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短文改错练习(1) Rowena and Billy Wrangler are model high school students . They study hard . They do extreme well on achievement tests . And next year , Rowena will attending Harvard University . B

illy , her younger brother , hoe to go to Cornell . That makes Rowena and Billy different from most students is that they don?t go to school . In fact , they've never been to school . Since a kindergarten , they have studied at home . Neither Rowena or Billy feels as if they have missed out on nothing by being taught at home . As many of the more than one million people who receive home schooling in the United States , they feel if they have gotten a good education . 短文改错练习(2) Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? I suppose you do. But I?d 1. like to tell you what a bad day I had yesterday. Nothing 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

just went wrong. On the morning, my alarm clock didn?t ring, 3. since I woke up an hour late. I was in such a hurry that I burnt my hand when I was cooking the breakfast. Then I ran out of the house to catch the 8:30 buses. This is the bus I usually take. But, you 6. may laugh, I missed it of course. I am very unhappy, and scared 7. as well because teacher hates the students coming late to school. 8. So I ran three miles to school only to discover that nobody 9. 4. 5.

was there. The school was quiet but peaceful. Our classroom was 10. locked. I realized that moment: It was Sunday.

短文改错练习(3) Get a good education is more important today than ever before .In Canada mostly children attend public schools. Public schools are mainly found by governments through tax income. Students in Canada taught in 1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________ 4. _______________

English and in French. The rests of Canadian children attend private schools, that are supported mainly by fees paying by parents .By law ,the children must attend the school from age 5 to 16. There are several different levels in the Canadian education system .The first was called Elementary Schools ,which include kindergartens through grade 7 or 8.

5._______________ 6._______________ 7._______________ 8. _______________ 9._______________ 10._______________

短文改错练习(4) Yesterday we went to plant trees on the hill near to our school. The boys were made dig pits(坑).The 1. 2.? 3. 4. 5.? ? 6. 7. 8.? 9. 10 ? ? ?

girls were told to plant the young trees into the pits. All of us worked very hardly. Soon we were all wet with sweat.After the young trees planted, we began to water it.The water was at the foot of the hill. But we stood in line to pass pails(桶) of water from one to other up to the hill. We did not finish water the trees until it was dark.Though we were tired,we feel very happy. 短文改错练习(5) A few months after returning the US from Germany , I took part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to speak German good in Germany, I thought that it might be interested to begin studying another language. At the first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, in which he would say one word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he kept having me to say more words, and I finally asked him why. “I find it great funs. It?s the first time I?ve heard an American speak French with a German accent.”he explained it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(6) It was fine yesterday. The sun was shining in the sky. I went boating by myself. I didn?t take many friends with me because I wanted to row alone. I hired a boat and rowed slowly to the center of lake. A fresh breeze was blowing, fish was swimming and birds were singing. When I reached the center, I took up the paddles(桨)and lie down in the boat. With the blue sky over me or green water around me I was extremely relaxed. Over about two hours passed in this way before I knew them. I came back home very late. I didn?t feel tiring at all, for I had really had a good time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(7) I was anxiously expected your letter, and at last it has reached to me. I am very glad to know that everyone at home is enjoying good health as usually. Things here are same now as they were before. The final examination will take place in next week. So I am now busy preparing for my lessons. It?s nice to think that the summer vacation is coming near. I can?t say much I want to see you all again. I am looking forward to spend summer days with you. Give my love to Father, Mother and anyone at home. 短文改错练习(8) One afternoon , when I was on my way home , the sky changed suddenly . Dark clouds were gathered . I began to feel worried because I didn?t have both a raincoat or umbrella about me . It soon started to rain . Just as I was hurrying home , I heard of someone calling me from behind . I turned to have a look and find that 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1.________ 2________ 3________ 4 ________ 5 ________ 6________ 7________ 8 ________ 9________ 10________

he was Liu Wei , a good neighbour of mine . He offered to share his umbrella with me . We walked all the ways home . Without Liu Wei?s help , I would have got wet to the skin . How much thankful I was for his help ! 短文改错练习(9) I worried about the missed bag all the evening. I tried to remember exact what I had done from the time I left the store until at the time I got home. I remembered whether I had looked at the bag while I was having lunch. So I must have it when I left the store. I remembered showing it to a friend on the bus. But I had the bag then. I came directly from the bus to my house, and I must have forgotten it on the bus. I was in hurry to get off and forgot to check the packages lying on the floor. I should be much careful next time. 短文改错练习(10) A kind of little car may someday take place of today?s big ones . If people drive such cars in the future ,there would be less pollution in there air . There will be more spaces for parking cars in cities . The streets will be less crowd . And driving will be safer as these little cars can go only 65 km per hour . The future cars will be fine for getting round a city , so they will not be useful for long trips . Little cars will go 200km , before needing to stop more gas . If big cars are still used along with the small ones , two sets of roads that will be needed in the future . Some roads will be used for the big fast cars and another roads will be needed for the slow small ones . It is said that third such little cars fit in the space now needed for one car the usual size . 8. 9. 10. 6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. 9. 10.



Dear Bob, I must say that I do agree with you. Though you find something, but it doesn?t mean it belongs to you. If you can find who it belongs to, you should try to return back it. I?m sure you would want someone to do same for you. Once I found a beautiful picture. I wanted to keep it. Then I remembered see one just like it in an office. I went to the office and found the person to who it belonged. The lady was very happy to get back and gave me delicious apples. So you see, Bob, I get two rewards: one I could eat and another I could keep in my heart. Yours, Li Ming 短文改错练习(12) Mr Zhang is over sixty years old. He has retired(退休). He is one of my respected teachers. He teaches us chemistry when we were in senior Grade One. He was old, and he taught us good. He tried his best to make his classes lively. 3. 4. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Mr Zhang usually made good preparations for the lesson and was strict to us, too. Whenever we made mistakes in our homework. he would ask us to correct them. At that time, I was used to be poorly in chemistry. Mr Zhang often helped me with my studies very patiently. With his help, I had made rapid progress and caught with the class. He is always very kind to every student. As an experienced teacher, he is respected and loved by all the students. 8. 9. 10. 5. 6. 7.

短文改错练习(13) I can?t swim because I have a strong fear of water. Look back at my childhood experience, I think 1.

that three reason might explain the fear. The first reason is that I was not allowed to go near the water when I was a child, for my mother had unreasonable fear of it. So, even as a child I was taught see the water as something danger. Second, my eyes became bad ones when I was five. If I took off my glasses in the water, I couldn?t see anything, but this increased my fear. The worst part of your experience is that as a child I often see a neighbor drowned. Since then I have been more frightened. 7. 8. 9. 3. 4.


5. 6.


短文改错练习(14) Most people who are ambitious and want to achieve 1. 2.

something live on stress. They need them. I like to use example from the animal world because there is a biological

basis for what I say. If you take a turtle and force it to run with as 3. fast as a race-horse, you should kill it. So it?s useless to say to a turtle type human what he must achieve this because his 4. 5. 6. 7.

father was famous and his grandfather was successful. You can?t make race-horse out of a turtle. But the reverse is also true. If you

are the race-horse type, as more efficient businessmen and politicians 8. are, you have the urge to do many things and to express you. If 9. you told not to do anything, you are under terrible distress. 10.

