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英语:《Unit3 Travel journal》Language points1课件(人教版必修1)

人教课标 高一 必修 1 Unit 3


1. Ever since middle school, my sister Wang Wei and I have dreamed about taking a great bike trip.
从中学起, 我姐姐王薇和我梦想作一 次了不起的自行车旅行。 ever since+时间,表示从……起

用法: 以过去的一个时间为起点,持续
到现在,主句用 _________ 现在完成 时, 从句用 一 般过去 时。例如: _________

moved (move) to Ever since he _______ London, I ____________ haven’t seen (see) him.

Ever since you left me,

I’ve been trying to
hide the pain. 自从你离开了我, 我一 直在掩饰内心的伤痛。

to do 梦想着去做某事 v. dream _____
of \about + n \ pron\V-ing dream ________

梦想,梦到…… n. dream a good ______ dream 做一个好梦 I dreamed about flying last night.我昨晚梦见飞

He dreams of becoming a famous singer one day.我梦想成为一名著名的歌手。

2. Two years ago she bought an expensive mountain bike and then she persuaded me to buy one.

1). The son tried to persuade his father

to give up smoking. try to persuade sb. to do sth.
劝说某人做某事 (暗含“劝而不服”)

2)How can we persuade them into

joining us? persuade sb. into doing sth.

3)I wish you could persuade her to think it over. persuade sb. to do sth.


4)She persuaded him that she was

telling the truth.
persuade sb. + that从句


5)I persuaded him of my good intention.

persuade sb. of sth.


persuade him to give up his 1. I tried to _________ foolish plan, but failed. persuaded to 2. The woman was finally __________ buy his product, but she soon found it was of poor quality.

3. It is my sister who first had the idea to cycle along theentireMekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 是我的姐姐首先有了这个想法:
沿着湄公河从起源到尽头骑车旅行。 这是一个强调句。 其基本结构为: It is/was + 被强调部 分 + that-/who- 从句

如果强调的部分是人,可用who,也可用 that, 强调其他成分与内容都用that。 注意 强调时间和地点不能用when或where, 只用that。 e. g. It was in Shanghai that I saw the film. (强调地点状语) 我看这部电影是在上海。

We had a meeting in the meeting room yesterday afternoon.
It was ____ we ________ who/that had a meeting in the meeting room yesterday afternoon.(主语) a meeting ______ that we had in the It was __________ meeting room yesterday afternoon.(宾语) It was ____________________ in the meeting room ______ that we had a meeting yesterday afternoon.(地点状语) It was ____________________ ______ yesterday afternoon that we had a meeting in the meeting room.(时间状语)

It was last night ___ I watched the film. A. the time B. when

C. that C

D. which

It + ___ 强调句的结构是: __ be + 强调部分 +

that (who) + 主谓句。 强调句的连词 __________
只有两个,____ that 和 ____ who 。当强调的部

分是人,且为句子的主语时,才用 who “ ____”,其余用that ____。

4.I am fond of my sister but she has one serious shortcoming.

+ sb./(doing) sth. 喜爱某人/(做)某事物

I’ve always _____ been very ____ fond __ of you.
我一向非常喜欢你。 music ________, cooking _____ going to I am fond of ______, parties. 我喜爱音乐、 烹调、 参加聚会 。

5.Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places,she insisted that she organize the trip properly. Although和though 引导让步状语从句不能再和but, and, however连用, 但可以和副词yet, still连 用.although从句多放在句首, though从句可 在主句前,中,后任何位置,而且though 可以作副词用于句末,作 “但是,不过” 讲,而although无此用法。

1.______ he has limited technical knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience. A.Since B. Unless C. As D. Although
2. It’s hard work, I enjoy it _______. A.but B.although C.though D.unless

1. I never dreamed ____ he would be so ungrateful. A. of B. about C. that D. what

2. I _____ him to go home, but he
wouldn’t listen.

A. persuaded

B. tried to persuade

C. have persuade D. had persuaded

3. It _____ we had stayed together for a couple of weeks ___ I found we had a lot in common. A. was until; when B. was until; that C. wasn’t until; when D. wasn’t until; that
4.—Who is making so much noise in the garden? —______ the children. A. It is B. They are C. That is D. There are

5. The man insisted ______ a taxi for me

even though I told him I lived nearby.
A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding

6. — How do you _____ we go to Beijing for
our holidays?

— I think we’d better fly there. It’s much
more comfortable.

A. insist B. imagine C. suppose D. suggest

7. He insisted that he ______ right, and that his plan _____ carried out at once. A.was; be C. was; was B. be; would be D. be; should be

? 1.自从他来到我们学校,他学习就非常努力。 (ever since) He has studied very hard since he came to our school. ? 2. 是从太阳那里我们得到光和热。(It is……that……) It is from the sun that we get light and heat. ? 3. 汤姆坚持认为自己是对的。(insist) Tom insisted that he was right. ? 4.. 她虽然小,但是知道怎么做。(although) Although she is young,she knows how to do it.

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