绝对不是他乐意, 他只是想从家长那拿零用钱。 如果他家长不给钱了, 孩子就不一定干了。 2. 内在的。第二种 motivation 持续得更加长久,因为它是内在的,人们在做这种事情时,心里非常自愿而且高兴, 所以做完能够收获快乐。举例,教授在最近的 5 年都去 gym 锻炼身体,不是因为她参加马拉松大赛,她为了健康, 所以她保持了体形和健康,她高兴。尽管有时很累很忙,但还是会坚持去。

Sample answer: The lecture tells about two forms of motivation. One is external, the other is internal. External motivation depends on the stimulation caused by outside motion. For example, a child may reluctantly do some house chores like cleaning the house to get a small amount of money. If his parents didn‘t give him the allowance, he wouldn‘t do that. On the other hand, internal motivation can last long ?cause the stimulation comes from within. When people are doing something, they enjoy doing it. And they feel happy from their bottom of the heart when it gets done. For example, the professor has been working out at the gym in the last 5 years, not for the Marathon, but for better health. She stays in shape by doing so and that‘s why she‘s happy about.

3.15 T1. Describe a work of art, such as a song, poem or painting, which has made a lasting impression on you. Please explain the impression and include specific examples and details in your explanation.

Sample answer: I?d like to talk about a painting that comes to my mind first---Mona Lisa, an oil painting by the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Actually I?ve never seen the original painting, but I remember the first time I saw its reproduction was when I was in elementary school. The picture is really amazing. The painting shows a woman looking out at the viewer with an “enigmatic smile” (神秘的微笑) When you look at her, no matter where you stand, you?ll find her looking at you and smiling at you. . My arts teacher told us that Mona Lisa is perhaps the most famous piece in art history and is, perhaps the most widely known portrait in the western world. It?s so different from the paintings of Chinese style. My teacher also told us that we could learn a lot about other cultures from painting, which I believe is quite true. 共8句 我的时间记录为:45??

你的时间记录为: ______

T2. Some people prefer to keep reading a new book until it is finished. Others prefer to stop reading whenever they lose interest. Which method of reading do you think is better and why? Sample answer: In my opinion, I like to keep reading a new book until it is finished. This way, I can develop a new ability to maintain focus. Reading at parts kind of gets boring. It?s true that there are some people who start a book and never finish it and then switch to another book and never complete it either. Normally, people stop reading when they lose interest ?cause they think if they continue, it won?t be of any help but annoyance. On the contrary, when you keep reading and afterwards you?ll find it?s going to get interesting. Gradually you?ll renew enthusiasm for reading, and thus form a good habit of reading. Therefore, I would rather be a sequential finisher than a scattered reader. 共8句 我的时间记录 为:41?? 你的时间记录 为: ______

T3. Reading: 【学校通知】:学校图书馆因为空间有限,将 reference 和 journal 改成 online,不再提供纸本的材料。这 样一来节省空间,二来方便学生。 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生同意。原因有二: 1) 图书馆这个措施很好,因为他在里面工作过,保存资料很占地方,扩建的话要花很多钱,放到网络上的话可以节 约经费。 2) 这个举措也能方便学生,因为学生宿舍很多都有计算机,可以直接在宿舍上网查阅资料。

Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering providing online service in the library. In the listening material, we clearly learn that both the man and the woman like the idea. One reason the man gives is that e-upgrading the library can help save a large amount of money for a new library. Another reason is that an on-line library is not only cheaper but also faster. Many students have laptops with them and can go on line wherever they like for free. Also, there are some desktops in the living rooms of the school dormitory. Students could easily access references they need without any procedures and trouble. Therefore, he agrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】讲了生态学中的 cyclic population change,说在一个生态系统(ecosystem)中,生物之间的 数量(population)是互相影响的,捕食者(predator)和被捕食者(prey)的数量有一个均衡点。 Listening:【教授举例】讲一种 mice 和它的 predator(wolves)之间互相影响。分三个阶段: (1)prey (mice)多,predator 食物充足,population 增加; (2)prey 少了,predator 食物减少了,population 减少; (3)predator 少了,prey 又开始多起来了,如此循环,population 平衡。教授说实际上第三阶段就是第一阶段,因为 是 cyclic,不断重复这三个阶段。

Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage gives a definition of cyclic population change. It states that the population of different creatures interacts in one ecosystem and at some point, the population of predators and prey will reach a balance. In the listening part, the professor uses mice and one of their predators--wolves as an example to further explain that. The population of mice and wolves changes in 3 phases. In the first phase, there are many mice and few wolves. So wolves have sufficient food supply and reproduce greatly. However, mice population decreases. In the second phase, the number of mice decreases, the population of wolves drop accordingly. And in the third phase, wolves become fewer, but there are more mice. Thus, the population of predators and prey strikes a balance. By these means, he proves the repetitive pattern between the population of predators and prey.

T5. 【学生困难】:男生急着要完成艺术 paper,但必需要去 museum 才能完成,而 museum 明天就要关门了,只能今 晚去,可是这个男生今晚又有课要上。 【解决方案】:女生给他两个建议: 1) 向负责 paper 的教授请求延迟交,男生说这样教授会生气的。 2) 向今晚上课的老师请假, 然后去 museum, 缺的内容可以回来再抄笔记, (男生从不缺课, 上课的老师会体谅他) 。

Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The female student is asking her friend, the male student to join them in a movie, but he can’t go because he hasn’t finished the last chapter of his paper which is due in 2 days. The female student thinks he should do it now and get it done before the weekend. But

he’s torn between an evening class and going to the museum where he will collect data for the unfinished part of his paper. So she suggests he explain his situation to the professor he owes the paper to, asking one week’ s extension. And that will leave enough time for him to visit the museum. She also suggests he call the professor who will give the lecture in the evening and clarify his situation and escape the class, then borrow notes from his classmates to make it up. I think the seond solution would be better ‘cause he wouldn’t take the risk of being taken points off from the general score due to the extension.

