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英语必修4 复习 (重点句子+短语)

一、单词识记 写出下列英语单词或单词的汉语意思。 1. __________ vt. to give birth to a baby deliver argue 2. __________ vt. & vi. to disagree in words 3. __________ n. 学会,学院 institute 4. __________ vi. to mention or speak about refer 5. __________ vt.& n. 尊敬,尊重 respect 6. __________ n. 巢;窝 nest shade 7. __________ n. 荫(凉处);vt. 遮住光线 support 8. __________ n. & vt. 支持;拥护 9. __________ n. 人群;群众 vt. 挤满;使拥挤 crowd 10. _________ vt. 计划;打算 intend

11. audience n. 12. organization n. 13. outspoken adj. 14. worthwhile adj. 15. connection n. 16. campaign vi. 17. entertainment n. 18. considerate adj. 19. achievement n. 20. observation n.

_________________ 观众;听众;读者 _________________ 组织;机构;团体 _________________ 直言的;坦诚的 _________________ 值得(做)的 _________________ 连接;关系 _________________ 作战;参加运动 _________________ 款待;娱乐(表演) _________________ 考虑周到的 成就;功绩 _________________ 观察;观测 _________________

? 1.尽可能…地 ? 2.同意做某事 ? 3.诺贝尔和平奖 ? 4.同意某人做某事 ? 5.为反对…而战, ? 跟…斗争 ? 6.考虑做某事 ? 7.意味着做某事 ? 8.离开;起程;出发 ? 9.过着…的生活 ? 10.涌上心头,涌入脑海。 11.进行研究 12.偶然地 13.偶然遇到 14.降低死亡率 15.打算给…的,打算作…用的

as…as possible agree to do sth. the Nobel Peace Prize agree with sb. fight against consider doing sth. mean doing move off lead a … life crowd in do some research on by chance come across cut the death rate be intended for

16.在那时 17.仅次于 18.一个又一个故事 19.蔑视:瞧不起 20.继续,坚持 21.确定,确认 22.直到现在 23.献身于,投身于 24.属于某人自己的 25.也,又 26.查阅,参考,谈判 27.人类 28.与某人争论 29.争论有关…事情

at that time second to story after story look down upon carry on make sure by now devote … to of one’s own as well as refer to human being argue with sb. argue about sth.

shade 1.Everybody sits and waits in the _______ (树 荫)of the trees while the family begins to Wake _____and _____ _____ move off _____ up (睡醒) (离开)

2.For forty years Jane Goodall has been _______ outspoken (呼吁)about making the rest of the world understand andrespect ________ the life of these animals. (尊重)

has argued 3.She ____ ______(主张)that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment ____________(娱乐)or advertisements.

Leading a 4.She is _______ ___busy ____ but she says. life (他的生活是忙忙碌碌的) 5.However, the evening makes ___ all ______ it worthwhile __________(这一切都是值得的)

6.We realize that thebond (联系)between _____ members of a chimp family is as strong as ___ ________ ____in a human family. (一样紧密) 7.____ chance I _______ ________an By _______ came across (很偶然地) (看到) article about a doctor called Lin Qiaozhi, a specialist __________(专家) in women’s diseases.

后来使她成功的是她对所有病人献出的爱心和体贴 what 8. _______ made her succeed later on was the kindness _________and _______________ she showed consideration to all her patients. 为什么不像林巧稚那样去读医学院,继续她的事业呢? Why not 9._____ _____ study at medical college like Lin Qinaozhi and carry on ______,_____her good work?

story after story 10.There was _______ _______ _______(数不胜 数的故事) of how Lin Qiaozhi , tired after a day’s work , went late at night to who (接生)a _____ baby for a poor family _____ (这些家庭)could deliver not pay her.

generation 11.That was a _________ (在那个年代)when second girls’ education was always placed _______ _____(排在…之后)boy’s


