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必修4U1P2 Reading


Before the class You are supposed to be engaged in the material and in whatever it is that we are You are supposed to be engaged in discussing in class, not necessarily thinking I’d like you to take active notes the material and in whatever it is Better attention, better about getting down every word that I say. rather than passive notes. Write that we are discussing in class, not I’d like you to take notes rather understanding of the material if down what can active make you feel or necessarily thinking about getting than passive notes. Write down what can learn something. you are actively engaged. down every word I say. make you feel or learn that something. Better attention, better understanding of the material if you are actively engaged.

Unit 1

Women of achievement

汉语是我们的母语,我们从学英语开始, 就是用汉语来解释和记忆英语的。变 “用汉语解释和记忆英语”为“用英语 解释和记忆英语”。避免了将英语转换 为另一种语言——汉语所带来的不便和 时间耗费。不但提高了效率,而且久而 久之,有可能在头脑中建立起两种思维 系统,即在汉语思维之外,还可以逐步 建立起独立的英语思维系统。

用英语解释和记忆英语,本身就是在学 习和运用英语,对提高英语语感和英语 的阅读理解能力以及综合运用能力很有 好处,是一举多得的好方法。真正做到 了用英语品味英语,越品越有味;用英 语理解英语,理解更准确。鉴于本环节 初次尝试此种设置,可能有些学生对英 语解释不能完全理解,为降低难度,英 文解释后还配有中文解释,以方便学生 回顾早读课中已预习过的单词,进一步 加深记忆。

Read the explanation and speak out the word it explains.

to act in a particular way, or to be good by acting in a way which has society's approval vt. & vi. 举动;(举止或行为)表现 behave someone's behaviour is how they behave n. 行为;举止;习性 behaviour slight darkness caused by sth. blocking the direct light from the sun n. 荫;阴凉处 to prevent direct light from shining on sth. shade vt. 遮住光线

useful, important or good enough to be a suitable reward for the money or time spent or the effort made worthwhile adj. 值得的;值得做的 a structure built by birds or insects to leave their eggs in to develop, and by some other animals to give birth or live in nest n. 巢;窝 a close connection joining two or more people bond n. 联系;关系;结合;纽带

to watch carefully the way sth. happens or the way someone does sth., especially in order to learn more about it; to notice or see; to obey a law, rule or custom observe vt. 观察;观测;遵守 when you observe sth. or someone observation n. 观察;观测 the time when someone is a child childhood n. 童年;幼年时代 expressing strong opinions very directly without worrying if other people are offended adj. 直言的;坦诚 outspoken

to feel or show admiration for someone or sth. that you believe has good ideas or qualities; admiration felt or shown for someone or sth. that you believe has good ideas or qualities vt. & n. 尊敬;尊重;敬意 respect to give the reasons for your opinion, idea, belief, etc.; to speak angrily to someone, telling them that you disagree with them vt. & vi. 讨论;辩论;争论 argue a disagreement, or the process of disagreeing argument n. 争论;争辩;争吵

shows, films, television, or other performances or activities that entertain people, or a performance of this type n. 款待;娱乐;娱乐表演 entertainment a large group of people who have come together n. 人群;观众 to make someone feel uncomfortable by standing too close to them or by watching them all the time vt. 挤满;使拥挤 crowd to make someone feel that they want to do sth. and can do it inspire vt. 鼓舞;激发;启示

Match move off (想法、问题等)涌

lead a … life crowd in

上心头;涌入脑海 离开;起程;出发 过着……的生活




Objectives 1. To summarize and remember the main idea of the passage. 2. To speak out the detailed information of the passage. 3. To learn more about Jane Goodall. 4. To learn some useful words, expressions and patterns in the passage.

Words: behave, shade, worthwhile, observe, respect, argue, entertainment, crowd, inspire Expressions: move off, lead a … life, crowd in Pattern: it is unusual for sb. to do sth.

Reading Tips
阅读时,可根据阅读任务的不同, 综合运用略读(skimming)与扫读 (scanning) 。提高快速阅读水平。

Skimming and scanning

Skimming and scanning are two fast reading skills to help to browse text and extract the key points. The skills require practice, but once you have got the hang of them you’ll find you can get through a substantial amount of reading in quite a short time. These reading methods make it easier for you to grasp large amounts of material, especially when you're previewing. They are also useful when you don't need to know every word.

通过略读把握文章大意 略读(skimming)只看文章标题、下标 题以及每个部分或者段落第一行,关注 文章中反复出现的关键词。 略读时,要用充足的时间读懂段落的 第一句和第二句,因为第一句往往是该 段的主题句(topic sentence),而第二句 往往是对前句的延伸(extension)或进一 步的解释(explanation)。

通过扫读寻找特定信息或特定词组 运用扫读(scanning)迅速浏览从第三句开始 的后面部分,搜寻作者对开头两句的支持句 (supporting sentences),并同时注意文章中间 是否有转折词(transition),因为这些词常常 会把文章的思路逆转或加入其它重要的信息。 当读到段落的最后一句时,我们又要使用略 读,这时必须再次放慢速度(slow down your pace)直到完全消化作者对段落的小结 (conclusion),因为该小结有可能与主题句截 然相反或引导读者进入下一个段落。

a general idea

certain information

titles and headings

Scan the text for key words and the first and last sentences of paragraphs phrases, dates, etc. the first and last paragraphs Do not need to read the whole pictures and charts text.

