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Unit1How can we become good learners? 第一课时(1a-2d) I study English by working with friends ―by + 动名词‖常常表示手段、方式或方法,可以用 来回答 how 引导的特殊疑问句。 --- How do you learn English? --- I learn English by watching English movies. ____a. by working with friends ____b. by making word cards ____c. by reading the textbook ____d. by listening to tapes ____e. by asking the teacher for help by doing sth.凭借或依靠做某事 ask sb. for sth.向某人寻求某物 2a 1. ___ Does anyone learn English by watching videos? 2. __ Do you have conversations with friends in

English? In +语言 3. __ What about listening to tapes? 4. __ What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation? 2c A: Have you ever studied with a group? B: Yes, I have. I’ve learned a lot that way. 用那种方法学到很多 speaking skills. 说话技巧 2d Jack: Annie, I’ m a little nervous. a little 可直接修饰不可数名词。 a bit 修饰名词时其后须加 of,即 a bit of , 后接不可数名词。 I drank a little milk just now. =I drank a bit of milk just now. 我刚才喝了一点牛奶。 I have to finish reading a book and give a report next Monday.

↓ 做报告 Annie: That doesn’ t sound too bad. sound 用作连系动词,―听起来‖,其后长跟形 容词,构成系表结构。 英语中常用的连系动词 一是(be),一感( feel),一保持(keep), 起来四个(sound ,look, smell, taste), 好像(seem)变了仨( get, turn , become). Jack: But I’ m a very slow reader.=_____ Annie: For the first time, just read quickly to get the main ideas. ↓ 理解大意 Don’ t read word by word, ↓ 逐个单词地 read word groups.(词组) Jack: But I don’ t understand many of the

words. I have to use a dictionary. Annie: Try to guess a word’s meaning by reading the sentences before and after it. Try (not)to do You probably understand more than you think. Jack: That sounds difficult! Annie: Well, be patient. (耐心点) It takes time. 花费 You can become better by reading something you enjoy every day. The more you read, the faster you’ll be. ―the +比较级,the +比较级‖意为―越…,就越…‖. 1.越多越好。 The _________, the____________. 2.你学习越努力,就会取得越好的成绩。 The _________ you study, the _________ grades you will get. (做一做) 1) The more you smile, the ______

you will feel. A. happy B. happier D. more happily C. happily

2) Mr. White came to our school in 2008, and since then he ________ us English. A. teaches B. taught C. has taught D. will teach 3)Do you know ________ she went to the movie last night? — On foot. A. when B. why C. how 4)– How do you study for a test? -- _____ working with friends. A. By C. in of books. A. read B. look C. watching D. reading (2) aloud / loud/ loudly aloud 出声地;大声地。常与 read/call 等词连用,不 用于比较级; (Don’t read aloud in the library.) D. at lots B. With bike. C. On A . by B. on 1) He goes to school

2)-- How do you study English so well? By

loud 高声地;大声地;喧闹地。指说话声和笑声, 常与 talk/speak/laugh/sing 等词连用,常用于比较级; ( We can’t hear you. Please speak louder.) loudly 高声地;喧闹地。可以和 loud 互换,但含有 “吵闹” 的意思, 不悦耳。 ( I feel very annoyed when they argue loudly.) 跟踪练习 ①老师要求我大声朗读课文。 The teacher asked me to ___ Please the text ___ ②请大声点说,以便我能听清楚。 so that I can hear you clearly. ③不要这么大声,婴儿在睡觉。 Don’t so . The baby is sleeping. (3)practice doing sth . 练习做某事 eg. We practice ____ day.(我们每天练习说英语。 ) 1、 I study English by 2 、 I like r___ . English every

一、根据句意及首字母,写出下列单词的正确形式 the textbook.. a to tapes. __ to p reading

pronunciation. 3、 He often studies by l ___ your English?

4、 Have you ever j ___ an English club to improve

5 、 Do






English-language TV? 二、单项选择 1. ----- This math problem is _____ hard for me to understand. Can you help me ? ----Sure. It’s my pleasure. A. very C. quiet 2. after school?” “ Yes, she does.‖ A. playing C. played 3. ________. A. also B. either C. too D. neither 4.Why not practice your _________English in _________ English-speaking country? A. speaking, a C. spoken, a B. speaking, an D. spoken, an B. to play D. play B. too D. rather

“ Does Kate often practice ______ the violin

Alice hasn’t been to Canada. Nancy hasn’t ,

第二课时(3a-3b) 3a

Last year, I did not like my English class. Every class was like a bad dream. The teacher spoke so quickly that I did not understand her most of the time.
* too...to : ―太...而不能...‖ 表否定 so... that : ―如此...以至于...‖ 表肯定 The boy is too young to go on his own.

