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Book4 语法填空
Unit One Women of achievement ① Jane, who has studied families of chimps for many years helped people 1_________(understand) how much chimps behave 2_________ humans. She spen

t years 3___________(observe) and recording their daily activities. She discovered chimps hunted and ate meat and also how chimps communicate 4_________ each other. Her work changed the way people think 5_______ chimps and also made the rest of the world understand and respect the life of chimps. She has helped set 6_______ special places 7_________ they can live 8_________(safe). She has achieved 9_________ she wanted to do. She inspired those 10________ want to cheer the achievements of women. ②By chance I came across an article about a doctor 1__________(call) Lin Qiaozhi, a specialist 2_______ women’s diseases. She had been very busy in her 3________(choose) career, traveling abroad to study as well as writing books and articles. In one of her books she gave some simple rules 4__________(follow) for keeping babies clean, healthy and free from 5_______ (sick). It was intended 6_____ women in the countryside. Perhaps 7_______ they had an emergency they could not reach a doctor. It was hard work and determination as well as her gentle nature 8________ got her into medical school. 9________ made her succeed later on was the kindness and consideration. she showed to all her patients. Lin Qiaozhi devoted her whole life 10_______ all her patients. Unit 2 Working the land ①Famous scientist as he is, Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer. 1______ a young man, he saw the great need for 2________(increase) the rice output. At that time, hunger was a 3________ (disturb) problem in China. He wanted 4___________(increase) rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields. In 1974, a special strain of rice made 5_______ possible to produce one-third 6_______ of the crop in the same field. Thanks 7_______ his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world 8_______ hunger. Though he 9___________(struggle) for the past five decades, Dr Yuan is quite satisfied with his life. In his spare time he enjoys 10________(listen) to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming and reading. ② Dr. Yuan was born in Beijing in 1930. 1_______ he graduated from Southwest Agricultural College in 1953, he has devoted his life to 2________(find) ways to grow more and more rice. As a young man, he saw the great need for increasing the rice output. At that time, hunger was 3_______ serious problem in many parts of the country. Dr. Yuan searched for a way 4_______(increase) rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. In 1950, Chinese farmers could only produce fifty million tons of rice. Last year, 5_________, nearly two hundred million tons of rice 6___________(produce). These increased harvests mean 7_________ 22% of the world’s people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. Dr. Yuan is now circulating his 8___________(know) in India, Vietnam and other less developed countries to increase their rice harvests. Thanks to his research, the Un is trying to rid the

world_ 9_______ hunger. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests 10_________(two) as large as before. ③ Yuan Longping, a Chinese scientist, was born in 1930.Professor Yuan graduated 61 Southwest Agricultural College in 1953 and since research and made remarkable 65 62 he has devoted 64 63 to 66 agricultural education and research .Professor Yuan was a pioneer hybrid rice

( achievement ) in this area , first

(develop)hybrid rice in the world. The achievements of Yuan Longping greatly solved the food shortage,and provided a solution 67 the worldwide starvation. It is regarded as the fifth

invention after China’s Four Major Inventions , and is acclaimed as the Second Green Revolution. Yuan Longping was the first person technology 69 68 (develop) hybrid rice.The new

(test) in many areas of South China in 1974 and 1975,and then 70 is capable of producing

extended to the other areas. China became the first country of hybrid rice. This earned him the title “Father of Hybrid Rice”.

hybrid rice. Yuan Longping is the first scientist who successfully realized largescale farming

④ Over the past half century, using chemical fertilizers 1_______________(become) very common in farming. However, long-term use of these fertilizers can cause damage 2_______ the land. Chemicals can get inside the crops and can not be washed 3________. These chemicals in the food supply build 4________ in people bodies over time. Many of these chemicals can lead 5______ cancer or other 6_____________. In addition, fruit, vegetables and other food grown with chemical fertilizers may look beautiful but may not be full of nutrition. With these discoveries, many farmers are beginning 7____________(turn) to organic farming. They focus 8________ keeping their soil rich and free 9________ disease. They often change the kind of crop in each field 10_________ few years. Unit 3 A taste of English humour ①Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor family and showed 1______ astonishing talent as a performer, 2_______(fortunate), his father died young, leaving his family even worse 3_______. In his teens, he could act the fool 4_______(do) ordinary everyday tasks, 5_______ no one was bored watching. With time 6_______(go) by, Chaplin directed, produced and starred in a series of funny movies. The little tramp, 7_______ was a poor, homeless man with a moustache, large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat, was one of the most famous parts he had ever played and this character made Charlie well 8_______(know) throughout the world. In 1972, he was given a special Oscar 9______ his outstanding work in films. He 10________( love) and remembered as a great actor who inspire people with great confidence. ②Charlie Chaplin was a 1__________(humour) actor. He astonished us 2_________ humorous feelings he inspired in us. Born in poverty, he 3__________(become) famous by

