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高中英语词组大全 高中英语词组大全

A a (large) number of a bit 一点儿 一块 一瓶 许多 大量(的) ;非常多(的) 很多的, 非常多的 许多

a block of a bottle of a few

a good/great deal of a great/good many a group of a little a lot of/lots of a pair of a piece of a pile of

一群,一组 许多 许多 一双,一对 一片(张,块) 一堆 名胜

a place of interest a set of a sort of a type of a waste of above all 一套 一种

一种类型的 白费; 浪费 首先;首要 根据...

according to


act as add up to add... to

充当;作;起......的作用 加起来是 把.....加到......上 承认做过某事

admit doing sth

advise doing sth 建议做某事 advise sb. against doing sth advise sb not to do sth advise sb to do sth afford to do 建议(劝)某人不要做某事 建议(劝)某人不要做某事 建议某人做某事

有经济条件做某事 不久以后

after a (short) while after all


after graduation 毕业以后 again and again agree on 反复地;再三地

商定;决定;达成共识 同意做某事 同意(计划或建议)

agree to do sth agree to sth

agree with sb/what sb does 同意某人的意见 all along 一直,始终 整日整夜

all day and all night all kinds of all night

各种各样的 整夜 突然,冷不防

all of a sudden


all one's life all over


到处,遍及?,浑身,结束 遍及全国

all over the country all right all round all sorts of all the best all the same all the year round all through allow into allow doing allow sb to do and so on

好吧,行吧,病好了 周围,遍及四周 各种各样的 万事如意 一样,照样,完全一样 一年到头 自始至终 允许进入 允许做某事 允许某人做某事 等等

answer for 对......负责 apply for 申请... arrive at /in 到达某地 as a matter of fact as a result(of) 结果 事实上;其实

as if/though 好象;好似 as many/much as as soon as 多达......



as usual as well

象往常一样,照例 也;有

as......as 像;如同 as/so far as 一直到? (程度) ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 ask?for at (the) most at (the)least 询问;向......要 至多 至少

at a high price 以高价...... at a time at all 每次;一次 全然,究竟,到底 早餐时;正吃早饭

at breakfast

at first hand 第一手地,直接地 at first 起先;开端 at hand 在手边,在近处 at home and abroad at home 在家里 at night at noon at once at one time at present 在夜晚,在夜里 在中午 立刻,马上 以前;曾经 现在;目前 国内外


at sea


at someone’s hands 出自某人之手,因为某人 at the age of 在......岁时 在......的开始

at the beginning of at the end of at the foot of at the latest at the mercy of at the same time

最后;尽头 在?.的脚下 最迟;至迟 在......支配下 同时

at the school gate / at the gate of the school 在学校门口 at the time of 在......的时候 at the top of one's voice at work B be able to do sth be about to be afraid of be against be angry at sth (有能力)做某事 高声地喊叫


即将 害怕 反对 对某事生气 愤怒,生某人的 为......担心,焦急

be angry with sb be anxious about /for

be away from 远离......


be bad at

在......弱,差 忙于做?? 忙于...... 当心,小心

be busy doing sth be busy with sth be careful (of)

be covered with/by 为......所覆盖 be different from be famous as be famous for 与......不同

作为......著名 因......而著名

be far away from 远离? be filled with be fit for 适合 be fond of be for 爱好;喜爱 支持 随意做某事 用......装满

be free to do sth

be friendly to sb 对?友好的 be full of be good at 充满...... 在......擅长,善于? 与......相爱

be in love with

be in the habit of doing 有做?的习惯 be late for be made from /of be made in 迟到 由...... 制成 由??(产地)制造


be made up of


be of great help 对?很有帮助 be on fire be on holiday be on show 在......着火 在假期中 展览

be poor in 在......差 be popular with sb be prepared for be proud of be ready (for) be rich in 深受......欢迎 为??做好准备