Skimming for general idea


Reading Comprehension I

Main idea
The passage is mainly about how
chimps in Jane Goodall worked with _______

their environment and help people
understand respect the life of __________ and ________ these animals.


Reading Comprehension II

Match the main ideas and the paragraphs. Paragraph 1: How Jane tries to protect the lives of chimps in their natural habitat Paragraph 2: Jane’s achievements How the group followed Paragraph 3: Jane’s way of studying chimps in the wild Paragraph 4: What Jane discovered about chimps

Scanning for specific information


Reading Comprehension III

1. Jane observed chimps as a group hunting a bird and then eating it. 2. Jane believed that wild animals should be left in the wild. 3. Jane has spent about fifty years helping people understand her work. 4. Jane’s work changed the way people think about chimps.


Reading Comprehension IV

Choose the best answer. 1. What did the group do first in the morning? They _______. A. went into the forest slowly B. left the chimp family sleeping in a tree C. observed the family of chimps wake up D. helped people understand the behaviour of the chimps

2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted _______. A. to work with them in their own environment B. to prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. to discover what chimps eat D. to observe a chimp family

3. Jane was permitted to begin her

work after _______.
A. the chimp family woke up B. she lived in the forest

C. her mother came to support her
D. she arrived at Gombe

4. The purpose of her study was to _______. A. watch the wild chimps in cages B. gain a doctor’s degree C. understand and respect the lives

of chimps
D. live in the forest as men can


Reading Comprehension V

Fill in the chart below according to the information from the passage. What did Jane do after What did she she came to Africa? achieve?
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What did Jane do after she came to Africa? 1 Studied chimps in their natural environment 2 Lived in the forest so she could observe the chimps and record their activities 3 Found what chimps eat and their social system 4 Tried to make people aware that it is wrong to use chimps for entertainment or advertisements
return to the chart

What did she achieve? 1 Helped to set up special places where chimps can live safely in the wild 2 Got a doctor’s degree 3 Showed that women can live in the forest to study wild animals as men can 4 Inspired others who wanted to cheer the achievements of women
return to the chart turn to the next part

Discuss these questions in groups.

Group Work

1. What made Jane Goodall a great success? 2. What should we learn from Jane Goodall? 3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife?

1. What made Jane Goodall a great success?

There are two points that made her
success: one is her way to study chimps, and the other is her true love to the animals. The first one is facile (易做到的), because it is only a way. Everyone can do it. But for the second one,

it is more easily said than done. As a
woman, she gave up everything,

went to the forest to study the
chimps and devoted all her love to

these animals. It is really not easy.
What we cannot understand is that

how she has such great personality.

2. What should we learn from

Jane Goodall?
wisdom and courage;

deeply love to the animals;
her consideration; her hard work …

3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife? We should call for all the citizens to love wildlife, protect their living conditions, forbid hunters to kill them freely, build more natural reserves for them and we shouldn’t disturb them. The national wildlife protection parks shouldn't be open to the tourists. Make people aware of the importance of wildlife protection.

Individual activity

I. Retell the text by filling the following blanks.

注: 另附 word 文档。 in 点击此处链接

visit the chimps We set out at 5:45 am to _____ National Park. We watched a in Gombe ________ family of chimps wake up in the morning ______ into the and followed them wandering _____ observing forest. Jane had been there __________ activities and recording chimps’ daily _________.

forty years, she had been helping For _____ respect the world to understand and _______
the life of these animals. Jane is indeed achievement and a good a woman of ____________ inspires those example for us all. She ________ cheer the achievements who want to ______ of women.

II. Task-based reading. Fill in the blanks. 1. Coco Chanel was born in Saumur, France on August 19th, 1883, is _______ designs famous for her timeless ________, trademark suits, and little black dresses. nuns who 2. Coco Chanel was raised by _____ sew taught her how to ____. 3. Chanel opened her first shop in _____, 1910 hats and started to sell ____.

注: 另附 word 文档。 点击此处链接

Things I can do Evaluation I have learned about the great women 5 4 3 2 1 who made great achievements. I can grasp the main idea of the 5 4 3 2 1 reading passage. I can apply some vocabulary from the 5 4 3 2 1 reading passage to my future writing. I can understand the sentence patterns and write new sentences with 5 4 3 2 1 them. I need more practice in ________________________.

After the class

It’s time to stop the class for you to look back in silence. Think about what we’ve just learnt today.
Study without reflection is a waste of time.

Homework 1. Read the passage again and review the new words and expressions. 2. 发挥想象,连词成文(50-100字). behaviour, shade, worthwhile, observation, childhood, respect, argue, entertainment, lead a … life, inspire.

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