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【广东】2013版高中英语全程复习方略 素能提升演练(三十九)选修8 Unit 4(人教版)

温馨提示: 此套题为 Word 版,请按住 Ctrl,滑动鼠标滚轴,调节合 适的观看比例,答案解析附后。

选修 8 Unit 4 Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. I have a _______ (可怕的)feeling that we’re going to miss the plane. 2. Nothing of _______

(评论)has happened since you left. 3. Don’t _______ (犹豫)to tell us if you have a problem. 4. The books in the library are ________(分类)according to subjects. 5. If you think you can drink so much without damaging your health, then you’re _______ (错误的).

6. He is younger than you, but he is _______(优秀的)to you. 7. The interior decoration of the house is a ________ (折衷) between Chinese and foreign styles. 8. These two brothers decided to go to America to try their _______ (运 气). 9. It is easy to _______ (忽视)a small detail like that. 10. She is devoting herself to the ________ (改编本)of a novel. Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. _________________, her loss was small. (term) 从金钱的角度来说,她的损失是很小的。

2. ________________________, Bill decided to make an application for a loan again. (receive) 由于没有收到回复,比尔决定再进行一次贷款申请。 3. It was because of his little preparation ____________________ stand up and answer my question. (hesitate) 因为准备不充分,他犹豫了一下,然后站起来回答我的问题。 4. It is terrorism, as well as terrorists, ___________________ most by people all over the world. (condemn) 是恐怖主义和恐怖分子受到了全世界人民的谴责。 5. I was very nervous because it was the first time that I ________________ a banquet. (invite) 我非常紧张,因为这是我第一次受邀赴宴。 6. ____________________, the students can discuss questions in groups, which makes learning more efficient. (classify) 同学们分成三组,以组为单位讨论问题,这样学习效果较好。 7. The whole house is __________ decoration. (need) 整座房子都需要装修。 8. It is these details _____________________, so you should pay attention to them. (overlook) 这些细节很容易被忽略,所以你要特别注意。 9. The first time I ___________________ at the party, I felt she was the one I would cherish forever. (acquaintance)

我和她第一次相识在一次聚会上,当时我就感觉到她是值得我珍爱一 生的人。 10. ____________________________________________________________ _____ ________, the plan John put forward seems to be more practical. (take) 考虑到各种情况,约翰提出的计划看起来更有实用价值。 Ⅲ. 阅读理解 (A) Based on Sue Monk Kidd’s best-selling novel, The Secret Life of Bees is a movie of hope and faith for even the unloved and oppressed(受压迫的). Just as in the book, young Lily’s thoughts sound and read like poetry, from the first moment when her room fills with bees. The movie tells the story of the young white girl who runs away from her cruel father. Lily convinces Rosaleen, the black housekeeper to escape with her, after Rosaleen is beaten when she attempts to vote. When Lily asks Rosaleen why she risked her life standing up to the angry men who wanted to kill her, she hears“Giving in to them would be just another way of dying”. That’s Lily’s story, too. She finally stands up to her father. They come to Tiburon, a town whose name is written on a label(标签)from a jar

belonging to her mother before her death. In Tiburon, there is no place where Rosaleen can eat or stay, despite the fact that President Johnson just signed the Civil Rights act in 1964. (It’s still just a piece of paper, Rosaleen says. )So Lily goes in to buy food for them, and sees the jar on sale. When Lily finds out it’s made right there in a farmhouse, they go there and ask for help. The goodhearted August who runs a successful company, offers them the honey house to live in. From August, Lily learns honey business and a life lesson from the bees. She sees a world where intelligence, independence and culture are honored and rewarded. She watches Rosaleen begin to understand that the dream of freedom from oppression she gave up when she was beaten is now possible for her. It is August who helps Lily see that love is all around her and all the others. 1. The story of the Lily is mainly developed by _______. A. time C. examples B. space D. comparison

2. Which is TRUE according to the passage? A. The movie is adapted from a novel. B. Lily’s father treats Rosaleen cruelly. C. Lily’s mother writes the label for her. D. In fact, Lily’s mother is August. 3. What does Rosaleen really want to get?

A. Better pay and honey business. B. Equal rights and freedom. C. The right to be voted as president. D. Enough food and houses. 4. We can conclude that the story of Lily happened _______. A. in modern America B. in the 1960s in North America C. when the black owned equal rights in America D. before the independence of America 5. The passage is written to _______. A. advertise a book B. explain the secret of bees’ life C. introduce a movie D. tell about American politics 6. 请用 30 个左右的词概括文章大意 ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ________________________ (B) When Josephine Cooper was growing up, she learned the importance of charity from her parents. Although they made a modest living for their