为......而自豪 为??做好准备

在......充足;富含..... 对??感到满意

be satisfied/content with be seated 坐下;坐着

be strict with(in) be sure about/of be terrified at


确信;有把握 被??吓一跳 厌倦做某事 因......感到厌倦 被撕开 不合适,不称职,不胜任 ...... 被用来作某事 sth 习惯做某事

be tired of sth/doing sth be tired with/from be torn open be unfit for be used to do

be used to sth/doing


be weak in/at 在......弱 be worth doing be wrong with 值得做...... 出毛病,不对头

beat?to death 把.....打死 because of before long 因为;由于 不久

beg one's pardon 企求 begin?with believe in belong to 从......开始 信任,信仰 属于

beyond help 不可挽救的 beyond hope 没有希望的 blow away 刮走;吹走 break away from 脱离......

break down 分解,机器等坏了;身体跨了 break in break into break off break out break the law 插话;强行进入 闯入 打断;折段 爆发,突然发生 违法,犯法

break the habit of doing 改掉?的习惯 break the rule 违反规定


break up break with bring down bring in bring on

分解,腐蚀,驱散 与......断绝关系 使到下;降低 引来,引进;吸收 使前进

bring out 说明,阐明 bring up burn down 教育;培养;提出 把......烧成平地;烧光 把......烧成平地

burn...to the ground by accident 偶然

by air 乘飞机 by and by by day 不久,不久以后 日间;白天里

by far 很,极 by hand 手工地 by means of by mistake by sea 通过这种方式 由疏忽所致

乘船 乘宇宙飞船 在结束之前 在......附近 顺便说

by spaceship by the end of by the side of by the way


by this means by turns C call at some place call back call for call in



访问某地 回电话

去取(某物) 去接(某人) ; ;要求,需求 召集 号召某人做某事 拜访某人 着急,大声叫 给某人打电话

call on sb to do sth call on(upon) sb call out call sb up

can’t help doing 情不自禁的做? care for 喜欢;想要

carry away 冲掉;冲走 carry off carry on carry out carry through catch/take a cold catch fire catch hold of catch sight of 夺走 进行 实行,执行,贯彻 进行到底,完成 着凉,感冒 着火 抓住,抓牢 望见


catch up with sb change for 换成 change one's mind change...into clear away clear up collect money for come about come across come along come back



把......变成 把......清除掉 整理;收拾 为......募捐 发生 碰到 快点,来吧 回来 苏醒,复活 下来,下降 来自 进来 形成,产生 从......离开;脱落 快些,加油 出版;开放 共计;达到 成为现实 走进,上前来

come back to life come down come from come in come into being come off come on come out come to come true come up


compare with compare to connect to connect with

把......和......进行比较 与......相比 把...... 接到...... 与......相连 考路做某事 认为......;把某人看做?

consider doing sth consider sb as/to be cut off cut through cut up D date back to 追溯到 date from day after day 切碎 切断 剪断

起始于;追溯到 日复一日地

day and night=night and day 日日夜夜 deal with 对付;处理 决定做某事

decide to do sth depend on devote to die from die of

依赖;靠 ......决定 把......献于;把......用于 死于(外因)..... 死于(内因).....

die out 灭绝 divide into 分成


do a good deed 对某人做了一件好事 do fine do good do harm 赶得好 有好处 有害处

do one’s homework 做家庭作业 do one's best 尽力

do sb a favour / do a favour for sb 帮某人一个忙 do sb good / do good to sb 对某人有好处 do some cleaning/cooking/washing/shopping 打扫卫生/做饭/洗衣服/买东西 do up 收拾,打扮;包装

do well in 在......做的好 do with do wrong dozens of dream of 处理 做坏事;犯罪 几十 向往;渴望;梦想

dress up 打扮 drive off drive sb mad 赶走 使某人发疯

drop in on sb 顺便拜访某人 drop in at some place E each other 彼此,互相 顺便拜访某地


earn one's living eat up 吃光


either...or? end in end up end with enjoy oneself even though/if ever since


以......结束,最后 告终 以......结束 过得愉快 尽管;即使

自那时起一直到现在 每隔几年

every few years

every other year 每隔一年 every two years F face to face 面对面 fail in doing sth 做某事失败 fail to do sth 没做成某事 fall asleep 入睡 fall behind 落后于 fall ill 生病 far away 遥远的 far from 远离? 每两年