T6. 【讲课要点】:心理学中的 reinforcement,分为 positive reinforcement 和 negative reinforcement 两种,即增加能够激 发个人兴趣的东西和消除自己不喜欢的东西。教授具体举了两个能实现早起上班的例子。 1. positive(add the pleasure):早起奖励自己好的 food,这样就可以让你喜欢早起这种 behavior。 2. negative(remove the unpleasant behavior),不喜欢早上 shower,那么可以改在晚上,这样人也就不会那么讨厌 早起了。

Sample answer: The lecture tells about two methods most generally applied to reinforce people. It states that reinforcement of behavior means that people consciously strengthen certain acts through applying the positive and negative stimulus. Then the professor shows some examples. Supposed you hate to get up early, but sometimes you have to do so. Then you could choose to encourage yourself to get up early by using either a positive or a negative stimulus. A positive stimulus is to add things to your daily life to help you make the decision easier. For example, you can reward yourself with a very nice breakfast if you get up early. A negative stimulus is to cut things you don’t like off your daily routine. For example, If you do not enjoy taking a shower early in the morning, you can take it in the evening instead. Therefore, when you have to get up early in the morning, you might feel better because you have cut things off you don’t like out of your morning schedule.

3. 30 T1. Describe the most disappointing event in your life and explain why you were disappointed. Please include specific details in your explanation.

Sample answer:

I went to the Nordstrom store at Xidan, which is about an hour‘s subway ride away from my home. I bought some perfume and some skin care products and I also asked for the perfume atomizer (喷雾器) bottle. When I got home, I opened the perfume box, finding out that the sales rep (representative 的简称) gave me the

wrong bottle. It was the large bottle that wasn't an atomizer and wasn't refillable. I was very upset, as now I would have to make another 2-hour round trip if I wanted to return the product for the correct one. I have decided that I would just keep the bottle I purchased and not deal with the hassle (麻烦 trouble) of the long ride back to the store. I was very surprised at my experience considering I have friends that rave about (对。 。 。 着迷 get mad/wild about) the knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service they get at Nordstrom's. I hope Nordstrom gets back to the good customer service they have always been known for.

共8句 我的时间记录为:44‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

T2. Some people have a few favorite foods that they eat most of the time. Others are always trying new dishes and styles of cooking. Which do you prefer and why?

Sample answer: Some people eat a few favorite foods most of the time ?cause they do not feel their favorites, like great music, should be changed. But I I've always loved to discover new dishes and cuisines and I would like to have the opportunity to try different types of ethnic foods so that I can get a better understanding of the food culture. Maybe I‘ll find some new favorites. In addition, I love trying new things and experimenting ?cause this is exciting for me. More importantly, this way I can enrich my dining experience and improve the overall dining quality. Furthermore,various dishes represent different nationalities. And owing to the versatility (多样性),I can become a bit more creative in the kitchen. Since the world offers us these different styles, why not try them?

共8句 我的时间记录为:41‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______


Reading:【学校通知】:学校要增加机房里的计算机数量,好处:很多等机器用的同学可以不用等了;交过电脑费 的同学有的没机会用电脑现在可以有机会碰电脑了。 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二: 1) 学校电脑使用紧张不在于机器数量的多少,是因为没有 time [limitation。很多学生 check e-mail 或者干别的不 考虑时间,有了 time limitation 就不用排队等了这个机制才能从根本上解决问题。 2) 买新电脑要花钱吧,维修保养也要多花钱吧,这样同学们交的钱就多了!穷学生哪分担得起?!

Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering adding more computers in the computer center so that students don‘t have to wait and those who have paid for it can have the access. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the man doesn't like the idea . One reason he gives is that the computer center is not busy because of the number of computers, but because it doesn‘t have time limitation. Many students check e-mails or do something else without thinking of the time. He also points out that if there‘s time limitation, there‘ll be no waiting around. Another reason is that it costs a lot of money to buy new computers. And also students have to pay more for the maintenance and repair. Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion. T4. Reading: 【课文要点】讲述一哲学观点 Occam's Razor(奥卡姆剃刀定律):among sveral explanations for the same thing, 7 ?3 Q' k& v1 m3 o7 H( \the simplest one is the best. Listening:【教授举例】有一天他出门看见自己家的大树顶上冒烟了,烧着了。他有两个推测: 1)有人故意点的:这里存在一些假设条件——这个人拥有很奇怪的动机,且此人要先爬上树再点着了再爬下来。 2)另一个推测: 这时闪电打着的: 早上他被雷声吵醒, 闪电把树烧着' 了。 第二个原因很简单, 也比较靠谱。 TOEFL,IBT, 托福,

BT,托福, 新托福,机经,小马过河,留学,美国,海外 2 o1 Q1 I9 k, G# l Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage explains Occam's Razor‘s opinion. It states that among several explanations for the same thing, 7 H( \the simplest one is the best. In the listening passage, the professor gives an example to explain that. One day, he left home, seeing a tree burning in front of his house. Then he had two assumptions:one was that someone did it intentionally and he had strange motive. And to achieve that, he had to climb up the tree, lighted it and then climbed down. Another assumption was the tree got struck by lightning because in the morning, he was awaken by the thunder, and then the tree got burned. By these means, he proves that among other things, the simplest explanation can usually be the best.

T5. 【学生困难】:女人的书 books of research 锁在别人屋里了,别人去外地找爸妈了,这书要用来写论文急用。 【解决方案】:男生给她两个建议: 1) 你可以开车去找那个别人要钥匙,女人说开车过去单程两个小时,嫌时间长。 2)你可以去别的大学的图书馆找相关资料,女人说开车过去要四个小时,又嫌时间长。 Sample answer: The discussion is between two students. The female student is telling the male student that her books of research were locked up in another person‘s room. And that person was out of town. The problem is she‘ll be using these books for writing her paper. So the man suggests she drive to find that person and get back the key. He also suggests she go to the library in another university to search some related information. I think the second idea serves her purpose because she won‘t disturb that person‘s family gathering. And even though it might be 4 hours‘ drive, it can be relaxing.

