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assist v.

根据语境猜词义 (1) We asked him to assist us in designing a new bridge. A (2) She refused to assist at the reception for reasons unknown. B 根据语义找匹配 A. 帮助, 协助

B. 参加,出席

After school, I often (1) _______ monitor to

close the windows as well as the lights
in the classroom. Besides, I sometimes (2)__________ her__________ her maths. Of course, she is also a kind girl who often lends (3) __________ to her classmates. Whenever anyone is in trouble , she is always ready to come to his or her (4)__________.

concentrate v.
根据语境猜词义 (1) I can't concentrate on my studies with all

that noise going on.
(2) Our population is concentrated in the big B

根据语义找匹配 A. 集中;聚集 B. 专注,专心;集中注意力



focus / fix one's attention on put one's mind / heart in apply oneself / one's mind to be absorbed in…; be lost in; devote oneself to sth. / doing sth.



The tennis players need total (1) _______
during play. Unless (2) __________ on the ball. game, they are easily beaten. But sometimes they are too (3)_______to hit the

acquire v. (1) The museum has just acquired a famous
painting by Pablo Picasso. (2) This beer isn't bad; I'm beginning to acquire a taste for it.

(3) I look on it as an opportunity to acquire
fresh skills. A. 取得,获得

B. 学会,养成
C. 喜欢

活用 用acquire / obtain / get / gain / win /

acquire a good (1) We must work hard to _______ knowledge of English. (2) I _____ a letter from my parents got yesterday.

(3) I hope that you will _________ gain / win greater success soon. (4) obtained He ________ experience through

(5) He soon __________ gain / win a reputation for himself after4-year hard-working. (6) Graduates are supposed to _____ earn their bread after graduation. (7) He is a skilled player so it's hard to win the game. ______

assess v.
根据语境猜词义 (1) We tried to assess his suitability for the job.

(2) She look at the house and assess its A
market value.

A. 估价,估计

B. 评价,评定

短语 assess sb. / sth. 评价、评估某人 / 事

assess sth. at 链接


make an assessment of

assessment n. 评定;估价


the price of housing is getting

higher and higher. Before we buy a house, assessed we must have the house (1) __________.

Some agencies, which has the right to
make an (2) assessment _____________ of the house,

get used to assessing (3) __________ a house ______ at a low price so that the buyer can pay less taxes.

inform v.
根据语境猜词义 (1) I informed him that I would not be able to attend.

(2) If you see anything suspicious, inform the police at once. B

A. 通知, 告知 B. 向……报告, 告发



My boss is on business. Before leaving,

he asked me to pay attention to the latest
(1) __________ about the new product

iPhone. It's said that Jenny is well (2)
__________(消息灵通) and one of my tasks

was to keep him (3) __________ if Jenny
calls me.

demand n. & v. 根据语境猜词义 (1) She demanded to know what was happening. B (2) The supply of vegetables falls short of demand this year. A (3) “What is that ? ” the policeman demanded. C A. 需要,需求(n.) B. 要求,请求(v.) C. 查问,盘诘(v.)



(1) Medical workers are __________ great demand in the earthquake -

stricken areas.
(2) Is there any demand __________

teachers in this city?

approve v. 根据语境猜词义

(1) I'm afraid your parents won't approve of your going there. A (2) The city council approved the building plans. B
根据语义找匹配 A. 赞成,同意;赞许 B. 批准;认可

Recently, the mayor (1) _________ the nonsmoking plan. Smoking (2) ________ (不被同意) in non-smoking area. Even at home, children have the right to (3) _______ (批准)their parents who want to smoke. Only (4) _______(经……的 批准) the family , one can smoke at home. Hearing the news, I said I fully agreed (5) _________ this plan and my husband totally agreed (6) _________ me (7) __________ the matter of smoking. What good news it is!

⑩ approve v.
活用 运用approve的各种用法完成下面的情景

答案 (1) approved (2) is not approved of

(3) give their approval to
(4) with the approval of

(5) to

(6) with

(7) on

accuse v. 根据语境猜词义 (1) She accused him of stealing her watch. B (2) Man often accuses nature for his own misfortunes. A 根据语义找匹配 A. 指责,把……归咎 B. 指控,控告



He ____________ was accused of murder. (2)我们控告他受贿。 We ____________ accused him of taking bribes. (3)人类常把自身的不幸归罪于天。 Man often ________ accuses nature for his own misfortunes.



to help (1) He depends on you _____ _______ _______. him

on the ________ weather (2) It ________ ______ depends _____ _______ whether we can go out for a picnic.