feed on 以?为主食


feel free to do sth 觉得自己可以随意做某事 feel like doing sth 想要或喜欢做某事 feel one’s way 摸索着前进 fight about/over 因为?争吵 fight against ? 与?作斗争 fight back 抵抗, 反击 fight for ? 为? 而斗争 fight off 击退,竭力摆脱 fight on 继续战斗 fight out 通过争斗解决争论,平息不和 fill ? with? 用?把?装满 fill in 填充;填写 find out 查明;发现;了解 fire at 朝? 开枪 first of all 首先 fix a date for 确定?的日期 fix one’s eyes upon sth/sb 盯着?看 fix up 安排,安顿 for ever for example 永远 例如

for fear of/for 由于担心?,因为怕? for free 免费


for fun 为了消遣 for joy 高兴地 for the first time 第一次 form the habit of doing 养成做?的习惯 free of charge 免费 from ? to? 从 ? 到? from hand to mouth (生活来源)足够糊口的 from now on 从现在起,从此以后;今后 from the very first/beginning 从一开始,从最初 from then on 从那时开始 from time to time G general idea 大意 generally speaking 总的说来 get along ( with ) (与人)和睦相处; (事情)进展 get away 逃;离 get back 返回 get down to doing 开始认真做? get down 降下;下车 get hold of 抓住 get in one's way get in 进入;收集 妨碍某人 不时地


get into


get into trouble 陷入困境 get off 下车 get on get on with get out 上车 与某人相处 离开,出去

get sb into the habit of doing 使某人养成做?的习惯 get the feel of 习惯 get through 通过;打通(电话) get to get to know 到达 认识

get together 聚集 get up 起床 give /lend a hand to 帮忙,支援 give a concert give a talk give advice to sb give away 举行音乐会 作报告,演讲 给某人提建议


give back 归还,送还 give in 屈服;投降;让步 give lessons to 给?上课

give off 发散,放出 (液体,气体,气味等)


give out 发出 (声音等) 用完,耗尽 ; give sb some advice on how to do sth 给某人提出关于如何做某时的建议 give someone a free hand 放手让某人干 give up 放弃,抛弃,终止 glance at sth 匆匆看看 glare at 怒目而视 go after 追求,追逐 go against 违背,反对 go ahead 先走,先行;好吧 go along 继续,进行 go around / round (疾病) 传播 go away 离开 go back 回去 go by 经过;过去 go down 下降,降低 go fishing/shopping/skating/swimming (去)钓鱼/买东西/滑冰/游泳 go for a walk 出去散步 go for nothing 白费, 毫无用处 go for one’s holiday 去度假 go for 求得 go home 回家 go into 进入


go off for 出发去? go off 爆炸 go on doing sth 继续做同一件事 go on strike 举行罢工

go on to do sth 继续做另一件事 go on with one’s work 继续自己的工作 go out for a walk 出去散步

go out 出门, 外出; (火,灯)熄灭 go over 检查;复习 go through with 完成,做完 go through 遭受;经历;忍受 go to bed 上床睡觉 去看电影

go to the cinema go under 沉没 go up 上升,增长 go with 相配;协调

go without 没有?也行;将就 Good heavens! 天哪!

graduate from 毕业于 grow rich on ? 靠?变得富有 grow up 成年;长成大人;生长 H


had better 最好 half an hour 半小时 hand in hand 手拉手 hand in 交上;交进 hand out 分发 hand over 移交 ( 权力,责任等) hand sth down from generation to generation 把?一代一代传下去 have ( got ) to 不得不;必须 have a cold (患)伤风 have a fever 发烧 have a headache 头疼 have an idea of 知道? have breakfast 吃早饭 have sb do/doing 让某人做某事 have some/nothing to do with have sth done 和......有些(没有)关系


have sth on 穿着;戴着 head for 朝?前进,向?去 head off 把?引导别的方向去 hear about 得悉,听说 hear from 收到?的来信 hear of 听说


heart and soul 全心全意 help oneself to sth 自取;随便吃 help out 帮助克服困难,帮忙

help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 help to do 有助于 here and there 各处;到处 hold back 控制 (感情,眼泪等) hold down 压下,抑制 hold off 挡住 hold on (打电话时) 等着,别挂断 hold one's breath (由于激动、害怕等)不出气;并住呼吸 昂首,趾高气昂

hold one's head high hold out 提供,提出 hold up 举起

hold up one’s head 高昂着头 hope for the best 尽量望好处想 how far 多远 how long 多久 how many 多少 how much 多少 how often 多久 how old 多大


how soon 多久以后 human being 人

hurry up 赶紧;急忙 I in a hurry 匆忙地 in a minute in a short while in a word in all 不一会儿,立刻 不久

