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2014届高三英语大一轮复习讲义 教师用书 Book 1 Unit 3 Travel journal 新人教版

2014 届高三英语人教版大一轮复习讲义教师用书 Book 1 Unit 3 Travel journal
Ⅰ.联想记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇以及相关短语) 1.transport vt. & n.运输 2.prefer vt.更喜欢→prefer to do... rather_than do...宁愿??而不愿?? 3.persuade vt.说服→persuade sb. to_do/persuade sb. into doing sth./talk sb. into doing sth.说服某人 做某事 4.be fond of 喜欢→be interested in/be crazy about sth./be in sth.对??感兴趣 5.care_about 关心;惦念→care for 喜欢;照料;关心;想要 6.change_one’s_mind 改变主意→make_up_one’s_mind 下决心 7.give_in 屈服;让步→give up 放弃→give away 泄密 Ⅱ.构词记忆(根据提示写出相应的词汇及其派生词) 1.disadvantage n.不利条件→advantage n.有利条件 2.persuade vt.说服→persuasive adj.有说服力的 3.graduate v. & n.毕业;毕业生→graduation n.毕业 4.organize vt.组织;成立→organization n.组织 5.reliable adj.可靠的→rely vi.依靠 Ⅲ.语境填词(根据提示用适当的单词或短语填空) 1 . Ever_since( 自 从 ) I graduated_from( 毕 业 ) university, I’ve been trying to persuade(劝说) my father to stop smoking, but he is quite stubborn( 固 执 的 ), and his attitude( 态 度 ) disappoints me. 2.Among all the means of transportation(交通), I prefer(更喜欢) the bus as it needs low fares(费用) and causes less pollution although it has some disadvantages(不 便之处). 3.Once he has made_up_his_mind(下定决心), it’s hard to persuade(说服) him to change_his_mind (改变他的主意).He will never give_in(让步). 4.We have organized(组织) an outing to a valley(山谷) near our city.We’ll gather at the school gate and cycle(骑车) to the destination.The whole journey(旅程) will cost us an hour according to the schedule(日程表). 5.We do care_about_details(关注细节) and we are determined(决定) to make sure all


the information is from reliable(可靠的) sources. Ⅳ.语境记忆(背诵语段,记忆单元词汇) The journalist often says altitude relies on attitude.Since his graduation, he has turned many disadvantages into advantages for his being determined and even stubborn.It’s forecast that he will make a carefully organized journey to a temple in a valley.All his parcels have been transported there ahead of schedule. Ⅴ.课文原句背诵 1.When are_we_leaving and when are_we_coming_back? 我们何时动身,何时回来? 2.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. 一旦她下定决心,什么也改变不了它。 3.Along the way children dressed_in_long_wool_coats stopped to look at us. 一路上,一些身着羊毛大衣的孩子们停下来看我们。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.If she doesn’t want to go, nothing you can say will________her. (2012·新课标全国,35) A.persuade C.invite 答案 A 解析 if 引导条件状语从句,根据逻辑将句子补全,此空应该填入一个含有“说服”意 义的词,只有 A 项符合。persuade 劝服。 (教材原句:Two years ago she bought an expensive mountain bike and then she persuaded me to buy one.) 2. the time Jack returned home from England, son________from college.(2011·辽 By his 宁,34) A.graduated C.had been graduating 答案 D 解析 句意为:当杰克从英国回家的时候,他的儿子已经大学毕业了。return 所表示的 动作发生在过去,graduate 所表示的动作发生在他回家之前,是“过去的过去”,所以 B.has graduated D.had graduated B.promise D.support


用过去完成时。 (考查单元语法) 3.Do you think shopping online will________take the place of shopping in stores? (2010·浙江,11) A.especially C.merely 答案 D 解析 句意为:你认为网上购物最终会代替商店购物吗?especially 特别地,尤其; B.frequently D.finally

frequently 经常地,时常地;merely 仅仅,只是;finally 最后,最终。由上下文的逻 辑关系可以看出,finally 符合语境。 (教材原句:...we finally got the chance to take a bike trip.) 4.—I’m not finished with my dinner yet. —But our friends________for us. (2010·北京,24) A.will wait C.have waited 答案 D 解析 句意为:——我还没有吃完晚饭。——但是我们的朋友在等我们。此处强调说话 B.wait D.are waiting

时正在进行的动作,所以用现在进行时。 (考查单元语法) 5. ________they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures. (2010· 京,30) A.As 答案 D 解析 句意为:学生们一旦决定上哪一所大学,就应该查询一下入学的程序。根据语境, 这里应该用 once 引导条件状语从句,表示“一旦”。 (教材原句:Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it.) Ⅱ.完形、阅读——英译汉 1.That has been my life’s passion (钟爱) ever since—climbing the rocks and mountains of Yosemite. (2012·天津·完形) B.While C.Until D.Once 北