短文改错练习(15) Have you ever heard from the saying : All work and no play make Jack a dull boy ? What this means is that if you study all the times you will become a boring person . You must go out and having fun with your friends , otherwise you will 2. 3. 4. 1.

lose him . No one wants to be friends with someone who only 5. talks about work and study . 6. 7.

Perhaps you have a confidence problem . Please try remember what the work you do is for yourself but no one else . You 8.

do not have to compete with your classmates . No one could be happier in studying seven days and seven nights in a week .

9. 10.

短文改错练习(16) Deare Abby , How are you ? Today I?ve got a wonderful news to tell you . I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia for my 2. further education . One hundred and twenty students took exam for it , but only a few was chosen and I was one of them . However , my parents are not happy about it . They are strong against me going there . They say it is too far away that they will not see me for a whole year and they are afraid of I will feel lonely . They can't imagine a girl so young live alone . They advise me to study in the capital instead . Then I?ll be able to continue living with them . How can I persuade them to accept the fact I have grown up ? Best Wishes Jane 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1.

短文改错练习(17) I used to love science class—all of them— biology, chemistry, geography or physics. I think I liked those classes because I felt that it helped me understand what the world works. For example, when I was a child, the rain was a mystery. In one class, I learned why it rained. I think science classes clear up mysteries. But then there is always more mysteries look into. What was my least favorite class? That was math. After learn the basics of the subject, Nothing else seemed very practically to me. I never saw how I could use it in my daily life. 8. 9. 10. 5. 6. 7. 2. 3. 4. 1.

短文改错练习(18) Some Americans judge success on the length of his vacations . The man who gets a month?s vacation each year consider himself more successful than the man gets two weeks . Many people want to be teachers because it is teachers who can get three-month vacation every year . Some college teachers who teach the three classes consider themselves less successful than that who teach only one or two , or none in all . In short , the less work Americans do , the less successful they consider themselves . 短文改错练习(19) As is known, that is interesting to teach children to swim while they are still babies. Most the large towns in 1. 2. 9. 10. 6. 7. 8. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2.

Florida and California have already run particularly lessons for 3. babies. The idea has quickly spread to Europe from where, in several countries, special courses are now offered to the children who are from 7 to 24 month old. The first step is to have child get rid of fear of water. Next, he is teaching to float in water. Once he can do that naturally and can swim with fear, the child can 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

master the technique and push him forward through the water. 10.

短文改错练习(20) Dear Mr. Green I work in the Friendship Shop on Zhongshan Road 1.

where you have often come to buy things. The other day if you bought a vase at our shop with your wife, I made the mistake about the price. You looked at two different price of the same vase, one costing 30 yuan and the other 21 yuan. You took the 21 yuan one so I accepted 30 yuan from you. I found my mistake only after you and your wife have left. Will you please come to our shop to get in your change or to return your vase and get a 30 yuan one instead? I apologize you for it. I?m looking forward to your coming earlier. Yours truly, Wang Hua

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(21) In many western countries heavy industry is high developed The difference between heavy and light industry are based on the nature of the goods produced. Heavy industry produce machines while light industry uses machines produce the smaller objects required for various purpose in our home and offices. The growth of industry in country depends on the general level of economic or industrial development. In its beginning, industrialization is likely to be cheap. To decrease (减少)costs, industrialists in an area usually depend on Local supplies of the coal or electric power for their operation 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

短文改错练习(22) It happened in a morning that I was walking in the street . 1.

I ate up a banana and threw its peel on the corner of the road . Short after that I heard a scream behind .I looked back to see what was happened .A little girl about 8 years old fell down and the banana peel was exactly under her left shoes . She stood up without cry .Then she picked up the banana peel and ran toward the dustbin . On that moment ,I realized my fault , and went to apologize her for that ,but my vanity (虚荣心)prevented me . The little girl had taught me a good lesson by her action . And now ,after I do everything , I?ll think carefully whether it?s right or wrong . I?ll do my best to be in good habits and qualities .

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(23) Mr Wang is my physics teacher. He has 1.75 meters in the height. He was born on November 4,1952. So he is a middle-aged man. He graduated Qinghua University in 193. After graduation, he becomes a middle school teacher. He has been taught physics for more than 20 years. He is very successful as a teacher. He has been given a lot of honor. He not only is a good teacher in physics but also speak English and Russian very well. In his spare time, he likes reading books, collect stamps and listening music. Also, Mr Smith is kind-hearted. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

短文改错练习(24) Dear Lily, I got your letter and pleased to hear about your job interview at a grocery store. I know you wanted to 1.______ 2.______

get a job at the TV station, and you?ve been looking for several week now and haven?t found anything. The job at the grocery store doesn?t sound badly. If I am you, I?d take it. If you worked there a while, you could earn some money. Its your decision, of course, but I advise you to take it. Let me to know what you decided to do. By the way, after you get the job you can think about get a bike later. Love

3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______

短文改错练习(25) Dear Abby: How are you? I?ve got a wonderful news to tell you I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia for my further education. One hundred and twenty students took exam for it, but only a few were chosen and I was one of them. Therefore, my parents are not happy about it. They are strong against my going there. They say it is too far away that they will not see me for a whole year and they are afraid of I will feel lonely. They can?t imagine a girl so young live alone. They advise me to study in the capital instead. Then I?ll be able to continue living with them. How can I persuade them to accept the fact I have grown up? Best Wishes, Jane 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______

短文改错练习(26) I went to see film after supper. On my way to the cinema, I met an old English woman, she had lost her way. I gave up the chance to see the film, walking towards her and took her to her hotel. While go there, I told her great change had taken place in the past few years and she 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

told me something about Britain and her family. Though I missed the film, however I felt very happy, for I not only helped the old lady out from trouble but also practise my spoken English. If I hadn?t worked hard at English, I would have been able to help her. 7. 8. 9.



短文改错练习(27) I was anxiously expected your letter, and at last it has been reached me. I am very glad to know that everyone at home is enjoying good health as usually. Things here are the same now as we were before. The final examination will take place of next week. But I am now busy preparing my lessons. It?s nice to think that the summer vacation is coming near. I can?t say much I want to see you all again. Looking forward to spend summer days with you. Give my love to Father, mother and anyone at home. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1

短文改错练习(28) Helen is one of my best friends. She had taught us English when I attended training course two years before. Helen always made good preparations for the lessons, she tried her best to make her classes lively. I used to being poor in English, especially in written English. But now I?m able to write English letters and reports correct. I still remember how she helped me for my English patiently. Teachers? Day?s come. I?m going to send to her a card and give her best wishes. 1.______ 2.______ 3._____ 4._ 5._ _ _____ _____ ____ ___ ___ _____ ___

6.__ 7.___ 8.___ 9._ 10.___

短文改错练习(29) ow I'd like to tell you why I learn English. I often read English aloud and try learn something important by hearts, which helps me remember it easily and form the good habit of thinking in English. I listen to a lot and talk with others in English. In this way, I was improved both my hearing and my spoken English. I keep a diary in English every day but my spoken English is becoming better and better. I also try my best to master the necessary grammar knowledge. By this means, I can express itself in English correct. That's the way I have been learning English. I hope it will be useful to you. That's all. Thank you. 9.___ 10._ __ ____ 7.___ 8. __ 1._ 2. 3. 4._ 5._ 6.___ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ __

短文改错练习(30) I passed all the other course that I took at my university, but I could never pass botany. This was why all botany students had to spend several hours a week in a lab look through a microscope at plant cells, and I could never see through a microscope. This was used to make my professor angry. “I can?t see everything, ” I said. Then he began patient enough to explain how to see through it, but I still couldn?t make it. At last we tried it with every adjustment of the microscope known to man. With my pleasure, I saw something and drew it quickly on the paper. “What?s that?” my professor asked. “That?s what I saw.” I answered. “No, you don?t!” he shouted, and he bent over and looking into the microscope. “That?s your 9. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

eyes! You?ve fixed the lens so that it reflects! You?ve drawn your eyes!”

