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2015届高考英语一轮复习单元分典测试Module 1 My First Day at Senior High外研版必修1

一 、单项填空(本大题共 5 小题,共 10 分) 1.(2014 届·贵阳市二模,5)It's said that ________ gains from house sales should pay the individual income tax. A.who B.whose



2.(2014 北京卷)28. There are still many problems ______ before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. A. solving C. being solved B. solved D.to be solved

3.– How do you like the essays written by the students? – ________. A. Amazing satisfactory C. Amazing satisfactorily B. Amazingly satisfactory D. Amazingly satisfactorily

4. (2014·江西红色六校高三第二次联考)—How did you pass the challenging test? —It was a long time________I found a series of suitable methods. A.when B.until C.since D.before 5.(2014 届西安市质检一,29)Life is ten percent ________ happens to you and ninety percent ________ you respond to it. A.which; how B.what; what

C.that; that

D.what; how

二 、完形填空(本大题共 1 小题,共 30 分) 6.The other day I was talking to a stranger on the bus; he told me that he had a good (1) in Chicago and he wondered if. by any chance, I (3) (2) to know him.

For a moment. I thought he might be
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, but I could tell from the expression

on his face that he was not. He was ridiculous to (5)


.I felt like saying that it was

that out of all the millions of people in Chicago I (6) , I just smiled

could possibly have ever bumped into his friend. But, and reminded him that Chicago was a very (7)

city. He nodded, and I thought

he was going to be content to drop the subject and talk about something else. But I was wrong. He was silent for a few minutes. and then he (8) all about his friend. His friend’s main (9) in life seemed to be tennis. He was an (10) (11) had his own tennis court. There were ,yet there were only two people with to tell me

excellent tennis player,and he a lot of people with swimming

private tennis court; his friend in Chicago was one of them. I told him that I knew several California. He than he (14) (12) (13) like that. including my brother, who was a doctor in that maybe there were more private courts in the country (15) my

but he did not know of any others. Then he asked me

brother lived in California. When I said Sacramento, he said that was a coincidence (16) his Chicago friend spent the summer in Sacramento last (17) who had a tennis court in his

year and he lived next door to a

backyard. I said I felt that really was a coincidence because my next-door neighbor had gone to Sacramento last summer and had (18) the house next to

my brother’s house. For a moment, we stared at each other, but we did not say anything. "Would your friend’s name happen to be Roland Kirkwood? "I asked finally. He (19) and said,"Yes. Would your brother’s name happen to be Dr. Rey Hunter? to laugh. "Yes. " I replied.

" It was my (20)

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(14)A. recognized visited (15)A. how when (16)A. because then (17)A. doctor neighbor (18)A. hired designed (19)A. smiled cried (20)A. chance time

B. realized D. found B. whether D. where B. if D. though B. student D. nurse B. checked D. sold B. 1aughed D. nodded B. pleasure D. turn C. C.






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三 、阅读理解(本大题共 3 小题,共 30 分) A 7.(2013 江苏卷)

56. The leaflet is to inform visitors of the Park’s________ A. advanced management B. thrill performances
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C. entertainment facilities D. thoughtful services 57. A visitor to the Park can________. A. rent a stroller outside Front Gate B. ask for first aid by Thunder Run C. smoke in the Water Park D. leave his pet at KidZville B 8. (2014 届·苏锡常镇四市二调) Research shows that childhood friendships are important indicators of future success and social adjustment.Children’s relationships with peers (同龄人) strongly influence their success in school,and children with fewer friends are more at risk of dropping out of school,becoming depressed and other problems. Making and Keeping Friends Is More than Child’s Play When 6?year?old Rachel returned to school on a recent Monday morning,her eyes immediately scanned the playground for her friend Abbie.“Though they were

only separated by a weekend,the girls ran right into each other’s arms and hugged,”recalls Rachel’s mother Kathryn Willis of Gilbert.“It was like a scene from a movie.” Most parents instinctively (本能地) know that having friends is good for their child.Experts agree that friendship is not simply child’s play,but a powerful predictor of social adjustment throughout life. A Skill for Life “Childhood friendships serve as a very important training ground adulthood,” says for

