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The analysis of the teaching material

The teaching material is taken from unit1,module1 of Oxford English. It is the reading part which is a significant part in the whole unit and through which students will learn the reading skills---skimming and scanning.The content shows some specific information about school life in the UK. It can arouse students' interest in the culture of Bratian. 选材依据:基础教育课程改革:加强课程内容与学生生活以 及现代社会和科技发展的联系,关注学生的学习兴趣和经验, 精选终身学习必备的基础知识和技能。


The analysis of the students

The students have graduated from secdonary school.They have mastered some knowledge of English.However, what they have learned is limited,and it can not meet the students' needs. So, they have to broaden their horizons. They must know more culture of Bratian and master reading skills.

Teaching objectives
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? ?



1.Students should be able to know some new words, phrases and stence structure. 2. Students should be able to master the reading skills--skimming and scanning. 3. Students should be able to acquire useful information by reading. 4. Students should be able to know the school life in the UK and cpmpare it with school life in China. 5. Students should be able to love their school life and have appropriate attitudes towards English and Chinese culture. 设计依据:基础教育课程改革:使学生获得基础知识与基本技能 的过程同时成为学会学习和形成正确价值观的过程。

Teaching important points and difficulties
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a. To get a general idea of the differences of school life in Britain and in China. b. To master some useful phrases and sentences. For example, at first, spend some time doing sth, for free, pay attention to; I found the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school. I was glad that… I was very lucky to… c. To improve the abilitiy of reading and acquire useful information needed.

Teaching aids
? blackboard,

chalks ,Photos, PPT,


设计依据:基础教育课程改革:大力推进信息技术在教学过程中的普遍 应用,促进信息技术与学科课程的整合,逐步实现教学内容的呈现方式、 学生的学习方式、教师的教学方式和师生互动方式的变革,充分发挥信 息技术的优势,为学生的学习和发展提供丰富多彩的教育环境和有力的 学习工具。

Teaching method
? ? ?

Question-and-answer activity teaching method Free discussion method Pairs work and individual work method
设计依据:基础教育课程改革:教师在教学过程中应与学生积极互动、 共同发展,要处理好传授知识与培养能力的关系,注重培养学生的独立 性和自主性,引导学生质疑、调查、探究,在实践中学习,促进学生在


Teaching procedures

I have designed the following steps to let the Ss master the passage and train their overall abilities, especially reading ability, skimming and scanning.

Step 1. lead in
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1. Ask students to answer some questions : a. Do you find any information about school life in the UK on the Internet? Tell the class. b. What kind of school activities do the Ss in the UK enjoy? Purpose: Through this part, we can train the students to collect information and prepare for the new lesson. 依据:基础教育课程改革纲要:培养学生搜集和处理信 息的能力、获取新知识的能力.




2.After that, I will show them some photos and encourage Ss to discuss the differences about school life in Britain and in China, and try to think of the reasons for these differences. Purpose: Increase students’ concentration and arouse their interest in the content of reading. Then bring in the new subject: School life in the UK. 理论基础:建构主义学习理论:应当把学习者原有的知识经 验作为新知识的生长点,引导学习者从原有的知识经验中, 生长新的知识经验。

Step 3. fast reading

? ? ? ?

Ask Ss to go through the passage as quickly as possible, and answer the three Qs in Part A orally. Then ask them to finish the True or False exercises in Part C2 and correct the wrong sentences. 1. How long did Wei Hua stay in Britain? 2. What was the name of Wei Hua’s class teacher? 3. What did Wei Hua make in her Woodwork class? Purpose: Improve the students’ reading ability to find specific information in the passage and let them have a primary understanding of the passage.

Step5. careful reading

Ask Ss to read the passage carefully, and find out some aspects of school life in British mentioned in Wei Hua’s letter, and finish a table.
School time


On the first day
Teachers Size of a classroom Subjects Food

Purpose: Strengthen Ss’ comprehension of the passage and find detailed information.

Nowadays, more and more young students are going abroad to study. What effects(影响) will the new school life have on them?

Advantages: 1. Widen their view 2. Improve their English 3. Learn to be independent and cooperate with others 4. Learn about foreign customs and culture 5. Let the foreigners learn about china and attract them to invest in China 6. Learn advanced technology

Disadvantages: 1. cost a lot of money and cause a heavy burden to their parents 2. feel homesick

3. form bad habits
4. stay in a foreign country and refuse to come back


新课改目标要求:倡导学生在学习中主动参 与、乐于探究、勤于动手,进行学习方式的 变革。


1. Recite the first three paragraphs.
2. Write an article about their own daily school life in China.
Purpose: consolidate what they have learned
improve the ability of writing.

blackboard design
? left:

title, new words,phrases and sentences. ? right: examples,extra-curricular knowledge

Teaching reflection
Self-appraisal ? Peer appraisal ? Students appraisal ? purpose: to improve my teaching ability ? 设计依据:基础教育课程改革:发挥评价促 进学生发展、教师提高和改进教学实践的功 能。


you for your listening!

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