短文改错练习(31) One cold day, an aged lady was sent for her doctor. When he came, she tells him that her right leg was very sore(酸痛)in the knee. 2. The pain sometimes was bad enough to make it walking difficult. She asked him what the trouble could be because she had never before suffered some similar discomfort. After making a careful examination, the doctor said, “You are in a very bad state of health for a woman of your age. I think the trouble in your right knee is just matter of old age. We get diseases as we get old. The trouble will mostly 8. clean up in spring!” “Nonsese, doctor!” she said, “My left knee is perfect, and it is exactly same age as my right.” 9. 10. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1.

短文改错练习(32) May I have you attention please? I have a few things to tell you. When you have a class here in the language lab, please be here a little early. Change your shoes before enter the lab. Don't bring anything here except your text books. When you are into, please don't touch these machine without permission. Always do as the teacher tell you to. In class you should only speak the English, not Chinese. Recorders can be used make a copy of the listening materials. When class over, turn off your machines and leave the lab one by one. 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________


Dinner on Children's Day On Children's Day last year, our city held an interested activity, in which children and their parents play the rich and the poor. In the dinner, the rich could have more delicious food, but the poor could only have bread with porridge(粥). Parents both hoped to have the dinner for the poor with the children. They hoped that their children could be taught the lesson from the dinner. Now many people on earth don't have enough food and clothes. 7. _________ Every day only one half the world could enjoy enough food. The activity was held to make the families understand the 8. _________ 9. _________ 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________

differences from the poor and the rich and also make the parents 10. _________ know that too much material life won't always do good to the children.

短文改错练习(34) We'll never forget the day which my classmates and I paid a visit to a chemistry factory last week. It was a larger one with nearly 2,000 workers. It looked a garden and we could see colorful flowers, grass and trees anywhere. We also visited some workshops and saw workers worked very hard. We talked to them and learned a lot. We understood them further. On the way home we felt tiring. We all thought that we had a very good day. We really hoped that we could get more chances of leave the school and learn social experience. 8. 9. 10. 6. 7. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3.

短文改错练习(35) One morning Mrs Jenkins went to department store 1. ___________

to buy a coat. There was not shop assistant in the store before she got there. She had to wait. Then a fat lady. came in. She went to Mrs Jenkins and asked her to serve for her. She told Mrs Jenkins that she wanted to buy a coat. Mrs Jenkins said that she couldn't do. The fat lady got angrily. She didn't let Mrs Jenkins explain anything but insisted that Mrs Jenkins would do that right away because it was her job. At last Mrs Jankins has to tell her that she was a customer herself and wanted to buy a coat, too.

2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________ 6. ___________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9. ___________ 10. ___________

短文改错练习(36) If there are much more people in the world, there must have more food to feed the people. But food is already a problem in today's world. One-third of the world's population is starving, because there is not enough food. Ten thousand people died of hunger every day in some parts of the world But in others parts of the world, people become ill or die because they eat too much food, and they are very fat. Some countries have no food, but the others have too much, and they throw them away. How can tomorrow's world feed its people? The world needs produce more food than it does now. 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________

短文改错练习(37) There are strange similarities in the life of John F. Kennedy and the life of Abraham Lincoln. For example, Kennedy became a president in 1960,while Lincoln elected in 1860.This was exactly one hundred years 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________

apart. Then both men were shot after, on a Friday and in the presence of their wife. There is another very strangely similarity. Kennedy's secretary, named Lincoln, told him to go to Dallas. Lincoln's secretary, named Kennedy, told him not to go to the Ford Theatre. But all of them went and both were shot to die.

5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________

短文改错练习(38) A US-led War against Iraq broke out in March 20, 2003 without the agreement of the UN. They came less than two hours after Bush's deadline for Saddam leave his country has passed. There are about 250,000 US armies around Iraq. There are also armies from another countries. includes Britain and Australia, fighting with the American soldiers. Their force is much more bigger than that of Iraq But they met stronger resistance than they expected. “These things are never easy. There will have some difficult times ahead so the War is going on as its plan,” said British Prime Minister Blair. 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________

短文改错练习(39) My husband 96-year-old grandmother came to live with us for many years of independence. We did all the things we could make her feel comfortable, in our home, including giving her the private line for their bedroom. One evening we were having a party while the phone rang. It was telephone operator, who asked, “Do you have a grandmother on upstairs? “Yes,what?s happened?” my husband replied.“Well,”the 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________

operator again continued,“She can't remember. your phone number, and she like a cup of tea.. ”

9. __________ 10. __________

短文改错练习(40) I'd like to tell you something more about the problem of pollution we are facing to. As we know, the factory besides our school gives off heavy smoke all day long. Very loud voices hurt our ears. Rubbish and waste are thrown here or there. It also sends out polluting water and poisonous gas. All this has made a great harm to the health and study of the teachers and students. But as time goes on, a little has done to change the situation. I don't think we can study well until the problem is solved. We do hope you'll help and support us. 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________

短文改错练习(41) Helen is one of my best friends. She has taught us English when I attended training class two years before. Helen always made good preparations for the lesson, and she tried her best to make her classes lively. I used to being poor in English, especially in written English. But now I'm able to write English letters and reports correct. I still remember how she helped me for my English patiently. Teachers' Day's come. I'm going to send to her a card and give her best wishes. 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________


The early morning fire damaged the historic Gallad House today. It destroyed the third floor of the building so fire fighters saved the first and the second floors. There were only a few elderly people living in the building at the time and they carried out to safety. The Gallad House was built in 1718 and was used for a hotel for over 150 years. George Washington stayed in here in 12. The Gallad family owned the building for the elderly. Several fire department were called to the scene. When Fire Chief Andrew Bond asked when the fire started, he answered that perhaps a burning cigarette caused it. Chief Bond had promised to further examine the cause.?

1___________ 2___________ 3___________ 4___________ 5___________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(43) When passing the bus station on my way home,I found out a little girl alone crying. Obviously,she was losing, looking for her mother. I came up and asked her why. When asked where her mother was,she just shook head and kept crying. Then I took her to the station broadcasting room for a help. "Anyone who lost a child please come to our broadcasting room..." which was soon heard again and again. Minutes later,a worrying mother came. The girl ran to her mother happily,tears still in eyes. The mother was very thankful and asked for my name. With smile,I answered," I'm only a League member. I have just done that a League member should do. It's my duty." 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(44) I used to going to the countryside to draw animals and plants. One day I was walking across a field looking for rabbits to draw. Losing in thought, I hadn't noticed a bull to running towards me. About 100 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________

meters ahead was a tree under that I would sit and draw. Suddenly, I heard the noise behind me. I turned and saw the bull. Knowing a bull can run more faster than a man, I quickly reached the tree and climb up. From there I saw the bull kicking my food bag by its feet. It kept done this for 15 minutes and moved away. But I was quite nervous in the tree.