从那以后爬 Yosemite 的岩石和山峰就成了我一生的钟爱。 2.The boy wasn’t much of a fruit?eater,preferring a bar of chocolate if given the choice, but, as they say, the forbidden fruit can be tempting. (2011·江苏·完形) 这个男孩不太喜欢吃水果,如果让他选择的话,他更喜欢一块巧克力,但是正如人们说 的,越是得不到的东西越想得到。 3.I prefer not to use the word “late” because there is nothing wrong with the times people arrive. (2011· 大 纲 全 国 Ⅱ·阅读 D) 我不喜欢用迟到这个字眼,因为人们什么时候到并没有错误。 Ⅲ.书面表达——汉译英 1.众所周知,随着人们生活水平的提高,小汽车已经成为一种流行的交通工具,它给我们 的生活带来很多方便。(means of transport)(2011·江西·写作) As is known to all,with the improvement of people’s living standards,cars have become a popular means of transport,bringing great convenience to our life. 2.对于学校,他们应为学生组织更多的活动。(organize)(2011·四川·书面表达) To schools,they should organize more activities for students.

历年高考热点: persuade, finally, once, ever since, prefer, transport, organize 等的用 法。 2014 考点预测:persuade,determine,prefer,view,make up one’s mind,give in, care about 等的用法。

1 persuade 双语释义 v.说服;劝说;使信服(convince)

学情诊断 (1)完成句子 ①He succeeded_in_persuading_her_to_give_up her part?time job. 他说服她放弃了兼职工作。 ②He couldn’t_persuade_me_into_accepting his terms. 他没能说服我接受他的条件。 ③We persuaded_him_out_of_lending_ his money to that untrustworthy man. 我们说服了他,他未把钱借给那个不能信赖的人。 ④I tried_to_persuade_her_to_let me go with her,but failed. 我试图劝说她让我跟她一块儿去,但没有成功。 ⑤They couldn’t_persuade_him_of their sincerity. 他们无法使他相信他们的诚意。 (2)It wasn’t easy,but I ________ him to do the right thing. A.advised C.persuaded 答案 C 解析 句意为:真不容易,但我还是说服他做对了这件事。B、D 两项表示“尽力,说 服”, 不一定说服成功;advise 意为“建议”,都不符合句意。 归纳拓展 persuade sb. to do sth.= persuade sb. into doing sth.说服某人做某事 persuade sb. not to do sth.= persuade sb. out of doing sth.说服某人不做某事 persuade sb. of sth./that...使某人相信某事 易混辨析 persuade,advise B.tried to persuade D.tried to convince

persuade sb.to do sth.强调劝的结果,即劝服成功。 advise sb.to do sth.强调劝说的动作,不知道结果如何。 一言辨异 用 persuade,advise 的适当形式填空 I did (1)advise her but didn’t (2)persuade her. 2 determine 双语释义 v.决定(decide);查明(discover);测定;支配(control);影响 学情诊断 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①I am determined to_study university. (study) hard , or I won’t be admitted into a


②She determined on going(go) abroad to study. ③The incident determined her to_become(become) a nurse. (2)The government of China is________to control the housing price this year. A.surprised C.excited 答案 D 解析 句意为:中国政府今年下决心控制房价。surprised 吃惊的;puzzled 困惑的; B.puzzled D.determined

excited 兴奋的,激动的;determined 坚定的。根据句意,选 D 项。 归纳拓展 determine to do sth.决心做某事 determine sb.to do sth.使某人决定做某事 determine on ? doing? sth.决定? 做? 某事

determined adj.已决定好的;坚定的,决意的 be determined to do sth.决定做某事 determination n.决心;果断;毅力 3 prefer 双语释义 v. 更喜欢(like better); 选择某事物(而不选择其他事物)(to choose one thing rather than sth. else) 学情诊断 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①I prefer swimming (swim) to skating. ②She preferred that nobody (should)_come (come) to see her. ③I prefer to_stay (stay) home rather than go (go) out on such a rainy day. ④My parents preferred me to_go (go) to college. (2)Rather than________ a crowded bus,he always prefers ________ a bike. A.ride;ride C.ride;to ride 答案 C 解析 prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做 A 而不愿做 B。 归纳拓展 prefer to do sth./doing sth.更喜欢做某事 prefer sb. to do...宁愿让某人做?? prefer that...愿意??;更喜欢??? that 从句中常用 should+动词原形,should B.riding;ride D.to ride;riding


可省略? prefer ? doing? A to ? doing? B 和? 做? B 相比更喜欢? 做? A,prefer to do A

rather than do B 宁愿做 A,而不愿做 B have a preference for 喜爱,偏好??