总之,简言之 总计,全部 共同 处于危险状态 用英语

in common in danger in English in fact 实际上

in favour of 支持,赞同 in fear of 在?恐惧中 in front of ? 在?的前面 in fun 开玩笑似的 in future 今后 in good health 身体健康 in half 一半 in need of in order 需要 按顺序,井然有序


in order that/to in other words in place of

为了 换句话说,也就是说 代替

in poor health 身体不好 in public in rags in search of in sight 当众,公开地 穿着破衣服 寻找,追求 在视野内,看得见

in someone’s/something’s favour 对?有利 in space in surprise in the day in the daytime 在空间 惊奇地 在白天 在白天

in the distance 在远处 in the distant future 在久远的将来 in the end 最后;终于

in the face of 面对?而不顾 in the front of ? 在?的前部 in the future 在将来 in the hope of sth 希望? in the near future 在不久的将来 in those days 在过去,在那些日子里


in time


instead of 代替;而不是 J join in 参加 join the army join up 连接起来 join?to? jump off jump onto just a minute 把?和?连接起来 跳下 跳到?上 等一会儿 参军

just now 刚才;不久以前 just then 正在那时 K keep (on) doing 继续;反复不断地做某事 keep ?out of? 使?不进入?

keep a certain distance 保持一定距离 keep a record (of sth.) 作记录 keep back 扣留 keep fit 保持身体健康 keep in touch with 与??保持距离 keep off 让开;不接近 keep one’s balance 保持平衡


keep one’s promise 遵守诺言 keep one’s word 守约;守信 keep sb doing sth 让某人不停地做某事 keep silence/silent keep up with 跟上 保持安静

keep up 保持;维持;继续 keep watch 守望,值班

keep?alive 存活 keep?away from? 使远离?? keep?from doing sth. 阻止做某事 keep?in mind 记住;想着 keep?out/ keep?out of? 不让??进入 key figure 关键人物 kick off 踢脱(鞋子等)

kick the habit of 改掉??的习惯 kiss sb. hello / goodbye 亲吻某人问好╱吻别 knock against 撞击 knock at / on(the door) 敲(门) knock down 撞倒 knock into 撞上 knock over 撞翻 knock?in/ knock?into? 把??敲进??


knock?off? 撞离 knock?out / knock?out of? 把??敲出来 know about / of 了解有关情况 L lack of? 缺少 last (for) 持续 last time laugh at 上次 嘲笑

lay eggs 下蛋;产卵 lay the table 摆设餐具 lead / live a ? life 过着??的生活 lead to 通向;导致 learn about 获悉;了解 learn?by heart 记住;背诵 learn?from? 向??学习 leave a message for sb. 给某人留口信 leave out 漏掉 leave sth. to sb. (遗)留给某人??;托付??做某事 leave sth. with sb. 交给某人看管,照看 leave?doing / done / adj. / prep. 使??处于某种状态 let out 泄露;发出(叫喊声) let?in / out? 让??进入/出去


lie in 在于 lie on one’s back / side / stomach 仰卧/侧卧/趴着 lie to / in / on 位于 light a fire 点火 listen to little by little 听 渐渐地

live by doing 靠做??为生 live on 靠??为生;继续存活 live through 活过;经历过??未死 living conditions 居住条件 living room 起居室 long ago / before 很久以前 look after look around look at 看 照顾,照看 四处看看,环顾

look back upon / on 回顾 look down upon / on 看不起?? look for 寻找

look forward to 盼望;期望 look into 向??里面看;调查 look on look out 看待,观看,旁观 留神;当心


look out for 当心;找寻 look round / around 仔细查看 look through look up look up to 仔细查看,浏览,看穿 向上看,仰望,查询 尊重