T6. 【讲课要点】:心理学中的奖励机制 reward。说奖励机制有两种效果。 1. 正的。第一种让这种行为更多的发生。举例她的女儿 Jenny,不爱收拾屋子,他们就给她钱,这本来是她不愿 意做的事情,但慢慢地就自觉自愿地多做了。 2. 反的。第二种导致行为发生少了。又是 Jenny,喜欢弹钢琴,他们就奖励她,但是弹得少了,因为觉得弹钢 琴变成了一种义务 chore,就像收拾屋子。T Sample answer: In the lecture the professor tells about the rewarding strategy in Psychology. He states that reward can influence people‘s behavior in two ways: positively and negatively. Then the professor goes on to further explain that by taking her daughter — Jenny for an example. Jenny doesn‘t like to clean up the room, so he gives her money to encourage her to do that. And gradually, she likes the cleaning and does it more frequently. That‘s the positive effect that rewarding has. But on the other hand, something that a person likes to do may become the daily chores due to the rewarding system. For example, Jenny likes to play the piano. When her parents give her a reward, she, on the contrary, plays less often ?cause she thinks playing the piano, just like cleaning the house, is a kind of chore. 5 月 (5.10, 5.17, 5.31)


T1. Choose a profession that you love and you will never work a day in your life. Explain why this profession would be appealing to you and why you wouldn‘t take it.

Sample answer: A profession that I admire and will never take is singing. I love to sing because I can feel energetic and lively

when I sing. Also I like the natural sound of the voice, believing that singing will enhance my life. However, I would never sing as a professional even though I clearly know that life is so much sweeter when I‘m earning a living by doing something I love. First, to serve the public as a professional singer, I will need to make more sacrifices. Second, I can‘t sing well enough to entertain thousands and thousands of audiences. Third, I have no musical talent to make it a successful career. Therefore, I wouldn‘t take singing as a long-standing profession.

共8句 我的时间记录为:41‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

T2. Some people like to spend their weekends reading at home. Others prefer to relax on weekends, like hanging out with friends. Which do you prefer and why?

Sample answer: Some school and college students do not want to waste time by spending weekends for entertainment alone, as they are more concerned about their career and higher studies. However, I think WEEEKENDS are meant for relaxation, for merriment (欢乐)and fun-making. To begin with,it‘s an earned break after five days of hard work. It helps us clear the backlog (积压待办事项), refresh our mind and keep our body in perfect condition by doing something like shopping, going on picnics or just hanging out with friends. Weekends also pave way for entertainment and reduce physical and mental stress. As the saying goes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so play hard while working hard. What‘s more, WEEKENDS provide the much-needed opportunity to have some diversion from the routine, which normally tend to become dull, dreary(沉闷的)and monotonous(单调的). So, weekends are fully dedicated for relaxation. 共8句 我的时间记录为:44‘‘ 你的时间记录为: ______

T3. Reading:【学校通知】:Change of the summer storage policy. 文章说学校在暑期将允许每个学生有 3 个大箱子存放 自己的行李物品。 Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1. 3 个箱子对有些同学根本不够,对话中的女生说自己开车,可以把有些东西拿回家,但有些同学如她的 roommate 就麻烦了。 2. 学校可以利用一些空的宿舍存放学生的物品,并不一定非要用这种限制方法。

Sample answer: In the reading material, the university is considering changing the summer storage policy. The students are allowed to use only 3 trunks to hold their belongings. In the listening material, we clearly learn that woman doesn't like the idea. One reason she gives is that 3 trunks are not enough at all. She also states that she could drive some other stuff home, but that would be a lot of trouble for other students like her roommate. Another reason is that the school doesn‘t have to worry there isn‘t enough space for students‘ belongings. Some empty dormitories won‘t be occupied in the summer so that the belongings could be put there. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.

T4 Reading: 【课文要点】Creative Grouping,创造性分类。商业课程中的一个概念, 就是把商品分类,不把它分到传 统的一类中,赋予商品新的含义,从而在商业中促进其销售量。 Listening:【教授举例】广告商就是利用这一点,在广告的设计上让人们对同类产品产生不同的定位或归类。比如同 样是手表,传统是用来计时的,有些厂商定位在高贵,使用的是贵重金属比如 jewelry,体现耐用高贵的特点;而其 他厂商可能定位在时尚、快乐,这样即使它是使用塑料材料做,并/或 bright color,但时尚价格又不贵,也能提高销 售量。 Sample answer:

In this set of materials, the reading passage explains a definition of creative grouping. It states that grouping commercial products in a new constructive way and adding new elements to them can help promote their sales. In the listening passage, the professor gives an example to further illustrate this. Advertisers normally design their advertisements through creative grouping so that people will have different ideas of the same product. Then the professor takes watch for exmaple. Traditionally, a watch was used to tell time. Some manufacturersfocus more on its value, so they use precious metal like jewelry to make it stand wear and tear. Whereas, other manufacturers could make it fun and fashion by using plastics and/or bright color, which also interest a certain group of customers. By these means, he proves that creative grouping plays a major role in business promotion.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生碰到一个问题,受伤了无法跳舞,也就无法参加下周的一个演出。 【解决方案】:自己想了两个办法: 1.自己不去,他们重新编排,会有困难。 2.找 Beca 帮忙,他是一个不错的 dancer.

Sample answer: This is a discussion between two students. The female student is hurt and will not be able to dance for the performance next week. She works out 2 solutions herself. One of the solutions she comes up with is giving up. The other solution is to ask Beca to take the place of her ?cause he is a very good dancer. I tend to agree with the second solution because if she quit, they would take much trouble rearranging. But if she asked a substitute, they would still be able to have the performance as scheduled. Also, she wouldn‘t feel guilty for bringing so much trouble due to being unable to attend it.

T6. 【讲课要点】:教授讲的是印刷技术前后的人们阅读形式的改变。两个方面: 1. 过去人们要通过手抄,容易出错,漏字,错字,然后一本书到最后甚至差别太大,而有了印刷之后大家看到的 是完全相同的文字; 2. 过去的书需要太多的劳动,所以书本很贵,而且读书很多情况下是一个人大声朗读,很多人在边上听,而现在 有了印刷之后,大家读书的时候可以人手一本,独自静静的阅读。

Sample answer:

The lecture tells us about the change in ways people read before and after printing. In the past, people used to copy the book with their own hands, which made it easier to have changes and mistakes in the book. Thus, people might get different information from the same book. However, after printing came into existence, all the copies are the same. On the other hand, it took much effort to make a book in ancient times and it was very expensive. In most cases, one person read aloud, while others sat around listening. But in the present day, with printing technology, books are available to everyone, which makes it possible for them to read alone, silently.