4 view 双语释义 n.(个人的)看法(opinion),意见,见解,态度(attitude);观看;看;视野; 视线(what you can see); (从某处看到的)景色, 风景; .把??视为; v 把??看作; 仔细看(look 看; carefully) 学情诊断 (1)选出下列句中 view 的正确意思 A.视力,视野 B.风景,景色 C.看,观察,眺望,D.观点,见解 ①What are your views on free education? D ②If you stand here,you’ll get a better view of the procession(队列). C ③My view of the harbor was blocked by the new building. A ④There’s no view from my bedroom window except for some factory chimneys. B

(2)The conference gives a chance for people of different ________ to exchange. A.characters C.views 答案 C 解析 句意为:会议给了人们一次交流不同看法的机会。view 观点,看法;character B.attitudes D.ways

性格,特点;attitude 态度;way 方法。 归纳拓展 have a good/wonderful/bad view ? of...? 对??能够很好/不好地观看 come into view 看得见;进入视野 be in view 看得见;在视野中;考虑中;计划 in one’s view ? in one’s opinion? 在某人看来

on a long view/short view 从长远/短时期看


on view 陈列着;在展出 out of view 不在视野之中,看不见 in view of 考虑到;鉴于;由于 易混辨析 scene,scenery,view,sight

scene 指展现在眼前的情景,也可以指 scenery 的一部分,大多包括景物中的人及活动 在内。 scenery 指某地总的自然风光或景色,尤指美丽的乡间景色。 sight 既可以指场景,眼前看到的景观,也可以指名胜、风景,在表示“名胜、风景” 时,用复数形式。 view 常指从某个位置或角度所看到的景色,指“视野,眼界”,还可表示“观点”。 活学活用 用 scene,scenery,view,sight 的适当形式填空 (1)As we climbed higher,a wonderful view opened out before us. (2)The next day we returned to the scene of the accident. (3)We’re going to Paris for the weekend to see the sights. (4)On the way I was busy taking pictures since the scenery was so beautiful. 写作句组 满分作文之佳句背诵

a.I can’t agree more with this view. b.In my view,it’s a pity to give up the college entrance examinations. c.We take the view that it would be wrong for parents to interfere with this kind of thing. 5 make up one’s mind 双语释义 下决心;决定(decide;determine) 学情诊断 (1)句型转换 We have determined to keep out of their quarrels. →We have made up our minds to keep out of their quarrels. (2)一句多译 我打开窗子你介意吗? ①Do_you_mind_if_I_open_the_window? ②Would_you_mind_if_I_opened_the_window? ③Do/Would_you_mind_my/me_opening_the_window? 归纳拓展 change one’s mind 改变主意


read one’s mind 看出某人的心思 speak one’s mind 直言不讳;说心里话 fix/keep one’s mind on sth.专注于??;专心于?? Do/Would you mind if...你介意??吗?

6 give in 双语释义 让步;屈服;投降(admit to being defeated) 学情诊断 用适当的介、副词填空 (1)I know smoking is bad for health,but I simply can’t give it up. (2)Finally he had to give in to his wife. (3)After two days our food gave out,_and we had to return. (4)He has decided to give away most of his money to charity. (5)The storm gave way to bright sunshine. 归纳拓展 give in to 对??屈服,让步 give up 放弃;戒除? 习惯等? 某人?

give away 赠送,捐赠;泄露;出卖? give off 发出?

气味、光、热、声音等? ;发出? 光、热、声等?

give out 耗尽,用光? 无被动语态? ;分发? =hand out? give way to 给??让路;让自己陷入? 某种情绪等? 图解助记


7 care about 双语释义 关心(worry about);惦念;在乎,在意(mind) 学情诊断 (1)一言辨异 他甚至不愿尽心照顾生病的父母,因为他只在乎钱。 He even doesn’t want to take trouble to care_for his sick parents,for the only thing he cares_about is money. (2)I don’t________what other people think. A.call for B.apply for


C.care about 答案 C

D.care for

解析 句意为:我不在乎别人怎么想。care about 关心,在意,符合句意。 归纳拓展 care for 照顾;照料;喜欢;关心 take care of=look after 照料;负责;处理 take care ? that? .../to do sth.当心? with care 小心地 写作句组 满分作文之佳句背诵 注意? 做某事

a.We can work wonders if we unite as a family,caring for each other and helping those in need.(2011·福建) b.At first,I did most of the duties myself while other students cared little about class activities.(2011·湖北) c.As a matter of fact,it is because our parents care about us that they want to know us better.