5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(45) You can speak to people on other side of the earth over the telephone with the help of a satellite. They can help to take photos on the earth and produce maps. Some pictures taking by satellites show us the exact place where different metals can be found. They can also tell the differences between healthy plants or poor ones. This is a great help to the scientists work in forestry and in agriculture. Satellites benefit by our daily life. For example,satellites for broadcasting are used to sending radio and TV programmes from one part of the world to other. It is the satellites to make our world seem smaller. 短文改错练习(46) Dear Alice and Jenny, We are counting the days to their weekend with you in Emei. We are delighted what you have asked us, and we certainly won't let anything to prevent us from coming. We plan to take the four o'clock train on a Friday 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

afternoon, July 24th as you suggest. And we'll take the early express back Chengdu on Monday morning. Thanks too much for asking us. We're looking forward to spend two wonderful days with you and the Smiths. We're also especially hoping for the tennis you talk about. We haven't had a chance to play the tennis for quite a long time.

5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(47) With building works underway in Athens and Beijing, eyes have turned to the battle for the right to hosting the Olympic Games in 2012. Nine cities have all expressed their wishes hold the biggest sporting event in the world. Between the bidding cities, London held two Olympics, in 1908 and 1948. Paris also hosted the Games in 1900 and 1924. The 195 Olympiad took place on Moscow. London is regarded as the favourite in this time, alongside Paris that competed with Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, as does Istanbul. The name of the cities which will host the 2012 Olympics will announced at the IOC meeting in Singapore, on July 6, 2005. 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(48) One day morning, I with my mother went to the People's Hospital in Shandong because she had caught a bad cold. While we sitting in the waiting room, some people smoked. The smell was very strong that I found hard to breathe, as did my mother. We could ask none of them to stop smoke though, so we had to go to another room. So there, the situation was worse. Why do so many people smoke in public places? The sign, "Smoking is harmless 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________

to health", is printed on cigarette packets to remind smokers that smoking not only harms themselves but the people around them either. So we should take actions to reduce some of smoking's bad effects.

7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(49) Several weeks ago, our college decided to stopping students from bringing their computers to school if they did no pass all exams from the previous semester (学期). Students didn't welcome by the decision. The computer is one of the greatest invention of the 20th century and has become important part of modern life. Therefore, it is also a headache for school leaders. Many students ignore (忽略) their studies and spend too much time play online games, watching films, and chatting online. Leaders wanted to deal this serious problem in this way. They didn't expect that something even worse will happen as a result. 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(50) In my village a lot of children were leaving school for various reason. Some families are too poor to send their children to school, and they have to earn money to support their families. Many parents think it useful to send their children to school. They would rather let their children to stay at home. I feel worring about this. I think every child should have the chance to go to school. We should pay many attention to the education of children, for we will play an important part in our socialist construction in the future. Ways must be found prevent children from leave off their studies. 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

短文改错练习(51) Our School was built in 1950,and now it had 36 classes with about 2,000 students.The school lays at the foot of the famous Yunju Mountain. In the east here runs a small river from north to south into the Changjiang River. There is a big stone bridge across it. The playground is nearby the river. In the middle of the yard is a big garden,which there are many flowers and old trees. On its left stands a lab,and its right,a library. North to the garden is the teaching building. Behind the building is the student dormitory. There are two wood in the school. One is in the west,and the other is in the southeast. The school gate is in the east,in the front of which lies a highway.The school is not large,and beautiful,clean and tidy. All the teachers and the students like it very much. 短文改错练习(52) My wife and I go to theatre whenever we have time . But 1. when we buy tickets , we like to know if the play is good or bad . 2. When a new play opens , we usually read the review on our 3. 1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________ 5__________ 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________ 10__________

local newspaper to get information about it . Last week a new 4. comedy was opened at the theatre . The newspaper story said 5. it was very amused , so we decided to go on Saturday night . My wife took a long time to make up his mind what to 6. 7. 8.

wear so we left our house a little late. By the time we went there , the first act already begun . We were sorry we missed part of the 9. play , because the rest of it was very fun . The review had been right .It was an extremely entertaining comedy .


短文改错练习(53) After I finished the school ,I began to look for work. Now one month has passed ,but I haven?t found the job I?m interested .Last Sunday morning ,I received 1. ________ 2. _______ 3. _______

a phone call from a man calling Mr .Zhang .He said on the phone , “I hear you do well on your studies .I may offer you a job .” I entered into his office with a beating heart .How I wished I can go through the job-hunting talk ,and that she would take on me as an assistant. But to my surprised ,what he said disappointed me. That he needed was only a model.

4. _______ 5.________ 6.________ 7.________ 8. ______ 9.________ 10.________

短文改错练习(54) Today many families have our own televisions, and a lot of people like watching TV. TV plays important part in people?s 2. everyday life. By watch TV, people know many things in other 3. places of the world. It is helpful in opening people?s eyes and mind It helps people to learn more new things and master better ways work out problems. It also makes people to feel that the world is too small It is really interested to watch TV. However, if you spend too much time watching TV, that?s badly, especially for your eyes. You will have fewer time for work and study. So you?d better watch TV in your spare time and never watching it too long. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1.


短文改错练习(55) People who are near-sighted can only look things that are very close to their eyes .Everything before their eyes seem unclear. Many people do a lot of close work ,writing ,reading and sewing become near-sighted .So they have to wear glasses so as to see distance objects clearly .People who are far-sighted suffer from just the opposite problem .Although they can?t see things that are far away ,but they have difficulty reading 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

a book if they hold it at an arm?s long. If they want to do many reading, they have to wear glasses ,too .Other people do not see clearly because of their eyes aren?t exactly of the right shape.

8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(56) Dear Editor, I used to be a happy little girl but now I?m shy and say a few words. When I was eleven, I lost one of the front teeth and it replaced by a false one. No one knows about it besides two of my friends. However, I find that it hard to face them because they know my secret. When I spoke to them, they often stare at my mouth, what makes me feel uneasy. I am afraid of making new friend as I think they will laugh at me. Sometime I even want to kill me indeed. What should I do? 1. ____________ 2.____________ 3._____________ 4._____________ 5._____________ 6._____________ 7._____________ 8._____________ 9._____________ 10._____________

短文改错练习(57) Last week life didn?t look very well for heart transplant patient. Barry Brooks from London. He was told six month ago that he would need the operation if he is to survive. He immediately planned to make the across Atlantic journey to the hospital in Chicago to have the 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3.

operation on. While he was in transit(中转)at JFK airport in New York, he received the news that his new heart had accidentally transported to other hospital. Barry then had to get on a different plane to convey him to the other hospital, there the operation was carried. 7. 8.

out in time. Barry is now gradually recovering from the transplant. 9.

but he told us,“I feel like being a new man-this new heart has” changed my life.” 短文改错练习(58) Have you ever made an excuse for not going work? I guess the most people have. But have you ever called in a day off because of your dog is sick? I bet(打赌)you didn't. Most people wouldn?t have the guts(胆量). Therefore, some companies in New Zealand find this as a acceptable reason for taking a day off. It is considered as paying sick-leave. The reason, they say. is simple.“A sick dog is as dependent as a child.” That makes plenty of senses, doesn?t it? This is now known in New Zealand like“dog days off”. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


I wonder what the bosses in China will say if someone calls in a dog off.

