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unit3-3Going to the Sun

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Two lessons
2013 级 机 械

Going to the Sun. 全国中等职业学校通用教材 中国劳动社会保障出版社 知识目标 《英语》

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1.Talk about time, date, weekday with the patterns learned. 2.Use “It’s time to…” correctly. 1. Develop students’ ability to get correct time and take notes . 2. Improve students’ speaking ability. 1. Make the students learn to face and solve the problems in a positive attitude. 2. Develop students’ sense of group cooperation and team work.

教 重 教 难

学 点 学 点

1. Understanding the conversation and completing the tasks. 2. Mastering the sentence patterns. 1. Completing the tasks. 2. Making dialogues using the sentence patterns.

教学 用具


本节课我通过提出问题并让学生讨论导入新课, 在教学过程中 我运用小组比赛的手段激发学生兴趣,并不断的提出问题,采用 做游戏的方式解决提出的问题,充分激发学生的学习兴趣,调动

教材 处理 思路

学生的学习热情,使学生积极主动的参与到课堂教学中,巧妙的 解决了本节课的教学重点和难点,使学生的自学能力、合作能力 得到了锻炼和提高。做游戏这一活动看似耽了课堂时间,却使得 课堂气氛一下子活跃起来,培养了学生团结协作的精神,激发了 学生的竞争意识,并通过励志教育和挫折教育,培养学生坚韧的 品质,为学生以后走上工作岗位夯实基础。






设计 意图
问 题 导入, 激 发 学 生 的 积 极性。

1 Revision Step 1 1) Have a dictation. Lead-in 2) Sentence patterns. ( 5' ) What time is it? It’s half past seven. Ask What day is it today? It is Wednesday. What’s the date today? It’s March 6th. 2 Divide the students into groups and a Explain competition will be held throughout the lesson.



分 组 对 抗 比 赛 锻 炼 学 生 的 团 队 意 识。 充 分 调 动 学 生 的口、 耳 、 手 、 脑, 提 高 学 习 效 率。

Step 2 New lesson ( 40' )

1. Read the text and answer the questions. 1) What time does the club open? It opens at 8:30a.m. 2) What time does it Play the tape Listen close? and guide choose It closes at 5:00p.m. 3) Is it open seven days a week? No, it isn’t. 4) Ask the students to retell the notice in their own words. 2. Listen, choose read and


1) Listen and choose (1) The club is Play the tape. planning to have a Listen. football game next___? A Monday B Saturday C Sunday (2) George is happy to _______ ? A join the Football Club B join the Basketball Club C join the Swimming Club (3)______asks George Listen not to miss the football carefully. game. A Mary Bthe leader of the club C His classmate 2) Read the pasage by themselves. Show, instruct 3) Language points Read and try and check to remember (1) ask sb to do sth eg: The teacher asks his students to answe his questions. (2) be interested in sth / doing sth eg: Mary is interested in playing basketball. (3) be going to do sth eg: Jack is going to swim tomorrow. (4) It’s time for sb to do sth. eg: It’s time for me to do my homework.

引导 学生 强化 记忆, 为后 面的 练习 做准 备, 解 决第 一个 重点。

3. Patterns practice 1) It’s time for us to show the spirits of our team. It’s time for us to have a meeting. It’s time for us to meet customers. 2) We want to have a football game. We want to go Show, instruct Read and try and check to remember shopping. We want to watch a football match. 3) Mary asks me (not) to join a club. Mary asks me (not) to play computer games. Step 3 Mary asks me (not) Practice to open the window. 4.Grammar. (infinitive) 1) 有 些 动 词 后 跟 动 词不定式, 动词的主语 跟不定式的主语一致。 I decided (not) to go out for the evening. 2) 有 些 动 词 跟 不 定 式, 动词的宾语是不定 式的主语。 I asked her to explain. Explain 3) 有些动词后跟 for 加介词定语。 I waited for him to speak. 4) 有 些 动 词 常 常 是

引导 学生 明白 基本 句型。

Follow practice


其被动式加不定式。 He is said to have died a natural death. 5) 有 些 动 词 跟 疑 问 词加不定式。 I didn’t know what to do. 6) 不 定 式 做 主 语 常 常用 it 作形式主语。 It’s easy to learn English well. It’s important for us to learn English well. 5.Write a letter. 1) Form. Dear xxx, ………………… ……………………… …….. Yours, xxx 2) Explain.

团 队 对 抗 激 发 学 生 的 团 队 精 神。

Explain .

Listen grasp.



1. Fill in the blanks and speak. (Task 4) Step 3 Practice ( 35' ) Step 4 Summary ( 7' ) 1. Sentence patterns . 2. Find the best group and give good evaluation. 2. Grammar in focus.

Step 5 Homew ork ( 3' )

1. Read the passage fluently and try to recite the passage; 2. Finish Task 7on Page 33 of the textbook.

Lesson 3
板 书 设 计 教 学 反 思

It’s time to play football.

1. It’s time for sb to do sth. Eg: …… 2. ask sb (not) to do sth Eg: ……

以学生的自主探究为中心,以问题驱动为主线,在各个环节 中不断的运用小组比赛引导学生。调动了学生的积极性,激发了 他们的学习兴趣,活跃了课堂气氛,较好的完成了以学生为主体, 以教师为主导的教学理念。


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