5.17 T1. Talk about an composition that is important to you, ex: essay, poem, letter, and explain the reasons. Sample answer 1: The most important letter that I can remember was my college acceptance letter. It was like the final judgment on all of years of study. I had finished the College Entrance Examination some weeks earlier and had been spending the summer hanging out with my friends. I guess I had done my best, so I had tried not to think about it too much. When I got the results, I was pleased ?cause I had done so well that this did guarantee me a place at university. When it did arrive, it was a relief, the waiting was the worst. Of course, opening it was tense, but it had to be opened and eventually I quickly opened my letter and quickly read it, skipping to the irrelevant part-------I was accepted!!! I read it again, told my parents and we were all delighted. I think that would have to be the most important letter I have received.

共8句 我的时间记录为:41‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

Sample answer 2: The most important letter that I can remember was a letter applying for a job . I had seen this job advertised in a local newspaper, the evening edition. It suited me very much and I was immediately attracted to it. It said to apply in writing, giving details of your experience, your education and when you were available… and you had to give

the names and contacts of two references. I was qualified for the job and eager to get it. When I was finished writing I was pretty satisfied and a little pleased, posted it off to the address given and waited! Thankfully, before I sweated too much, I got a letter after a couple of days, saying they wanted me to come in for interview. I was very pleased to go for the interview and got the job, my first job!

共8句 我的时间记录为:44?? 你的时间记录为:______

T2. Would you prefer to choose a profession that allows you to work alone or one allowing you to work in groups. And why? Sample answer: Everyone has their own preference when choosing a profession. Some prefer to choose a profession allowing one to work alone ?cause they are more focused and productive when they work individually. But I think it is better for people to work in a team because they can develop their thinking skills and sense of cooperation (培养思考能 力和合作意识) and mutuality by discussing problems together. In addition, when working with a group, people become more creative trying to work out solutions to the problems. Thus, they save a lot of energy and time. And the last point I‘d like to mention is that people who work in groups often share each other‘s different ideas and experiences, which is more pleasurable when working together. Therefore, I prefer to choose a profession that allows me to work in groups. 共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______ T3. Reading:【学校通知】:一个男生写信抱怨:学校宿舍年租金太贵。暑假有些学生不住校,但还是要照常付租金; 想把空房在暑假期间外租,租金又太高,租不出去。因此,学校宿舍的租金应该降低,这样,很多在暑假不住校的 学生就可以比较容易地把空房租出去。 Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1)根本不是费用问题,和其它学校的房租相比,学校租金已经很低了,若是还租不出,学校应该架设个网站,让那 些想在暑假租房的人可以查询租房信息。

2) 那封信说的不符合事实。在暑假,大部分学生会继续住校,没有必要出租。 Sample answer: In the reading material, a male student writes a letter complaining that the school accommodation is very expensive and they are not able to rent the empty dorm out in the summer vacation. In the listening material, we clearly learn that the female student doesn't think the same way. One reason she gives is that the rental costs of the school apartments are fairly low compared to its counterparts. If they still can not rent them out, they can ask the school to set up a website for those who want to rent the dorm in summer to easily find the information. Another reason is that not all students go back home in summer. Instead, most of students will continue living on campus. So they don‘t need to rent the dorm out at all. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】介绍了一种 predator saturation 方式。植物利用特殊方法保护自己繁衍的方式,像是一次 produce 很多 seeds,让想吃其种子的捕食者吃都吃不完,之后再不固定的 reproduce,让动物无法依赖其种子当 固定食物,藉此来控制 predator 的量。 Listening:【教授举例】举例 bamboo 来证明。 1) bamboo 约 120 年产一次 seed,之后很长时间都不再产种, 使之不会成为 predator 固定食物来源。 2) bamboo 每次产生的 seeds 很多,动物一次不可能全部吃掉所有的 seeds,这样足够的种子能确保此物种的延 续。 Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage explainspredator saturation. It states that plants use this special way to protect themselves from extinction. A species produces so many seeds that consumers cannot possibly eat them all. Then it reproduces at different intervals for its predators not to rely on its seeds as the only food resources. In the listening passage, the professor gives 2 examples to illustrate this. Seed producing trees such as bamboos in southeast Asia produces large crops of seeds almost every 120 years. Then the seeds won‘t be available for a long period of time. Thus it won‘t be the only food resource of its predators.Another example is that bamboo produces so many seeds that consumers cannot possibly eat them all, leaving enough to reproduce. By these means, he proves that plants can saturate their potential predators.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生要在周六办组织一个户外音乐会,天气预报却说要下雨,女生担心活动没办法按时举行。 【解决方案】:男生给她两个建议: 1)推迟到下周末。但是女生怕请来的乐队成员 players 无法出席,他们下周末可能有有其它计划。 2)按时照常在雨中进行,因为有可能只下一会雨,天气还是好的,这样也很特别。女生说怕大家开始看到窗外在下 雨就不想出门了。 Sample answer: This is a discussion between two students. The female student wants to hold an outdoor concert on Saturday. But the weather report says it will rain on that day, so she is afraid that they won‘t be able to have it as scheduled. The male student gives her two possible solutions. One of them is to put it off until next weekend.The other solution is to do it as planned in spite of the rain. I tend to agree with the second solution because if they delayed the concert, the players wouldn‘t be able to attend it ?cause they may have some other plans next weekend. But if they have it as scheduled despite the rain, it would be very special. Also, they wouldn‘t be depressed by the delay or the possible absence of the players. Furthermore, if it rains, it might not last long.