using a particular form of acting in entertaining silent movies. He was 4_________ charming character, being well known throughout the world. He played a poor and homeless person, 5_________(wear) large trousers, carrying a walking stick. The character was a social failure in the movies, 6________ he was loved by all the people. By making a sad situation entertaining, he made us happy and excited. In the film “The Gold Rush”, people rushed to California, 7_________ gold was discovered, 8__________(hope) to pick up gold. Charlie Chaplin produced, directed and wrote the movies 9________ he starred in. He was given a special Oscar in 1972 10_________ his lifetime outstanding work of bring humour to us. Unit 4 Body language ①We went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year ’s international students. After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive, I saw several young people enter the waiting area 1________(look) around curiously. I stood for a minute 2______(watch) them and then went to greet them. The first person 3________(arrive) was Tony Garcia from Colombia, Julia Smith from Britain 4___________(follow) him. After I introduced them to each other, I was surprised to see Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on 5_______ cheek while Julia stepped back 6_______(appear) surprised and put up her hand, as if in defence. I guessed that there was probably a major 7______________(understand). Then Akira from Japan came in smiling, together with George from Canada. As they were introduced, George reached his hand 8______ to the Japanese student. Just at that moment, 9__________, Akira bowed so his nose touched George’s moving hand. They both apologized----another 10___________(culture) mistake. ②Yesterday I was sent to meet business people at Xinzheng Airport. They are visitors 1________ from several countries, who are interested in the development of Xinmi. They met 2________ local business people and people 3_________ represent the government. This was an 4___________(excite) experience for me, 5_______ I stood watching and listening. The first person to arrive was Mr. Garcia from Columbia, closely 6___________(follow) by Julia Smith from Britain. I introduced them to each other, and was 7_________(surprise) by 8________ I saw. Mr. Garcia approached Mrs. Smith, 9_________(touch) her shoulder and kissed her on 10________ cheek. ③Body language is one of the most powerful means of communication. It is possible to “read” others around us, 1________ many gestures and actions are universal. The most universal 2_______(face)expression is, of course, the smile----its function is to show 3________ (happy) and put people 4_______ ease. From the time we are babies, we show unhappiness or 5________ (angry) by frowning. Making a fist and shaking it means that someone is angry and 6____________(threaten) another person. Nodding the head 7_______ and down is used for agreement almost worldwide 8________ shaking the head from side to side means disagreement or 9___________(refuse). Although we can often be wrong 10_________ each other, we can still understand each other.

Unit 5 Theme parks ①There are 1__________(variety) kinds of theme parks in the world with a specific theme for each. The theme park you are most familiar 2________ is Disneyland, 3________ will bring you into a magical world and make your dreams come true. You can not only meet your favorite Disney cartoon characters but also enjoy exciting rides, 4_________ swinging ships to freefall drops. Dolleywood shows 5_________ celebrates America’s traditional southeastern culture. For example, people come from all over America 6___________(see) carpenters and other craftsmen make wood, glass and iron objects in the old-fashioned style. If you want to experience the ancient days and great deeds 7________ English Knights and ladies, princes and queens, then English Camelot Park is 8.________ place for you. When 9_________ enter Camelot Park, you feel like 10_________(enter) a world of fantasy about ancient England. passage 2 ②There are various kinds of theme parks 1____________ the ones 2__________(concern) with culture, science and history. 3__________ all the theme parks, Disneyland is one 4________ you are probably most familiar with. It will bring you into a magical world. No wonder tourism is increasing 5__________ there is a Disneyland. One of the most unique theme parks in the world is Dollywood, 6________ the main attraction is its culture. Come to Dollywood to have fun 7_________(learn) about America’s historical southeastern culture! If you go into England’s Camelot Park, you can experience the ancient days of England. Every area of the park 8___________(model) after life in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. If you want to see fighting with swords or on horseback, the jousting area is a good place 9________ (visit). 10__________(enter) a world of fantasy about ancient England, come to Camelot Park!