The boy is so young that he can't go on his own.

I was afraid to ask questions because of my poor

pronunciation. 但是因为我糟糕的发音,我害怕问问题。

1)be afraid to do sth. 意为―害怕做某事‖。 I am afraid to travel by plane.=________ 我害怕乘飞机旅行。 2) be afraid of sb/ sth. ―害怕某人/某物‖。 Are you afraid of snake? 你怕蛇吗? I am afraid that 从句. ―担心 …‖。 3)回答别人的提问时, 可用省略形式 I’ m afraid so(not).恐怕(不)是这样

I just hid behind my textbook and never said anything. Then one day I watched an English movie called Toy Story. I fell in love with this exciting and funny movie! 之后一天,我看了一部名为《玩具总动员》的英文

电影。我爱上了这部令人兴奋而有趣的电影! called Toy Story. 为过去分词短语作后置定 语,修饰名词 movie. called=named= with the name of 名叫…… 叫做 a boy called Tom
fall / be in love with 喜好,喜爱;恋爱
fall in love with “爱上某人 /某物”。同义于“be in love with, 意为与 …相 爱 ”,表状态。

I fell in love with this house. 我喜欢上了这个房子。 He is in love with his work. 他热爱自己的工作。 They fell in love with each other. 他们彼此相爱了。 She was in love with him. 她与他相爱了。

They fell in love with each other after working together? 一起工作后他们相爱了。 So I began to watch other English movies, too. 否定句_________________________________ Although I could not understand everything the characters said, their body language and the expressions on their faces helped me to get

the meaning. =_______________________________________ Although 与 but 关系 Help 总结_____ I also realized I could get the meaning by listening for just the key words. My pronunciation improved as well 也(用在句末, 前面不加逗号) by listening to the conversations in English movies. I discovered that listening to something interesting is the secret to language learning. I also learned useful sentences like ―It’s a piece of cake‖ or ―It serves you right.‖ I did not understand these sentences at first. But because I wanted to understand the story, I looked them up in a dictionary.

because of + 名词、代词、动名词 because + 句子 ―因为‖ 句子 I didn’t buy it because it was too expensive. He lost his job because of his age. 名词

查字典________ Now I really enjoy my English class. I want to learn new words and more grammar so that I can have a better understanding of English movies. 我想学习新单词和更多的语法,以便我可以 更好地理解英文电影。 so that ―以便;为了‖ (从句常用 can, could, would, may 等) e.g She worked hard so that everything would be ready in time. 她努力工作,为的是及时准备好各项工作。

so … that…. ―如此……以至于‖ You have to leave now ____ you can catch the early bus. A so that C. because B. as soon as D. if

a better understanding 更好地理解…… 1. Why did Wei Fan find it difficult to learn English? 为什么魏芬发现学英语很难? ―find + it +adj. +to do sth.‖‖发现做某事…‖ (做一做)My pen pal found it difficult _______ Chinese well. A. Learning B. learn C. to learn D. learned

2. What is the secret to language learning? 语言学习的秘诀是什么? the secret to … ―…的秘诀‖ 其中 to 为介词, 表 示所属,意为―…的….secret 在此处用作可数 名词,意为 ―秘密;秘诀‖。 Her age is a secret to us all.

她的年龄对我们大家来说是个秘密。 .成功的秘诀 the secret to success 门的钥匙 the key to the door 问题的答案 the answer to the question 足球赛的票 the ticket to the football game / match 小练习 1. 2. 3. 4. Harry just __________ (hide behind) until they had gone. Luke is afraid of ________ (go) to bed in the dark. Don’t be afraid to _____ (ask) for help. She spoke ___ quietly ____ I could hardly hear her. (太 ......以至于)

第三课时(Gramma Focus-4c)

Grammar Grammar Focus Focus
How do you learn I learn by studying with English? a group. Do you learn English by reading aloud? How can I read faster? How can I improve my pronunciation? Yes, I do. It helps my pronunciation. You can read faster by reading word groups. One way is by listening to tapes.