一、单词识记 根据提示写出下列英语单词或汉语意思。 1. ____________ n. 饥饿;欲望 v. (使)饥渴,渴望 hunger 2. ____________adj.晒黑的 sunburnt 3.____________ v.斗争,拼搏,努力 struggle 4.____________ adj. 令人不安的 disturbing expand 5.____________ vt.& vi.使变大;伸展 6.____________ n. 自由,自主 freedom 7.____________ adv. and for that reason therefore 8.____________ v. 使迷惑,使为难 puzzle 9.____________ n. 遗憾,惋惜 v.遗憾,懊悔 regret 10.___________ v. 减少,减缩 reduce

11.statistic n. 12.circulate v. 13. battle n. 14. equip v. 15. occupation n. 16. chemical adj. 17. bacteria n. 18. nutrition n. 19. comment n. v. 20. root n.

_______________ 统计,数据 _______________ 循环 _______________ 战争,战役 ________________ 装备 ________________ 职业 ________________ 化学的 ________________ 细菌 ________________ 营养 ________________ 评论 ________________ 发表评论 ________________ 根源

? 1.为…而奋斗 ? 2.毕业于 ? 3.装备良好 ? 4.多亏,由于 ? 5.发展中国家 ? 6.过着舒适的生活 ? 7.坚持做某事 ? 8.适合于… ? 9.以…为食 ? 10.轮流做某事 11.根据,按照 12.聚集,集中 13.因为,由于

struggle for / fight for graduate from be well equipped thanks to developing countries lead a comfortable life insist on doing sth. be suitable for feed on take turns to do sth. according to focus on because of

14.导致 15.需要 16.摆脱 17.梦想 18.在将来 19.试验 20.建立,增强 21.出售,待售 22.富含;在某一方面很丰富 23.使…免受 24.更喜欢做某事 25.对…感到满意 26.宁愿,宁可

lead to in need of get rid of dream of in the future try out build up for sale be rich in keep free from/of prefer doing be satisfied with would rather

sunburnt 1.Indeed , his _________ (晒黑的)face and arms and his slim , strong body are just like _____ (那些)of millions ______(千百万) those of Chinese farmers , ___ _____(he has for whom struggled for the past five ________.(过 decades 去50年来,他一直在努力帮助他们)

2.Dr Yuan Long Ping grows ____ is called what super ______ hybrid rice.


3.This special strain of rice makes __ ______ _____ it possible crop to produce ________ more of the ____ in one–third the same fields.

hunger 4.At that time , ______(饥荒)was a ________(严重的) problem in many disturbing parts of the countryside.

5.Dr Yuan searched ____(寻求)a way to _______ for increase rice harvests without expanding __________ (增加)the area of the fields.
由于他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中有 了更多的方法

Thanks to 6.______ ___ his research , the UN has rid more tools in the _____ to ___ the world battle of ____ hunger.

is 7.Dr Yuan ___ quite satisfied ____his life. _______ with (对……满足)


would rather 8.He ______ much ______ keep time for ____ his hobbies.

9.He therefore (于是)gives millions of _______ equip for yuan to _____ others ____ their research in agriculture(帮助)

big 10.Each ear of rice was as ____(大) as an ear of corn and each _____ (稻谷)of grain rice was as______ (大)as a peanut. huge

11.These chemicals in the food supply ______ _____ (堆积,增强)in people’s build up bodies ____ ______.(随着时间的推移) over time

12.Many of these chemicals can lead to _____ ____ (导致)cancer or other illnesses.


focus on keeping 13.They _______ _____ ________their soil rich and _____ _____disease. free of

keeps 14.This also _____ the air, soil ,water and crops ______ ______chemicals.(让…… free from 不受)

一、单词识记 根据提示写出下列英语单词或汉语意思。 1. ______________ n.表演者;演出者 performer 2. ______________ adj.平常的;普通的 ordinary 3. ______________ vt. & vi使欢乐;款待 entertain 4. ______________ adj.迷人的;有魅力的 charming 5. ______________ vt. & vi.战胜;克服 overcome 6. ______________ vt.使信服 convince 7. _________________ adj.突出的;显著的 outstanding 8. ______________ n.姿态;手势vi.做手势 gesture 9. ______________ adj.特殊的; 特别的;挑剔的 particular