短文改错练习(59) My mother was born in a small town in Italy. She was three when her parents settle in the USA in 1926 . They lived in Chicago , that my grandfather worked making ice cream . At 16 my mother graduated a high school, went on to A secretarial school , and finally worked with a secretary for a railroad company . She was beautiful , too. When a local photographer used her pictures in his monthly window display , she was very happily . Her favorite photo showed her sitting by Lake Michigan . My mother was always used to say that when we died , God gave you back your “best self” . She?d show us that picture and say us children, “This is how I?m going to look like in heaven.” 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________ 9._________ 10._________ 1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________

短文改错练习(60) Dear Mr.Brown I?m very thankful to you for invite me to stay with you in Beijing in the coming vacation . I have been dreamed of seeing you again so that I can get more help from you in my English learning . And I?m afraid I can?t go to your place in this summer . Because I have promised my grandmother, she lives in the country , to spend the summer with her . She misses me too much that I find difficult to refuse her request . I?m busy now prepare for my examinations . I plan to visit you in winter if it convenient to you . Best wishes . Yours sincerely , Li Ming 1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________ 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________ 9._________ 10._________

短文改错练习(61) I often dream of a teacher , I dream of standing on the platform in the classroom and give lessons to lovely boys and girls . I teach them , play with them , but watch them growing up . I am always young when I was staying with them . I know there is not easy to be a teacher . You have to learn in order to teach . Without many knowledge, you can never learn well .What is more , you have to be friends with your pupils and take good care of him . Only in this way can you be a good teacher and win respect from them . Though I am a student now , but I will work very hard to make my dream come true . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(62) The zoo has big basket for rubbish. People can throw waste into them. On the Saturday afternoon there are usually a lot of people around the cages which the lovely animals are kept , and last Saturday nobody was there. Mr. Patties was surprised. But he was even much surprised to see few children around the basket near the tiger?s cage. He quickly went up and looked at their heads and saw a little rat run about in the basket and looking for food. The rat was afraid and the children were interested in the rat than in the tigers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

短文改错练习(63) This is a story told by my father: “When I was boy, the most exciting thing was when to celebrate the Spring Festival. My grandma was the best cooker in the world but could make the most delicious dishes. One time, I just couldn?t wait for the Spring Festival dinner. As I was about take a piece from a cooked duck, I saw Grandma in the kitchen looking at me. Shake her head, she said, ? It isn't a good time to do that, dear.? At once I apologize and controlled me at my best till the dinner started. You know, that was a dinner we had waited for several month.” 短文改错练习(64) Dear editor: We have to say that the condition of the pollution is getting worse. An other day my friend and I went fishing on a riverside. We found the river so dirt and the 1._______ 2._______ 1.___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________ 6. ___________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9. ___________ 10. ___________

smell so terribly that we could hardly stay there. We also found that some rubbish and dead fish were floated on the water. It is because good many factories always dump waste water and some people throw rubbish into the river. If the rivers all of over the country were polluted like this, all the alive things in the rivers would be killed and harm will be done to the people near the rivers. We hope the river will be made cleaning again soon, and that something will be done to stop people from polluting our surroundings. Yours sincerely, Wang Ning 短文改错练习(65) The moment I entered my room this morning, I couldn?t believe that my house had been broken. After I check my personal belongings, I found with great sadness that seven hundreds U.S. dollars and one diamond necklace had stolen. This necklace is one of my favourite and cherished gifts from my dear grandmother, which passed away when I was very little. I don?t know about exactly how the thief entered my house, so I saw that a piece of glass in left windows had been broken, and I am sure the thief may have entered or left from there. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4.

3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______ 10._______


短文改错练习(66) Many centuries ago, all people had to gather seeds to eat with. They didn?t know how to farm and rise animals for food.They could only use stone tools and that?s because we call them the Stone Age people.There were people who still live much like those Stone Age people.They live in places where are hard to reach.They do not know our modern inventions because they have meet only a few outsides.For many years a 1_________ 2_________ 3_________ 4_________ 5_________ 6________ 7________

group of people calling Aruntas have lived alone in the middle Australia.They don?t know how to farm,nor do they keep sheep or cattle.The men hunt animals with spears.They sleep around fire at night,because they have no houses of their own.. 短文改错练习(67) Most families in China hoped their single children will have a happy future, so they are very strict in their children. So do teachers in schools! Many children are given so much homework that they have hardly any spare time have sports. The children are forbidden to do anything but to study. No wonder so many children are tired of lessons. Some even attack or kill his parents and teachers! I believe many people already read this kind of news in newspapers or magazines. Shouldn?t we draw lesson from the accidents? Now our

8________ 9________ 10________

1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______

government is making out a plan to solve the education problems . 10._______

短文改错练习(68) Before I went to senior middle school, some peoples told me. “A life of senior middle school is unforgettable.” While I first entered my senior middle school, everything seemed unpleasant. Face all the strange things around me, I often miss my old friends and classmates. I didn?t want to talk others or make friends with others. Little by little, my school record went from bad to worse, especially my maths. I couldn?t even pass the exam. I lost the heart and missed the happy times all day long. I told me, “I don?t belong to it. I don?t like the life here.” 1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______ 10._______

短文改错练习(69) A person?s age no longer tells you something about his social position, marriage or healthy. There?s no longer, a particular year which one goes to school or goes to work or gets married or start a family. The social clock that kept us on time and told us when go to school, get a job, or stop working isn?t as strong as it was used to be. It doesn?t surprise us to hear a 28-year-old university president or a 35-year-old grandmother, or 70-year-old man who has become a father for the first time. What we all know, public?s ideas are changing nowadays. 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________

短文改错练习(70) The Huaihe River has been serious polluted. Day and night millions of tons of waste water is being poured down to it from hundreds of factories. The waste water is harmful. At present there is no fish in it. The river water cannot be drunk. People in either bank have to dig wells to take drinking water. The Huaihe River is such dirty and poisonous that people don?t dare swim in it. Something must be done to stopping the pollution. The 7. 8. 9. 10. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3.

government and the people near the river must try to clear water as soon as possible. Now special attention has paid to the pollution by the government and more scientists. The pollution will be prevented in the near future.

短文改错练习(71) Dear Xiaohua,

It is four days since Mother accepted the operation. She is feeling much more better. The doctors told me the operation was successful, but because her old age she had to stay in hospital for other two weeks. The doctors also say it was quite necessary for her to do so. We expect to get a full report in two and three days. Please tell the good news to the rest of family as soon as possible. You needn?t to come here. I?m able to look after Mother by myself. You?d better send flowers to Mother. She will feel happily.