Book 4 Unit One Women of achievement ①1. understand 2. like 3. observing 4. with 5. about 6. up 7. where 8. safely 9. what 10. who ② 1. called 2. in 3. chosen 4. to follow 5. sickness 6. for 7. if 8. that 9. What 10. to Unit 2 Working the land ①1. As 2. increasing 3. disturbing 4. to increase 5. it 6. more 7. to 8. of 9. has struggled 10. listening ②1. Since 2. finding 3. a 4. to increase 5. however 6. was produced 7. that 8. knowledge 9. of 10. twice ③1.from 2then 3.himself 4.in 5.achievements 6.developing 7.to8.to develop 9.was tested 10.that ④1. has become 2. to 3. off 4. up 5. to 6. diseases 7. to turn 8. on 9. of/from 10. every Unit 3 A taste of English humour ①1. an 2. Unfortunately 3. off 4. doing 5. whom 6. going 7. who 8. known 9. for 10. is loved ②1. humorous 2, with 3. became 4. a 5. wearing 6. but 7. where 8. hoping 9. that/which 10. for Unit 4 Body language ①1. looking 2. watching 3. to arrive 4. following 5. the 6. appearing 7. misunderstanding 8. out 9. however 10. cultural ②1. coming 2. with 3. who 4. exciting 5. so 6. followed 7. surprised 8. what 9. touched 10. the ③1. as/since 2. facial 3. happiness 4. at 5. anger 6. threatening 7. up 8. while 9. refusal 10. about Unit 5 Theme parks ①1. various 2. with 3. which 4. from 5. and 6. to see 7. of 8. the 9. you 10. entering ② 1. including 2. concerned 3. Among/Of 4. that 5. wherever/where 6. where 7. learning 8. is modeled 9. to visit 10. To enter


①近年来,随着电脑和手机的逐步流行,人们用手写字的机会大大减少,很多人都 有提笔忘字的经历。最近某英语学习论坛发出帖子,邀请网友以 What is the best way to protect Chinese characters 为题,针对如何保护汉字提出合理的建议,内容包括:1. 现代 媒体对我们的影响;2. 保护汉字的迫切性;3. 提出保护汉字的建议,如:记日记、写读 书笔记,摘抄名言等。 As computers and mobile phones become increasingly popular, many people prefer to send text messages or talk online. As a result they forget how to write Chinese characters when writing with pens. As a Chinese, it’s important to protect the Chinese characters in order to keep the traditional culture alive. Here are some tips: Firstly, we’d better form the habit of keeping a diary every day. Secondly, we should read some books and make notes. Thirdly, it’s a good idea to copy famous sayings in our daily life. Besides, we can watch some TV programs such as The Hero of Chinese Characters to know more about Chinese characters and culture. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect Chinese characters. Let’s take action from now on. ②假定你是高一学生李华,学校决定举办一场以“中国梦-----我的梦”为题的英语演 讲比赛。请根据以下提示用英语写一篇演讲稿。要点如下:1. 十年后你想干什么; 2. 说 明拥有这个梦想的理由;3. 如何实现你的梦想。 Dear fellow students, I’m Li Hua from Senior Grade One. I’m so pleased to share my dream with you here. My dream is to be an English teacher in a rural middle school. As is known, English is very important and it helps us learn much about the world, but the fact is that many rural middle schools are quite short of excellent teachers, which has brought bad effects on children’s studies. To realize my dream, I should focus on study at school so that I can go to college and then continue a further study abroad. Thus, I will learn about foreign countries and improve my English. Of course, when I’m sure that I’m a qualified teacher, I will return to devote myself to English teaching. That’s all. Thank you. ③良好的师生关系有助于高中生的学习和生活。假如你叫李华,正参加学校组织的 以 My opinion on the good relationship between teachers and students 为主题的演讲比赛,请 你根据以下提示写一篇演讲稿。1. 表明自己对建立良好师生关系的看法;2. 结合滋生经 历进一步阐明自己的观点;3. 就如何建立良好的师生关系提出自己的看法。 It’s obvious that a good relationship between teachers and students plays an important part in our school life. As for me, I get along well with my teachers. Whenever I’m in the face of trouble, I’d like to seek advice from my teachers. With their help, I have learned more and benefited a lot. Therefore, forming a good relationship between teachers and students is very necessary

As far as I’m concerned, the most important thing is that we should try our best to understand each other. As students, we should respect our teachers. Meanwhile, teachers ought to be easygoing as well as patient to students. In addition, students are supposed to take an active part in each class to cooperate with their teachers. In a word, I hope students and teachers can be in harmony with each other.


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