10. ______________ n.脏或乱的状态 mess
11. ______________ n.解释;讲解;说明 explanation 12. ______________ v.i作出反应; 回应 react 13. ______________ vt.使发笑; 使愉快 amuse 14. ______________ n.& v (使)滑动;幻灯片 slide

failure 15. ______________ n.失败
16. ______________ n. 信心;信念 confidence 17. ______________ adj.醉的 drunk 18. ______________ prep.遍及;贯穿 throughout adv.到处;始终;全部

? 1.(计划)失败;毫无结果;跌 fall down 倒 feel/be content with ? 2.对…满足 badly off ? 3.穷的;缺少的 knock into sb. ? 4.撞到某人身上 break down ? 5.崩溃;抛锚 be kind to ? 6.对…友好,和蔼 be famous for ? 7.以…而闻名 pick out ? 8.挑出;辨别出 cut off ? 9.断绝;切断 ? 10.作为…的结果 as a result of ? 11.因…而生气 be angry about 12.在…的边缘 on the edge of 13.(灾难,战争等)爆发, break out 突然发生

14.突然…起来,突然发作 15.处理,对付 16.对…评价很高 17.去野营 18.五星红旗 19.被认为是 20.出现,调大 21.取笑 22.分发;耗尽 23.同样长度的 24.产生,引起 25.直到现在 26.担任主角;主演

burst into deal with think well / highly of go camping five-star red flag be considered as turn up make fun of give out of the same length bring about up to now star in

Langhter 1.As victor Hugo once said , “_______ (笑 容)is the sun that ______(驱走) winter drives up to now from the human face ”,and ___ ___ _____ (直到今天)nobody has been able to do better this ______ (更好)than Charlie Chaplin.
2.He made people laugh at a time when ____ (在 …… 时候) they felt depressed, so feel ____ (于是)they could ____ more content with _______ ______ (对…感到比较满足) their lives.


Unfortunately leaving 3. ___________ his father died, ______ the family even ______ ______ worse off

bored _______ 4.No one was ever _____ watching (无聊 观看)him ---- his subtle _____ (表演) acting made everything entertaining _________.(滑稽可笑)

picks out 5.Charlie first ______ _____(挑出)the laces and eats them ___ ___(好像)they as if were ______ (是)spaghetti.

cuts off 6.Then he ______ _____(切下来) the leather top of the shoe as if it were the finest steak.

so convincing 7.The acting is ___ _________(如此 说服 力)that it makes you believe _____(以 that 致于) it is one of the best meals he ____ has tasted ever______.(吃)

directed 8.Charlie Chaplin wrote, ________ (自导) starred in and produced the films he _______ _____. (主演)

一、单词识记 根据提示写出下列英语单词或汉语意思。 adult 1. ___________ n. 成人,成年人 major 2. _________________ adj.&.n. 主要的 3. _________________ adj. eager to know or learn curious likely 4. _________________ adj. probable or expected; approach 5. _________________ n.&.v. come near/close to dash 6. _________________ vi. go somewhere very quickly 7. _________________ adj. wrong; not correct or true false misunderstand 8. ________________________ vt.误解;误会 represent 9. _______________________ vt.代表;象征 comedy 10. _____________________ n.喜剧

11.___________ n.&v. 姿态;手势 gesture spoken 12.___________ adj.口语的 13.___________vi. & vt. 拥抱 hug 14.___________n. 拳头 fist 15. association n. __________________ 社团;联系 16. dormitory n. __________________ 宿舍 17. canteen n. __________________ 食堂;餐厅 18. crossroad n. __________________ 十字路口 19. function n. __________________ 作用;功能 20. subjective adj. __________________ 主观的