② ahead of
根据语境猜词义 (1) The work was done ahead of time. C (2) He is always ahead of the age. A

(3) He's a head of me in English. B
根据语义找匹配 A. 指时间或空间的,“在……之前” B. “比……强 (高)” (主要用作表语) C. 提前,提早

I finished a project several days (1) ahead of the deadline and (2) ahead of me lay a tougher construction project, so I went shopping with my best friend to have a good rest before starting the tougher project. A young boy at the age of 5 (3) walked ahead of us, talking to his mother about his life in the future. His ideas were way (4) ahead of his time.

①Not only am I interested in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to

update my skills. (P26)


观察下列例句 (1) Not only do the nurses want a pay increase, but

they also want reduced hours.
(2) Not only was Lu Xun a great writer, but he was

also a great thinker.

归纳 句 中 not only…but also连接两个并列句时否 定词 not 位于句首,因而前一分句应使用倒装语

not only…but also除了连接两个并列句以外,

接两个主语时,谓语依据就近原则和最近的那个 主语保持一致。

Not only the students but also the head teacher was late for the lecture. My chemistry teacher can speak not only

Englih but also Japanese.
His youngest daughter was not only clever but also diligent. 注意:not only … but also中的also可以省略,而 且but also可以用 but…as well替换。

(1) 否定词never,seldom,hardly,scarcely(几

乎 不 ),rarely (几乎不),little,not,nowhere,by
no means (决不),at no time(任何时候都不),on no account ( 决不 ) , neither , nor( 也不 ) 等放在句首时, 句子常用部分倒装。

(2) 具有否定意义的连词如not only…but also,

no sooner…than(一……就),hardly…when(一……
就),not until…(直到……时候)位于句首时前一部

分 使 用 倒 装 结 构。注 意 no sooner … than … ;
hardly…when…的时态, 即:no sooner / hardly 部 分用过去完成时had done, 从句than…和when…用 过去时态did。

活用 改正下面句子中的错误 (1) True friends share not our joys but also our sorrows. (2) Not only you but also he are wrong. (3) Not only has he heard of the film, but also has he seen it twice. (4) Hardly had I got to the bus stop when the bus had started. (5) Not until did she speak, had I realized she was foreign.



(1)在not后加only (2) 把are 改为 is (3) 把also 后的has he 改为 he has (4) 将when从句中的had 去掉

(5) 把did she speak 改为 she spoke

②This is how the story goes. (P26)
这就是故事的发展。 在主系表结构中,如果表语部分是由一个句子 充当的,那么这个充当表语的句子就是表语从句。 表语从句属于名词性从句的一种,它使用陈述句语 序,它 的连词除了 how 以外还有 that, what , who, when, where, which, why, whether, as if / though 和 because。特别注意的是表语从句中的 that不可以省 略,在句中没有含义,不充当成分。

活用 单项填空 (1) — I serve three meals every day and do almost everything for him, but he still fails me. — I'm sorry to say that's ______ C you are mistaken. A. how B. what C. where D. which

C to take the place of Ted. (2) The problem is ______ A. who can we get B. what we can get C. who we can get D. that we can get



(3) She looked ______ D she were ten years younger.

A. that
C. as

B. like
D. as though

C it was ten (4) My idea of a university is still ______ years ago, a center of cultural life and a resource for the entire community. A. whether B. how C. what D. which

③ So we arranged an interview between the footballer and the man supposed to bribe him. (P26) 因 此 我 们 安排了足球运动员和那个被认为要


过去分词作定语常用来表示一个被动的、已 完成的动作 。单个过去分词作定语时大都放在被 修饰的词语之前 ,过去分词短语作定语时一般放 在被修饰的词语之后 。过去分词所表示的动词和 其所修饰的名词之间是被动关系。 有些 不及物动词的过去分词表示动作已经发

生,而没有被动的含义。如:gone, fallen, retired,
grown-up, escaped, faded, returned。

例: a well-read person一个读过许多书的人
a much-travelled man一个去过许多地方的人 a burnt-out match烧完了的火柴

链接 be supposed to do 应该做,理应做…… be supposed to have done

supposing conj. 如果(可以引导从句,相当于if)

I suppose so / not.
我认为是这样吧 / 不是这样的。 (表示赞同 / 不 同意对方的观点)



(1) His father is _________________. (一个有经验

(2) ________________ (大多数被邀请参加会议的

人) were my old friends.

(1) an experienced English teacher
(2) Most of the people invited to the conference

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