练习 根据汉语提示用正确形式填空。 1. Do you have any _________ (单词卡)? 2. Please read _____ (大声地), I can’t hear you. 3. Your ____________ (发音) sounds good. 4. English ________ (语法) is very important. 从括号中选择适当的词汇完成句子。 1. Listen! Someone is knocking at the door _________ (loudly, aloud).

2. Children put out the fire ______ (with, by) pouring water on it. 3. I’m sorry. I can’t ____________ pronounce) this word 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. —______ you ever ______ (ask) your teachers questions? —No, never. 2. —We’re too tired. What about _______ (have) a rest? —That’s a good idea. 3. I often study by _________ (work) with a group in class. 4. We felt very _______ (excite) when we heard the good news. 5. This math problem is too hard for me _________ (work) out. 6. The students are having fun ________ (speak) English in class. 7. His sister gets excited about _______ (pronunciation,

(go) to Beijing alone. 8. -- How do you learn Chinese? -- I learned by _________ a lot of books. 9. She earns her life by ______ (sell) newspaper. 10. -- ___________ improve your writing? -- I can improve it by keeping diaries. 根据首字母及汉语提示完成句子。 1. It’ s really difficult for me to d_______ the regular of language learning. 2. When he first watched an English movie called Harry Porter, he _________(爱上) in love with this interesting and funny movie. 3.What is the s______ to learn English better? 4.When you watch English movies, the actor’s body language and the ________(表达 ) on their faces can help you understand the movie better 单项选择 ( )1.-How do you improve your listening? -I B.to watch English improve it by ________. A.watch English movies movies

C.watching English movies D.watches ( )2.I try not to ________ mistakes in my B.have C.make D.spell homework. A.do ( )3.When you find some new words ,you’d B. look them up C. look it up

better ___ in the dictionary . A. look up it D. look up them ( )4. The teacher told us that it was a good B. take a note C. take notes habit ___ in every class . A. to take notes D. to take note ( )5.I find ____very impartant to study A. its ( ) 6. B. that C.this D.it them to C. This, for the C. what to use English well? is really hard B. It, for

climb Mount Huang. A. This, to. D. It, to ( ) 7. Can you teach me computer? A. how using B. how to use

D. what using ( )8.My brother often makes mistakes _____ A. of ( is too A. boring D. interested ( )10.. He made many new friends _____by A. the same B. as well C. either SectionB 1a----1e D. too join the English club. B. by . B. bored C. bore C. at D. in grammar. ) 9. Some students think studying grammar


I can’t pronounce some of the words.

I can’t understand spoken English. 英语口语 I don’t know how to increase my reading speed. I can’t spell some English words. 拼读;拼写 I make mistakes in grammar. 在语法方面犯错误

1b 1c 1. 2. 3. 4. 1c 1. 2. 3. Listening can help. He always write the new words notebook and study them at home. He can join an English club to practice speaking. in his He can’t get the pronunciationright. He forgets a lot of new words. He can’t always understand when people talk to him. He doesn’t get much writing practice.


He should find

a pen pal practice

writing. 根据要求完成句子,每空一词。 1. My brother usually studies English by working with friends. (对画线部分提问) _____ ____ your brother usually study English? 2. This boy so young that he can’t do this job. (改为同义句) This boy is ____ ______ ____ do this job. 汉译英 1. 我不知道如何提高阅读速度。

2. 我经常犯语法错误。

3. 他会遗忘很多新单词。

即学即练: 1 -How do you learn English words? word cards. A. To B. By C. For D. With 2 -How do you get to school every day. Lucy? -I go to school _____. A.ride my bike a bus 3 Mr.Scott made a living by____(sell) old things. 4 She learns English by listening to tapes.(对划线部分 提问) _____ ______ she learn English? 5 Most of them take the train to work.(改为同义句) Most of them go to work ______ ______. 核心考点全突破: 1. You can improve your more. A. by B. with C. of D. in 2.)Linda’s father hates waiting in long lines. I think he’s not very ______. A. patient powerful B. talented C. popular D. English ______ practicing B.by my bike C.by bus D.by -_____making

3. -Tommy, you can never let others know what I have told you today. -Don’t worry,. I will keep the _____. A. secret B. money C. address D. grade 4. You don’t have to _____every new word in the dictionary while reading. A. look for after 5. _____you ’ re tasted it, you can ’t imagine how delicious the dishes are. A. Because unless 6. -Mr Li, I can’t understand everything in class. -Don ’ t worry. I ’ ll ____the main points at the end. A. record remember 7. He was____tired_____he could not go on walking. A.too;to D.not;enough 1. speak→ spoke → spoken spoken English 英语口 语 written English 书面英语 speaking skills 口 B.such;that C.so;that B. review C. require D. B. Although C. When D. B. look up C. look at D. look

