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代词it, one, that的用法区别

1. 它们均作代词用指代前文提到的 名词。但it所指是同名同物,one和 that所指是同名异物,如: 1.I like the bike, but I have no enough money to buy it. 2.I like bicycles, but I can’t afford to buy


3.The bike which I want to buy is more beautiful than that he has.

1.--Do you see my dictionary, Dad? I can’t find ____. A --No, I don’t. A.it B.one C.that D.the one 2.We have various summer camps for your holidays. You can choose C based on your own interests. ____ A. either B. each C. one D. it

3.The population of Henan C Province is larger than ____of any province in China. A.one B.it C.that D.the one

1.it可用来指代前文提到的那个事物,指是 同名同物 The weather here is too windy. I don’t like it.
I can’t find my hat. I don’t know where I put it.


We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun. 2.it可以替名词性从句、动名词和不定式 短语,作形式主语或形式宾语而one和that 无此用法. ? If you take a bus at the airport, it will take you half an hour to get there. ? I found it hard to understand.

4.The two girls are so alike that A strangers find_____ difficult to tell one from the other. A. it B. them C. her D. that D is our belief that improvements 5.___ in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. A. As B. That C. This D. It


1.one为泛指, 相当于a/an+名词; that 为特指, 相当于the +名词。所以one 所指代的名词的修饰语一般为 a/an /some /any; that所指代的名词的修饰 语往往是the /this /that。 A chair made of steel is stronger than one made of wood. (该句中one可以换 成a chair) The water in the cup is hotter than that in the pot. (该句中that可以换成 the water)

2.one只能代替可数名词单数, 代替可 数名词复数时用ones; that既可以代 替不可数名词也可以代替可数名词 单数, 代替可数名词复数时用 those。 I like this pen more than that one. (one代替可数名词单数pen) There were a few young people and some older ones in the house. (ones代替可数名词复数people)

Mary’s handwriting is far better than that of Peter. (that代替不 可数名词 handwriting) These pictures are more beautiful than those.(those代替可数名词 复数 pictures)

3.one既可代替事物, 也可代替人, that只能代替事物而不能代替人。 有时可以用the one或the ones代替 that或those。 The one /That on the table is mine. (该句中The one代替事物, 并且 也可以用That)

He is the teacher, the one who is loved by the students. (该句中the one代替人, 不能用that) He advised the farmers to choose the best seed-heads, the ones /those that had the best color. (该句中the ones 代替事物, 并且也可以用those)

4. one一般有前置修饰语, 有时也可 有后置修饰语或不用修饰语。而 that不能有前置修饰语, 但可有后 置修饰语。 Cook was a strict but good captain, one who took good care of his sailors. The water in the well is cleaner than that in the river.

6.—Silly me! I forget what my luggage looks like. D over ? —What do you think of___ there? ? A. the one B. this C.it D.that D 7.Helping others is a habit, __you can learn even at an early age. ? A. it B. that C. what D. one

8.The cost of renting a house in central A in any other Xi’an is higher than ____ area of the city. ? A. that B. this C. it D. one 9.—There is still a copy of the book in A the library. Wall you go and bottow___? ? —No, I’d rather buy ___in the bookstore. ? A.it;one B.one;one C.one;it D.it;it

1. it可以替代句中的不定式或从句等, 充 当形式主语或形式宾语。one与that均 无此用法。 It is known to everybody that the moon travels around the earth once every month. I found it hard to get on with her.

2. it与that均可以替代上文全句的内容或 部分内容, 而one /ones则不可以。 He has saved my life; I'll never forget it. (it代替第一分句) Tom is painting his house. I am told he does it every four years. (it代替前面 分句的部分内容painting his house) Let's say we meet here at three o'clock. That ought to give you time to buy everything.(That代替前面表述的内

? 练一练:

1.I have bought a new watch because my B doesn’t work. old ____ ? A. it B. one C. that D. which 2.The weather in summer here is like B in Beijing. ____ ? A. this B. that C. it D. its

3.The hat you bought is bigger than B ___ I bought. ? A. one B. that C. it D.those A 4.I found ____ possible to succeed if I tried my best. ? A. it B. that C. one D.the one

5.—Did you find your dictionary yesterday? A ? —No, I didn’t find______, but I’ve bought______. ? A. it/one B. one/one C. it/it D. one/it A 6.The recorder is better than ______I bought last year. A. the one B. one C. it D. which

? 真题体验:

1.〖07 辽宁〗The information on the Internet gets around much more D in the newspaper. rapidly than ____ ? A. it B. those C. one D. that D 2.〖07浙江〗_______ is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. ? A. As B. That C. This D. It

3.We feel___our duty to make our A country a better place. A. it B. this C. that D. one 4.We’ve been looking at the houses A we like yet. but haven’t found __ A.one B.ones C.it D.them

7.—He was nearly drowne donce. A —When was _____ ? —_____ was in 1998 when he was in middle school. A. that; It B. this; This C. this; It D. that; This 8.It was how the young man had learned B five foreign languages _____attracted the audience’s interest. A. so that B. that C. what D. in which

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