1 She insisted that she organize the trip properly. 她坚持要自己把这次旅行安排得尽善尽美。 句型公式:insist后跟从句 学情诊断 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①I insist that you (should)_take(take) immediate action to put this right. ②He insisted that he didn’t_steal(not steal) the money. (2)Bob insisted that he________nothing wrong and________from work. A.did;won’t be fired B.had done;not be fired C.should do;mustn’t be fired D.do;shouldn’t be fired 答案 B 解析 第一空真实语气, insist 是“坚持说”的意思; 第二空用虚拟语气, insist 是“坚 持要求”的意思。 归纳拓展

insist 如果表示“坚持要求”的意思时,后面的宾语从句用虚拟语气,动词由“should +动词原形”构成,should 可以省略;表示“坚持说;坚持认为”的意思时,后面的宾 语从句中用真实语气。 2 When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it would be very cold,

she said it would be an interesting experience. 当我告诉她那里空气稀薄, 呼吸困难, 而且天气很冷时, 她却说这将是一次有趣的经历。 句型公式:不定式的主动形式表示被动意义 学情诊断 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①The vegetables are easy to_grow (grow). ②One day,mother asked her son,“Do you have clothes to_be_washed (wash)?” ③I have a lot of clothes to_wash (wash). (2)单项填空 ①The difference in thickness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2 more comfortable________. (2011·福建,27) A.held C.be held 答案 D 解析 句意为:与前一个版本厚度和重量的不同使得 iPad 2 拿着更舒服。仔细观察句子 可知,题干中含有一个句式:make+宾语+形容词+动词不定式。分析此句式结构可知, hold 与宾语 iPad 2 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,但与其逻辑主语(for) us 之间为主谓关 系,在此省略了逻辑主语,故用动词不定式的主动形式表示被动意义。 ②I have a lot of readings________before the end of this term.(2010·山东,23) A.completing C.completed 答案 B 解析 句意为:本学期结束前,我有大量的阅读(任务)要完成。have sth.to do 是英语 中一个基本结构,意为“有某事要做”,to do 作定语,其逻辑主语为句子的主语。 归纳拓展 英语中不定式的主动形式表示被动意义有如下几种情形: (1)不定式和所修饰的词之间为被动关系, 但不定式的逻辑主语在该句中出现时, 要用不 定式的主动形式表示被动意义。 B.to complete D.being completed B.holding D.to hold


(2)不定式放在作表语的形容词后边作状语时,尽管不定式和主语之间存在着被动关系, 但可认为不定式的逻辑主语 for sb.省略了,此时用不定式的主动形式。 (3)在短语 be to blame,be to let 中,不定式用主动形式表示被动意义。 (4)不定式在 too...to 和 enough...to 结构里,可用主动形式表示被动意义,作结果状 语。 (5)在“There be+主语+不定式”结构里,作后置定语的不定式用主动式或被动式均 可。但在口语中往往用主动式。

3 单元语法:现在进行时 学情诊断 用所给动词的适当形式补全下列句子 (1)Betty is_leaving (leave) for Guangzhou by plane at 3∶00 this afternoon. (2)The Browns are_going (go) to North China by train next week. (3)Some friends are_coming (come) to Anne’s birthday party this evening. (4)My plane takes_off(take off) at 9∶20,so I must be at the airport by 8∶30. (5)They are_getting (get) there by air.

Ⅰ.语境填词 错误! 1.He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything. 2.A determined person always tries to finish the job,no matter how hard it is. 3.I bought another safety lock as an additional insurance against thieves. 4.We’ll be stopping here for longer than scheduled. 5.I read about it in a scientific journal. 6.What’s your attitude toward his plan?Is it practical? 7.I wanted to pay the train fare,but my friend insisted.Finally I gave in. 8.She persuaded all of us to cycle to work instead of taking the bus. 9.They will transport the goods from Shanghai to Japan next week. 10.From a reliable source,the news he told us was not true. Ⅱ.词义猜测题——用本单元词汇或句式替换划线部分 1.He has a bike and he wants me to have a_bike too.one 2.I want_to_join_you_immediately.can’t_wait_to_join_you 3.He got up early like_before.as_usual