lose a battle 战败 lose courage 失去勇气 lose face 丢脸 lose heart 失去信心;灰心 lose one’s heart to 爱上;倾心于?? lose one’s life 牺牲 lose one’s sight 失明 lose one’s voice 失音;嗓子哑 lose touch with 失去联系 lose weight 减肥;降重量 luckily for sb. 对某人来说幸运的是?? M make a / one’s living by doing 已做??为生 make a copy of 复制 make a decision 做出决定 make a face / make faces 做鬼脸;做苦脸 make a film / films 拍摄电影


make a fire 生火 make a list of 列一张??的清单 make a long distance call 打长途电话 make a mistake make a noise 犯错误 吵闹,发出响声

make a plan for 为??作计划 make a point 立论;阐明观点 make a promise 答应;允诺 make a record 录制唱片 make a search for 找寻 make a speech 作演讲 make a suggestion 提建议 make a telephone call to sb. 给某人打电话 make a trip 作旅行 make an advertisement for 为??做广告 make an announcement 宣布 make an answer 回答 make an attack on 攻击 make an explanation 作解释 make an offer of 愿给以?? make an offer to do 想做某事 make ends meet 量入为出;使收支相抵


make enemies with 树敌 make friends with? 与?交朋友 make fun of 取笑 (某人) ;开?的玩笑 make it a condition that? 以??为条件 make it possible to do ; make it possible that? 使可能做某事 make money out of 靠??挣钱 make no difference 毫无差别;没有影响 make noise 制造噪音 make oneself done 使自己被别人?? make progress 取得进步 make repairs 修理,修补

make room for 为??腾地方 make sense 讲得通;很有意义 make sentences with make sure of 确保;确定 make the best of make up 充分利用,善用 用?造句


make up one’s mind (to do sth.) 下定决心做?? make use of 利用 按照某人的尺寸做??

make??to one’s (own) measure make?from / out of? make?into? 将??制成



manage to do 成功地做??;设法做?? mark?with? 用??标记?? masses of 大多数;大部分 match?with? ??与??相搭配 mean doing 意味着;意思是 mean to do 意图做 measure?with a ruler 用尺子量 medical care 医疗护理 meet sb. at the station / the airport 到车站/飞机场接某人 men’s room 男厕所 millions of 数百万的

minority groups 少数民族 miss doing 错过做某事 miss one’s footing and fall 没站稳摔倒了 mix?with? 把??混合于?? more and more 越来越(多)

more or less 差不多;或多或少 mouth to mouth 口对口地 move in move on N natural gas 天然气 迁入 继续移动;朝前走


neither here nor there neither?nor? never mind


既不??也不 没关系,别介意 新闻记者

newspaper reporter next door next to 隔壁 紧挨着;


no more /longer


no more than 不过;仅仅 no wonder 不足为奇,难怪 不再

not ...any longer/more not at all


not more than 不超过 not only?but (also) ? 不仅??而且?? not so...as 不像;不如

not?any more / longer 不再 not?at all 一点也不 not?but? 不是??而是 not?unless? 除非;如果不 not?until? 直到??才?? not?without? 没有??不?? now and again / then 有时;不时地 now that 既然;由于


nuclear waste 核废弃物 O obey the rule(s) 遵守规则 object to (doing) 反对(做)?? of one’s own 属于某人自己的 off the coast 在海岸附近 off the point 离题 offer first aid to sb. 给某人实施急救 offer sb. a lift home 让某人搭便车回家 offer sb. sth./ offer sth. to sb. 给某人提供?? official language 官方语言 on (the) average 平均而言 on (the) one hand?, on the other (hand)? 一方面??另一方面?? on (the) one hand?on the other (hand) on (the) top of 在??顶上 on / at the weekend ; on / at weekends 在周末 on board 在船上 on business 为公事;出公差 on condition that 条件是?? on doing sth. 一??就?? on duty 值班,值日 一方面?另一方面

on earth 在世界上;到底;究竟


on fire 着火 on foot 步行;走路 on hold 等着通电话 on holiday 休假;度假 on one’s knees 跪着 on one’s own 独立地;独自的 on one’s way home 在?回家的路上 on one's way to on show 显示;展示 on the air (用无线电、电视)播送 on the coast 在海岸上 on the contrary 相反地 on the edge of 在??的边缘 on the farm 在农场 on the left/right on the march 参加游行 on the other hand 另一方面 on the other side of 在?的对面(另一面) 在左/右边 在去?的路上