T6. 【讲课要点】:介绍两种 survey。 1. statistical。需要小的样本调查,就是抽一部分人做调查,然后推出 genneral 的结论。如一公司建停车库,要设计 的车位个数。只需知道员工有几个开车来上班。只要抽 1/10 的员工进行调查,就可以了解 approximate 的数字,得 到 general idea 就可以,不用一个个调查。此法用于了解大概的信息(general information)。 2. administrative。需要从管事的人那里得到精确的信息即可知道全部的信息。如要知道学校自然科学老师的数量, 不用去问每一个老师,只要问校长就可以得到准确答案了。此法用于了解精确的信息(specific information)。 Sample answer: The lecture tells us about two ways to survey. One is statistical, the other is administrative. Then the professor goes on to explain that by giving two examples. statistical survey is to select a small group of people and ask them some questions, using the answers to guess the number of the general public. For example, a company is to build a parking lot. The first thing that is supposed to do is to get to know how much space it will be occupied. So they take a statistical survey by asking 1/10 of employees to get the approximate figure of how many people drive to work ?cause this would change daily and depends on the different situations.They don‘t need to ask everyone. And administrative survey is used to collect specific informationby asking one representative. For

example, if a university wants to know how many professors teach science, they can just ask the principal to get the exact answer. They don‘t have to ask every professor.

08. 5.31

T1. Choose one of your favorite methods to relax and explain why it is your favorite. Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

Sample answer: I relax in many different ways depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I just sit and maybe close my eyes, and think of something pleasant. Once in a while I play some sport, or games, very occasionally computer games. I suppose that when and where I have the time and opportunity my favorite way to relax is to go for a walk in a park or better still away out in nature. Living in a city I often go to one of several parks for a stroll(闲逛,漫步). They all have some trees, and interesting and winding paths, where I can wander listlessly( 没 精 打 采 地 )and contemplate(沉思)my own thoughts or admire the various stages of nature. Sometimes I just like to feel the breeze on my face and savor(尽情享受)its coolness. I do not know exactly how it helps me relax, but it does. 共8句 我的时间记录为:43‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T2. Some college students prefer to attend classes regularly because they believe that only in the class atmosphere can they focus on the reading. Others, however, believe that the best reading can only be done outside the classroom. Which reading method do you think is better and why?

Sample answer: Surely, outside reading is another option to address different learners‘ individual needs. However, I still believe classroom reading is more beneficial to increase students‘ high motivation and progress. Only through co-operation with the classroom teacher can they focus on reading. Teachers in different fields have innovative(创新的)teaching and productive research, so learners can enhance their reading comprehension under their guidance and assistance. By interacting and sharing their ideas with the instructors, students can enrich their knowledge, shape their learning and refine their skills. They can also have added help ?cause more individualized instruction can be given.

What‘s more,the reading materials are selected in accordance with students‘ existing level to satisfy their needs. That‘s why I think reading by attending class regularly is much better than reading outside the classroom.

共8句 我的时间记录为:44‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T3. Reading: 【学校通知】: 学校要关了 health center,因为 a new hospital has been built in the city. Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1) health center 路很近,骑车 15 分钟,不用其他 transportations. 2) 学生得的都是小毛病,例如 cold,反不着上那个医院,health center 就足够了。

Sample answer: In the reading material, the school is considering cancelling the health center because a new hospital has been built in the city. In the listening material, we clearly learn that woman doesn't like the idea. One reason she gives is that the new hospital is too far or the student is too sick to drive. Another reason is that most students see the doctors for very minor problems like a cold, the flu or sports injuries and the school health center has adequate treatment for these minor problems. They don‘t have to go to the community hospital for its better facilities and wait for hours in line. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】 false consensus theory,人往往会错误估计他人的想法,原因是 overestimate.0 Listening:【教授举例】实验: 1) 问学生: 让他们在一个 croweded 的图书馆里做他们随便想做的事, 是一些很 embarrassing 的事, 例如大声说话,

问他们是否愿意,一帮人说 yes,一帮人说 no. 2) 再问学生:你们认为别人会愿意吗?原来说 yes 的还说 yes,原来说 no 的还说 no.

Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage explains false consensus theory. That is people tend to overestimate how the degree to which their own behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and so on are shared by other people. Actually it‘s wrong for people to think their opinions sometimes reflect the thought of the majority. In the listening passage, the professor gives an example to illustrate this. A group of students reading in a very crowded but quiet library were surveyed about a question----―Will you discuss loudly in the library?‖ Some students said ―Yes‖, while others chose ―No.‖ Then the sample students were put into two opposite groups and asked a second question----―Do you think most other students reading in that library will start to talk loudly if they are facing the same situation as you? ‖ Surprisingly, the group of students who chose ―Yes‖ in the first question consistantly believe that most other students in that room will make the same decision. While the students who chose to keep silent in the first question uniformly have the opinion that the students in that reading room will of course stand with them. By these means, he proves that there is a tendency for people to project their way of thinking onto other people. In other words, they assume that everyone else thinks the same way they do.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生有机会去墨西哥学习但是当上了 president of International club 不知如何取舍。 【解决方案】:男生给她两个建议: 1)去一年墨西哥。但女生想有两年的主席经验。 2) 暑假里去墨西哥。但女生没想过,可以考虑。

Sample answer: This is a discussion between two students. The woman got admitted to study in Mexico, but she has also been selected as president of International Club for the coming two years. So she‘s having a hard time deciding which side her feet should put on. The man offers her 2 solutions. One of the solutions he comes up with is to take presidentship first, then resign and start studying in Mexico. Normally they will give one-year extension. The other solution is to take the two-year presidentship, then register for summer classes in Mexico. If it were my choice, I would take the second solution because I would have both the presidentship and the overseas academic

background. I don‘t have to wait for one or two more years for further study in Mexico. Doing two things at the same time would be great for me ?cause I would live my life to the fullest.