1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________ 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________ 9._________ 10._________ Yours, Xiaohui

短文改错练习(72) A expensive car speeding down the main street of a small town is soon overtaken by a young motorcycle policeman. As he started to make out the ticket, the woman behind the wheel said proudly, “After you go any further, young man, I think you should know that the mayor of this city is a good friend of mine. ”The officer saying nothing but kept writing. “I?m also a friend of chief of Police Barnes,” continued the woman, getting more angrier each moment. Still he kept on writing. “Young man, I know Judge Lawson and State Senator Patton.” Handed the ticket to the woman, the officer asked pleasantly, “Tell you ,do you know Bill Bronson?” “Why, no,” she admitted. “Well, that is the person you must have known,” he said, heading back his motorcycle , “I am Bill Bronson.” 短文改错练习(73) Li Ming , the engineer , was born on February 9,1960 in Hubei ,1 China . After he graduated Qinghua University in 197 , he made an important decisions in his life . He decided to go to the United States for his farther study . After four 2 3 4 10. 7. 8. 9. 6. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2.

year?s hard work , he mastered new management ideas and advancing technologies in computer field . In 1989 , he got his doctor?s degree .In 2001 , he made one another decision . He was determined to return to his motherland and start a company . However,his wife and daughter have got used to the American way of life , but they still stay in the United States .

5 6 7 8 9 10

短文改错练习(74) Boys and girls, May I have you attention, please? I?m going to talk something about students watching TV. So we know, TV plays an important part in our daily life. It?s quick and more convenient to get information from TV as from newspapers. Providing us with lively and interesting moving pictures, TV enables us not to see what is happening in the world but to learn many things, including foreign languages. However it is not reasonable to forbid students to watch TV. But watching TV too long is not good. Sitting in the front of TV all day does harm to our eyes and wastes our time on study. So we should take a correct attitude to students watching TV. Thank you for your listening. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

短文改错练习(75) Dear Editor , I live in Shenyang City . Near my home there is the famous temple , which was built in the late Ming Dynasty . On the walls of the temple is many pictures , which show us how people at that time live. The temple is great artistic value . I am worried about it because some of the pictures are damaged by air pollution , which comes from human beings . Hundred of tourists visit the temple every day . The carbon dioxide 1 2 3 4 5 6

from their breath is destroyed the pictures . I think one way to solve the problem is to put glass walls in front of the pictures . Second , a number of visitors should be limited . And we should build a website where people can look at the pictures and the temple there. Yours sincerely , Dali

7 8 9 10

短文改错练习(1) It was raining. In his way home from school Peter saw an old man walking with difficult in the rain without a umbrella. Peter went up to him and offered share the umbrella with him. The old man in poor health, so Peter tried to hold the umbrella. But he was too short to hold it high enough. While wondered what to do, he saw the old man's stick and had an idea. He had tied the stick to the handle of the umbrella and made them longer. Now we shared the umbrella. Peter was happy. 1. ______ 2. ______ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______ 6.______ 7 . ______ 8 . ______ 9. ______ 10 . ______

短文改错练习(2) During the summer vacation I think I should do something meaningfully instead of touring. So I got a job at a fast food 1. ____________ 2. ____________

restaurant and worked there for a cleaner. I worked 7 hours a day 3. ____________ for three weeks. The job was bored and seemed endless, that made me so tired that I nearly stopped it half way. 4. ____________ 5. ____________

After all, I stuck it with determination. Every day I started. off for work early in the morning and got to home late in the evening. Finally, I finished a job before the new school term. Now , I understand that labor means. I think it is really a successful experience, which was worth remembering for ever.

6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________

短文改错练习(3) I ever worked as a tour guide . One day I saw advertisement in the newspaper . I rang up the company , but I was given the job immediate . They asked me to take a tour around the city the next morning .The manager just told me say anything that I could think about the city . My first tour is terrible . The old bus was not air conditioned , and it was the middle of summer . Which was uncomfortable inside the bus . The tourist soon became very hot and angry . I owned a very hard time . I stayed there for a few weeks , and then left and joined in a better company . 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________ 6. ___________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9. ___________ 10. ___________

短文改错练习(4) I believe that everyone in the world loves their mother. So am I. My mother is a ordinary teacher. She works hard at school, just as other mothers do every day. In fact, she isn?t good health. She has been suffering from arthritis for many years. In spite of this, she never stops working or giving up hope. I still remember the day and when my mother received a card of congratulations for Teacher?s Day from her director. The card was read “Thank you for your hard works; Happy Teacher?s Day to you!”At that moment, I was so moving that tears came to my eyes. I am proud of my 1._________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________

mother because she is my best teacher as good as my mother.

10. _________

短文改错练习(5) Dear editor, In our school students are constantly complaining about bad food in the dining room. It serves with many dishes from cantonese to Sichuan hotpot, so the quality isn?t good. Some students said they had found stones or died pests in their food. The popular joke is that you are really luck if you find nothing strange or smelly in the food.; As the majority of student have no choice but eat in the dining room, money can still be made if the dining room takes an effort to improve quality of food. The dining room should pay attention to providing better services and tasted food. It is high time that the dining room changed their idea of management. We are looking forward to the day. 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________ 6. ___________ 7. ___________ 8. ___________ 9. ___________ 10. ___________

09 年高考英语短文改错习题集答案 短文改错练习(1) 1.extreme—extremely 2.will—will be/attending—attend 3.hope—hopes 4.That —What 9.As—Like 10.if—as if 5.right

6.a kindergarten—kindergarten 7.or—nor

8.nothing—anything 短文改错练习

(2)1.do→did 6.buses→bus

2.Nothing→Everything 7.am→was



5.去掉第一个 the

8.在 teacher 前加 my/the 短文改错练习(3)

9.√ 10.but→and

1.Get-- Getting 2.mostly-- most 3.found --founded 4. in Canada∧-are 5.rests- rest 6.that -which 7.paying-- paid 8.the school 9.was --is 10. √ 短文改错练习(4) 1. 第二个 to 去掉 2. made 后加 to 3. √ ? 4. hardly改为 hard 5. trees 后加 were 6. it 改为 them

7. But 改为 So 8. other 改为 another 9. water 改为 watering 10. feel 改为 felt 短文改错练习(5) 1.returning 后加 to 2.have 改为 had 3.good 改为 well 4.interested 改为 interesting 5.对 10.去掉 it

6.one 改为 a 7.their 改为 his 8.去掉 to

9.funs 改为 fun

短文改错练习(6) 1.many→any; 2.row→be; 3.of^lake→the; 4.第二个 was→were; 6.√;6.lie→lay; 7 . or→and

8.去掉 about; 9.them→it; 10.tiring→tired. 短文改错练习(7) 1. expected 改为 expecting 去掉 for 7. right 8. say 后加 how 9. spend 改为 spending 10. anyone 改为 everyone 2. 去掉 to 3. usually 改为 usual 4. are 后加 the 5. 去掉 in 6.