4.I found_I_was_lying in hospital.found_myself_lying 5.It_is_hard_to_get_along_with_him.He_is_hard_to_get_along_with Ⅲ.微写作(3) 写作素材 1.邻居老王说服我们和他一起去旅游。 2.他很靠得住,关注准备工作的每个细节。 3.他选择了路线,找了交通工具并且制定了日程表。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) Our neighbor Mr.Wang persuaded us to join in his journey.He was quite reliable and cared about details of the preparation work.He chose the route, found the transport and made the schedule. Ⅳ.微语法(3)——现在进行时 (课外拓展——一个单元突破一个语法点) 1 . “The moment ________ soon , ” he thought to himself , waiting nervously. (2012·湖南,27) A.came C.was coming 答案 D 解析 根据 soon“很快”断定用将来时,这里是直接引语,所以要用 is coming(表示 B.has come D.is coming

“来、去、动身、启程”这类动词经常用进行时表将来)。句意为:“这一时刻很快就要 到了。”他心想,并着急地等待着。 2.—Why don’t we choose that road to save time? —The bridge to it ________. (2009·四川,15) A.has repaired C.is being repaired 答案 C 解析 根据上下文来看,不选那条路的原因是通向那条路的桥梁正在被修,故用现在进 B.is repaired D.will be repaired

行时态的被动语态。 3.I want to know whether the concert________or not tonight. A.is being held C.has held 答案 A B.is held D.will hold


解析 the concert 作主语,应用被动语态,再根据 tonight 可知选 A 项。 4.—Anna,where ________ you ________ with so many things in your hands? —To my office.It has been moved to the third floor. A.are;heading C.have;headed 答案 A 解析 考查具体语境中动词的时态。由答语“To my office.”可以看出,应该用现在进 行时。句意为:——Anna,手里拿着这么多东西上哪里去啊?——去办公室。(我的办公 室)已经搬到三楼了。 5.—Have you handed in your homework yet? —Yes,I have.I guess it________now. A.has graded C.is being graded 答案 C 解析 由 now 可知应用现在进行时态; 作业是“被打分(评阅)”, 故应用被动语态形式。 B.is graded D.is grading B.will;head D.do;head

Step One


第 2 讲 简单句其实不简单(2) 4.S+V+Oi+Od(主语+谓语动词+间接宾语+直接宾语) 在这个结构中,及物动词接两个宾语,间接宾语在前,直接宾语在后。当把直接宾语放 到间接宾语之前时,间接宾语前应加适当的介词。 (1)We want to give him a surprise, so please keep quiet about it. (2012·大纲全国Ⅱ·书面表达) 我们想给他一个惊喜,所以关于这件事请保密。 (2)I really hope that you can give me good advice on how to memorize new words. (2012·四川·书 面表达) 我真的希望就如何记忆新单词方面你能给我好的建议。 5.S+V+O+C (主语+谓语动词+宾语+宾语补足语) 在这个结构中,及物动词后面接宾语和宾语补足语。充当补语的可以是名词、形容词、 副词、介词短语、非谓语动词(短语)等。 (1)Second,the science major can help me achieve my childhood dream of becoming a scientist.


(2012·安徽·书 面表达) 其次,理科可以帮助我实现儿时变成一名科学家的梦想。 (2)She encouraged me to try some different methods to remember English words. (2012·广东·读 写任务) 她鼓励我尝试一些不同的方法去记忆英语单词。 (3)Such behavior left me deep in thought.(2012·福建·书面表达) 这些行为使我陷入了深思。 6.There be+名词+非谓语动词(作定语) 在这个结构中,there be 后的名词是主语,be 的形式应和第一个名词保持一致。这一结 构的其他时态形式:there was;there will be;there is going to be;there have been; there must have been ; there must/may be 等 , 它 的 变 式 句 式 有 : There happens/seems/appears to be...等。 (1)It’s true that he’s approaching the end but he has been living a memorable life and there has rarely been a dull moment.(2012·北京·开放作文) 他正接近于生命的尽头是事实, 但是他一直过着有意义的生活, 而且很少有枯燥的时刻。 (2)When he was approaching me,I found there was something in his hand that I was familiar with. (2012·湖南·书 面表达) 当他向我走近时,我发现他手里有一样我所熟悉的东西。 (3)What’s more,along with the texts there are many beautiful and colorful pictures,which can help us understand English better.(2012·辽宁·书面表达) 况且,教材都附有很多美丽多彩的图片,这些图片能帮助我们更好地理解英语。 即时训练 用简单句翻译下列句子 1.一到达那儿,请立即给我发电子邮件。 On_arrival,please_give_me_an_e?mail_immediately. 2.一旦精通了英语,它会使你更成功。 Once_mastered,English_will_make_you_a_greater_success. 3.由于没有出租车了,他心肠很好,开车送我回了家。 There_being_no_taxi,he_was_so_kind_as_to_drive_me_home.


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