T6. 【讲课要点】:生物学理论: plant invasion. 一种新树到新的 ecosystem 中会 destroy the ecosystem 1. 一种树,本来是来解决问题的,问题是解决了,但是造成了新问题:来了后,长得太高了,导致其他树晒不到 阳光了 2. 一种树,非常 attractive,但是 use lots of water, other trees can not survive。. Sample answer: The lecture tells us that plants can be totally harmless most of the time. But when inappropriately brought into an environment, plants can also cause disasters by breaking ecological balance in local areas, which is biologically identified as plant invasion. Then the professor goes on to explain that by giving two examples. One is that a tree was introduced into South Africa for the purpose of stablizing the local sand dunes. The tree fulfilled its task very successfully, but the bad news is that the tree grew so tall that they left very little sunlight for their neighboring plants. Threatened by this intruder, many plants started to lose their former territory. Another example is about a tree which was brought into Western United States for its good appearance. It seems not so large, but it has very developed root system, so it absorbed twice the water as other plants of similar size. Also, it reproduced very fast. With its rapid growing, many other local plants gradually died out because of lack of essential water resource. 6 月(6.7,6.22,6.29)


T1. Describe something hard that you have ever done in your life. And explain why it is hard. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample answer: Well, I‘d like to talk about something that I ?ve ever done for my English improvement. You know, most of Chinese learners are weak at their listening and speaking skills. So my English teacher asked us to have a dictation. It sounds quite simple, but it‘s very hard for a second language learner at the beginning. First, you felt pain in your ear, hand, back and shoulder. Then you found it difficult to catch the longer sentences. Finally, you wanted to give it up. I experienced all of this, however, I didn‘t quit; I kept on dictating for about 4 months and amazingly found I got a lot of improvement and I loved it! It proves another fact that if starting something is hard, then actually finishing it is really hard. But I made it and I felt very happy. 共 10 句

我的时间记录为:45‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T2. you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Sample answer:

It‘s a well-known fact that learning a language is far easier for children than adults. Any normal young child can learn the language surrounding him or her perfectly. Research has shown that by the age of five the average child knows around 10,000 words in his native language – that means he has been learning them at a rate of about 10 a day. And amazingly he has picked up the vast majority of the grammar by the age of three. With regards to foreign languages, children can pick one up in no time at all, developing natural pronunciation and benefiting from a lack of inhibition(禁制,压抑) that adults can only aspire(热望)to. Moreover, the earlier they start, the better the results are. Unless we are careful, our primary-age children will be flung(投入)into an adult-style learning approach, which they are too immature to handle. In a word, children can ?naturally‘ learn another language if they begin young enough. 共8句 我的时间记录为:44‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T3. Reading:【学校通知】:一封学生的信:说大厅是展览学生艺术作品的好地方。一是有很多人经过;二是透过玻璃 窗可以看艺术展览。 Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1)太吵。欣赏作品的时候通常会被过往的人群打扰。


Sample answer: The reading material is a letter saying the lobby is good place for students to display their works of ar because there are a lot of people going through, and also there‘s a glass window which is good for exhibiting the art. In the listening material, we clearly learn that woman doesn't like the idea. One reason she gives is that it‘s usually crowded there. When appreciating the art display, it is easy to be blocked and distracted by the passers-by. Another reason is that watching the art display through the glass will influence the image of painting behind the glass, because the natural light is too strong when there‘s sunshine and too weak when it‘s cloudy. Constant light sources should be adjusted same level all the time. Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】介绍一种市场行为。娱乐经营。 Listening:【教授举例】教授举了两个例子: 1)自己小时候喜欢看电视,打游戏,玩具。如果电视或游戏中的人物出现在市场上,会立刻去买。 2)7 岁的女儿有一个玩具娃娃。非常喜欢。当出现在电视上的时候也会非常兴奋。

Sample answer: In this set of materials, the reading passage states that entertainment merchandising is a widely used market practice. In the listening passage, the professor gives 2 examples to illustrate this. One is the speaker‘s own example. He liked to watch TV shows, play games, and toys in his childhood.When the characters or his hero's figures came out to the market, he bought immediately because he knew them well. Another is about his 7-year-old daughter. She has a toy doll with brown eyes and curling hair. She likes it a lot. When the TV show about the baby doll comes, she is so excited about it. By these means, he proves that entertainment merchandising works very well in the market.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生的历史论文还没完成,因为学校停电。

【解决方案】:男生给她两个建议: 1)去图书馆。但是外面下雨,雨中携带资料不方便。 2)跟教授谈。请求延期。女生认为是冒险,因为教授不愿意给予延期。或者再与面临同样问题的学生商讨一下。

Sample answer: In the conversation, the woman has trouble finishing her history paper due to the power failure. The man offers her 2 solutions. One of the solutions he comes up with is to go to the library. The other solution is to talk to the professor, and let him give her extension for the paper. But the woman thinks this is somewhat like taking a risk because the professor is not willing to give students extension. She thinks probably she‘ll discuss with other students who may be faced with the same situation.: I tend to agree with the second solution she hasn‘t got her assignment done owing to the external factor. If she explained her situation, the professor would understand. Besides, it is not convenient to carry all stuff walking in the rain to the library.

T6. 【讲课要点】:心理学。讲儿童情绪。不仅只是高兴与否,也会情绪转移。然后举例: 1.许多孩子在同一房间。如果一个哭,另一个也会哭,然后更多的孩子一起哭。人们以为这是对外界环境---噪音 的反应。 2.一个成人和一个孩子玩。成人哭了,孩子并不哭。这证明原来孩子哭是表示同情,而不是由于外界的吵闹。 然后研究也表明:孩子听别人的哭声的录音带,孩子会哭;孩子听自己的哭声的录音带,孩子不哭。

Sample answer: The lecture tells us about children‘s emotion. They are not only happy or angry, but also show empathy of others. Then the professor goes on to explain that by giving two examples. One is thatmany children are in the same room. When a child starts to cry, another will also start to cry and more children join it later on. So people think this is because of reaction with environment, and disrupted by noise. Another example is that an adult plays with a child. When he starts to cry, the baby does not cry. This conflicts the previous conclusion that the child cries due to the noise. Actually this is because of an emotional-empathy. The children cry because they feel empathy for other children.Research has also shown this----- if a baby listens to one tape with other baby‘s crying, the baby cries. If a baby hears another tape of his own crying, the baby does not cry. Therefore, babies cry because they feel empathy of others. They concern about others.

6. 22

T1 Describe the famous person you admire most. Explain why you admire this person. Include details and examples to support your response.