语技巧 国家

an English-speaking country 一个说英语的

①Can you understand ________(speak) English? ② ______ well is very useful to us all. A. Speak English B. Speaking English C. Spoken English D. Speaks ③Reading aloud is good for your _____________(speak) English. ④He wants to improve his __________ English, by ________English with native _____ (speak) 2. (1) 说某种语言 speak English 说英语, talk with sb. / talk to sb. say it in English 用英语说 (2) 与 某人交谈

(3) 强调说话内容

(4) 告诉某人 tell sb. to do sth 【重庆中考】— The radio ______ that there will be another heavy rain in Guangdong. rained for the whole week. speaks 3..I don’t know how _____________(improve) my reading speed ―疑问词+动词不定式‖作宾语 注:what to do 后不需要跟宾语 必须跟宾语 how to do 后 — Too bad. It has A. tells B. talks C. says D.

① — We can use QQ to communicate with each other online. — Good. Will you please show me ___? A. which to use B. how to use it where to use it 4. mistake →mistook → mistaken make mistakes 犯错 误认为… (2)mistake …for… 把… (3) by mistake 错误地 C. what to use D.

①Yesterday I ____________ (犯错误) , I_________ Mr. Wang ___ Mr. Zhang(把……误认为) , and said hello to Mr. Wang ___________(错误地). ②Tom was so careless that he often _____ in the exam. A. make mistake mistake ③ She seldom(很少) speaks English after class, for she was afraid ____ mistakes ___ grammar. A. to make; of B. making; of C. to be made; in D. of making; in 【make 短语】: make the bed 整理床铺 face 做鬼脸 取笑 make a living 谋生 make fun of = laugh at make friends 交朋友 make money 赚钱 make B. made mistakes C. by

5.join/join in/take part in (1) join=be a member of 参加 ,指加入某种组织, 并成 为其中的一员。 join the army / party 入伍/ 党 俱乐部 join in 后接活动名称 join the club 加入

join sb. 加入到某个人群之中 (2) take part in 参加 , 指加入群体活动中并在活动中发挥重要作用。 五、 练 评(包含―考点链接‖) ( )1.In recent years the economy of our country A. is increased B. has increased C. increased D. has been increased ( )2. One of the best ways for people to keep healthy is to _______ good eating habits A. grow D. find SectionB 2a-2e 1. succeed v 成 功 , 达 到 →successful adj 成功的 功地 again. ◆ succeed in doing sth →success n 成 功 →successfully adv 成 B. develop C. increase _____ rapidly.

① If at first you don’t ____________(success) , try

② She works very hard ,so she will ____ in ____ the exam. A. successful; pass succeed; passing B. success ;passing C. D. successful; passing

2. pay attention to 对 ……注意 ① You should _________________(更关注) your study instead of playing computer game. ② You should pay more attention to ______ (pronounce) the words. 3. the best way to do sth= the best way of doing sth 做 某事最好的方法 ( ) The best way _____ English is doing more A. learn B. learning C. learns D. to learn practice. 4.try v 试图,设法,努力 ① We should __________________(尽最大努力)to be happy in the future. Try + v-ing have a try 5.It? s + Try+ toTyr one’sm best adj.(easy,difficult,important,necessary) Have a try Let me

+(for sb.) to do sth 若 形 容 词 表 示 事 物 特 征 的 , 如 : easy ,difficult,

hard ,important 等,须用介词 for 【形容物,用 for】 若形容词表示人的性格、品质与特点,如: good ,kind ,nice, wrong 等,用介词 of。 【形容人用 of】 It’s very convenient ___ us to buy train tickets now because we can buy them either from the station or on the Internet. A. to B. of C. by D. for ① It’s important for us _______(learn) English well. ② It’s hard for us ____________(finish) this task in two days. ③ It’s very nice ____ you to help me a lot. of C. in D. on ④ –It’s very ___ of you to work out the problem for me. A. kind B. polite C. clever D. easy 6. stressed out ―有压力的, 紧张的 焦虑不安的‖ , 通 常和 be / get 连用;构成 be / get stressed out A. stressed out happily Section B 3a-Self Check B. fall asleep C. attention Jim D. failed in the test because he was _______ last weekend A. for B.

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