短文改错练习(8) 1.sky-weath 2gathered-gathering 3.both-either 4. or ^umbrella-an 5 heard of 6.find-found 7.he-it 8. √9.ways-way 10.much 短文改错练习(9) 1.missed-missing2. exact-- exactly 3 . 去 at 4.whether-that 5. have∧ it --had 6. √

7.But—So 8.forgotten--left 9. in∧ hurry --in a hurry 10.much --more 短文改错练习(10) 1. take^ place——the 2.would ——will 3.spaces ——space 4.crowd ——crowed


6.so——but 7.stop^ ——for

8.去掉 that

9. another——other


短文改错练习(11) 1.do→don?t 或者 agree→disagree 2.去掉 but 3.去掉 back 4.do∧same, the 5.√ 6 . see→seeing 7.who→whom 8.get∧back, it 9.get→got10.another→one 短文改错练习(12) 1.teaches→taught 7.poorly→poor 2.and→but 3.good→well 4.lesson→lessons 5.to→with 9.在 with 前加 up 10.√ 6.was 去掉

8.had→have(或 had 去掉)

短文改错练习(13) 1. Look — Looking 2. reason-reasons 3. √ 4. had 后加 an 5. taught 后加 to 6 danger-dangerous

7. 去掉 ones 8. but 改为 so 或 and 9. your-my 10.see-saw 短文改错练习(14) 1.them→it 2.example→examples 3.run with→run 4.should→will 5 . what→that 9.you→yourself 10.told→are told 6 . Right

7.race-horse→a race-horse8.more→most

短文改错练习(15) 1. from→of 8.what→that 2.make→makes 3.times→time 4.having→have 5.him→them 6.√ 7. try→try to

9.could→can 10.happier→happy 短文改错练习(16)

1. 去掉 a

2. have^—have been

3. exam—exams4. was—were 9.√ 10.fact^—fact that

5. strong—strongly

6. too—so

7.去掉 of 8.live—living

短文改错练习(17) 1.class—classes 2.or—and 6.√ 7.is—are 3.it—they 4.what—how 5.去掉 the

8.mysteries^—mysteries to 9.learn—learning 10.practically—practical 短文改错练习(18)

1.on-by 6.get-get a


3.consider-considers 4.the man-the man who 7.删去 the 8.that-those 9.in- at



短文改错练习(19) 1. that—it 2. 前加 of 或去掉 the 3. the particularly—particular 4. from 去掉 9.with—without 10.him—himself 5. month—months √6.

7.child 前加 a 8.teaching—taught

短文改错练习(20) 1. in→at 2. √ 3. if→when 9.去掉 in 4. the→a 10.you→to 5. price→prices 6. so→but(and) 7. my→out

8.have left→had left

短文改错练习(21) 1.high→highly 2.are→ is 3.produce →produces 4. ∧produce ;to 5. purpose →purposes

6.∧country; a 7. or→and 8. cheap→expensive 9. ∨ 10. the coal→coal 短文改错练习(22) 1. that→when 2. ∨ 3.Short →Shortly /Soon/Immediately4. was →had /happened→happening 7. On→At 8. apologize 后加 to 9. 去掉 had 5. 10.

shoes →shoe 6.cry 前加 a/cry→crying after→before

短文改错练习(23) 1. has—is 2. 去掉 the 3. graduated 后加 from 4. becomes—became 5. taught—teaching 6. √



9.Collecting 10.music 前加 to 短文改错练习(24)

1. pleased 后加 was 6.am→were

2. √

3. and→but 8.去掉第二个 to




9.decided→decide 10.get→getting

短文改错练习(25) 1.a wonderful news—wonderful news 3.exam—exams 或在 exam 前加 the 7.afraid of—afraid (that) 8.live—living 9.√ 2.have offered—have been offered 4.Therefore—However 5.strong—strongly 10.fact—fact that 6.too—so

短文改错练习(26) 1.see ∧ a 2.she → who 3.walking → walked 4.go → going 5.change →changes 6.√

7.去掉 however 10.would-wouldn?t

8.from → of 9.practise → practiced 或 practiced

短文改错练习(27) 1.expected→ expecting 2.去掉 been 3.usually → usual 4.we → they 5.去掉 of → So/ And 7.√ 8.much 前加 how 9.spend → spending 10.anyone → everyone 短文改错练习(28) 1.had 2.∧training—a 3 . before—ago 8.for—with 4 . ∧she—and 9.come—coming 10.to 5 . being—be 6.But

6. √7. correct—correctly

短文改错练习(29) 1. why 改不 how 2. 在 try 后加 to 3, hearts 改为 heart 4. 正确 5. 去掉 to 7. but 改为 and 8. spoken 改不 written 6. was 改为 have

9. itself 改为 myself 10. correct 改为 correctly





4.去掉 was


6.patient→patiently 7.√ 8.With→To 9.don't→didn?t 短文改错练习(31) 1.去掉 was 7.matter 前加 a 2.tells→told 3.去掉 it 4. √




9.clean→clear 短文改错练习(32)

1.you→your 2. √ 3.early→earlier 4.enter→entering 或 enter 前加 you 7.tell→tells 8.去掉 the 9.to∧make 10.is∧over 短文改错练习(33) 1.interesting→interested 6.the→a 7.and→or 2. play→played 8. half∧→of


3.去掉 more4.breads→bread(原文中无错) 5. both→all 9.√ 10.from→between

短文改错练习(34) 1.which→when 5.anywhere→everywhere 2.chemistry→chemical 3.larger→large4. looked∧→liked

6.worked→working 7.to→with 8.tiiring→ tired 9.right 10.of→to 短文改错练习(35)

1. ∧department→a 2.not∧→a(any)或 not→no


5.去掉 for


7.angrily→angry 8.but→and 9.去掉 would 或 would→should


短文改错练习(36) 1.much→may 7.very→too 2.have→be 8.去掉 the 3.√ 9.them→it 4.第一个 is→are 10.needs∧→to 5.died→die 6.others→other

短文改错练习(37) 1.in→between 2.√ 3.去掉 a 4.∧elected→was 5.after→behind

6.wife→wives 7.strangely→strange8.∧to→not

9.all→both 10.die→death

短文改错练习(38) 1.in→on 2.They→It 6.includes→including 3.Saddam∧→to leave 4.has→had 5.another→other 7.去掉 more 8. √ 9.have→be 10.so→but

短文改错练习(39) 1.husband→husband?s 2.for→after 3.make→to make 4.the→a 5. their→her 6.while→when

7.去掉 on8.√ 9.去掉 again

10.she∧would 短文改错练习(40)

1. 去 掉


2. 去 掉



改 为



6.polluting→polluted 7.made→done

8.a little 改为 little 短文改错练习(41)

9.been∧done 10.√

1.去掉 has 6.√

2.∧training a 3.before→ago 4.lesson→lessons


7.correct→correctly 8.for→with

9.come→coming 10.去掉 to

短文改错练习(42) 1.The→An 2.so→but 3. √ 4. they∧→were 5.for→as 6.in here→here

7. department →departments 8. 第二个 when→how 9. ∧ asked→was asked 10. 去掉 had 短文改错练习(43) 1. 删去 out. 2. losing→lost. 3. came→went 4. shook 后加 her. 5. 去掉第一个 a.6. 删去 which. 7. worrying→worried. 8. √9. with 后加 a. 10. that→what 短文改错练习(44) 1. going→go. 2. √3. losing→lost. 4. 去掉 to. 5. that→which. 6. the→a. 7. more→much. 8. climb→climbed.9. by→with. 10. done→doing. 短文改错练习(45) 1. 在 other 前加 the. 2. √ 3. on→of. 4. taking→taken. 5. or→and. 6. work 前加 who 或将 work 改 为 working. 7. 去掉 by. 8. sending→send. 9. other→another. 10. to→that. 短文改错练习(46) 1. their→our. 2. what→that. 3. 去掉 to.4. 去掉 a .5. suggest→suggested.6. back 后加 to. 7. too→so / very. 8. spend→spending.9. √ 10. 去掉 the. 短文改错练习(47) 1. works→work , 2. hosting→host 3. hold 前 加 to 4. Between→Among , 5. √ 6. on→in. 7. 去 掉 in 8. does→did 9. cities→city,10. will 后加 be 短文改错练习(48) 1. 去 掉 day. 2. sitting 前 加 were, 3. very→so.4. found 后 加

it. 5. smoke→smoking. 6. So→But. 7. harmless→harmful. 8. √9. either→too.10. actions→action. 短文改错练习(49) 1. stopping→stop. 2. no→not. 3. 去 掉 by. 4. invention→inventions. 5. important 前 加

an. 6. Therefore→However 7. play→playing. 8. √ 9. deal 后加 with 10. will→would. 短文改错练习(50) 1. were→are. 2. reason→reasons.3. √4. useful→useless 或 think 前加 don't. 5. to 去掉. 6.worrying-worried 7. many→more.8. we→they.9. found 后加 to. 10. leave→leaving.