Sample answer:

When it comes to the the famous person I admire most, Jackie Chan is the one. I‘m a huge fan of him. I like all the breathtaking movies he starred in. He's funnier, a better actor, generally more personable and charming.One thing that makes me show great respect to him is that he made great contributions to the society after he became successful. He did a lot of charity work in a wide range of places, from poverty-stricken areas to earthquake-damaged areas, from HongKong to China Mainland, from South Asia to the whole world. Enthusiastic about his career, he also built his own world of film like Disney World for children to know about him and his films. So that‘s why I admire Jackie Chan most. T2 Some people think universities should spend money on academic programs. Other people disagree and think that universities should use their funds to provide more entertainment activities like building musical or camera center? Which of these two opinions do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Sample answer: Both academic programs and entertainment activities are welcome in universities. On one hand, students are supposed to enrich their knowledge in the university. Only when they are supported by a good team of senior academic staff, provided with enough academic programs and technical facilities like libraries, computer labs, can they learn more and better. On the other hand, students need to relax after a long day‘s schoolwork. But how well they can release their stress and enjoy hours of good relaxation depends on the recreational facilities. And all of this needs financial support from universities. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, universities should spend money on both academic and entertainment activities. T3. Reading:【通知】:一个历史学教授给学生布置的作业。要求学生与指定的伙伴完成期末作业,然后在课堂上做口 头展示。这样做有两个好处,一是提高与人合作完成项目的能力,二是在课堂上分享,同学们都可以了解别人的想 法。 Listening: 【学生议论】:女生不同意。原因有二: 1)有的学习伙伴不负责任。她以前室友的学习伙伴就是这样,上课不来,结果室友独立完成。


Sample answer: The reading material is about an assignment as a final project given by a history professor. He requires each student to work with a partner to prepare and then give an oral presentation in class. In the listening section, we clearly get to know that the woman holds a negative view towards it. The first reason she gives is that the partner may be irresponsible and not really do things. Then she gives an example of her roommate who took all the responsibility due to the lousy partner. The partner didn‘t even show up, so mostly her roommate did all the research and task. And the second one is based on the fact that everyone is busy with the exam at the end of the semester. No one would be interested in doing the task ?cause grade is not what they pursuit; they wouldn‘t even pay attention during the presentation. Thus, the professor would be disappointed and the students would be frustrated.

Therefore, she disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】文章讲 Primacy theory, 就是 first impression. 人们通常根据第一印象来判断人,而且这种 第一印象不会轻易改变。 Listening:【教授举例】教授自己的亲身经历。 1)教授以前在实验室做 assistant researcher, 第一周的时候提了一个非常成功的建议,因此呢, 老板就觉得他很好, 也总是向别人介绍说他很好,虽然他之后表现平平。 2)另一个例子是他不幸的同事,第一周犯了一个错误——损坏了实验仪器,造成实验室的巨大金钱时间损失,结果 老板一直对她印象不好,即使她后来一直表现很好。过了一段时间,教授经常犯错误,而同事偶尔犯错,研究也比 他做得好,但是老板还是觉得她不可靠。

Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor mainly talked about the Primacy Theory, that is first impression. People judge other person by first impression and would not easily change it. Later people pay attention to details that would support first impression. To reinforce the theory, the professor gave two examples in his speech. The first one is an example of himself. He once worked as an assistant researcher in a lab. In the first week, he came up with a really helpful idea to improve the experiment, which turned out to be a big success. His boss believed that he was reliable and thought very highly of him. Also he would praise him in front of others. Even when he made mistakes or did average in his future work, his boss would ignore.

The other one is about his co-worker. She was not that fortunate but made a big mistake in the first week. She destroyed the experimental apparatus, lost data and wasted time and money, which left a bad impression on her boss. He thought she was unreliable and incompetent even though she did very well in her work later on. Some weeks later, the professor often made mistakes, but his workmate only occasionally made minor ones. Also, she did research better than him. However, the boss still held the opinion that she was unreliable. And that‘s the two examples the speaker presented to explain his idea.

T5. 【学生困难】:女生假期期间需要做研究。但是学校宿舍不开放,所以需要找地方住。 【解决方案】:男生给她两个建议: 1)找那些住在学校附近的朋友,住在他们的 apartment。而且朋友不会向她收费。但是女生担心假期期间与朋友的 作息时间会不同。朋友可能会有很多聚会,而她又要去工作。 2)申请特许住在学校,因为学校可能会开放一些宿舍来应付这种特殊情况。可能收费更高,但是安静。

Sample answer: In this conversation, the woman is having a hard time dealing with the problem of finding somewhere to live during school break. She needs to do some research during the break,but the school dorms will be closed. And the man offers her two possible solutions. One is to live in an apartment of her friends who live nearby. And they won‘t charge her. But she is afraid that their schedule may be different ?cause they won‘t work during the break and may have many parties, but she has to work. The other is to get special permission from school to live in the dorm. And if it were my choice, I would choose the latter one, because school might open some dorms to deal with such special situation. Also, it would be quiet for her to live in the dorm even though she might be charged more.

T6. 【讲课要点】:心理学。讲 play 的好处, 一般认为 play is for fun, 但同时对孩子的情绪发展也很重要。主要表现在两个方面: 1)可以控制情感。因为小孩子平常什么事都是大人控制,吃饭睡觉什么的,但是玩的过程中他们可以自己决定怎 么玩。 2)可以满足一种毁灭的愿望。 因为发泄在其他方面会使父母生气,但是通过坡坏东西来表达他们的不安,而且不 会受到父母惩罚。所以我们可以看到小孩子用积木建成一个 tower 之后,又全部推倒。

Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor tells about benefits of play. It is generally believed that play is for fun, but it is still

used to support the emotional development for young children. First, children can obtain sense of control. Normally, kids depend on adults to make decisions to do almost everything, like what to eat or when to sleep. They don‘t take any control of their life, so they often feel uneasy, depressed and helpless. While, things are different when kids are playing. They can decide on which toy to play with and how to play. Second, children can meet their desire of destruction and satisfy their curiosity without making their parents upset. Usually parents worry about their children‘s breaking things, but it‘s another thing when they play. For example, children use blocks to build a tower and then smash it into pieces when it is done.