Dr.Robbie Adler?Tapia,psychologist with the Center for

Children’s Health & Life Development at the East Valley Family Resource Center. Researcher William Hartup states,“ Peer relations contribute significantly to both social and cognitive ( 认知 的) development.” Hartup concludes

that the single best childhood predictor of adult social adaptation is not school grades or classroom behavior,but rather,how well a child gets along with other children. The work of Arizona State University professor of Developmental

Psychology Gary Ladd proves that just as being able to make and keep friends
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is beneficial to kids,so is the lack of friends detrimental. Good Friendships Don’t Just Happen Experts agree that it is essential for children to establish high?quality friendships.But,researchers warn,these friendships don’t necessarily just happen.Often,a good friendship begins with involved parents. Psychologist Dr.Lynne Kenney Markan believes kids should be taught social skills in much the same way they are taught math and reading. Bad Company Many parents worry about the quality as well as the quantity of their child’s friendships.“When she was in 1st grade,her supposed ‘best friend’ began calling her names and threatening to hurt her, ” says Mindy Miller.“My daughter wasn’t allowed to talk to or even look at other girls in her class.It really crushed her spirit.I told my daughter she didn’t need a ‘friend’ like that.” “I’ll bend over backwards to help my son get together with a friend I think is good for him,” Adler?Tapia says.“I don’t look at it as manipulation (操 纵),just positive parental involvement.” 1.The example of Rachel and Abbie is used to illustrate that________. A.childhood friendship is of great significance to their growth B.a positive friendship helps children solve emotional and physical problems C.it is a proven fact that peer friendship is the most rewarding experience throughout life D.Rachel missed her friend Abbie very much because of their separation of one weekend 2.The underlined word “detrimental” could be replaced by________. A.aggressive C.ridiculous B.disappointing D.harmful

3.We can learn from the passage that high?quality friendship most probably results from________. A.social skills and good study habits B.school grades and classroom behaviors C.academic success and social adaptation D.positive parental involvement and social skills 4.From the last paragraph we can conclude that Dr.Robbie Adler?Tapia agrees that________.
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A.parents should regard making friends as something that just happens B.it’s wise for parents to support and encourage healthy peer relationships C . parents only need to help their children to cope with difficult social situations D.parents are supposed to encourage their children to make as many friends as they can C 9. Maybe ten-year-old Elizabeth put it best when she said to her father, "But, Dad, you can't be healthy if you're dead. " Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he could go for a run, had forgotten to wear his safety belt---a mistake 75% of the US population make every day. The big question is why. There have been many myths about safety belts ever since their first appearance in cars some forty years ago. The following are three of the most common. Myth Number One: It's best to be "thrown clear" of a serious accident. Truth: Sorry, but any accident serious enough to " throw you clear" is also going to be serious enough to give you a very bad landing. And chances are you'll have traveled through a windshield (挡风玻璃) or door to do it. Studies show that chances of dying after a car accident are twenty-five times greater in cases where people are "thrown clear. " Myth Number Two: Safety belts "trap" people in cars that are burning or sinking in water. Truth: Sorry again, but studies show that people knocked unconscious (昏 迷) due to not wearing safety belts have a greater chance of dying in these accidents. People wearing safety belts are usually protected to the point of having a clear head to free themselves from such dangerous situations, not to be trapped in them. Mythe Number Three :Safety belts aren't needed at speeds of less than 30 miles per hour (mph).
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Truth: When two cars traveling at 30 mph hit each other, an unbelted driver would meet the windshield with a force equal to diving headfirst into the ground from a height of 10 meters. 1. Why did Elizabeth say to her father, "But, Dad, you can't be healthy if you're dead?" A. He was driving at great speed. C. He didn't have his safety belt on. on time. 2. The reason Father was in a hurry to get home was that he______. A. wasn't feeling very well C. wanted to take some exercise police 3. According to the text, to be "thrown clear" of a serious accident is very dangerous because you____. A. may be knocked down by other cars thrown out of the car C. may find it impossible to get away from the seat in the car door 4. Some people prefer to drive without wearing a safety belt because they believe ______. A. the belt prevents them from escaping in an accident B. they will be unable to think clearly in an accident C. they will be caught when help comes 5. What is the advice given in the text? A. Never drive faster than 30 miles an hour. B. Try your best to save yourself in a car accident. C. Never forget to wear the safety bell while driving. D. Drive slowly while you're not wearing a safety belt. D. ears catch fire easily D. may get caught B. may get seriously hurt being B. hated to drive in the dark D. didn't want to be caught by the B. He was running across the street; D. He didn't take his medicine

