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2014 高二暑假英语作业三
一、填空题 1.I want to buy this kind of cloth because I ____ the cloth ____ well. A. have told; washed B. have been told; washes C. have been told; washed D. was told; washed 2

.Great changes _____ in our province. Many tall buildings ______. A. had been taken place; have been set up B. have taken place; have been set up C. have been taken place; have been set up D. were taken place; were set up 3.This book is said_____ into several foreign languages last year. A. has been translated B. have been translated C. to have translated D. to have been translated 4.The new dictionaries are very useful. They ______well and _____ already. A. sell ; have been sold out B. sold ;had sold out C. sell; sell out D. are sold; have been sold out 5. A new school library _____ here. It is said that they hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. is being built 6. Whenever he was asked ______ late for class, he would answer carelessly,

always saying the same thing. A. he was 7. B. why was he C. why he was D. to be

He wanted to know ________ he had passed the exam. B. what C. whether D./

A. that

8. The teacher told us the movement ______ in 1921. A. took place B. had taken place C. was taking place D. would take place

9. Customers are asked to make sure that they ______ the right change before leaving the shop. will be given 10. Mother asked me _______ when I didn’t feel very well. A. what was the matter with me C. what matter was with me B. what the matter was with me D. what was matter with me A. will give B. have been given C. have given D.

二、完形填空 When I first entered university,my aunt,who is an English professor,gave me a new English dictionary. I was __11__ to see that it was an English-English dictionary,also known as a monolingual dictionary.__12__ it was a dictionary intended for nonnative learners,none of my classmates had one __13__,to be honest, I found it extremely __14__ to use at first. I would look up words in the dictionary and __15__ not fully understand the meanings. I was used to the __16__ bilingual
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dictionaries,in which the words are __17__ both in English and Chinese. I really wondered why my aunt __18__ to make things so difficult for me. Now,after studying English at university for three years,I __19__ that monolingual dictionaries are _20__ in learning a foreign language. As I found out,there is,_21__,often no perfect equivalence(对应) between two _22__ in two languages. My aunt even goes so far as to __23__ that a Chinese “equivalent” can never give you the __24__ meaning of a word in English!__25__, she insisted that I read the definition(定义) of a word in a monolingual dictionary _26__ I wanted to get a better understanding of its meaning.__27__,I have come to see what she meant. Using a monolingual dictionary for learners has helped me in another important way. This dictionary uses a(n) __28__ number of words,around 2,000,in its definitions. When I read these definitions,I am __29__ exposed to(接触)the basic words and learn how they are used to explain objects and ideas._30__ this,I can express myself more easily in English. 11.A.worried 12.A.Because 13.A.but 14.A.difficult 15.A.thus 16.A.new 17.A.explained 18.A.offered 19.A.imagine D.understand 20.A.natural 21.A.at best 22.A.words 23.A.hope 24.A.exact 25.A.Rather 26.A.when 27.A.Largely 28.A.extra 29.A.repeatedly B.better B.in fact B.names B.declare B.basic B.However B.before B.Generally B.average B.nearly A Rae Armantrout, who has been a poetry professor at the University of California San Diego(UCSD) for two decades, has won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category for her most recent book, “Versed”. C.easier C.at times C.ideas C.doubt C.translated C.Therefore C.until C.Gradually C.total C.immediately C.In addition to D.convenient D.in case D.characters D.tell D.expected D.Instead D.while D.Probably D.limited D.anxiously D.Because of B.sad B.Although B.so B.interesting B.even B.familiar B.expressed B.agreed B.recommend C.surprised C.Unless C.or C.ambitious C.still C.earlier C.described C.decided C.predict D.nervous D.If D.and D. practical D.Again D.ordinary D.created D.happened

