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Unit 6 The Green Banana Key to exercises

Vocabulary ? 1 strain ?2 teasing/tease ?3 dawn ?4 death ?5 leak ?6 inspection ?7 realization ?8 burial ?9 scattering/scatter ?10 grasp ?11 appreciation ?12 flight ?13 assurance ?14 astonishme

nt ?15 expectation ?16 insurance ?17 reflection ?18 belief 2

stream ?2 state ?3 relate ?4 form ?5 recognize

accept ?7 encounter ?8 collect ?9 radiate ?10 identify 3 ?1 reporter ?2 professor ?3. editor ?4. adviser ?5 robber ?6. actor ?7 aggressor ?8 beginner ?9 passenger ?10 supporter


visitor ?12 liar ?13 seller ?14 murder ?15 traveler ?16 scholar ?17 author ?18 successor ?19 composer ?20 interpreter ?21 beggar ?22 sailor ?23 announcer ?24 manager ?25 invader ?26 creator ?27 dealer 4
?1 ?2

令人羞愧的结果 满满一碗米饭 ?3 色彩鲜艳的衣服 ?4 一个令人快乐的人 ?5 满满一篮子的苹果 ?6 满满一盒巧克力 ?7 一小撮人 ?8 一条有帮助的建议 ?9 一个有害的习惯 ?10 带着哭腔;声泪俱下地 ?11 吃一大口 ?12 一厢情愿的想法 ?13 有希望的形势 ?14 一屋子的客人 ?15 一调羹油 ?16 一大捧书 ?17 痛苦的记忆 ?18 活泼的性格 5
?1. ?2.

acceptance occurrence ?3. astonishing, unrecognizable ?4. appreciative, expectations ?5 identical, identify, identifications


synonyms ?1 meet (with) ?2 show/indicate/ symbolize/ represent 3 stupid/dull/unwise ?4 old ?5 examine/look closely 6 arrive at/ get to/ come to/ go to ?7 repair ?8 remark/speech/ comment ?9 consider /see/ view/ look upon/ take ?10 speak about/chat/ discuss ?11 require/need ?12 think carefully/consider/ ponder over ?13 ridicule/ mock ?14 surprise

1 flat, gentle, gradual ?2 incomplete ?3 believe, trust ?4 unexpected ?5 seriously, formally ?6 relative, conditional, questionable ?7 unknown 3 ?1. After all, regarded as ?2 regarded as/in a sense, consists of ?3 for ages, at once ? 4 were astonished at, After all ?5 calls for, on their part/in turn ?6 dawned on, in case, melt into ?7 reflect on, in relation to, calls for ?8 cut, in, on their part/in turn, work out 4 ?1 off/out ?2 off ?3 out/through ?4 through ?5 to, through ?6 to ?7 with ?8 on ?9 to ?10 with 5


When we reached our destination, we found nothing standing on the ground except some rocks scattered here. Nobody would be able to recognize it as part of the city wall a thousand years ago. ?2 Today, most people have got a new perspective. They no longer accept the view that mainly GDP marks the happiness of a nation. ?3 Let’s agree to disagree. We at least agree on one thing: We agree not to use force. We agree that we must settle our disputes peacefully.

Guilin has always been regarded by our people as the most beautiful place in our country. I used to have my doubts/I had doubted this claim/I used to doubt this claim, but now I totally agree with them. Everything is so beautiful, especially the rock formations in all different shapes. ?5. I can assure you that she is a very agreeable person. I have never seen her lose her temper. ?6. A young man who saw the woman run over by the car has agreed to appear in court as witness. I admire his courage. ?7 College education should see to it that our students are able to do critical thinking. ?8 While you are preparing your lessons, you must try your best to see if you can raise some significant questions and give meaningful comments/criticisms. ?9 Upon careful reflections on this issue, I’ve come to realize that we must make sure that our students not only can make a living, but also know how to live. ?10 Once I fixed my bike tire which was leaking. My Dad patted me on the shoulder and teased me saying that I am the family genius and have the potential/makings of a good mechanic. What he said set the whole family laughing. 6

continue their education ?2 serve their country ?3 look for better jobs ?4 look for business opportunities, study Chinese language and culture, see the land and people ?5 study overseas, get better jobs, learn the language for its own sake ?6 select our courses, discuss big issues freely, choose our jobs ?7 bury ourselves in textbooks, obey the rules, work for good scores in examinations, take whatever work assignment given to us after graduation, etc. ?8 think creatively, use our brain 7 ?1 At that time ?2 at a time ?3 for the time being, in time ?4 on time ?5 during the time/at the time, for a time/for a long time ?6 all the time ?7 at the same time, at a time


By the time, for some time ?9 at times/ all the time ?10 For a long time/ During that time, all the time Grammar
?1 Take

a map with you in case you should get lost in the mountains. ?2. Leave your house key with a close neighbor in case you lock your self out one day. ?3 Ausable was told not to make friends in case they learn something about his work as a secret agent. ?4 Jim has always disliked hospitals, so he decided to spend his last days at home with his family. ?5 It was cold, so the father took off his coat and gently put it over the body. ?6 My hands were shaking so terribly that I could hardly turn the pages. ?7 Toward midday, the climbers were so tired that they could hardly put one foot before the other. 8 He believed in freedom so firmly that he would rather die than live without it. ?9 Improve your grammar so that the sentence will make sense. ?10 A number of measures are being taken so that patients are/can be treated as soon as possible. ?11 She dropped out of school and found a job so that she could keep his brother at college.
?12 We were

just about to start dinner when the lights went out. ?13 The soldier on leave had just arrived home when he received the order to return to his camp. ?14 They were having a history class when the building started shaking violently.


pass me today’s China Daily ?2 sing us a song ?3 offered their next door neighbor, the Smiths, a lot of help ?4 gave it to a beggar ?5 leave any message to me ?6 promised his parents that ?7 send us your reply ?8 give their children whatever they ask for ?9 has assured the residents (that) taxes will not be increased this year ?10 told his teacher that he wanted to do something more creative 4 ?1so ?2 aware ?3 realized ? 4 book ? 5 when


but ?7 clearly ?8 again ?9 decided ?10 case 5 ?1 you’ll forget it------ you (should) forget it ?2 left----had left ?3 During I was in London-----While I was in London / During my stay in London ?4 Time has changed-----Times have changed ?5 I thought I heard someone come in while I was surfing the Internet. ?6 to remind me that ?7. too----so ?8 supper yesterday ?9 take care of. ?10 regards as its backyard
?Tom said,

“We were having a football match this time yesterday.” ——> ?Tom said that they were having a football match that time the day before. ?He said,“I haven't heard from my parents these days.” ——> ?He said that he hadn't heard from his parents those days. ?He said, "I haven't seen her today."→ ?He said that he hadn't seen her that day. ?He said, "I will come tomorrow." He said he would come the next day.

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