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四 、书面表达(本大题共 1 小题,共 30 分) 10.假定你是一名健身乐部的教练,请你以俱乐部的名义将即将举办的乒乓球比赛活动通知 给广大成员。 要点: 时间:下周六 9 月 24 日上午 9:00 至 3:00 内容:第一轮比赛 报名:办公室,下周三下午 5:00 前 提示:服装,球拍,饮用水 注意: 1.词数 100 左右,开头已为你写好。 2.可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。 Notice Dear club members:

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一 、单项填空 11.答案:D 考查代词辨析。句意为:据说,任何通过售房获利的人都应支付个人所得 税。D 项意为“任何人,无论谁”,符合语境,故 D 项正确。A 项意为“谁,??的 人”,B 项意为“谁的,某人的”,C 项意为“哪个”,均与语境不符。

12.【考点】考察非谓语动词用法 【答案】D 【解析】 本题考察的是非谓语动词的基本用法。 现在分词 doing 表示主动或者正在进行 的动作;过去分词 done 表示被动或者已经完成的动作,不定式 to do 表示主动或者将 要发生的动作。句意:在我们准备在月球上长期生活之前,还有很多问题有待于解决。 根据句意可知很多问题还没有被解决,都是未来将要发生的事情,所以使用不定式。而 这些问题又是要被解决的,所以使用不定式的被动语态。故 D 正确。 13.B 考查副词的用法。 副词修饰形容词, 此处 amazingly 为副词, satisfactory 为形容词。 14.解析: 考查连词。句意为:——你是怎么通过这么有挑战性的考试的?——我过了很 长时间后才找到一系列合适的办法。分析句意可知,这是“It was+时间+before 从 句”句型,主句为肯定句,意为“过了多长时间之后才??”,before 在??以前。 答案: D 15.答案:D 考查名词性从句。句意为:生活的百分之十是事件本身,另有百分之九十在 于你如何回应它。分析句子结构可知,第一空引导表语从句,happens to you 缺少主 语,因此应用 what 来引导,相当于 the thing that;第二空也引导表语从句,you respond to it 成分齐全,因此应用 how 作方式状语。故 D 项正确。

二 、完形填空 16.【解析】大千世界,无奇不有,作者在与陌生人的交谈中竟然出现了巧合。 (1)D 根据 4l 空前面的"?his friend. "可知他告诉作者他在芝加哥有一个“朋友”。 另外,44 空前面的部分也是线索提示。