on the point of 正要??的时候 on the radio 通过收音机;通过广播 on the shore(s) on time 准时 在岸上,在海滨


on top of


on TV 通过电视机;在电视上 on watch 守望,值班

once again / more 再一次 once in a while 偶尔;间或 once upon a time 从前 one after another 一个接一个地,连接地, 相继;顺次 one another 相互,彼此

one by one 一个一个地 one day (过去或将来的)某一天

open to 向??开放 operate on sb. 给某人做手术 or else 否则;要不然 or rather 更确切地说 or so 大约??;??上下 ought to out of breath 应该 上气不接下气

out of control 失控 out of doors 在户外

out of hand 即时,即刻 out of one’s reach / out of the reach of 够不着 out of place 不适当;不在合适位置


out of question 没问题 out of repair 失修 out of sight 在视野以外,看不见

out of the question 不可能 out of work 失业 over again 再一次 over and over again 反复不断地;再三地 over there 在那边

owe sb. sth. / owe sth. to sb. 欠债 owe sth. to sb. / sth. 把??归功于?? P paas by 经过 一代一代传下去

pass down/on from generation to generation pass further laws pass through 又通过了一些法律

通过,经过 注意

pay (one’s) attention to pay a visit to pay back pay for


偿还 付钱 还清债务

pay off the debts

pay sb. a visit 拜访某人 pay the bill 付帐


per cubic metre perform a dance personal affairs

每立方米 表演舞蹈 私人事件 说服某人做某事

persuade sb. to do sth. pick out pick up piles of 挑出来

拾起来,接收(广播) ,开车接某人 一堆一堆的 订购(货物)

place an order

place of interest 名胜 play a joke on sb. 捉弄? play a trick on 开玩笑,恶作剧 扮演着重要的角色,起着重要的作用

play an important part/role in sth. play football 踢足球 play on words 双关语,俏皮话 play the piano 弹钢琴

play the role of 扮演?的角色,起着?的作用 play tricks on play with 开玩笑,恶作剧 同?一起玩

play with fire 玩火,冒大风险 plenty of 大量的 point at 指着 point out 指出


point to

指向 流行音乐/歌星 邮局

pop music/star post office

prefer +n./doing ?to +n./doing?比起 ?更愿做 prefer to do sth. 情愿做? prefer to do?rather than do?比起 ?更愿做? prepare sb. for sth. 使某人为 ?作好准备 press against/on 挤,压,按 pretend to do/be 装作 防止某人做某事

prevent sb. (from ) doing sth. primary school protect against provide sb. with sth. provide sth. for sb. publishing house pull on push on push over push?aside put away 推倒 小学 防范

给某人提供 给某人提供 出版社

穿上,戴上 推进,努力前进

把?推到一边 放到一边,收起来

put down 放下 put into 把?转换成


put off 推迟 put on 穿上,上演

put on performances 表演节目 put on weight 增肥 全神贯注于?之中

put one's heart into put out 扑灭

put sb. in/into prison 把某人送入监狱 put sb. to the trouble of doing sth. 麻烦某人做某事 put up 举起来,上演,张贴 Q quarrel about 为?争吵

quarrel with 与某人争吵 quiet a few 相当多

quite a lot of 非常多的 quite by accident 很偶然, 碰巧 R rather than 比 reach one’s understanding 使某人理解 reach out (for) 伸手去够 read bits here and there reception desk 接待处 refer to 指,查询 这读一点儿那读一点儿


regard ?as? 把 ?看作 relate to 联系 rely on sb. (for sth.) (在某事上)依赖某人 remember me to sb. 代我向?问候

remind of 使某人想起 reply to 答复

respect sb. as 把某人尊敬为? rest rooms result from 休息室 由于

result in 结果是, 导致 return to normal right away 马上 right now ring back ring off ring up rise by rise to 现在 回电话 挂断 打电话 上升了 上升到 恢复正常