family of 10, they insisted on sharing with those less fortunate. Half a century later, Mrs. Cooper became a beloved volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank, where she devoted herself to helping others. She organized and ran a distribution center from a church, helping it become the organization’s largest emergency food distribution center in San Diego. She was one of 25 outstanding senior volunteers in the nation selected and invited Washington D. C. to receive the award. “She was the main person who helped us make that program grow, ” said Mike Doody, former director of the Food Bank. “She had a way of getting people to work together and to work hard. She was determined and stubborn, but in a good way. She had a good heart. ” People knew her as “Grandma” because of her selflessness and her devotion to helping hungry children and families. “She reminded people of their Grandma. ” Doody said. As a widow with a young child in 1979, Mrs. Cooper was helped through a difficult financial time when the Food Bank provided her with groceries. “She dedicated her life to giving back, ” said her daughter, Monica Cooper. It wasn’t unusual for a local church to call Mrs. Cooper to ask her to aid a needy family. “She would give people food out of her cupboard. Sometimes we would cook a meal for a frailly living out of their car, ” Cooper said. Although Mrs. Cooper was honored to receive the national award for

her volunteer work, she said being able to help others was her reward. She died of liver disease and kidney failure, aged 93. 7. The underlined word “charity” in Paragraph 1 refers to _______. A. offering help B. donating money C. providing services D. showing sympathy 8. The San Diego Food Bank is meant to _______. A. distribute food in case of emergency B. help hungry children and families C. give basic first-aid treatment D. train some senior volunteers 9. Which of the following is TRUE of Mrs. Cooper? A. She died at an early age. B. She refused the national award. C. She was kind and devoted. D. She was not easy to get along with. 10. From what Monica Cooper said, we know that _______. A. she is in financial trouble B. she was finally rewarded C. she once misunderstood her mother D. she thinks highly of her mother

11. Mrs. Cooper’s story suggests that _______. A. everyone needs a Grandma nearby B. children are what their parents are C. a sound mind is in a sound body D. a mother’s love never changes

Ⅰ. 1. horrible 5. mistaken 9. overlook 2. remark 6. superior 10. adaptation 3. hesitate 7. compromise 4. classified 8. fortune

Ⅱ. 1. In terms of money 2. Not having received a reply 3. that he hesitated to 4. that is condemned 5. had been invited to 6. Classified into three groups 7. in need of 8. that are easily overlooked 9. made her acquaintance








consideration Ⅲ. 文章介绍了由小说改编而成的电影 The Secret Life of Bees 的故事 大意以及创作背景。 1.【解析】选 A。推理判断题。文章中叙述的故事是按照故事发展的先 后顺序展开描述的, 即由 Lily 对父亲的反叛出走, Tiburon 遇见 August, 到 最终解决问题,完成大结局。 2.【解析】选 A。细节理解题。文章第一段第一句叙述了这部电影以小 说为基础,然后谈到内容时又提及 Just as in the book, 由此推断这是改 编自小说的电影,所以 A 项正确。 3.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据文章叙述的有关 Rosaleen 挨打的故 事以及她的观点“Giving in to them would be just another way of dying” 可以推断她代表的是美国的黑人,她所要求的是自由和平等的权利。 4.【解析】选 B。推理判断题。根据文章信息,尤其是第二段叙述的黑 人 Rosaleen 要求选举却被打以及第四段中的“the fact that President Johnson just signed the Civil Rights act in 1964. (It’s still just a piece of paper, Rosaleen says. )”等判断,故事发生在美国南北战争之后,总统 President Johnson 发布 the Civil Rights act 之后,也就是 in the 1960s in North America。 5. 【解析】 C。 选 主旨大意题。 本文主要介绍了电影 The Secret Life of Bees 的故事大意,提到的书名只是本电影的改编出处。电影的名字是 The

Secret Life of Bees,但内容不是讲述蜜蜂生活秘密的;电影反映了美国 当时的政治背景,但不是本文的主题。 6. The Secret Life of Bees, a movie of hope and faith for the unloved and oppressed tells about a girl—Lily fights for freedom and equality and an August helps her see that love is all around her. 7. 解析】 A。 【 选 词义猜测题。 根据第二段首句“Half a century later, Mrs. Cooper became a beloved volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank, where she devoted herself to helping others. ”可知, 文中 charity 的意思是 helping others,故 A 项正确。 8.【解析】选 B。推理判断题。结合文章第二段的第二句、第三段的倒 数第二句以及第四段的第一句可知,该机构致力于帮助饥饿人群,而 在紧急情况下分发食物只是该机构的一项工作,故 B 项正确。 9.【解析】选 C。推理判断题。A、B 两项根据文章最后一段可排除; 人们亲切地称她 Grandma,所以可以排除 D 项;通读全文可知 Cooper 是一个善良、乐于奉献的人,故 C 项正确。 10. 解析】 D。 【 选 细节理解题。 倒数第二段第二句“She dedicated her life to giving back”是她对母亲的高度评价。故 D 项正确。 11.【解析】选 B。推理判断题。由第一段可知,Josephine Cooper 从父 母那里学会了乐善好施;由倒数第二段女儿对她的高度评价可知,女 儿深受她的影响,非常支持她这样做。由此可推知 B 项正确。

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