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(2)B 他不知道作者是否“碰巧”知道这个朋友。happen to do sth.表示“碰巧做某 事”。 (3)C 有一会儿,作者认为对方也许是在“开玩笑”,因为从茫茫人海中碰巧认识他的 朋友的这种机会十分渺茫。 (4)B 但是作者从他脸上的表情能够看出他不是在开玩笑,他是“认真的”。 (5)A 作者想说从芝加哥数百万人中碰巧可能撞上他的朋友的想法是非常荒谬的。 (6)C 根据本句开头的转折连词 But 可知作者没有说出自己的真实想法,“反而”微笑 着提醒对方芝加哥是一个大城市。 (7)D 作者认为这种可能性无比渺茫,他想提醒对方的是芝加哥是一个“大”城市,人 口众多。 (8)A 作者原以为他会满足于自己善意的提醒而放弃这个话题并谈论其他事情,但想不 到他沉默了几分钟后又“开始”谈论他朋友的一切。 (9)B 下一句提到他的朋友是一个优秀的网球运动员,并且拥有自己的网球场,由此可 推测他的朋友生活中主要的“兴趣”似乎是网球。 (10)C 下一句提到只有两个人拥有私人网球场,由此可知他的朋友相当了不起,“甚 至”拥有自己的网球场。 (11)C 拥有私人游泳“池”的人很多,但是只有两个人拥有自己的私人网球场。 (12)A 根据本句中的"including my brother"可知作者认识好几个像上述情况一样拥有 私人网球场的“人”。作者的兄弟是医生,由此可排除 B 项;根据作者与兄弟之间的关 系可判断 C、D 两项错误。 (13)C 作者把自己知道的情况告诉了他,他“承认”也许在乡下有更多的私人网球场。 (14)B 也许在乡下有比他“意识到”的更多的私人网球场,因为他只知道两个。 (15)D 根据下一句前半部分中的内容可知他询问的是作者的兄弟居住在加利福尼亚的 什么“地方”。 (16)A 他说那是个巧合,“因为”他的芝加哥朋友去年夏天也在萨克拉门托度假。

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(17)A 由下文可知作者的兄弟和陌生人的朋友去年夏天都住在萨克拉门托,并且是邻 居,而且上文提到作者的兄弟是加利福尼亚的一名医生,拥有自己的私人网球场,故选 A 项。 (18)A 作者感觉这确实是一个巧合,因为作者的隔壁邻居去年去了萨克拉门托并且“租 用”了作者兄弟隔壁的房子。 (19)B 此处与(20)空后面的 laugh 相呼应,表示他“大笑”起来。 (20)D 作者想不到事情竟然如此巧合,所以现在“轮到”作者大笑了。

三 、阅读理解 17.

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的结构,“使某人做某事”。 18.语篇解读: 研究表明,童年时期的友谊对孩子的将来有着非常重要的意义。
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1.解析: 细节理解题。文中六岁的 Rachel 与她的朋友 Abbie 之间的友谊例证了本部 分的标题 Making and Keeping Friends Is More than Child’s Play,再结合文章首 句可知应选 A 项。 答案: A 2. 解析: 词义猜测题。 根据文中的“The work of Arizona State University professor of Developmental Psychology Gary Ladd proves that just as being able to make and keep friends is beneficial to kids,so is the lack of friends detrimental.” 可知,“detrimental”与句中的“beneficial”相对应,因此“detrimental”与 “harmful”同义。 答案: D 3.解析: 细节理解题。根据 Good Friendships Don’t Just Happen 中的“a good friendship begins with involved parents”与“kids should be taught social skills in much the same way they are taught math and reading”可知,D 项正确。 答案: D 4.解析: 推理判断题。根据文章的最后一句可推知,父母应该在孩子交友的问题上 给予指导,避免其受到不良影响,因此选 B。 答案: B 19. 1.答:C最佳【分析】这是一道细节题。从原文Dad had forgotten to wear his safety-belt可暗示考生,且全文都在讨论带安全带的必要性。 2.答:C最佳 【分析】 这也是一道细节题。 从原文Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he could go for a run.可获得信息。 3.答:B最佳 【分析】 从原文"throw you clear " is also going to be serious enough to give you a very bad landing. And chances are you'll have travelled through a windshield or door to do it.可获得信息。 4.答:A最佳【分析】这是一道细节题。从原文Safety belts "trap" people in cars that are burning or sinking in water.可获得信息。 5.答:C最佳【分析】这是一道综合概括题。从原文对三种myths的更正表明,开车时 必须带上安全带。

四 、书面表达 20.【参考范文】

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To enrich our life and build up our body, our club has decided to hold a table tennis competition. All members who are interested in the game are welcome to participate in it. The first round competition will be held from 9 o’clock am to 3 o’clock pm this Saturday, September 24 in our club. You are supposed to sign up for it before 5 pm, next Wednesday at our club office. During the competition, you need to prepare your own bat and drinks. Also you can wear your favorite sports suit. While playing, safety should always come first. It is a very good chance for you to get to know other club members and have fun together. Welcome all to take part in it.

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