T1. What do you think are characteristics of a good school? Use specific details and examples to support your response.

Sample answer: In my view, three characteristics are essential for a good school. First and foremost, high-quality content is very important. The school is expected to offer diverse courses or programs to keep its students interested and to have standards to guide them. Hence they can create good pieces of work, not just focus on raising test scores in a narrow way. Besides, a good school should have an excellent teaching staff. Good teaching helps students understand a subject in depth and thus improve the quality of their work. Moreover, school environment, both physical and psychosocial, is a crucial factor that contributes to a good school. A safe, clean, and well-maintained school with a positive psychosocial climate and culture can foster school connectedness, which in turn boosts student and staff health as well as students‘ educational achievement. 共8句 我的时间记录为:42‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T2. Some people gather a lot of information before traveling. Others prefer to go straight to the place they plan to.

Which do you think is better and why?

Sample answer: I think it‘s better to get to know about the destination you‘ll be traveling to and take time to plan before leaving. Traveling to a new place means experiencing a lot of adventure. The more you know about the destination and the conditions you can expect on your trip, the more you will enjoy your experience. In addition, you know how to plan about the travel with a lot of information. You can decide how much money needs to be available for the trip as you know where you are going and how you are getting there. You can start making all necessary reservations and be sure to have everything ready. It‘ll save you hassels (省去麻烦)later. All in all, good preparation ahead will enable you to get the very most from your trip. 共8句 我的时间记录为:42‘‘ 你的时间记录为:______

T3. Reading: 【学校提议】:有个出国学习的项目。要求大家都到海外学习一个学期,体验不同文化。不会发生经济 困难,也不会影响学习。 Listening: 【学生议论】:男生不同意。原因有二: 1)花费会很多。其他费用如飞机票,当地交通费和活动费都没有考虑到。所以要求大家都去不公平,因为不是所 有人都能负担。 2) 学的课程回国不一定有用或被承认。$国外虽然可以选择和国内一样的课程,但是成绩不被国内承认。举例一个朋 友 Rob 去国外读 bussiness, 回来不被承认, 还要在国内重读。

Sample answer: The university has launched an overseas study program requiring everyone to study in a university in a different country for one semester, considering two factors of few financial risks and enhanced learning. And the man holds a negative view towards the program. The first reason he gives is that it‘s too expensive to study for a semester abroad. Some other expenses like airplane ticket, costs of local transportation and cultural activities are excluded. And the second one is based on the fact that the courses taken won‘t be of great help when coming back to the home country. Even the program is offering same courses, the credits students get in an overseas univeristy would not be accepted when they return. Then he gives an example of his friend Rob, who has earned

his business degree abroad, but has to retake the course because it‘s not recognized in the domestic university. Therefore, he disagrees with that opinion.

T4. Reading: 【课文要点】心理学。讲归因理论中的 fundamental attribution error (基本归因错误). 就是说人们往 往忽视外界影响,只看个人本身,而对事物产生错误的认识。 Listening:【教授举例】 教授举了自己的例子。因为会议迟到10分钟,悄悄坐到后排,当他举手对于某一点发表 看法时,主持很生气,因为她之前讲过这一点不再讨论,认为他故意打扰。 这就是错误认识,因为她忘记了教授 之前没来,没有听到她说的那个点不做讨论,而忽视了他晚到这个因素。

Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor mainly talked about an attribution theory ---the fundamental attribution error. In the theory, people tend to explain behavior in terms of internal disposition, such as personality traits, abilities, motives, etc. as opposed to external situational factors. To reinforce the theory, the professor gave his own example in his speech. Once he was late for 10 minutes for a meeting. He quietly went to the back row and sat down. When he asked a question during the meeting, he was very upset that the chairwoman didn‘t respond to him but kept moving on. But later he found out that the question had been discussed and he was considered intentionally incooperative. Actually that‘s the chairwoman‘s false judgement based on his inside rather than the outside situation that he was late and didn‘t hear what she had said before. Thus, the professor proves that people tend to attribute too much to character and disposition and and too little to situation and context when explaining or trying to understand the behaviors of others.

T5. 【学校政策】:校报的经费被减,但 paper 价格却上升。学校新闻社陷入窘境。 【解决方案】:一男一女讨论对策,女生说: 1)减掉国内国际新闻,只报道和校园生活有关的故事,因为学生可以从别的地方了解。不过读者会流失,很多人 是因为报纸的多样性才喜欢看的。 2)减少 copy 的数量,内容不变。因为很多学生都是传阅。不过也不是每个学生都从别人那里分享。问题:你的选 择。

Sample answer: In this conversation, two students are talking about a school policy that the the school news agency will have to cut down on its expenses. However, the cost of paper is still on the rise. And they come up with two possible solutions. One isto eliminate the coverage of both international and national news because students can get from other resources. The other is to reduce the number of copies considering the fact that some students can share. And as far as I‘m concerned, I prefer the latter one, because students will still be able to enjoy the variety of school newspaper. If there were no national and international news, the agency would lose more readers, which in turn leads to weaker profits and greater trouble.

T6. 【讲课要点】:植物怎样防止被吃。 1. 尖刺。 举例说有些草有锯齿,人一碰手指就可能割伤,比较锋利; 动物咀嚼的时候会把嘴里面弄伤,就不愿意吃它了。 2.保护色。 举例某种植物,在叶片上长些看起来象蝴蝶卵的小斑点。 这样蝴蝶过来产卵时一看已经有了,就飞走 了,叶子也不会被幼虫吃。

Sample answer: In the lecture, the professor provides two examples to illustrate the phenomenon that plants show different characteristics to protect themselves.The first one is a kind of grass makes itself physically difficult to chew or eat. If human beings touch it, it cuts their finger; if animals eat it, it cuts their mouth. Another one is a sort of plant changes appearance to avoid being eaten. They evolve their leaves with yellow lumps to keep away from the butterflies who depend on their leaves for reproduction.And that‘s the two examples the speaker presented to explain the phenomenon.

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