rise to one’s feet 站起来 rise up roll over rot away 起义,起来反抗 翻滚 烂掉,腐烂


round up 聚拢,赶拢 run across run away 不期而遇 逃跑

run out of 花光,用光,消耗光 run the length of 长度为? rush hour (上下班时)车辆拥挤时间 rush off one’s feet 忙地不可开交,忙地不亦乐乎 S save one’s time 节约时间

say “Hi” to sb. from sb.代我向? 问候 say hello to sb 向?表示问候 sb be familiar with sth 某人熟悉某物 school-leavers 毕业生 scold sb?for sth? 因为? 批评某人 scores of 大量的

second largest 第二大 see sb.off see through 为某人送行 看穿,识破

see to 负责,注意 seem as if 看上去好象 seize every minute 抓住每一分 sell out 售完


send for


send off 派遣, 寄出 send out 发送,派遣 send up 发出,射出 sentence sb. to death separate from 分离 set an example to sb. 给某人树立一个榜样 set fire to =set sth. on fire 点火,使 ?着火 set free 释放;使自由 set off 出发,动身,使爆炸 判处某人死刑

set one’s heart on sth 非常想要某物 set out 出发,开始 set sail 起航 set sb. an example 把某人树成榜样 set up 建立 settle down 定居

seven in ten 十分之七 shake hands 握手

shapes of letters 字母的形状 share a ride 搭车 share one’s memories of the dead person 悼念亡人 share the same tastes and interests 有共同的品位和爱好


shoot at 朝? 射击 short-wave 短波 shout at 朝?大喊 show off 炫耀 show sb. around show sb. out/in 领某人参观 领某人出去/进来

shut down 关闭,倒闭,破产 shut off 切断,关掉

side by side 肩并肩 sign an agreement with 与? 签定和约 smile to oneself 暗自微笑 smooth away 克服 so as to so far so far as 为了,以便 到目前为止 就?而论

so far, so good 到目前为止一切还算顺利 so long as 只要 so that 以便于 so(as) far as I know 据我所知 so?that? 如此?以至于?

solve the problem 解决问题 sooner or later 或早或晚


sound lab 语音室 sound like 听起来象 sound the fire alarm 鸣响火警警报 spare sb. some time 为某人匀点儿时间

spare time 匀出时间 speak out 大胆地说出

spend ?on sth. 在某物/事上花(时间,金钱) spend?(in) doing sth. 在某物/事上花(时间,金钱) spoken English sports meet stand at a attention stand by 英语口语 运动会 立正


stand for 代表 stare at 盯着 start all over again 重新开始 start doing/to do sth starve to death 饿死 开始做某事

stay away from 远离 stay up 挺立,熬夜 逐步地,一步一步地

step by step

step forward 站出来 sth be familiar to sb 某物对某人是熟悉的


stick to 坚持 stone by stone 一块石头一块石头地 stop doing sth 停止做某事 防止某人做某事

stop sb. (from ) doing stop to do sth


strike a match 划一根火柴 struggle against 为反对? 而斗争 struggle for 为争取? 而斗争 struggle to one’s feet 费力地站起来 succeed in doing 成功地做某事 such as 例如 suffer fever 发烧 suffer from suit?to? 遭受 适合 给某人提供

supply sb. with sth.

supply sth. to sb. 给某人提供 T take (a) pride in take (a) pride in 以?而自豪 以?为骄傲 拿 ? 举例 加入?国籍

take ?for example take ?nationality

take a ?degree 获得?学位


take a deep breath 深呼吸 take a false name 冒名 take a look at?看一看 take a photograph (of) 照相 take a taxi 乘出租车

take a taxi home 乘出租回家 take action take along 采取行动 带着

take an interest in 对?感兴趣 take away (from) take back take care of take charge take down 带走,拿走

收回,带回 照顾,保管 负责 拿下

take exercise 做操 take hold of take it easy 抓住,握住 放松,别紧张

take measure 采取措施 take off take on 脱下, (飞机)起飞 呈现

take one's place 代替 take one's seat 就座


take one's temperature take one's turn take out 拿出来



take part in 参加 take photos take place 发生 take possession of 拥有 拍照

take sides in 偏向?一边 take sth in one's arm take the place of sb. 代替 take the role of 扮演?的角色,起?的作用

take the side of 和谁站在一起,偏向 take turns to do sth. take up 占据,从事 take up arms 拿起武器 take with 带着 talk about talk of talk on (泛泛地)谈 谈到 (系统地)谈 轮流做某事

tea room 茶室 tear down 拆卸 tell lies 撒谎


tell the difference between 分辨两者之间的不同 tell?apart 分辨 tell?from 分辨 tens of thousands of thanks to that is 数以万计的