? 1.也 ? 2.把…介绍给… ? 3.吻某人的脸颊 ? 4.调查 ? 5.英语口语 ? 6.总的来说,通常 ? 7.避免做某事 ? 8.靠近,接近 ? 9.保护 而不受 ? 10.环顾 11.给…留下印象


as well introduce … to kiss sb. on the cheek look into spoken English in general avoid doing sth. close to defend … against protect … from look around impress sb. with sth. impress sth. on sb. make a/an … impress

13.捡起,学会,用车接送, 好转 14. 对…的态度 15. 打算做某事 16.丢脸,丢面子 17.舒适,快活;自由自在 18.背对;背弃 19.而且,还有,和…一样好 20.与… 相似 21.误解 22.对…表示尊敬 23.目前,现在 24.用同样的方式 25.很可能…有希望……

pick up attitude to / towards intend to do / doing sth. lose one’s face at ease turn one’s back to as well as be similar to be wrong about show respect for at present in the same way be likely to

1.Yesterday,another student and I , __________ representing (代表)our university’s association student __________(学生会) ,…

2.We would take them first to their dormitories (宿舍)and then to the _________ canteen studen ________(食堂).

waiting for 3.After haf an hour of ______ _____(等候) flight their ______ (航班)to arrive , Isaw waiting several young people enter the ______ looking (等候区) area ________ around curiously __________ .(好奇地…张望)
approached 4.Tony __________ (走近)Julia , touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek ______ .(脸)

appearing 5.She stepped back _________ (看上去) surprised and ____ _____(举起) he put up as if defence hands , ___ ____ (好像)in ______(自 卫) .

6.I guessed that there was probably a major misunderstanding ________ _______________.(有个大的误 会)

7.When Darlene Coulon from France came ______ (匆忙走近)through the door , dashing she recognized(认出了)Tony Garcia’s ________ smiling (微笑的)face. ______
8. However, people from places like Spain Italy _____ ,_____ (西班牙,意大利)or approach south American countries _______ (靠近) others closely and _____are _______ more likely to _____(很可能)touch them.

In general 9.___ ________ ,(总的来说)though , _______(学习) international customs studying can certainly help avoid difficulties in crossroads today’s world of cultural ___________.(交 融) 10.The mose universal facial _____(面部的) expression is ,of course the smile--- its function ______(作用) is to show happiness and at ease put people _____ _____.(让人心静)

11.It does not always mean that we are truly ______(真的) happy , _________(然 however 而)…

false 12.Smile around the world can be _____ (假的) , hiding other feelings like anger _____ (生气), fear or worry.

13. There are unhappy smiles , _____ ____ such as (比如) when someone “____ ____”(丢 lose face 面子) and smiles to hide it.

14.In most places around the world , ________(皱眉) and frowning ______ one’s ____ to turning _____ back ___ (背对…)some one shows anger.

Being ________ 15._____ respectful (对…尊重)to people is ________(主观性的) , based ______(根据) subjective on each culture , but ___ ______(一般来 in general 说) it is probably not a good idea to give a hug _____ _____ ____(拥抱)to a boss or teacher

一、单词识记 根据提示写出下列英语单词或汉语意思。 1. ____________ 秋千;摇摆 vt. & vi. 摇摆;摆动 swing preserve 2. ____________ vt. 保存;保留 n. 保护区 3. ____________ n.许可;进入;接纳;承认 admission 4. ____________ vt. & vi.前进;促进;提前 advance 5. ____________ n.&v. 收费;掌管;控诉;充电 charge 6. ____________ n. the subject or main idea theme 7. ____________adj. 各种各类的 various 8._____________n. 幻想,怪念头 fantasy 9.______________n. anything that is living creature 10. _____________n. trademark brand