30.A.According to B.In relation to

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“I’m delighted and amazed at how much media recognition that the Pulitzer brings, as compared to even the National Book Critics Award, which I was also surprised and delighted to win,” said Armantrout. “For a long time, my writing has been just below the media radar, and to have this kind of attention, suddenly, with my 10th book, is really surprising.” Armantrout, a native Californian, received her bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley, where she studied with noted poet Denise Levertov, and her master’s in creative writing from San Francisco State University. She is a founding member of Language Poets, a group in American poetry that analyzes the way language is used and raises questions to make the reader think. In March, she won the National Book Critics Circle Award for “Versed.” “This book has gotten more attention,” Armantrout said, “but I don’t feel as if it’s better.” The first half of “Versed” focuses on the dark forces taking hold of the United States as it fought the war against Iraq. The second half looks at the dark forces casting a shadow over her own life after Armantrout was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. Armantrout was shocked to learn she had won the Pulitzer but many of her colleagues were not. “Rae Armantrout is a unique voice in American poetry,” said Seth Lerer, head of Arts and Humanities at UCSD. “Versed”, published by the Wesleyan University Press, did appear in a larger printing than her earlier works, which is about 2,700 copies. The new edition is scheduled to appear in May. 31. According to Rae Armantrout, ____________. A. her 10th book is much better B. her winning the Pulitzer is unexpected C. the media is surprised at her works D. she likes being recognized by her readers 32. Which of the following is true of Rae Armantrout? A. She published a poetry textbook. B. She used to teach Denise Levertov. D. She taught creative writing

C. She started a poets’ group with others. at UC Berkeley. 33. What can we learn about “Versed”? A. It consists of three parts. B. It is mainly about the American army. C. It is a book published two decades ago. D. It partly concerns the poet’s own life.
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34. Rae Armantrout’s colleagues think that she ____________. A. should write more C. deserves the prize B. has a sweet voice D. is a strange professor

35. What can we learn from the text? A. About 2,700 copies of “Versed” will be printed. B. Cancer made Armantrout stop writing. C. Armantrout got her degrees at UCSD. D. “Versed” has been awarded twice. B Batteries can power anything from small sensors to large systems. While scientists are finding ways to make them smaller but even more powerful, problems can arise when these batteries are much larger and heavier than the devices themselves. University of Missouri(MU) researchers are developing a nuclear energy source that is smaller, lighter and more efficient. “To provide enough power, we need certain methods with high energy density(密 度)”,said Jae Kwon, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at MU. “The radioisotope(放射性同位素) battery can provide power density that is much higher than chemical batteries.” Kwon and his research team have been working on building a small nuclear battery, presently the size and thickness of a penny, intended to power various micro / nanoelectromechanreal systems (M/NEMS). Although nuclear batteries can cause concerns, Kwon said they are safe. “People hear the word ‘nuclear’ and think of something very dangerous,” he said, “However, nuclear power sources have already been safely powering a variety of devices, such as pace-makers, space satellites and underwater systems.” His new idea is not only in the battery’s size, but also in its semiconductor(半 导体). Kwon’s battery uses a liquid semiconductor rather than a solid semiconductor. “The key part of using a radioactive battery is that when you harvest the energy, part of the radiation energy can damage the lattice structure(晶体结构) of the solid semiconductor,” Kwon said, “By using a liquid semiconductor, we believe we can minimize that problem.” Together with J. David Robertson, chemistry professor and associate director of the MU Research Reactor, Kwon is working to build and test the battery. In the future, they hope to increase the battery’s power, shrink its size and try with various other materials. Kwon said that battery could be thinner than the thickness of human hair.

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36. Which of the following is true of Jae Kwon? A. He teaches chemistry at MU. B. He developed a chemical battery.