多亏了,由于 也就是说 也就是说 共产主义宣言 后天 前天

that is to say

the Communist Manifesto the day after tomorrow the day before yesterday the minute?一? 就? the moment.. 一? 就?

the more ?the more the number of the other day 前几天 the public

越?越? ?的数量


there is no doubt about it. 对此毫无疑问 there is no help for it 没得救了,木已成舟 there 's no need for sth. 没有必要

there's no need to do sth. 没有做某事的必要 these days think about 考虑 现在,如今


think of think over think up

思考,想 仔细考虑 想出 成千上万的 向?扔

thousands of throw at

throw away 扔掉 throw off 匆匆脱掉,扔掉,摆脱

throw up 呕吐 tidy up 整理 一次又一次

time and time again

to be honest 诚实的说 to make things worse 更糟的是 to one’s joy 令某人高兴的是 to one's astonishment 使某人惊奇的是 to one's delight 使某人高兴的是

to one's joy 使某人高兴的是 to one's measure to one's sorrow 按?.的尺寸 使某人悲伤的是

to one's surprise 使某人惊奇的是 to put it another way 从另一个角度说 to tell you the truth 实话给你说

to the point 扼要,切中要害


trade in sth. 做?方面的生意 trade with sb. 与某人做生意 training centre 培训中心

translate ?into? 把? 翻译成 travel to 到?旅行

treat ...as?作为 ?对待 treat ?as through/if? 象?一样对待 try on 试穿 尽某人全力

try one's best try out 试验

turn against


turn away 不准?进入 turn down 关小点儿声,拒绝 turn in 交出,上交

turn in a semicircle 转半圈 turn into 变成 turn off 关掉

turn on 打开 turn out 结果是,证明是

turn over 翻动,耕翻(土地) turn to 转到,翻到 向某人求救

turn to sb for help


turn up 开大声,出现 U under an English name 用一个英文名

under the leadership of ? 在?的领导之下 under the name of 用 ?名字

under the protection of 在?的保护之下 up and down up to 直到 up to a distance of 距离为 upon one's death 在某人死后 上上下下

use one’s head 动脑筋 used to do 过去常常做某事 V varieties of various of 各种各样的 各种各样的

vote against 投票反对某人 vote for 投票选举某人

Voting Rights Bill 选举权法案 W wag from side to side 左右摇晃

wagging dance 摇摆舞 wait for 等候


wait on wake up

服侍,伺候 醒来

walk along 沿? 走 warm up 变暖,热身 waste time on sth./in doing sth. 在某事/物上浪费时间 watch for 守侯,注意,监视 watch out 密切注视,当心,提防 watch over 监视,看守 wave one’s head 摇头 wear out 筋疲力尽

weather report/forecast 天气预报 well-kept secret 保守地很好的秘密 well-known 著名的

well-paid job 报酬高的工作 well-trained 训练的很好的 what a pity 真遗憾 what a shame 真遗憾 what about + n./doing sth.?... 怎么样? what is more 而且 what is worse 更糟的是 win the Nobel Prize 获得诺贝尔奖 wind one's way 蜿蜒向前


wind the handle 摇动把手 wind up 卷紧,上紧? 的发条 wipe off 擦去 祝成功

wish ?every success with the help of

在? 的帮助下

with the name 用 ? 的名字 with the permission of 在?的允许下

with the purpose of doing sth. 带着?的目的 without fail 必定,一定 without fear or favour 公正的,不偏袒某一方的 without mercy work as 干?工作 work at 从事,致力于 work hard at 在 ?努力 work on 建造,制作 work out 解出,制订出 worry about 担忧 worse is to come 更糟的事情发生了 worse still 更糟的是 write down 写下,记下 毫不留情的,残忍的

write to 给某人写信 written English 英语书面语


Y year after year 年复一年的(表每年的重复) year by year 逐年的(表变化)

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