短文改错练习(51) 1. had→has. 2. lays→lies. lay 3. here→there.4. across→over. 5. which→where 或 which 前加 in..6. and 后 加 on.7. √8. wood→woods. 9. 去掉第四个 the. 10. 第一个 and→but. 短文改错练习(52) 1 . to^ →the 2 . when → before 3 . on → in 4.正确 5 . was opened

6.amused→amusing 7.his→ her 8.went→got/arrived 短文改错练习(53) 1.去掉 the 2.√ 3.interested∧in 5. 改为 in on 改为 What 短文改错练习(54) 1.our-their 4.correct 8.Badly-bad 2.important-an important 5.work-to work 9.fewer-less 6.to 去掉

9.act^ had


4.calling 改为 called 或 calling himself 8. 改为 he 9. she surprised 改为 surprise 10. That

6. into 划掉 7. 改为 could can

3.watch-watching 7.interested-interesting

10.watching-watch 短文改错练习(55)

1.look-see 2.seem-seems 6.can't-can 7.but 去掉

3.people∧who 或者 do-doing 4.正确 8.long-length


9.many-much 10.of 去掉

短文改错练习(56) 1.没错 2.去掉 a 3. it 后加 was 4. besides-?except/but 5.去掉 that 6.spoke?speak


8.friend?friends 9.sometime?sometimes 10.me?myself 短文改错练习(57)

1. well-good/fine/nice/ok 7.other—another



4.the—a 5.on 去 掉

6.had ∧been

8.there—where 9.正确

10.but—and 短文改错练习(58)

1. going 后加 to 7.paying—paid

2. 去掉 the

3. 去掉 of

4. wouldn't—won?t 5. Therefore—However 10.like—as

6. a—an

8.正确 9.senses—sense

短文改错练习(59) 1. settle—settled 2. that—where 3. graduated ^ from 4. with—as 5. √ 7.was 8.we—you 9.say ^ to 10.how—what 短文改错练习(60) 1.invite-inviting 2.√ 3.dreamed-dreaming 4.And-But 5.in 去掉 6.she-who 6. happily—happy


8.find∧ -it

9.prepare-preparing 10.it ∧—is 短文改错练习(61)

1.being/becoming 7.teach 8.them

2.giving 9.√

3.and 4.am 5.it 6.many-much/enough 10.Though 短文改错练习(62)

1.basket-baskets2. the

3.which-where/in which4.and- but 8.run- running 9. √

5.much- more 10.在 interested 前加 more

6.few-a few/many7.aAt-over

短文改错练习(63) 1.boy-a boy 2.when 去掉 3.cooker-cook 4.but-and 5 right 6.take-to take 7.Shake-Shaking 8.apologize-apologized 9.me-myself 10.month-months 短文改错练习(64) 1 An—The 2. dirt—dirty 3. terribly—terrible 4. floated—floating 或者去掉 “were” 6. no error 7. 去掉 “of”

5. 在“good”前加上 “a “ 或者去掉 “good” 8. alive—living 9. will—would

10. cleaning—clean 短文改错练习(65)


2.broken 后加 into 5.had 后加 been

3.check 改为 checked 6.which 改为 who 10.may 改为 must

4.hundreds 改为 hundred 7.去掉 about

8.so 改为 but

9.in 后加 the

短文改错练习(66) 1.去掉 with 2.rise-raise 3.because—why 4.were—are 5.where—that/which 6.在 know 后加 about/of

7.meet-met 8.calling-called 9.在 Australia 前加 of 短文改错练习(67) 1. hoped→hope his→their 2. in→with 3. do→are 4. have 前加 to 5. 去掉第二个 to 6.√ 7.

8. already 前加 have 9. lesson 前加 a 10. making→carrying 短文改错练习(68)

1. peoples→people 2. A→The 加 to 或 with

3. While→When

4. Face→Facing 5. miss→missed 10. √

6. talk 后

7. record→records 8. 去掉第二个 the 9. me→myself 短文改错练习(69)

1. something→anything 2. healthy→health 4. start→starts public?s→public 5. when 后加 to

3. which→when 或 which 前加 in 8. 70-year-old 前加 a 9. What→As 10.

6. 去掉 was 7. √

短文改错练习(70) 1. serious→seriously 2. to→into stopping→stop 3. √ 4. in→on 5. take→get 6. such→so 7.

8. water 前加 the 9. paid 前加 been

10. 去掉 more

短文改错练习(71) 1. accepted→received 2. 去掉 more 3. because 后加 of 4. other→another 5. say→said 6. and→or 7. family 前加 the 8. 去掉 to 9. √ 10. happily→happy 短文改错练习(72) 1 . A---An 2.is---was 3.After---Before 4.right 5.saying---said 6. 去 more 或 改 angrier 为 angry 7.Handed---Handing 8.you---me 9.must---should 10.在 his 前加 to 短文改错练习(73) 1.the—an 2.graduated—graduated from 3.decisions-decision 4.farther-further 5.year?s--years? 6.advancing--advanced 7.去掉 one 8.start --started 9. right 10.but—so 短文改错练习(74) 1.you—your 2.So—as 3.quick—quicker 4.as—than 5.not—not only 6.right 7.However—So 8.去掉 the 9.on—for 10.right 短文改错练习(75) 1.the—a 2.is—are 3.live—lived 4.is—has 或 is of 5.在 damaged 前加 being 6.Hundred—Hundreds 7. destroyed -- destroying 8.a—the 9.right 10.去掉 there

短文改错练习(76) 1. In--On 6.正确 2. difficult--difficulty 3. a—an 8.去掉 had 4. offered 后加 to 9. them—it 5. man 后加 was

7. wondered--wondering

10. we—they

短文改错练习(77) 1.√ 2.meaningfully -meaningful 6. it 前加 to 3. for-as 4. bored -boring 9. that-what

5. that-which 10. was-is

7 把.to 删除

8. a - the

短文改错练习(78) 1. saw∧→an 2. but→and 3. immediate→immediately 4.√ 5. ∧say→to 6.is→was 7. which→it 8. tourist→tourists 9.owned→had 10. 去 in 短文改错练习(79)

1am-do 2 a-an 3 in good 4right

5gives 6 去 and 7.去 was 8.work 短文改错练习(80)

9.moved 10 good-well

1. 去 with

2.so →but 8. 正确

3. died→ dead 4. luck →lucky

5. student →students

6. ∧eat→ to


∧quality→ the

9. tasted →tasting/tasty 10. their→its

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