C. He is working on a nuclear energy source. D. He made a breakthrough in computer engineering. 37. Jae Kwon gave examples in Paragraph 4_________. A. to show chemical batteries are widely applied. B. to introduce nuclear batteries can be safely used. C. to describe a nuclear-powered system. D. to introduce various energy sources. 38. Liquid semiconductor is used to _________. A. get rid of the radioactive waste B. test the power of nuclear batteries. C. decrease the size of nuclear batteries D. reduce the damage to lattice structure. 39. According to Jae Kwon, his nuclear battery _______. A. uses a solid semiconductor B. will soon replace the present ones. C. could be extremely thin D. has passed the final test. 40. The text is most probably a ________. A. science news report C. newspaper ad B. book review D. science fiction story

四、阅读表达 Your schooldays should be some of the best and happiest days of your life. How can you gain the most from them, and ensure you do not waste this wonderful opportunity to learn. 〔1〕Be positive about school! Don't say things are difficult or boring. Be interested in school-life and your school subjects. Join in lots of activities. Be quick to put your hand up. Go round the school with a big smile. 〔2〕Expect to work. School is not a holiday camp. If you are not working, you are not learning, and you are wasting your time at school. Teachers cannot make everything enjoyable. (3〕Keep fit. If you do not eat a good breakfast, you will be thinking about food in class. If you go to bed late and do not have enough sleep, you will be sleepy in class. Play some sports to keep your body strong. 〔4〕__________________________. Do not say you will do things tomorrow. If you get behind the class, it is very difficult to get back in front. You cannot finish a race if you rest all the time. 〔5〕Don't be too disappointed if things sometimes go badly. Everyone fails some
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tests, loses some matches and has bad days. Friends are not always perfect, and they sometimes say and do unpleasant things. Don't let small problems seem very big and important. 〔6〕Talk about problems—sometimes they are only the result of misunderstanding. Don't be too embarrassed to ask for help. You are young. No one thinks you can do everything! 〔7〕Plan your time. Don't waste life lying in bed on Saturday morning. Go and play a sport, learn the piano, work on a project, read a book, practise English, or help someone with problems. There are always a lot of things to do. 〔8〕Set targets. If your last grade was a D, work for a C. Try to make progress bit by bit. Think of small targets: "I will speak in class four times this week", "I will finish my project on Wednesday" or "I will get two more marks this week". Follow my advice, and have a happy school-life! 1. What is the main idea of the text? (no more than 8 words) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ 2. Which sentence in the text is closest in meaning to the following one? You are making your time of little use unless you are learning hard. ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ 3. Fill in the blank in Item 4 with proper words. (no more than 10 words) ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ 4. Why do you think the writer thinks it is good to put up your hand in class? (no more than 20 words) ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ 5. Which advice do you think is most important? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ 五、话题写作 随着社会的发展,越来越多的人认识到了英语的重要性,但是有些人担心自己方言太 重,英语口语不够标准,不能够很好地和外宾交流。请你就此现象,利用本单元的词汇,写 一篇 100 词的短文并发表自己的看法。 参考词汇: play a role ;international ; however; standard; communication; native ; culture _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

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2014 高二暑假英语作业三
一、填空题 1—5 BBDAD 6--10 CCABA 二、完形填空 11--15 CBDAC 16—20 BACDB 21—25 BABAC 26—30 ACDAD 三、阅读理解 31—35 BCDCD 36—40 CBDCA 四、阅读表达 1. Ways/Steps to Have a Good/Happy School Life or Tips on Living/Having a Good/Happy School Life or How to Have/Live a Good / Happy School Life 2. If you are not working, you are not learning, and you are wasting your time at school. 3. Do today's work today. /Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 4. Because it means that you are enjoying school and learning more. 5. The answers may vary. 五、话题写作 Nowadays, more and more people show their interest in English, because English plays a role as an international language .However, some of them are worried about their spoken English. They don’t think their English is standard enough to make them have a good communication with foreigners. In my opinion, it is quite normal for people to have this kind of worry .After all we are not native English speakers, besides some times we speak English with strong accent. But as is known to us all, people even from English –speaking countries, speak quite differently. Therefore as long as we practice speaking, listening and reading constantly, we can improve our oral English and only in this way can we communicate the foreigners well.

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