11. ____________ adj. 唯一的, 独特的 unique 12_____________ n. 长度;长 length 13_____________ n 吸引力的事物;吸引 attraction 14_____________ pron. 无论在什么地方;各处 wherever 15. minority n. _______________ 少数,少数民族 16. translator n. _______________ 翻译员,翻译 17. souvenir n. _______________ 纪念品 18. tournament n. _______________ 锦标赛,联赛 19.amusement n. _______________ 消遣,娱乐 20. brochure n. _______________ 小册子,指南

be famous for ? 1.以… 而闻名 run one’s farm ? 2.打理农场 be familiar with ? 3.对… 熟悉 be modelled after ? 4.根据…模仿;仿造 no wonder ? 5.难怪,不足为奇 fun and games ? 6.玩耍,嬉戏 wonder about sth. ? 7.对某事物感到好奇 in fun ? 8.取乐;非认真的 run through ? 9.穿过,传遍 run to sth. ? 10.达到(某一数额或规模) ? 11.参加 take part in 12.为…做准备 prepare for

13.面对面地 14.例如 15.为… 提供 16.与… 相比较 17.不但… 而且 18.靠近,接近 19.活跃起来 20.在…的前面 21.承认做(过)某事 22.提前

face to face for example provide … with compare with not only … but also get close to come to life in advance of admit doing sth. in advance

various 1.There are ______ (不同的)kinds of theme parks ,with a different park for almost everything: food , culture , science , cartoons (卡通)movies or history. _______,

are ______ for 2.Some parks ____ famous ____(因…而闻 名)having the biggest…

whatever Whichever 3.________ (不论哪一个) and _______ (不论什么)you like , there is a theme park for you !

wander 4.As you _______ (漫步)aroud the fantasy amusement ______ ________ (梦幻乐园)park you may see …

5.With all these _________ (引人入胜的东西), attractions ___ wonder _______ (难怪)(旅游业) no ______ tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland.

is _______ after 6.Every area of the park __ modelled ____ (按照…复制)life in the days of king Arthur and the Knights of the Round table.

get close to 7.Visitors can ____ ____ ____(接触) parts of the world they have never experienced, going (潜入)to the bottom ____ flying of the ocean , _____ (飞越)through the visiting jungle or _____ (参观)the edges of the solar system. 8.The amazing , up-to-date information together with many opportunities for hands-on learning makes the worle come ____ _____ (展现)in a completely new ____ to life way for visitors.

9.Classes or other large groups that let Futuroscop0e know their plans in advance __ ______ admission (提前)can get the group __________ (入场)rate.

1.His great a______ is to have made the players. (achievement) 2.There is a c______ between pollution and the death of trees. (connection) 3.I want you both to be on your best (behaviour) b______ at Grandad’s 4.Art classes help develop children’s powers of o_________ (observation) 5.The town provides a wide choice of e_____________ (entertainment)

6.It was very c_______ of you to let us know you were going to be late. (considerate) 7.I______ by the sunny weather, I decided to explore the woods. (Inspired) 8. I never i______ things to turn out the way they did. (intended) 9.It was o_____that 40 percent of patients had high blood pressure(高血压)after a serious operation. (observed)

10.She s______ her family by teaching evening classes. (supports) 11.I was late thanks _____(由于) to the traffic. 12.He wassatisfied _____with the result .(满意) 13.Please f______ your minds on the following problem (focus) content 14.She is quite ______ to stay at home looking after her children.(满足) 15.Ilike the style of her writing but I don’t like content the ______(内容)

16.They are too ______ off to have a bably holiday (贫困) character 17.She is a woman of good ______ (性格) failure 18.She said she was a _____ as a manager 19.The actress o______ her shyness and became a very good performer. (overcame) 20.Ididn’t find any of their arguments very convincing (信服) ________ 21.I heard them whispering to the other ________ sailors several times , but I did not suspect what they were planning (低语)

22.Oil prices r________ sharply to the news of the crisis in the Middle East .(反应) length 23.Some fish can grow to a _______ of 6 feet .(长度) (represent) 24.What does Y r______ in this equation. 25.They were brave in d______ (defence) 26.He is at e_____ about the matter.


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